Of Light and Shadow

Summary:The Rebel Alliance is fighting a lost war against the Empire and the Jedi are just a mere myth nowadays. But the rebels have a secret ally, only a legend tells about which is waiting to be summoned. Will they unite and succeed in defeating the Empire? Who is this mysterious 'Shadow' the Empire is after? And why does Heather have the feeling that her brother Hiccup isn't dead?

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The legend of Light and Shadow

There will be a time of Darkness

But Light won't fade

It will fight back

And yet,it won't be able to defeat Darkness

Therefore Light will need the help of a Shadow

At the moment of defeat the Shadow will be summoned

through a bond of friendship

and a bond of siblings

The battle will be won but victory will still be at the horizon

Light must learn to trust Shadow

for Shadow must guide Light to victory

As one they will win

As one they will restore peace

As one they will remain

and never part ways

As one they shall create an Alliance, a Union, a Bond

of Light and Shadow

The Jedi Order had fallen and now the few remaining Jedi were scattered around the galaxy,hiding in exile. The Empire had risen and quickly took over many planets and systems by

force. The Emperor ruled with an iron fist, daring anyone to cross his path. And yet there

were some willing to fight for freedom.

That's how the Rebel Alliance was formed. Lead by Stoick and Valka Haddock the Rebels

could look back to many victories and successful missions. But then, the Empire reacted and

the Rebels suddenly suffered losses. Yet the Rebels were not willing to give up and soon the

mere Rebellion turned into the Galactic Civil War, a heated, galaxy wide conflict.

In this whole mess neither the Empire nor the Rebel Alliance noticed the rise of another

powerful faction in the unknown regions which remained neutral so far.

The Dragon Legion

I really hope that you liked it. This is my first fic, so go easy on me. please?

Now a shoutout to RedLegoManiac! Go check him out, because his story Guardian of the Balance inspired me. Now RedLegoManiac, if you think I copied something or have any other problem with this story, related to your work, just contact me and let me know if I should take the story down,discontinue it or something else. In case RedLegoManiac doesn't notice, feel free to tell him/her about what I just mentioned.

And yes, Hiccup and Heather are siblings, twins to be exact. Dagur will be in this story, just without a sister... but a father... dun dun duuun

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