It was Mother's Day when I started writing this. Ordinarily I'd write a one-shot for this but then I realized something. This is going to span over the course of a few days with 5/31 at the latest for the ending and separate story. I also originally wanted to do it from each character's point of view, but then I remembered that I could split that up. I am covering multiple fandoms. Those are: Little Shop of Horrors (1986 version), Novocaine (a movie that came out in 2001), M*A*S*H and Pokémon. Ninjago would be on this list, but I decided not to because apparently, more details have been let out. Maybe next year.

The twist (and something I'm willing to wager you're expecting) is that I'm using OCs for this little series. I'll do a beginning A/N, state the rating (all of these are around T for the most part, but I'll indicate if it's K or K+), list the existing characters, do a disclaimer, then show you the title for each mini-story, story itself, then the final comments before the end A/N (if any), the end A/N, anything else I think of and then my closing.

A/N: I hope you had a happy Mother's Day, everyone. Let the series begin!

Rating: T for swearing, procedures (which may seem graphic to some) and blood.

Existing character(s): Arthur Denton, Audrey (both I and II), Orin

Disclaimer: I don't own Little Shop of Horrors. If I did, there would've been a continuation where Seymour gets sued.

Another Day at the Office

(Ronny's POV)

I sighed. Paperwork was boring at times, but someone had to do it. ...Plus when you're only 15, you can only do so much. Audrey II ...the name sent shivers down my spine every time I heard it. I rifled a hand through my hair. "Here," Clare said, showing me a name on a file. I raised a brow. We used an intercom system.

I went to the little room and sat down. I looked at the picture of my mom holding me as a baby. I took a breath. "Stones to room 2. Dr. Jamison will see you now," I said, opting to leave out what Krystal was doing. I looked at the duo: a mother and a daughter.

"A fine girl, don't you think?" Clare asked as I stepped out. I looked at the mom before I followed.

Dr. Jamison was the only guy in the room because with him was Molly. 'That hair. That ...figure? Okay, better focus. Whose last name is?' "Nice to meet you. I'm Molly and I can tell you that you have nothing to worry about, Mrs. Stone," Molly cut off my train of thoughts.

"Please. Call me Audrey. I believe I'm here to see Dr. Marten later today," she said and I was stunned, letting out a low whistle and blowing my cover. She turned to me. "Ronald? Is that you?"

I nodded. "Sorry, Dr. Jamison," I apologized. He shrugged and I let Audrey be with her daughter.

"I think I'm gonna put a call into the county police," Clare said, coming from the back. I had to know something and I nodded, knowing who she was talking about. I knocked at the door of the lounge. I waited before I heard Dr. Marten say it was unlocked.

There I saw him and my sister. "We've got a crazy patient. Dr. Marten, don't ya think there should be some law against people like," "Ah, it's so good to be back after traveling around the states. Alas, I must wait a little longer."

Him. Krystal clenched her fist so hard her knuckles turned white. Dr. Marten cleared his throat. "Krystal, he's legitimately here for something other than to... pleasure himself," our aunt said and my sister nodded.

"Tell him that he needs to fill out some paperwork and sign consents, please aunt Iris?" Krystal said and our aunt just nodded. Dr. Marten sighed before looking at his watch.

"Should've been plenty of time for the Novocaine to kick in. These smokers," he said, shaking his head. "Just come when you're ready. I can prep him." *

Once it was just us, I looked at Krystal. "I was wondering if you remember anything about Mom," I said quietly.

(Krystal's POV)

Of course I do, but thanks to the nutjob in the waiting room, we really had a limited amount of time. "Mom would always sing a lullaby before we went to sleep if we couldn't. If either of us had a bad dream, she'd sleep with us or let us come into her and dad's room," I began and gave him a side hug. "There's gonna be a good time skip between patients, okay?" Ronny nodded and I told him what he could do. I went to room 4 and looked at the X-rays. Dr. Marten wasn't kidding when he told me how quick he could be. He looked at me and smiled as I gave the X-rays one last glance.

