Back before Huntsmen, before Kingdoms, it was said that those born with silver eyes were destined to lead the life of a warrior.

A figure in red quickly, and easily, dodges under the wild swing of a large white fang enforcer while cutting down another with her scythe. The faunus who swung at the young woman does not have time for another attack as the scythe blade comes back around and separates his head from his body.

You see, the Creatures of Grimm, the most fearsome monsters mankind had ever encountered, were afraid of those silver-eyed warriors.

The forest surrounding the white fang stronghold comes alive with the terrifying howls of countless Grimm, yet still the figure in red continues to battle the masked terrorists. Cutting them down, one by one, even as Grimm storm over the walls and start attacking the white fang themselves.

They were the best of the best. It was said that even a single look from one of these fighters could strike a Grimm down. But what they didn't say, was the real reason why the Grimm feared them.

"How? How could this be happening!" Slamming his fist down onto a table, denting it, Adam Taurus glares at the monitors, watching as his followers are torn apart by Grimm and that damn red hooded bitch. "Send more reinforcements to the walls. I'll deal with the huntress myself!"

However, what the stories don't tell you about the silver eyed warriors is that not long after the creation of humanity, the god of darkness looked upon the world and saw that his creations, the Grimm, were out of control and sought to destroy what he and his brother had created entirely.

Ruby tosses aside another faceless white fang member and turns her attention to the self proclaimed leader of these rabid animals. Without bothering to don his mask, Adam looks down at Ruby, hate burning within his brown, almost black, eyes and he grips the hilt of Wilt tightly.

"You little bitch! Do you have any idea what you have done?!" He takes a step forward and unsheathes his blade. "Years of planning, ruined! And for what? You think this will bring them back?"

He laughs cruelly and raises the barrel of Blush, taking aim at Ruby's head.

"No, it won't" Wisps of silver start to slowly flow out from under Ruby's hood and she looks up at Adam, her eyes burning with silver flames.

So the god of Darkness gifted his first, and only, mortal daughter with a very special power. A power that would pass on through her daughters and their daughters after. It was this that the Grimm truly feared. It was

The ground shakes violently and dust covers the area after a massive object impacts the area behind Ruby. Shielding his eyes, Adam tries to see through the dust in hopes of discovering what happened, when suddenly a large gust of wind blows away the cloud and he, as well as the surviving fang members, look on in horror as the massive Grimm Wyvern, which once was frozen on Beacon's ruin tower, stands protectively over Ruby.

The power to force the Grimm into submission.

The silver flowing from Ruby's eyes reaches up and connects to the silver coming out of the Wyvern's, once red now silver, eyes.

The power to take their free will.

Slowly raising Crescent Rose, a brief memory of those she loved flashes in Ruby's mind bringing forth a small smile of joy, before it is washed away in the memory of how she last saw them, broken and bloodied, all on the orders of the human monster before her.

"...Kill him" With an ear shattering roar, the Wyvern storms forward.

The white fang scatter in fear of the monster and Adam can do nothing but watch in horror as the colossus barrels full force into him. Ruby watches in silence as her monsters tear apart and crush the last remnants of the once feared white fang. He was right of course, as much as it pained her to admit, killing him wouldn't bring back those she lost. But now, at least, they and all the others who lost their lives to Adam Taurus could rest in peace.

Turning away from the carnage, Ruby walks back towards the forest. Adam, trying desperately to hold off the Grimm, watches as a red cloak, once symbol that brought hope and joy to the people, is swallowed up by the darkness. If only just for a second, he sees an image of Blake shaking her head sadly at him before she, and two other ghostly images follow after their former leader. That is the last thing he sees as the jaws of the Wyvern snap closed.