Chapter 8:

Akihiko lay in bed, sleeping soundly. While his mother complained about him sleeping a lot in the past few days, but his father managed to calm her down. He was grateful for that, as he really needed all the rest he could get.

Ever since he cleared the church out of Fallen Angels and Stray Exorcists, he felt slightly guilty. While he knew he did a good job, he still thought about how he killed all those people. He knew they were bad people, who committed terrible acts, but he still felt guilty about killing them so mercilessly. Akihiko was slightly glad about that. Even with all this information about him being a half-Devil and hailing from an ancient clan, he was glad that he was human enough to feel guilt.

He had no pity when he killed the Fallen, especially Raynare, but killing the humans still gave him a heavy heart. His parents, seeing this, tried to console him when they heard what happened. Sure, his mother was angry that he went off without their knowing and butchered every person in the church, but she still consoled him. Akihiko was happy about that.

While they tried to help him, he waved them off, saying that he was fine. He knew that he would be able to get over it slightly, but now it would take some time.

Was this what is was going to be like if he allowed himself to be consumed by hatred for those who killed the Towairaito clan? Was he able to stomach the feeling of killing so many creatures and beings, just to satisfy his vengeance?

It made him ponder on that thought a lot.

He didn't manage to skip school, which was unfortunate. What sucked even more was that Gremory and her servants kept trailing him after the events of the church, trying to interrogate him. He guessed that they only came unto him because of Issei's big mouth. He was gladly going to shut that little mongrel's mouth.

Akihiko blinked. Wait, mongrel? Since when did he start calling people that? That was new.

He shook his head, clearing his thoughts. He could focus on that later.

As he was still deep in his thoughts, he failed to notice the body that was beside him in his bed. He only noticed now because of the feeling of two large pillows pressed against his back. And then he remembered that he didn't have two more pillows.

"Hmm ~ don't I get a good morning kiss, Aki-kun," a familiar, sensual voice said aloud.

Akihiko froze. Please, please don't let that be who I think it is, he thought frantically. Alas, his hopes were dashed as he turned around to see Kalawarner rubbing the sleep from her eyes as she got onto her hands and knees, her large breasts on full display. It just occurred to Akihiko, as he finished his inspection of her, that she wasn't wearing anything. At all.

While he was mentally panicking, he did a once over on Kalawarner's nude body. Damn, he thought to himself as he looked upon her bare breasts that jiggled with each movement. He was a growing teenage boy. He had the right to look.

"Oh ~ does Aki-kun like what he sees?" the blue haired Fallen Angel teased, stretching her body to get rid of her morning stiffness. This caused her breasts to jiggle even more, and for the blanket covering her to slip off, exposing more of her sinful body, which Akihiko eagerly looked at.

"I do. Very much," Akihiko said bluntly, causing Kalawarner to blush slighty. She wasn't expecting him to respond like that. She was hoping to catch him off guard, stuttering and blushing.

"Aww, does the little man want to play with me?" Kalawarner asked with a mock pout. Then her expression turned lustful. "Well, I wouldn't mind you having your wicked way with me, you naughty boy."

"As much fun as that would be," Akihiko said, twitching slightly at the 'little' comment, "I have to ask: why are you here? In my med? Naked?" He didn't mind her coming here. He remembered Rias doing the same thing before he founf out about being a half-Devil. Girl may be a bitch, but she had a hot body. No denying that.

"Can't I spend some time with my saviour? I thought you would enjoy having me around?" she answered in a seductive tone while leaning closer to him. Akihiko didn't need to look in any direction, since her assets were right in his face.

"And what if Tou-san and Kaa-san come in?" he asked, not really bothered by the outcome.

Kalawarner pouted. "Shush you. No need to ruin my fun," she said playfully, making Akihiko roll his eyes.


Thank God ~ cue brief headache from mentioning the Big Guy ~ that the morning was uneventful. Kalawarner managed to head back to Hagane's antique shop, where she knew her and the old dwarf would be fighting. Her and Miltelt resided there until Akihiko was able to get a spot free in their house. While his parents were laid back sometimes, he knew they would go ballistic if two Fallen Angels lived with them. They didn't hate the race as a whole, but they didn't trust them. Akihiko didn't need their paranoia ruining the Fallen Angels' lives.

