So, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was a success. Not only was it a good sequel, but it had some good hearth warm moments. Moments that I was glad to have seen and wanted to see in the film. I hope everyone was happy with the film and enjoyed how it went too.

Anyways, I decided to make this story to see how many would like it. Now then, this will be a crossover with Guardians of the Galaxy and Injustice: Gods Among Us. I debated whether to do a crossover with Star Wars, but when I was assembling the team together I decided to do something different. Now, will this be set in the video game time?

Yep, but there will be some differences. So, just keep that in mind and also might end up making some changes since I haven't been keeping up to date much on the comics. However, I will try my best to set this more around the game time. Also, yeah had to figure out the timeline on my own for this so I hope you all don't mind it.

Anyways, thanks to my friend for his help on the story. I appreciate it and also I don't own anything from Guardians of the Galaxy or the DC Universe. Just my OCs. Now then enjoy the first chapter and let's see how this goes.


Unknown Planet (December 24, 2015)

Loud screams can be heard echoing across a large empty city which was once home to a quiet civilization. Until their home was destroyed during a war. It was abandoned, left to rot, and no sign of life. That was until the screams of a woman that slowly died down, but a few minutes later came back even louder.

Followed by a large explosion and the roar of a large army of humanoid gray reptiles. Heading towards a facility where a group of fighters are seen keeping them back.

An older looking human in his 30s is seen shooting at the creatures, while making sure they don't get in. A pink colored humanoid alien woman is seen coming out of the building and saying something to him in her native tongue.

"I know! We'll try keeping it down!" shouted the older man as he continued shooting at the creatures. "Rocket! Is the force field up yet?"

"In a second!" shouted another voice as a small raccoon wearing a jetpack is seen flying down while shooting at the creatures. He presses a button and soon a glowing energy shield surrounded the area. "Just fixed it. But it won't last long. The stupid thing is going to burn out again. Where is Drax?"

"Don't know," said the human as he sees the creatures trying to break through the shield. "He better hurry though. We need the weapon set up before the momma shows up."

Suddenly a large ship is seen flying towards the creatures. The ship was on fire and was breaking apart as it crashed into half of the army. The one who crashed the ship came out laughing. He has pale skin that is covered in red markings and holding two knives in hand.

"I have brought the mode of transportation. Just like you asked," said the man.

"It's destroyed!" Rocket shouted as the ship continued being on fire. "We can't use it, Drax!"

Drax turns to the ship and then to his team. "It was not on fire when I got it."

"Well, it's too late for that dummy," said Rocket as he reloads his weapon. "Gamora is already inside popping the kid out so we're stuck here till she is done."

"How long will she be before she does the popping?" Drax asked as they hear another loud scream coming from the hallway.

"Probably soon," said Rocket as he tossed a grenade over the vehicle and blew up more of the creatures. "Surprise you aren't in there Peter. What's the matter? You scared about seeing where babies come from?"

"No I'm not I'm just…" Peter was cut-off when Drax interrupted him.

"There is nothing wrong with the miracle of birth. It is an important moment for any father to witness the birth of their children and to hold them in your arms…it is a blessing," said Drax while patting Peter on the back.

Peter on the other hand had another reason. "Actually I'm afraid if I'm in there Gamora is going to rip my head off for the pain she is going through."

"I'm going to kill you Quill!" shouted Gamora from the room as she lets out another scream. "I'm going to rip your damn head off!"

Rocket and Drax both soon nod in agreement with Peter until they see a large alien approaching them. "And there's momma," said Rocket as he charges up his gun.

The creature grabs the ship and tossed it away. It turns to the group and lets out a loud roar. All while the other half of her army is behind her. Ready to attack and kill the group.

Just before it can attack them a large wooden hand pierced through the creature's chest. The group look behind and see Groot standing there looking upset.

"I…am…GROOT!" He pulls his hand out taking out the creature's heart.

The creature falls backwards and crushes the army killing them all. Groot drops the heart and begins wiping the blood on the ground.

"Good work, buddy," said Rocket who didn't expect Groot to get this violent, but then again with the baby on the way he wanted to make sure the baby was safe. "Just um promise us you won't do that again."

"I am Groot," Groot replied before approaching the team.

"All right guys. Let's secure the area and make sure…" Peter gets interrupted when he hears the screaming stopped.

In its place came the sound of a baby crying. This caused the group to stop talking and turn to the source of the crying. The same alien nurse from before came out and calls out for Peter. The others motion for him to go in the room.

Peter let's out a loud gulping sound and soon began walking towards the room. Inside he finds Gamora, who looked tired, and held a baby in her arm. The baby had little dark hair, fair skin, & green eyes. He was bundled up in a blanket and was being cradled by Gamora.

She looks up at him, but had a look of happiness in her eyes. She motions for him to come closer until he sat down next to her. She hands him their son, which Peter was at first unsure if he should carry him. However, after a little encouragement he finally held the baby in his arms.

The baby looks up at him and held his finger. Peter couldn't help but smile when he saw this and held his son close. The others soon came and were happy to see the baby is okay. Gamora held Peter's hand and lets out a small sigh.

"You won the bet…it's a boy. So you can name him," she replied.

Peter looks down at her and smiled. When they found out she was pregnant the two argued about what to name the baby. The two then agreed to make a deal. I it was a boy then Peter gets to name him, but if it was a girl then it would be Gamora's choice.

The only thing Gamora is hoping for that Peter won't choose one of the names he came up with. She doesn't think naming him Skeletor is the kind of name she would like to have her kid have.

Peter was glad to be able to choose the name, but then he looks back at Gamora and how tired she looks. She did a lot of the hard work. Keeping the baby in her for nine months. To him it wouldn't feel right for him to choose the name after all she did.

"You know what? Why don't you pick?"

Gamora looks up at him confused by his suggestion. "Really? Even after you won?"

Peter nods in response. "I'm sure. So, what's the name?"

Gamora smiled at Peter and then to her son. She had worked on coming up with names for girls, but didn't have any names for boys. She looks down at her son and then to Peter coming up with a good name. "Jason…" she replied getting Peter's attention. "After his father who despite his stubbornness and stupidity at times…he has a good heart, courage, and love."

Peter was glad to hear Gamora choosing the name for their son and why she chose his middle name. "I like that. What about his middle name?"

"Why don't you pick?" Gamora suggested. "As long as it isn't Skeletor."

"Damn," said Peter who did like to give his son that middle name. After a minute he came up with a good middle name and he believes it will be one his son will like. "How about this. Jason Yondu Quill?"

Gamora lets out a small chuckle figuring that's what he was going to go with. Not that she would complain about it. She liked that name and is convinced their son will like it too. "I like it and I think if Yondu was alive he would be honored."

Peter let's out a small chuckle himself. "Nah. If he was alive and I did this he would tell me why the hell did you give him my name if I'm still here," both parents let out a small laugh figuring that's what Yondu would say. "But, yeah I think he would have liked it," Peter turns to his son and lifts him up. "Merry Christmas, Jason and welcome to the galaxy our future Star Lord."

Gamora lifts her hands up and takes her son from Peter. "Yeah, we need to talk about that."

End of the chapter here and hope you all liked this. Yeah, not that long, but then again most of my prologues aren't always long. Still, this was nice I hope and yeah the timeline here will be different than the Injustice timeline. Good reason for that.

Anyways, I still hope you all liked the chapter and Jason's name is based off Peter's middle name. Also, yeah gave him the middle name for Yondu. Would have been originally Yondu Jason Quill, but I decided to make it the middle name instead. Just thought it would be better.

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