"Mr. Somers, this is my student, Krystal Scrivello, great-granddaughter of our founding dentist Hamilton Scrivello," Dr. Marten said and I just gave him a curt nod. "While she's watched a few things, these will likely be her first root canals. I'd advise you not to speak," and then I noticed the dam in his mouth. **

If there was one thing I liked about Dr. Marten besides his sense of humor and his stories about my dad, it was how fast he could work. "Once you can see the dead nerve, stop drilling," he said and I nodded at that. He walked me through it on the lower teeth. "Remove the nerve then rinse the canal," he said and the nerve removal was what still got me nervous, but I was doing good... at least I thought so, anyway.

"Huh. So that's why they call it a root canal," I realized. I knew we'd be giving him temporary crowns but our patient (I hoped, anyway) was numb from the Novocaine. I put on the third (total) temporary crown and noticed his eyes drift down. From the corner of my eye, I saw Doc Marten looking at something and then our patient confirmed my suspicions. I decided to stop this right in its tracks. I drilled an adjacent tooth. As in, one that hadn't been numbed. Doc Marten looked back at our patient and then at me. "So sorry, Mr. Somers. Tsk tsk, that should be another reason for you to quit smoking, lest you want a mouth full of holes," he said as he watched me put the drill down but stopped me. He gave me a look that was akin to one of my dad's. I began drilling again and as I did so, said, "Missed a spot." Dr. Marten gave me permission to leave and I took my gloves off. I was about to inform aunt Iris of what happened before I went on to call the next patient.

I heard a girl whimpering in room 3 and sighed. I looked at Molly primarily and Dr. Jamison. "I'm so sorry about her. I guess she's more nervous than I thought," I heard. I stood in the doorway and I saw that face. "Audrey." Then I remembered the circumstances. "Care to clue me in or should I see what's going on in the waiting room?"

Molly sent me a cautious stare and Dr. Jamison nodded. I just used hand sanitizer before I put on a fresh set of gloves. Audrey stood her daughter up so she could stretch for a minute. She looked at me. "Hi there," I began, not even lifting up my mask. "My name is Krystal. What's yours and how old are you?" Either she was selectively mute, nonverbal or something else because I was given both answers from Audrey.

"This is Paige, who is seven and also, very shy," I was told. Molly then whispered to me what was going on.

I looked at the X-ray as Molly whispered, "She has a stubborn tooth that needs to come out. Novocaine is a no go and we can't even convince her with the nitrous. You are allowed to extract teeth, you know." I nodded at that and smiled at Paige.

"I've heard you have a tooth that might get you a prize while you're here and I bet you've heard of the Tooth Fairy," I said. Paige nodded at that.

She wasn't much of a talker and I was fine with that. "There's no such thing as a stubborn tooth, but wisdom teeth are another story," Dad had said one day. "Watch what I'm about to do." I had an idea.

"Paige, is it okay if I at least take a peek? Only thing I'm gonna need is my magical mirror," I asked.

Paige considered this before looking at her mother. Audrey must've done something to put her mind at ease as I looked at the mirror on the tray. "Okay," Paige said softly before adding, "but does the Tooth Fairy see kids who are scared?"

I smiled at that and nodded before explaining why I had on my mask, gloves and glasses. Molly must've put hers back on before she focused the light. Paige even opened her mouth and pointed to her tooth. "Now these are just my fingers, okay?" I said as I felt around there. Found the problem. I used my left arm (and silently thanked the genetics I inherited) to reach the gauze. I used hand motions that I'd seen mom do in the videos. ***

"Now this is the mirror I was telling you about. It's just going to be the mirror and my fingers. You're doing awesome, Paige," I praised before focusing. Within 5 seconds, the tooth (a bicuspid, I might add) was out completely and I watched the blood began to come out before I let Molly pass me the gauze. I applied some light pressure and with my left hand, I grabbed the little box for the tooth to go in. Molly suctioned where some blood had drifted to and I nodded for her to turn off the light and raise the chair. "That's it, Paige. You were great." I took off my gloves before noting the blood on the thumb and index finger. Not bad. I let Molly take Paige to check out as Dr. Jamison complimented me. Molly and Clare said they'd meet me in the lounge. Audrey just gathered her checkbook and purse before thanking me and saying she'd be back for her own checkup.