Asia, on the other hand, was welcomed with open arms. Once they were able to get a read on her, they found out that she was pure of heart, and also could tell that she had a Sacred Gear. How, Akihiko didn't know, and his parents wouldn't tell him. Asia was extremely happy about it, so much that she managed to find every chance she had to be close to him, because of her hero worship. Which he couldn't fight against, because if he did, she would look like a kicked puppy.

His mother was also happy to teach Asia cooking, complaining that none of the men in the house were so eager for the activity.

Now, he was in school, quietly minding his business and listening to the teacher drone on about mathematics. Akihiko was eager for the interruption that he would soon meet, because he'd given up on trying to get his peace that he wished for. So now he was waiting for one of Gremory's servants to call on him for investigation, which he would happily ignore. He was thankful for Asia being able to join school, as it put his mind at rest concerning her safety, but he was also worried Rias would somehow convince Asia to join her peerage and become a Devil. Which he would not allow.

Ten minutes after the class started, there was a knock on the door. A blonde haired guy walked in, looking towards the teacher. Then his gaze shifted towards Akihiko, and his expression turned from a professional one to one filled with jealousy. What did he do to him.

"Kaichou would like to talk to you, Horiuchi-san," the blonde said, somewhat enviously. Akihiko raised his eyebrow in suspicion. What exactly did the Student Council want with him?

Akihiko stood up, asking a question. "What exactly have I done wrong?"

"That's for Kaichou to decide. Now hurry up!" the blonde said impatiently. Akihiko rolled his eyes.

"No need for you to explode, blondie. I'm coming." At this, several students laughed at this, making the blonde grit his teeth.

He lead Akihiko out of the classroom, heading towards the Student Council.

As they walked together, Akihiko took the time to study the guy next to him. He guessed that he, along with the Student Council, weren't human. That was probably the only reason he could think of them wanting to see him. He hadn't done anything wrong to the school, and the incident with the Fallen Angels happened a few days ago, so there was that.

So were they Devils? Angels? Actually, he ruled that out, since if they were, they would've wiped out Gremory and her group. So, other forms of supernatural creature, then? He didn't know, but he intended to find out.

The walk was silent, as Akihiko didn't know they guy, and had nothing to talk about. Plus, he got that maybe the guy was jealous of him or something. Why, though?

As they got to the door of the Student Council, the blonde knocked on the door and spoke out. "Kaichou... I brought him."

"Thank you, Saji," Sona, the head of the Student Council, said. The now named Saji opened the door and gestured for Akihiko to enter. As he went through, he looked upon the room. It looked to be a very busy office. Several desks were arranged around the room so there would be no distraction. Off to the side was a pair of sofas and a coffee table between them. Sona Shitori sat in one, setting up a chessboard.

She had black glasses, along with a black bob cut, though it was styled a little. She wore the Kuoh Academy school uniform, accenting her physical features. She wasn't stacked as Rias or Akeno, but Akihiko didn't care about that. To him, Sona seemed to be the strict and stern, yet cute nerdy girl.

While she didn't have a big bust, she did have a beautiful face, with purple eyes, not unlike the Fallen Angels that he had seen, which were violet. But her eyes were a different shade of purple. So he didn't rule out the possibility of her bring a Fallen Angel.

All in all, he could see why she was considered one of the Three Great Onee-samas.

Sona glanced up at Akihiko and spoke. "It's nice to meet you, Horiuchi-san."

"Likewise," Akihiko nodded in greeting. "And call me Akihiko. Or Aki. I'm not a fan of being fancy. May I ask why you called me here?" Sona gestured to the chessboard that she had. "I wanted to have a chat with you. Do you have interest in chess?"

Akihiko shrugged. "I know some of the rules," he answered as he moved to the seat opposite her as Sona made her opening move.

Akihiko watched as she made her move, briefly recalling what little he knew of chess and tried to counteract her moves. He was no chess champion, but he'd seen chess been played before.

Akihiko looked up towards Sona. "So you're very interested in chess," he commented, making Sona raise an eyebrow.

"Chess is important to Devils. It formed the basis for the Evil Pieces and Rating Games, as I'm sure Rias has made you aware," Sona countered coolly. Well, this confirmed that Sona was a Devil. Akihiko had his suspicions but now they were confirmed.

