Twilight paced back and forth as papers shuffled in her magic. Spike and her friends sat around the crystal table sifting through more reports in hopes that one of them would have a clue to where Shining Armor might be. It had been two months since the battle with the creatures and when Shining Armor went missing. Twilight suddenly stopped and vigorously read the next report. She let out a frustrated sigh and her magic suddenly flung the rest of the upwards into the air.

"Maybe we should take a break," Rarity Suggested.

"Yeah, look at this in another way after a small break," Spike agreed. He had gotten down from the crystal chair and began picking up the pieces of paper that Twilight had thrown.

"But," Twilight began before Applejack stopped her.

"I know you're worried about your brother. I know if it was my brother I'd be the same way, but you're pushing yourself into an early grave," Applejack said before she added, "When was the last time you slept?"

"I've been sleeping fine," Twilight argued.

"She sleeps two hours before she wakes up and continues going through the reports again," Spike admitted. Twilight glared at him, but he paid no mind as he placed the stack of papers on the crystal table.

"A break would do you well darling," Rarity said before she walked to Twilight and placed a hoof on her shoulder while adding, "Only if it's just a small walk to stretch your legs. We could all use a break and once we cleared our minds. We can attack these reports again." Twilight was about to protest but stopped as she looks at all her friends. She sighed in defeat and walked out into the hallway.

The cool autumn air hit Twilight's body as she walked through the castle's hallway. She let out a sigh and walked towards the bathroom. However, she stopped when she heard a vibrating coming from the door to her left. She stopped and listened as the vibrating came again. Her magic wrapped around the doorknob and she walked into the large library. She looked around until she found the source of the vibrating.

Her magic wrapped around the vibrating book and lifted it off the shelf and placed it on the table in front of her. When she flipped to a blank page, words began to appear on the fresh page. Her eyes scanned the words before she flipped to the next page and read the new words appearing on that page. Her panic returned as she continued to read. Spike walked into the library with a tray with tea and cookies.

"Twilight? What's wrong?" Spike asked. Twilight didn't respond as she quickly ran around the library, grabbing parts she needed to create the portal once more. Spike watched her in shock for several seconds before he ran out of the library to get Twilight's friends. Once he returned with her friends. They found she had already finished building the portal machine. She placed the book above the mirror and stopped.

"Oh no, oh no, oh no," Twilight repeated as she began to pace back and forth trying to wrap her brain around what she should do.

"What in Celestia's name are you doing?" Rainbow asked.

"The other yous in the parallel world sent me messages," Twilight said as she continued to pace back and forth before continuing, "They said they needed my help, but if I leave. I can't keep looking for Shining Armor." Twilight panicked as she continued to pace back and forth before she stopped and started to hyperventilate and continue, "if I go: I won't be able to help look for my brother, but if I don't! They might be in serious danger. They seemed in deep peril when I read their messages."

Applejack quickly grabbed Twilight and shook her while shouting, "Get it together girl!" Twilight blinked at her before Applejack continued, "We can keep up with all the reports coming in from the Royal Guard while you're helping your friends on the other side." Applejack pointed towards the mirror that shimmered.

"Yeah, we'll keep looking for your brother," Pinkie chimed. Twilight looked at her friends and tears began to form in her eyes.

"You all are the best friends a girl could ask for," Twilight said before the group shared a hug. Twilight turned towards the shimmering mirror before she felt a tug on her tail. She turned to see Spike ready to enter with her. Twilight shook her head and explained, "Sorry Spike. It might be too dangerous for you. Plus you need to be here to get the reports from Canterlot." Spike sulked for a second before he nodded.

Twilight took a deep breath before she ran full speed at the mirror. She jumped and phased into the swirling portal, feeling her body twist and turn as she turned into her humanoid self. She popped out of the mirror under the stallion statue with a grunt. She sat up and rubbed her lower back while complaining, "There needs to be a better way to get here." She suddenly gasped and her eyes widened as she looked upon the school in front of her.

The building looked like it went through an air strike. Windows were boarded up and parts of the building had crumbled to the ground. The building looked worse for wear and she noticed small dark patches of blood on the ground. She stood up in astonishment before she heard a low growl behind her. She turned and fell back on her butt as her heart nearly leaped out of her chest. Where she should have seen the statue of the stallion was one of the creatures that invaded Equestria. Saliva dripped from its maw as it jumped down from the top of the stone slab and slowly stalked towards Twilight.

