"You sure that's a good idea?" Zack asked before he continued, "You won't have the walls of this school to protect you."

"You all can protect us. Right?" Fluttershy asked clutching her shotgun close to her body.

"To a point," Chad admitted before he added, "if we get swarmed, there's no guarantee you won't die."

"We're not some damsels in distress," Rainbow said as she strapped a belt around her waist before placing full clips in each of the eight holders before she added, "We can defend ourselves. We've been doing it for a while." Applejack nodded as she too placed a strap around her waist as well before she placed auto-reloaders for her revolvers in each of the holders. Rarity tested the straps of her sniper rifle before she began loading full clips into holders around her waist. After Pinkie made sure her Minigun was fully stocked with ammo. She helped Fluttershy with her buckshot and helped make sure she was fully stocked.

"Besides, we need to look for Sunset and Flash," Applejack said.

"I already told you they're dead. You don't piss off a horde of Death Hunters and live to tell the tale," Zack said.

"Well that's not entirely true," Pain spoke up before he continued, "there might be a slim chance their alive if they have the right cell structure."

"What the hell are you talking about?" Mark asked before he joked, "and I thought Panic was the batshit insane one." Pain shot Mark a glare as it seemed his sword twitched at the sound of the world insane.

"Now, now gentlemen, let's act like adults here," Chad said as he stood in the middle of the two to calm the situation. Once the two seemed to back down, Chad turned to Applejack and continued, "Pain has a point though. The Queen is unable to produce children in a normal sense."

"Then how can it thrive without the ability to reproduce?" Fluttershy asked.

"The Death Hunters not only look for food when they are out but candidates to become part of the Hive. The queen wraps the potential candidate in a cocoon of white silk saliva. The saliva seeps into the person's skin and slowly turns them into part of the Hive," Chad explained.

"Or she forces the person's mouth open and vomits the silk into their body should she need a quicker transformation," Pain stated.

While all of this was going on, Twilight was staring at eight guns on the table at the makeshift shooting range. Each weapon she looked at made her grimace and whenever she went to touch one of them. She recoiled like they were on fire and the flames licked her fingers.

"Can't decide huh?" Zack asked as he walked over to her and looked at the spread of weapons in front of her before he added, "Best chose something that feels comfortable and doesn't hinder you."

"That's just it, none of these are comfortable. I've never seen anything like these," Twilight admitted as she pointed to the guns on the table.

"You're kidding me right?" Zack asked.

"Nope, Twilight here is from another world," Pinkie chimed in as she appeared seemingly from nowhere and continued, "you see she might look like a normal human, but actually she's a pony princess." Zack looked from Pinkie to Twilight with an eyebrow raised.

"It's a long story," Twilight said.

"Whatever," Zack said before he turned and yelled, "Chad! You got those gauntlets?" Chad looked at Zack and nodded before he lifted his right arm and the watch glowed again. Instead of the mechanical creatures coming out, two large ruby red gauntlets with crystals embedded in the back of the hands floated in the air. They had clear diamonds embedded in them on the back sides of the hand plates. Chad grabbed them and threw them to Zack who caught them. Zack placed the gauntlets on the table and added, "Try them on."

Twilight looked at Zack before looking at the gauntlets. She went to pick them up and struggled to even lift them. She finally was able to place the gauntlets on, but her arms hung down as she struggled to keep from falling to the floor. She looked at her hanging arms and then at Zack as she asked, "How am I supposed to use these?"

"Flex for hands into fists," Zack said. Twilight nodded and tried to flex her hands. The metal making up the gauntlets made it tough to flex, but when she did. The gauntlets shrunk to comfortably fit her arms and hands. The weight dramatically decreased to the point she felt like the gauntlets weren't even on. She lifted her arms and looked at the gauntlets before she looked at Zack in shock.

"How?" Was the only thing Twilight could muster up.

"Those are Roulette Gauntlets," Zack said before he explained, "They're made of Nanobots that contract around the wears arms and hands comfortably. The Nanobots in those crystals randomly generate elemental properties. This way you can produce and manipulate the four basic elements: Fire, Water, Air, and Earth. The Nanobots do this by collecting the atoms around you but remember. They randomly chose the elements. You won't be able to willingly choose the elements."

"That's awesome! Can we get some too," Rainbow asked.

"Sorry Rainbow, Only have the one set of Gauntlets. However," Chad said as he thought before the hologram from the clock face appeared again. He clicked a few images and the watch glowed again. On the map appeared several clips of ammunition for each of the group's guns. He motioned towards the clips and added, "Some special Ammo for you, primitive guns. However, you might want to use them sparingly. Once the ammo is gone, I can't guarantee I'll have more." The group nodded and took their respective ammunition.

"If they're coming with us, we'll have to go down each road in pairs of two," Rex stated.

"I voluntary to be paired with Fluttershy," Mark quickly said as he raised his hand. Everyone looked at him as he looked around and everyone and asked, "What?"

"Alright, let's pair off and ready ourselves for the journey ahead," Chad said before he turned to Twilight and her friends and added, "Prepare for your worst nightmares to come true."