He raised an eyebrow. "Can I ask you something?" When Sona nodded, he continued. "Does chess cover the basis of the pieces' abilities and stats? And can the same be applied to the Evil Pieces used?"

Sona smiled a little, as if she was impressed by his question. Her smile quickly faded, though. "No, not necessarily. While it is true that the pieces does specify the skills you possess, as time goes on, that's not the case. Even a Pawn can take down a King if they improve enough."

Akihiko nodded, taking note of the moves Sona made on the board as he tried to counter her. He was slightly failing at it.

Akihiko shrugged as he continued their conversation. "Not to be rude, but video games and RPGs sound much more simpler than chess. To me it feels... rigid."

"Rigid?" Sona enquired, raising her brow and continuing to make her move.

"It just seems like the chess pieces, therefore the Evil Pieces given, are too binding, too stereotypical," Akihiko explained, trying to put what he felt into words. "It's limited in regards to the pieces and forcing servants into their 'supposed' role based on the pieces given to them. This limits their strength and gives them glaring weaknesses."

"Ah, you mean the fact that Rook, Knight and Bishop Pieces only provide different boosts which usually get focused on by there Kings rather then taking care to get rid of the weaknesses they each hold," Sona realized aloud, making Akihiko nod. He took the time to calculate where she was going to go as he remembered the rules and how to apply them.

"Right, it's better to be skilled in some areas rather than focus specifically in one and forget all the others," Akihiko explained

Sona allowed herself a small smile as she looked over the chessboard, she had more pieces then Akihiko did but he was making her work to take them and even picking off her pieces she hadn't noticed become open, her eyes shifting to regard the fidgeting Akihiko before speaking "I must say I was impressed that you were able to handle the Fallen Angels by yourself. Though I do admit that it was a bit reckless."

Akihiko nodded, not even surprised that she knew about that. "Yes. I admit, it was a bit dangerous going alone, but I did it for a friend of mine who... was involved in the whole incident." He picked his words carefully. He didn't want to reveal anything about Asia or the other Fallen Angels. He wasn't going to sell them out like that.

Sona waved her hand. "There's no point trying to hide the fact about the nun, as well as the Fallen Angels that you have allied with." At seeing his shocked face, she elaborated. "I sent several of my peerage members to spy on the antique shop that you usually go to. After seeing Rias coming from the same place, I was curious about what had her so upset. I admit that it wasn't warranted," she added, seeing Akihiko's cross expression, "but, despite her attitude, Rias is my friend. I was just curious about what had her so upset."

Akihiko had a grim expression on his face. While he hated being spied on, as well as the Fallen Angels potentially being in trouble, he could understand why Sona did what she did. Plus, at least she admitted to doing it when she met him, unlike Rias who persisted on doing it even with all the shit he had to deal with the OCR.

"You have nothing to worry about," Sona said calmly with a small smile on her face. "No harm will befall the Fallen Angels from my peerage. If they don't cause any trouble, we will not retaliate. And I already know about Asia Argento's Sacred Gear being the reason she was targeted by the Fallen, though I have no idea which one she has."

Akihiko breathed a sigh of relief at that. That was good, at least. Now he could focus on the chess game they were playing, which he was slightly losing.

"You know Rias has come asking for my help with you…"

Akihiko sighed. Just when things were going right... "Just what the hell does she want now?" he asked, exasperated.

"Let's just say your battle with her peerage, and the news of you killing all the Fallen, has wounded her pride and she doesn't like losing to you especially since you are right. Rias has wronged you since she brought you back and failed to add you to her peerage due to... complications."

"I just hate the idea of her chasing me because I couldn't join her peerage and refuse to do so," Akihiko stated firmly. "No offense to you, Kaichou, but I just don't agree with the Evil Piece system. I know that neither you or Rias are cruel masters, but even so, I refuse to become a servant. I see that you can understand that. Rias, however, fails to do so."

Sona nodded, seemingly satisfied. Then she asked another question. "Why is it that you are only a half-Devil, and are also able to use Light while also being resistant to it?" she asked, moving her Knight piece to counter his.