Twilight slowly crawled backward as the creature slowly stalked closer to her. The creature lowered its body, ready to pounce on Twilight. However, before it could pounce. A large boom echoed throughout the still air. Twilight felt something whoosh past her and saw the creature fall to the ground with a small hole between its blood red eyes. Its silver blood oozed from the bullet wound.

The doors of the school burst open and Applejack shot through the threshold and yelled, "Get off your ass Twilight and get in here!" she didn't need to say it again. Twilight scurried to her feet and bolted towards the open doors. She heard a sound behind her and looked back. Her heart skipped a beat as she saw three more creatures coming from the darkness. She let out a shriek before quickening her pace.

"I got you Twilight," Rainbow shouted as she ran out and aimed her AK-47 towards the creature.

"Don't Rainbow!" Applejack shouted before she added, "You might hit Twilight!" Applejack quickly took the walkie-talkie strapped to her pants and asked, "Rarity, you got a clear shot?" there was no response on the other end. However, there was another booming sound and one of the creatures tumbled over itself. Two more booms came after that and the other two creatures tumbled to the ground. Twilight reached Applejack at the door and when she turned around she saw the creatures slowly start to get up. Silver blood oozed from their bullet wounds on their arms.

"Pinkie! We need you!" Rainbow yelled back in the school.

"Okie Dokie Loki," Pinkie responded. Twilight turned back towards the doors and saw Pinkie walk out with a large Minigun. She half laughed and half snorted before she hit the switch. The Minigun barrel spun seconds before bullets tore out of the spinning barrel and into the sidewalk. Pinkie swung the Minigun in an S motion as the bullets tore through the air towards the creatures. Bullets ripped into the creature's bodies causing them to wail in pain.

Once the creatures stopped moving, the barrel stopped spinning as smoke poured from the Minigun barrel. Applejack grabbed Twilight's wrist and pulled her inside the school while yelling in the walkie-talkie, "Cover us Rarity while we lock the front door!"

"Got it," Rarity's voice came from the walkie-talkie. Once Applejack, Pinkie, Rainbow, and Twilight were safely inside the school, Applejack slammed the double doors before wrapping a chain around the doors handles before she locked the chains with a padlock.

"Alright Big Mac, you're all set," Applejack said. Big Mac nodded as he, Bulk, and four others began pushing three vending machines that were on their sides and stacked on top of one another in front of the doors.

"Are you alright Twilight?" Fluttershy asked as she walked over to Twilight who was hunched over catching her breath.

"Yeah," Twilight said between breaths before she stood up and asked, "Why are those things here?"

"We'd like to know ourselves," Applejack asked before she walked next to a ladder near the front and hollered, "How's it looking?" Rarity popped out of a makeshift crow's nest before she slung her sniper rifle around her shoulder and slid down the ladder.

"It looks like those were the only ones around," Rarity reported before she added, "However, that doesn't mean more will come looking for them."

"But what the hell are they?" Rainbow interjected. The group looked to Twilight for an answer.

"I'm not even sure," Twilight said before she began to explain how these creatures attacked Equestria and how Equestria fought alongside the other kingdoms to stop them.

"So two months ago these creatures attacked your world as well?" Applejack asked before she added, "So maybe after failing to destroy your world. They come to this world?"

"It seems so, but how can they travel between worlds?" Twilight said. Before anyone could say anything, something slammed against the front doors. The group jumped as another large boom came from the front doors. Applejack looked over to Rarity as she nodded and quickly climbed back up the latter.

"Whatcha ya see up there Rarity?" Applejack asked. For several seconds there was silence before Rarity responded.

"I don't see anything. It might have tried around back," Rarity said before she gasped, "There's someone out there!" as Rarity looked through the scoop. She saw an outline of a person leaning against the slab were the stallion should have been.

"Please, help me," a voice wheezed from the outside.

"Quickly move the barricade. We can't leave them outside," Applejack yelled. Big Mac nodded before he, bulk, and four others began pushing the vending machines away from the door. Once they were removed, Applejack quickly fiddled with the padlock before finally removing the padlock. Rarity looked through her scoop and her eye widened before she ran to the edge of the crow's nest.

