To the Rescue

Quick notes for my dear readers before you start. This is a high school AU so they are all young. Mme. Giry is going to be Meg's sister as opposed to mom so that it makes more since for her to be friends with Erik. This story skips time almost every chapter, I think…because I'm going from Erik being a freshman in high school in the first chapter to Raoul, Christine, and Meg graduating high school and they are almost three years younger than Erik so yeah, I cannot think of that much to write. Mostly slice of life, but definitely romance as well, poor naïve Erik.

Damn, damn, damn…Erik thought as he sprinted through the hallways of his school, trying to get to the exit as fast as possible.

Two sets of heavy feet chased after him, and Erik now regretted staying after school ended to look up some books on architecture. He had wanted to see if they would have any layouts on different ways trap doors could be made, or at the very least inspire him on ways to create his own trap doors. But well, he didn't have any internet at home, so had to make do with public Wi-Fi. There was also no staff around because it was Friday, and that meant that when the last bell rings to dismiss class, the staff see it as a dismissal as well. Not that he could blame them, everyone always wants to start the weekend as soon as possible.

Still, Erik thought as he went through the entrance doors with barely a pause in his stride, maybe he should have gone to the public library instead but that would've required money for the bus and…

The entrance being slammed open brought him back from his thoughts and he veered left, hoping to get to a more populated area before he was caught up with. His backpack grew heavier as he went, it being filled with books on various subjects, which he now regretted taking with him. He twisted through the streets, dogs sometimes barking as he raced pass them, but still he heard the yells and stomping of the two behind him. At times he believed that they were catching up to him but he didn't dare to look back. That was how one ended up tripping and he couldn't risk that.

Eventually he could tell they were getting tired, their pace slowing, but so was his.

Erik blames his clothes for being the reason why the two eventually caught him as he neared a convenient store near his place. He was in good shape but running in black dress pants, dress shoes and a long black dress shirt was not ideal for the humid spring air. He had planned on entering the store and waiting the two out before leaving or, at the very least, catch his breath enough to make it back to his place.

But when he was at the parking lot he was suddenly tackled.

The hard cement rushed to meet him and Erik let out a pained grunt as he slammed onto the ground with another body landing on top of him. The air was knocked out of him so he struggled to breath. Even then, he tried breaking away to get up, but another set of hands latched onto his arms and wouldn't let go.

"Great job Gab! Let's get the freak behind the store so that no one will see." Joseph Buquet crackles from above Erik.

Erik struggles in their grip as the two dragged him towards the back of the store but they both tighten their grips, enough so that he knew he was going to have hand shape bruises later. At one point Buquet punches the side of his head so hard that Erik sees stars flutter in his vision. The pain caused him to stagger and stop fighting long enough that the two were able to drag him behind the store.

Buquet and his sidekick, Gab, push him into the wall. He hits it, before sliding down because he lost his balance. He tried to stand but Buquet kicks him in the shoulder making him go back down, the sun heated gravel scrapping his hands and knees.

Erik's found it hard to see, the sun in his eyes and his head throbbing from the earlier punch, but his ears heard what was said next.

"Take his mask." Buquet snickered nasally.

Erik shuddered as if he had been tossed into an ice filled tub, dread and panic tightening his lungs within his chest.

"No." he whispered horrified. He got another punch on his for the protest.

"Shut up, freak." Gab replied before yanking off the mask that covered Erik's disfigurement.

Instantly, Erik raised his hands to hide his face, a muffled scream escaping his lips from behind them.

"Hey, get his hands out of the way! I want to take a picture!" Buquet complained to Gab.

Erik felt Gab's large, rough hands tug at his arms to get him to remove them but he pressed them as close to him as possible with all his might. He curled into a ball on the sharp gravel when the hits and kicks began. Both Buquet and Gab rained down blows upon his body, hearing both of them cursing at him. But Erik would not remove his hands. Even when it began to be difficult to breathe, his building rage and adrenaline gave him the energy to continue to press himself inwards.

He didn't know how long he laid there getting hit after hit. He wondered if he might pass out before the two stopped since he was weakening from the adrenaline rush passing and his anger would also lead him to a more tired state.

But then…

"Hey! What are you doing?!"

"Crap! We'll get the freak later. Run!" Buquet shouted to Gab.

Erik heard the pair run off, but still didn't dare move, mostly because of the pain that currently engulfed his body. He heard another two sets of feet coming towards him and stiffened.

"Hey, are you okay?" a young voice asked him filled with concern.

The voice made Erik pause. It was a female's.

"My mask." Was all he whispered, exhausted now that Buquet and Gab were gone and his anger becoming more tiring then energizing.

"Raoul, I think that's it over there. Can you get it?" the girl's voice called out to someone off to the side. Erik heard a pair of shoes move away from him, probably this Raoul retrieving his mask.