Akihiko frowned. While Sona seemed friendly, she was also smart and cunning. He wasn't surprised that she already knew of his abilities, as well as his condition. He didn't plan to tell her about him being a Devil of Azaroth's blood, nor of him being of the Towairaito clan. That was a secret that he wasn't comfortable revealing. "Let's just say that it's a... family secret," he said carefully. Sona raised her eyebrow but didn't say anything else, understanding that he wasn't going to say anything.

"So how's your peerage?" Akihiko asked to break the tension building. Sona smiled a little.

"They are progressing fine," she answered. "Unlike Rias, I have a full set (A.N. - I don't know how many members Sona has in her peerage, so just go with it). I love them all as if they were my own. Though, the new recruit is being quite the handful." Akihiko chuckled at that, wondering if this Saji was being troublesome.

"And that's checkmate," Sona stated, capturing his King. Akihiko sighed at this while she smirked slightly.


Akihiko was in the backyard, practicing more magic with his mother. She was teaching him another one of the secret spells of the Towairaito clan, Grand Chariot. She didn't show him it, since doing so would bring a lot of attention to them, but she did describe it. And Akihiko was eager to know it.

He had Yamikiri strapped to his waist as he was just wearing casual clothes, while his mother followed the same example.

She was in the middle of explaining the properties of Grand Chariot when there was a pulse of darkness. Both mother and son felt the pulse, and tried to hone in on the source. They looked around, alarmed, as they saw it was coming from Yamikiri. The blade was shrouded in darkness, pulsing with a sort of... evil light. But Akihiko wasn't channeling energy through the energy.

Before his mother could say anything, Akihiko suddenly passed out. "Sochi!" she cried out, reaching for her son. She cried out in pain as, centimetres away from reaching him, black lightning hit her hand. She recoiled, clutching her hand and watching her son on the ground, shrouded by the same darkness as his blade.

XXX In the blade's mindscape XXX

Akihiko gasped as he suddenly appeared out of thin air. He was transported into a black void, pure darkness swirling around space like a hurricane.

"What the hell?..." he muttered, shocked. One minute he with his mum, learning a new spell. And then the next minute, he was suddenly brought here. He couldn't be dreaming. He was awake when he was talking to his mum. So he knew this was real. What was going on?

"Hehehe..." a deep voice chuckled, the laugh echoing across the void and making Akihiko flinch. Who was taht?

He looked around, trying to find the source of the laughter, but he couldn't see anything.

"I'm right here, peasant..." the same voice spoke in the space in front of him.

Akihiko turned, seeing the darkness solidify and warp to form a large, humanoid figure.

The darkness took shape to form a man, with old fashioned clothes. The darkness bled away, turning obsidian black to a light brown and black colour to form the man's clothes. He wore a black trench coat, with a brown shirt underneath. He wore black slacks and leather shoes.

His skin was pale, like he stayed inside for all his life. His face, however, was inhumanely handsome. He had a sharp jaw and cheekbones, short eyebrows and a short, delicate nose. His black hair, the same obsidian as the void they were both standing in, fell from his scalp in rivulets, carefully platted and cared for. His hair reached his shoulders, with most of it almost shadowing his closed eyes. When he opened them, Akihiko flinched.

His eyes were a sky blue, crystal clear and beautifully pale, but they were full of madness and insanity. Akihiko knew that look; he had seen it in that Freed guy from before. However, this guy made Freed look like a baby psychopath in comparison. The man's eyes literally had spirals in them, originating from his sharp pupils and expanding outwards. He looked like the kind of guy who would set fire to a hospital full of injured people for shits and giggles. Akihiko knew that, even if he was an ordinary man, he wouldn't want to mess with him with that look. And that wasn't counting the overwhelming power he was releasing slightly with his arrival.

"What's wrong? You look like you've seen a ghost," the man said, his voice sounding like knives running down Akihiko's spine. He chuckled, seeing his reaction. "What? Don't have the balls to stand my voice? I didn't know my new wielder was such a weakling..."

Akihiko glared at the mysterious being, not liking being called weak. "And who the hell do you think you're calling weak, you Alucard reject?" he retorted. Though he wasn't actually feeling the supposed bravery he was supposedly projecting.

The vampire wannabe threw back his head and laughed loudly, the sound like nails on a chalkboard. Akihiko refused to show his nervousness, though. "Hahaha... Oh, it's been too long since I've seen a wielder of me show some guts like that... Huh, that was centuries ago," he said the last part thoughtlessly, as if discussing the weather.