-In the lounge-

I used a paper towel to wipe my forehead and sit down. "That was amazing," Molly said. "How'd you get it to come out?"

I smiled and signaled Ronny over. "Aunt Iris is talking with the police about ...that guy. Creep," he said and I shuddered before telling them about Mr. Somers.

Clare shook her head and Molly nodded. "Sickening," Molly said, "especially because he's like, 41 and you're not even 18 yet."

"Dirty pervert," Ronny said. I pinched the bridge of my nose as Dr. Marten came to us. He gave us a break (which was something we all needed) for the afternoon. He said he wouldn't be long with Mr. Denton and to me that I'd have my day with him. I wished that Dr. Pell was here. She's been great.

I patted the chair next to me as Molly and Clare talked fashion. "You get to take your practice test soon, right?" I asked him and he nodded.

"Yeah. Then once I get my driver's license, I'm getting dad's motorcycle, right?" I nodded and thought of our late parents. I didn't tell Ronny that he had to get a license for the motorcycle.

Molly is 25 and has been with the practice since it reopened after the fiasco. She also knew my mom when she was alive because she'd tutor. "I used the Scrivello flick," I said with a confident smile as I answered how I got Paige's tooth out. ****

"Your mom loved the smell of azaleas and the taste of chestnuts. She loved children and her goal was four," Molly said. "Some people saw her to be an angel and your father was no exception to this."

(Time skip)

"Audrey, they're waiting for you in room 1," Ronny said. She must've been reading a magazine because I heard crinkling of pages, even though I was trying to find something on the calendar in the receptionist's station. I found it and looked at myself. I wore navy blue pants (on some days I'd wear black, though) and a white shirt like my dad did. I'd wear the apron around Halloween or when I was in the mood. Dad taught me how to twist the tooth. ...and mom said revenge isn't good, neither are grudges.

Dad taught Ronny and I that it was okay to mask our emotions; yet mom told us that there was nothing wrong with being emotional. D- "Krystal!" Molly's shout snapped me out of nostalgia.

I looked at her and nodded. I took a sharp breath as I noticed that the door was closed. Molly placed a hand on my shoulder. "You can do this," she encouraged. "Dr. Marten is just getting Audrey's X-rays and I think for the sake of your temper, you should probably be professional. I did her cleaning and she seems to be good, but that's," "why we take X-rays. I know." Molly opened the door and led me in.

Dr. Marten was placing the films up. "I know that you're acquainted. Krystal, I want to see how far you've come, okay?" I wasn't sure. Could I do this?

"What do you mean?" Audrey asked and Dr. Marten elaborated. I was grateful that I could have my back to her so I didn't have to see her facial expressions. Molly adjusted the light and Aud… Mrs. Stone, I mean, opened her mouth wide. I was doing good and then I saw the problems.

I took a breath through my nostrils and said, "Well, it's a fractured tooth, but you do have impressions from the lab. I spoke with the technician earlier. As for your other tooth, it's just got some moderate decay and I want to avoid an extraction," I said and looked at the forceps. Dad's universals, to be exact. "We're going to numb you up so you shouldn't feel a thing."

Doc Marten helped me with the Novocaine injector/syringe. "Tight grip and Mrs. Stone, you'll probably feel a small pinch," I was instructed and focused. I did slip once or twice when I started with the syringe. You'll get the hang of it if you choose to follow in my footsteps.

