Highschool DxD, Bleach crossover challenge

Ichigo's peerage:

Miyamoto musashi


William marshal


Lu Bu

Sempronius densus

Saito musashibo benkei

Kenshin Himura

Don't really care what positions they hold or who you decide to use out of this list

Do note that in order to recruit some of these people ichigo would have to be at least 2000 years old or you could have special circumstances like time travel or something I would recommend having ichigo represent something in devil society like being the original sin of wrath that everybody thought was dead or something as such he would most likely have to be (possibly final form) in the top ten strongest.


Probably tiamat or Unohana or something, someone who understands how the years weigh on you. If you can get this out of another character or something if you want you could make a harem.


Virtually everybody on this list will be oc because there is not much that describes their day to day personality

Try to make Ichigo somewhat more calm, cool and collected but wise kind of like the attitude you get from Yamamoto but still ichigo if you know what I mean

Anything else is for you to decide if you have questions feel free to ask.

A/N sorry to those of you who read this and were like where is the plot there is no storyline or anything honestly when I wrote this it was late and I did it completely out of impulse so I completely brain faded on the storyline

Anyways so for the storyline I really liked lost revenants Idea so if you want feel free to use that because I would read it but I had intended it to go something like this; Ichigo was born a devil to the kurosaki clan some couple thousands of years ago and over the course of time grew extremely powerful (maou level in base form) he came to represent the sin of wrath he had also contracted a few humans. After the great war when they started using bevil pieces he disappeared. So everyone just assumed he had died, he recruited his peerage and then (timeskip) he sensed the sekiryuutei was in kuoh japan and so decides to come and observe the chaos ensue at this point he would probably show up around the time kokabiel appears at the school seeing as rias' peerage can't seem to handle kokabiel he intervenes whether you want to send in one of his peerage members or not is up to you but either way kokabiel is defeated the maou were alerted to kokabiel by akeno so they show up as well as the leader of the other two main faction leaders and then You would see more of the mature ichigo who is sort of tired of fighting and does not engage the other faction leaders ichigo would then proceed to ask how things are going with the factions and be reintroduced to the rias, sona and their respective peerages he would then proceed to greet his family (whether masaki and isshin are alive is up to you) the rest of the story would pretty much follow canon Highschool DxD though you would probably have rias' peerage underworld training with ichigo the rest is pretty much up to you as I see it

however just like last time if you feel it is lacking or need clarification on anything feel free to pm me thats all bye bye *mimics gin ichimaru*