"Oi, jackass! I asked who the hell you were!" Akihiko screamed this time, annoyed. He was brought here suddenly, only to meet this asshole? What the fuck?!

The mysterious man cocked his head to the side, a mad grin appearing on his face. His teeth were, surprisingly, human. White and polished to a gleam. Akihiko thought that they were going to be ripoff vampire ones. "My name? I haven't used it in a long time. Well, peasant, you can call me-" he said the next part with a hissing, deep sound, as if he was part snake also. Seeing Akihiko's confused expression, he sighed. "I guess it was too much to hope for a wielder who could speak the tongue of demons. Oh, well. You can call me..." Before he could say anything else, he blurred. He suddenly appeared in front of Akihiko, making the half-Devil jump in surprise and step back slightly. He couldn't even follow his movements!

In the blink of an eye, the man reached forward, his hands turning into a knife-hand position. He stabbed forward, too fast for Akihiko to follow, and punctured Akihiko's chest, on his left side, right where his heart was.

The boy gasped in shock, pain and panic. His last thoughts were focused on the man's shark-like grin. As his world turned black, he heard the following words, "You can call me Corvux."

XXX In the Horiuchi residence, the back yard XXX

Akihiko gasped in shock as he woke up, looking up at his parents, who were looking worried. His mother kept slapping his face, trying to get him to stay awake. "Aki-kun! Wake up! Seiji-kun, he needs medical aid! Find some sort of healing magic that-"

"Kaa-san, I'm fine!" Akihiko exclaimed, not wanting her to get worked up. "I'm fine, seriously!" As a precaution, he quickly put his hand to his chest where that asshole stabbed him. What was his name... Corvux?

Seeing this, his father put his hand to the spot where his son was stabbed. "Hey, Aki-kun. Are you OK? What happened?" he asked worriedly.

Akihiko could see that both of them were extremely worried about him, and he was very thankful for that. However, he needed to consult Hagane about Yamikiri. Akihiko glanced at the blade. It wasn't humming with power anymore, so it seemed normal. Still, that didn't mean that he wasn't weary of his weapon.

He turned to his parents. "Look, guys. I'm fine, really. But right now, I need to talk to Hagane about something. Something important."

Both of them looked very reluctant to let him go. Hell, his mother looked ready to hold him down to keep him from going. But in the end, they relented, seeing the seriousness in their son's eyes.

Akihiko smiled. "Thank you, guys. So much." And with that, Akihiko dashed out of the backyard, heading out to meet the Norse dwarf.


Hagane sighed, listening to Akihiko finish his explanation on what had happened. "I wish that this didn't have to happen," he muttered at last.

They were in the basement of the drwarf's shop. Sitting on the couch were Kalawarner, Miltelt and Asia, who looked worried at Akihiko's explanation. And they were right to be afraid. Who wouldn't be at a sentinent sword that contained a supposed evil spirit?

Yamikiri sat upon a table that Hagane sometimes used for forging. It still wasn't pulsing with darkness, but Akihiko was hesitant to pick up the blade. Before, it was his primary weapon of destruction. Now, he feared to even look at it properly. He almost forgot that the blade was imbued with the owner's hatred and darkness.

Akihiko tore his gaze away from the blade to look at Hagane. "You knew this would happen?" Akihiko asked incredulously. "Why didn't you say anything?!"

"Because I knew that you would freak out like you are now," Hagane answered sternly, a rare serious expression on his face. "Besides, I did warn you about the dangers of wielding Yamikiri. But noo, you don't listen to me." The dwarf rolled his eyes. "Uh, teenagers."

Akihiko's ears turned pink in embarrassment. He did recall Hagane doing that. And yet he ignored that because he thought that the blade looked cool. And now he was paying for that. He sighed. "You're right. I'm sorry."

"Does this mean that Aki-san is going to be possessed by the spirit in the sword?" Asia asked fearfully. She didn't want to lose her first friend by and evil spirit. She made a short prayer to God to purify the blade of the spirit, which caused Akihiko to wince slightly at the prayer.

"Yeah, that's what we want to know, too," Kalawarner added. "I don't want to lose my little Aki-kun. I'm not done corrupting him yet." At seeing the deadpanned expressions from the others, she shrugged. "What?"