Erik flinched back when he felt a hand touch his shoulder, the hand quickly disappeared.

"I'm sorry!" the girl's voice cried. "I wanted to see how badly you were hurt. Can you sit up?"

Erik nodded slowly. He painfully sat up with a grunt and, not removing his hands he opened his eyes and looked through his fingers. A pair of big brown eyes took almost all his view.

He startled back, and the eyes jumped back as well. Now he could see the rest of what came attached to the eyes.

In front of him sat a young girl with long hair that was up in pigtails and she had a cherubs face. She was on her knees in front of him, getting the purple sundress she was wearing dirty but she didn't seem to care as she stared at him with furrowed brows and a bitten lip.

When their eyes met, she smiled brightly at him.

"Wow, you have pretty eyes! They're like gold! I'm Christine by the way! What's your name?"

"Erik." he replied staring at her not knowing what else to say after that comment about his eyes. The sharp pain in his head gradually begun to turn into a dull throb.

"Ahh, shouldn't you, I don't know, be asking him whether or not he needs a hospital or something instead of intros?" a boys voice criticizes.

Erik glanced to the side and saw a boy standing a few feet away from where Christine and he were sitting. He was lean and tall and wore jeans and a Captain America t-shirt. In his hands was Erik's mask.

Erik saw Christine scowl but her lips were pouting.

"I did! He didn't answer me though, he wants his mask back."

The boy looked down at the mask and tossed it playfully into the air before catching it with a smirk. Erik's teeth clenched at the expression, so much was it like the ones Buquet and Gab wore when tormenting him.

"I don't think I've heard a thank you yet for the save."

"Give it back!" Erik barked viciously, some of his early fury coming back because of the boy's attitude.

Both the girl, Christine and the boy jumped, taking on alarmed expressions. The boy quickly straightened and placed his mask a couple feet from him before backing away. Regret, coursed through Erik as he observed the pair, Christine was biting her lip and leaning slightly back away from him and the boy was shuffling his feet, looking down with his hands behind his back.

Erik took the opportunity of not having their full gaze to reach out and pick up his mask. Turning away from them, he expertly placed his mask back on his face in one motion before turning back to them.

"Forgive me." Erik apologized softly to show that he was no longer angry. "I can have quite a temper but did not mean to take it out on the two of you. Thank you for interfering when you did."

The mood immediately changed, the pair perking up at the same time and beaming at him.

"No problem!" the boy replied, while rubbing the back of his head trying to appear humble but the wide smile giving his pride away. "I'm Raoul, by the way!"

After Erik gave his name again in response Christine spoke.

"Why were they messing with you in the first place?" Christine asked curiosity seeping in her tone.

Erik shook his head. "What bully needs a particular reason to harass others? I was an outcast in middle school, why would there be a difference in high school? Buquet and his minion set their attentions on me the first day and have since made it their priority to make me miserable."

"Wait, you're in high school?" Raoul exclaimed, eyes wide in disbelief. "Dude! You look like you're our age!"

Erik gave them a side glance. "And what age is that exactly?"

"We're twelve." Christine answered with a shrug.

Erik mentally groaned. He got rescued by a pair of sixth graders. Great, just great. Such a blow to his ego. But he'll remain grateful to them anyway.

"I'll have you know that I am fourteen. I only small for my age."

"Yeah, really small, if you're taken for someone our age." Raoul snickered, but quieted when Erik sent him a glare.

"Yes, thank you for telling me what I already know." Erik retorted sarcastically causing Raoul's cheeks to turn red and glance away.

Deciding that it was time for him to get back, Erik began to stand up. This turned out to be quite the challenge as the soreness from the earlier beating begun to settle in causing a flare of pain from the slightest movements. Christine stood up and offered to help but he denied her, convinced that wherever she would try to do to help, she would only cause him more pain. He didn't say that however, and was eventually able to get back on his feet.

He straightened and tried to brush off as much gravel dust off his clothes as he could. The young pair kept their eyes on him, as if waiting for him to topple over from his injuries. Based off the level of pain, Erik could already tell that nothing was broken or sprained, but he will certainly have a black and blue body coming tomorrow morning.

He didn't care, he wanted to go to the apartment and sleep forever.

Erik began to walk, well more like limp away from the pair but he paused. Turning back to them, he gave each of them a nod.

"Thank you again for you aid. I must return to my place now."

"You talk funny." Raoul replied with a grin, causing Erik to squint at him.

"Are you sure, you don't want us to at least walk you back to your place? In case something happens." Christine asks elbowing Raoul in his stomach which got her a hurt look from the boy.

"I'll be fine. It's not that much further. Good day." And with that, Erik began walking away.

He heard Raoul call out that they'll see him later, but Erik doubted that.

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