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My eyes snap open, and I wake up from the simulation. I quickly glance around the room and spot the Abnegation woman administering my aptitude test. She gives me a strange look, biting her lip as she starts removing the wires from our foreheads. "Please excuse me for a moment," she says quietly, walking out of the room with her eyes dutifully staying on the ground, away from the mirrors. I watch her leave with apprehension.

She's worried, I can tell. But she's not worried about her day life, she should be. She knows her children aren't Abnegation and she doesn't want them to leave her - it's going to happen someday. What she doesn't know is that her kids have a grudge against this Faction, for reasons unknown, kinda. They're definitely something wrong with them. I know all this from looking at her. I can't tell you anything about how I know this, just that I've always been able to see that thing in people. It's strange, even my parents think so, because it doesn't run in the family. Erudite, my faction, known for its smarts and braininess, but no one's supposed to be as smart as me. 'You're a genius among geniuses!' That's what my friends from other factions would say. When I say 'friends', I mean people who had to stick around me because my mom and dad said so. When they said stuff like 'genius among geniuses' it usually wasn't a compliment.

When the Abnegation woman returns, she has a strained smile on her face. I can immediately tell something went wrong with the test. "What happened?" I ask her. Nothing in my voice even hinting of emotion. 'Like a robot', another great comment from my associates.

She looks me in the eyes, and says hesitantly, "You happened."

I look at her, again keeping my emotions from creeping out. On the outside I must look calm, one of my mother's words of wisdom. I'm glad to say that years of 'emotional leakage' have made me able to make my features into a mask. I lock eyes with her, and then ask, "What are my results?"

Her face levels, and quietly, she says, "Erudite, Dauntless, Amity, Candor, and Abnegation."

The shock hits me like a tidal wave. I have aptitude for all five factions? I school my face before it reveals what I'm feeling. "I'm sorry, there must have been a mistake. I do not ha-" I begin, but she cuts me off.

"Emily, you are something called Divergent." She starts, her eyes glancing around the room in a worried manner. "A very special kind of Divergent. Most Divergent have aptitude for two, rarely three factions. But you, you have aptitude for all five." She turns to a corner, her eyes unfocused, like she's thinking of something. Then, her eyes drift back to me, and she says quietly, "You can't tell this to anyone. Tomorrow, choose any faction, but know that Erudite is the most dangerous faction for people like you. Try to hide your Divergence, tell no one. Okay?"

"Yes," I answer placidly. She ushers me to the door, and keeps eye contact with me as I start to turn away and she closes it. But not before I hear her say, "She's never going to make it."

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