James Molly and Duck in Crushes and Attitudes

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Set after Season 20.

Duck was puffing to Vicarstown when he saw Molly avoiding James.

"Hi Molly what's up?" asked Duck.

"Nothing just want to avoid James." sighed Molly. "You know Duck I used to have a crush on James but I hear he's been silly and horrible to a lot of engines I wonder if he really cares about any engine."

"I wonder that but what had you heard?" asked Duck.

"Well Duck I heard he first built a scrap monster to scare Percy also almost making Percy leave Sodor, then he almost pushed Toby through a red signal, mocked your name, stole your idea about those carriages you're pulling, completing with Thomas over football colours, pulling more trucks than he could manage just to prove that new engine Philip was a show-off and him skidding into stations." panted Molly.

"Yes he did all that." said Duck. "We need to have a word with James."

"Duck I gained this crush on James when I first came to Sodor but I never told him." said Molly.

"Maybe it's time you did." puffed Duck as he pulled out of the station.

Later James skidded into Vicarstown.

"Here's James!" he called bumping some trucks off the rails and Molly too.

"JAMES!" yelled Donald, Douglas and Gordon crossly.

Then Duck puffed in.

"What happened?" he asked.

"James was showing off again." replied Donald.

"James you didn't just knock the trucks off the track but Molly too." said Duck sternly.

"Molly I didn't see her." said James which was true he didn't since the trucks were the size of small coaches.

"I think James needs to think on his life." puffed Douglas.

"And Molly may like a word with you later James." said Duck.

"Why?" asked James.

"Because I'm ashamed of you James I can't believe I once had a crush on you." groaned Molly.

James was shocked.

That evening James saw Duck.

"Is Molly ok?" he asked.

"She is and I think for every engine on Sodor to hear you need to apologize to Molly for what you'd done today no pressure." puffed Duck.

"None given because you're right." sighed James so James went to his shed without a word.

Next day Duck and James gathered all the engines to see James apologize to Molly.

"What is this?" asked Molly.

"Something I should admit I have been selfish these past few years and for bumping you off the track yesterday Molly I am so sorry." puffed James.

"I forgive you James." replied Molly. "It will take time for me to have a crush on you again."

"I know Molly and you know something I had a crush on you when you first came to the coal yard." admitted James.

And all the engines whistled and tooted.

"How'd that feel you two?" asked Duck.

"That felt good Duck thanks for your help." said James and Molly in unison.

"Welcome." smiled Duck. "Anytime."

From then on James and Molly worked well together much to Duck and all their friends' happiness.

The End