A/N:Hi,guys^^Here's a side poem for 'Thank You'



You're my friend,

you're my comfort.

You're the warmth that lits my heart.

You're my rival,

you're my thrill.

You're the adrenaline that runs my being.

You make me laugh,

and you make me cry.

You make me happy,

and you make me sad.

Sometimes we fought,

and sometimes we joke.

Sometimes we hate,

and sometimes we love.

When we're lost,

we hold onto each other.

And when we're content,

we share it together.

You're my voice of reason,

my shining hope.

You're my shoulder to cry on,

my loyal supporter.

You're my shadow,

my brilliant protector.


are everything I could ever ask for.

My best friend,

my eternal rival.