Akihiko sighed, not bothering to call her out on her choice. "Nothing." He then turned his attention to the dwarf. "Is there anything you know about Corvux that I need to know?" he asked.

Hagane shook his head. "I don't know much about him. What I do know is that he was initially human before he was corrupted by his greed and evil, corrupting the very blade that we see before us. Other than that, nothing."

"Is there any way to purge the blade of the spirit?" Miltelt asked, curious.

"Not that I know of," Hagane answered, a frown on his face. "Many have tried to purge the blade. All of them have failed. It's previous wielders tried to deny the blade, refusing to listen to Corvux's words of power lust and greed. But they became corrupted by Yamikiri, descending into death and madness."

"You know," Akihiko started, his eyebrow twitching. "This would've been good to know the moment I picked up the blade."

Hagane shrugged. "Well, I didn't think anyone would be dumb enough to pick up a cursed blade, much less wield it. Besides, I knew this might happen. I was just waiting for the moment you would realise that using the blade is a bad idea."

Akihikpo scowled. "Dick."


"You old piece of-"

"Oi!" Miltelt yelled, covering Asia's ears. Her cheeks were cherry red from all the cursing. "Watch your mouths! We wouldn't want sweet little Asia to be corrupted, now would we?"

"Funny coming from a being who fell from Heaven due to sin," Akihiko retorted snidely, making Miltelt scowl. He turned to Hagane. "So what do we do?"

"We lock up the blade and put it in a safe place," Hagane answered. "We can't destroy it, considering it's indestructible. To remove any chance of it corrupting you, you're going to have to find a new weapon of choice."

Akihiko pouted slightly. "But Yamikiri is so cool..."

"If you want to risk losing your life and sanity to a sentinent and evil blade just because you found it cool, then be my guest," Hagane retorted snidely, making Akihiko scoff.

"Fine, be that way, you ass," he muttered, making the dwarf chuckle.


"So what do you need from me, Tou-san?" Akihiko asked his father as they both were in their backyard again, a few days after the reveal of Yamikiri. Once he told both his parents about the blade, they forbid him from using the blade again. While he was annoyed at their over-protectiveness, he did understand why they were like that, so he couldn't blame them. They were also angry that he picked up an evil blade without their knowing, and even grounded him for it. Which was completely unfair.

They were thinking on stopping him from learning new magic for a month, but thought that a little harsh. So they basically took away his manga and video games as punishment. Akihiko almost wished they had just decided to not teach him magic for a month.

He was just lamenting on his current sorrows when his dad called him down for something important.

"I just want to give you a little gift," his father explained. "This is a sort of... rite of passage, as a Devil of the House of Azaroth."

Akihiko waited patiently for his father to explain, eager to hear the news.

His father then put his palms together, chanting something under his breath that Akihiko couldn't pick up. Suddenly, his palms flared with a purple magic circle, belonging to the House of Azaroth. He then proceeded to slam his palms under the ground. The magic circle from his palms transferred unto the ground (A.N. - Think of the process of the Summoning Jutsu in Naruto, with the Summoning Seal being a magic circle).

The magic circle expanded, lighting the room in a purple light. When the light faded, it revealed a large hound. But this wasn't any ordinary blood hound. This hound was as large as a small truck. Its obsidian black fur was well groomed. Its blood red eyes seemed to stare deeply into Akihiko's soul, examining him, prodding him.

Its fangs were the size of kitchen knives. Its legs were muscled, lithe and powerful. Overall, it made for one intimidating being.

Akihiko looked to his father for an explanation.

"This is a hell hound," his father stated with pride. "He's actually a familiar. The hell hounds have been guardians of the House of Azaroth for centuries. This little guy is one of them."

Akihiko reached forward, gently touching the hell hounds snout. Surprisingly, the creature leaned into the touch, whining slightly. He grinned. Who knew such a large and terrifying creature could be so cute?

"He's so cool." Akihiko turned to his father, stars in his eyes. "What's his name?"

"Skiá, meaning 'shadow' in Greek," his father said. "The hell hounds have roots in Greek mythology, and so have Greek names."

"Cool," Akihiko muttered, still petting his new familiar. "Skiá, huh? I think this is going to be the start of a beautiful friendship."

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