Hi Guys. This is a scene that I feel I just have to fix. It's the fight that Luce and Daniel have after she comes through the Announcer after being in Las Vegas with Arriane. Hope you enjoy.


Luce had never been so glad to see her room at Shoreline. She was very shaken up after going through an Announcer and landing in Las Vegas, seeing one of her past sisters. But most importantly the Outcasts knew she had her memories. How they had found out Luce didn't know but she did know this was bad.

"Alright I need to get a hold of…" Ariane started

"Daniel" Luce cried as she saw him sitting on her bed.

"Daniel?" Arriane asked.

A small smile crossed Daniels lips "welcome back." He said quietly. Luce rushed over and threw her arms around him. She wasn't sure if that was the best idea right now, but she was so relieved to see him she didn't care.

Luckily Daniel didn't seem to be too mad at her as he wrapped his arms around her and kissed her head.

"Actually you're the person I need to get a hold of." Arriane muttered "but now that you're here I'm guessing Luce will tell you." Luce glanced back at Arriane and nodded.

"Can we have a minute alone?" she asked the others Arriane nodded and began to usher Shelby and Miles out the door. Luce couldn't help but notice that Miles seemed reluctant to leave.

"Come on kid" Arriane told him firmly closing the door.

Luce turned back to Daniel and gave him a small slightly nervous smile, before taking his hand and leading him out to her ledge. They both sat with legs dangling over the edge. Daniel put his arm around Luce's shoulder.

"What happened?" he asked Luce sighed

"The Outcasts know I have my memories" she whispered not daring to look at Daniels face. "I don't know how they found out but the Outcast we ran into in Las Vegas knew"

Daniel tilted her face up making her look at him. "I know I ran into one to" "it's what I came here to tell you" he kissed her forehead.

Luce lent into him "how do you think they found out?" she whispered Daniel shook his head

"It doesn't matter now what matters is that they do know" "which means we will have to get you some more training" Luce gave a small smile but it soon faded.

Daniel I'm sorry," she whispered "I'm sorry I left when you told me not to, but I was just beginning to feel so trapped" "I know you probably think this sounds really whiny and selfish but I missed you and felt like I couldn't do anything…." Luce ranted

"Hey hey hey" Daniel cut her off mid rant. Looking her directly in the eye. "That's not whiny and it's certainly not selfish" "maybe it was a bit selfish of me to except you to just stay in one place"

Luce snorted "how is that selfish?" "You were just trying to keep me safe"

Daniel shook his head "you could have at least have been allowed to go down to the beach" "you do have some training in angel self-defense" "it's not as if your defenseless" he muttered

Luce kissed his cheek softly "let's just call it even ok?" "You're sorry I felt trapped and I'm sorry I left."

Daniel smiled "deal" he murmured brushing his lips against hers" Luce pulled him closer deepening the kiss.

"I missed you" she whispered

"I missed you to" Daniel whispered back. Tears welled in Luce's eyes as she pulled away and she buried her face in Daniels chest to hide them. She wasn't sure why she was crying. Maybe it was the stress, or the shock and fear of finding out the Outcasts knew. Or maybe it was simply because she was a teenage girl who hadn't slept properly in three days.

Luckily Daniel didn't ask why he just held her as she cried herself out. Eventually Luce felt him carrying her back to bed. Daniel kissed her forehead as he tucked her in. Luce grabbed his wrist as he pulled away.

"Don't go yet" she whispered pleadingly "stay with me for a bit, just until I fall asleep please?"

"Of course I will" Daniel whispered

Luce moved over to make room for Daniel as he crawled into the bed and wrapped his arms around her.

"Do you want me to make you some warm milk and treacle?" Daniel whispered a teasing note in his tone. Luce laughed softly.

"No I just need you to hold me" she whispered. Daniel kissed her forehead again.

"I'll keep you safe I promise" he told her softly.

"I know you will" Luce whispered back. She snugged deeper into his chest.

"I love you" was the last thing she heard as she fell asleep.

There we go. That my friends is how the conversation should have gone. I almost cried when I read the fight in Torment. Luce's line 'are we even together Daniel?' broke my heart and most likely Daniels as well. Anyway I hope you liked it. I honestly think this will be the last chapter as I can't think of anymore scenes I could do. But if you guys think of one let me know. Let me know what you thought of this chapter. Review please?