I let my fingers do the work from there. 'Good,' I thought as I discarded the needle. (1)

I then looked at the clock before excusing myself. I went to the closet… where the tribute to grandma was. Yeah, that was destroyed (minus the picture, for some odd reason) in the incident with Audrey II. It got converted into a small office. I looked at the picture on the desk and found myself wondering if I was ready for this. Was this what I was meant to do? I closed my eyes and then woke to a gentle touch on my arm. I looked at her. I reached out to touch her, but she disappeared. 'Maybe I'm beginning to hallucinate,' I thought. I returned to the room and washed up. I put my mask on after the glasses and then the gloves. I reached for Dad's forceps. "If anything, you'll feel some pressure and possibly some tugging," I said as she opened her mouth. I knew I was doing good as I grabbed the tooth and began tugging it before realizing it wouldn't come. I opened my left hand. "Elevator." (2)

Once I had the tool, I began using it and once I drew some blood, I put it on the tray and resumed with the forceps. Once it was out, I had Molly hand me a roll of gauze. I put the forceps down before picking up the drill. I had been holding the gauze down with the side of my pinky finger as I drilled. Audrey moaned a little and I stopped, making sure I hadn't hurt her. I could get the gist of what she was saying. "I promise, it'll be over in less than five minutes if you try to relax, Mrs. Stone," I said as I concentrated on finishing my work. I used my arm to keep her from grabbing at me. It was a struggle and I knew something had gone awry as I noticed the stain of the red on my white shirt. (3)

I stopped and looked at the drill as I heard Dr. Marten sigh. I knew that it likely meant I did something wrong and was in trouble. "You did your best you could for today, Krystal. I'll take care of the rest. You and Ronny can go home and I'll see you tomorrow afternoon," he said and I took off my gloves.

I gave him a curt nod and Molly a wave as I exited the room. I took off my mask and discarded it before putting my glasses away in their case in my bag, which I grabbed. I went to the coat rack (in the storage closet) and grabbed my jacket. As Ronny and I began walking to the restaurant that we were meeting Clare and Aunt Iris at, he looked at me. "You've got a little," "I know. I'll... tell you about it later, alright?" He shrugged as it started to rain. "Let's go to the car."

We walked in silence. Mom didn't like it whenever we jumped around the puddles as if playing our own game. "Guess girls think about these things," he mused as I grabbed my bag. I shrugged.

"Eh. Other than... the events that I'd rather not repeat that happened, today was just another day at the office," I told him as I began the short drive.

...The original plan was to be done today but that changed due to me being out (as in, with my personal life) yesterday. Rundown, A/N and you know the rest.

(*) If you're not familiar with what smoking can do to your teeth, use Google [or your preferred search engine] and then go to images. Now some of that stuff is mild [in my opinion] nightmare fuel.

(**) Part one of this is that in the musical number [it's called 'Dentist' I think, but it's the one where Orin is riding his motorcycle to work, arrives in the office, then goes on to cause some pain and at one point, he is seen opening a double door {I think} and says, "Oh momma," before continuing the song] where Orin opens the door to the memorial/shrine [I don't know what else to call it], it ...I just got the feeling that his [Orin's] father was likely a dentist and that it was a family thing. Sorry to disappoint, but Ronny will not be a dentist. I can't guarantee he'll be in the field. Part two of this is Krystal's age, before I go any further. Ronny states that he is 15 and if you've read my three-shot "Father's Day Dentistry" that I wrote almost a year ago, you would remember me saying that they're 3 years [plus specifics] apart. Well, in that same portion of that note, I state when Krystal's birthday is. She's 17 [in this] because her birthday hasn't come yet. Part three: the dam is what the dentist/specialist puts in your mouth if you're having a root canal. I don't think you want details as to why I know that, but if you do, shoot me a PM.

(***) By thanking her genetics, Krystal is thankful for her long arms and she gets those from her mom.

(****) Basically, the "Scrivello flick" is a very quick flick of the wrist.

(1) Krystal knows how to discard the needle without getting poked.

(2) Okay. I'm sure that most of you might be wondering something. How many of you have been to the dentist and looked at the tools on the tray? Did one of those tools sort of look like a screwdriver? If you answered 'yes' to both of those questions, they call that an elevator. I'll spare you the details, but the gist is that I speak from experience on this one.

(3) Any ideas what happened? She didn't drill Audrey's tongue, but the drill did slip.

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