"AJ don't!" Rarity screamed, but it was too late. The double doors exploded open and sent Applejack backwards. Standing in the open doorway was one of the creatures. It's pitch black skin shimmered in the lights like leather. Its arrow tipped tail whipped in the air as its blood red eyes scanned the room. The wood near the door exploded as the creature jumped in shock. It looked towards where Fluttershy stood shakily as she held a smoking shotgun. The creature let out a low growl just before Fluttershy aimed her shaking shotgun at the creature; she closed her eyes and pulled the trigger. On unsteady feet, she fell backwards as the bullets exploded in the door frame.

The creature leaped over Applejack and landed on top of Fluttershy. Its front claws pinned her arms down as her shotgun slid away from her body. Fluttershy let out a low squeak as she squirmed to get free. Rainbow quickly grabbed her AK and aimed it at the creature.

"No Rainbow! You might hit Fluttershy!" Applejack warned before she yelled, "Rarity!"

"Kind of busy!" Rarity shouted as she fired her sniper rifle. The bullet whizzed through the air before piercing into the head of another creature that stalked close towards the open doors. She reloaded her sniper rifle and shouted, "It didn't come alone!"

"Pinkie!" Applejack yelled, but Pinkie was already standing in the door frame with the Minigun pointed out into the courtyard. The barrel spun before bullets tore through the air and into the creatures convening towards the school.

The creature on top of Fluttershy lowered its head as saliva dripped from its maw and onto Fluttershy's face. Rainbow continued to aim her AK-47 towards the creature. Her finger twitched over the trigger. She looked over at Applejack with one eye and asked, "What do we do AJ?"

Applejack stood with her hand over her holster that housed her revolver. She didn't know what to do. One the one hand: they could fire on the creature, but a stray bullet might hit Fluttershy and severely hurt her or worse. However, if they did nothing: the creature would most certainly kill Fluttershy.

"AJ!" Rainbow yelled to get her attention, but Applejack continued to stare at the creature. The creature let out another low growl before it rose up and readied itself. Fluttershy closed her eyes and waited for the creature to sink its teeth into her. Before anyone could do a thing. A red blur flew past Pinkie standing at the door. The creature was suddenly flung from atop Fluttershy and slammed into the wall to the right.

The creature wailed in pain and shock as it slid down the wall. It shook its head and looked towards where Fluttershy was. Fluttershy slowly opened her eyes and saw a man standing over her. The man wore a red hoodie that was unzipped and revealed his black shirt with golden gears on it. Attached to his black pants loops were dog tags. His hands were wrapped in athletic tape as he began to crack his fingers and say, "Finally found you fuckers."

The creature let out a roar before it charged towards the man. The man's smile grew as he charged towards the creature as well. The creature swiped its right claw towards the man. He was able to dodge under the claw and swung his right fist upwards towards the creature's jaw.

When his fist slammed into the creature's lower jaw, its head snapped up. The man then maneuvered around the creature with such speed he was nothing but a blur for several seconds. The man was now behind the creature and wrapped his arms around its waist before he German suplexed the creature to the ground. The creature let out a groan of pain as the man in the red hoodie suddenly kipped up. The creature slowly tried to get to its feet, but the man quickly kicked the creature in the head. The steel toe of his brown work boot slammed into the creature's head. The creature flopped back to the ground as the man let out a satisfying sigh.

The man walked over to Fluttershy as she looked at him in shock. He was about to extend his hand to help her up but felt a tremor go through his body. He looked down to see a black arrow tipped tail protruding from his chest. He felt his body be lifted up as he came face to face with the creature he had just kicked in the face. Its maw opened as it let out a low growl before the creature's tail slammed the man into the ground.

Its tail ripped from the man's back before the creature turned towards Fluttershy. It lowered its body and lunged for her. However, the creature stopped in midair and fell to the ground. The creature got back up and turned to look at its tail. The man's work boot was slammed onto the creature's tail. He was hunched over with a Chester cat grin on his face. He looked at the creature with a crazed look.

"Oh I'm not through with you yet," the man laughed as the hole in the middle of his chest slowly began to close.