Okay, so here we are with another sneak peek of the sequel to the Guardians/Injustice story. The title was revealed in the last update, you all saw some characters that will appear, and today the date of when the sequel will come out will be revealed. So, I hope you are all ready for it.

The reason for the delay guys is because I am working on my classes and helping my friend theReaper13. He is also helping me with the editing of my sequel to add in his characters. Only three will appear so we don't have too many characters. The timeline for when the story takes place we are working on it to see if its five years later or shorter.

All right, this idea we got it from the Injustice 2 fighter package they have been doing. Revealing the characters who will appear in the game so hope you all like this. I don't own anything from Marvel or DC they are both owned separately. Now, enjoy this sneak peek guys.

Unknown Location

Inside an underground facility there are some lights flickering on and off showing the destruction that was left behind. The lights showing what they can rubble on the ground, walls smashed into or even through them, beams destroyed, and bodies on the ground. Some of these bodies look human, but all wearing armor on their bodies. Unable to identify their faces, but the blood coming out of their bodies can be seen.

However, the other bodies appeared more machine like. They had skulls on their faces, but robotic parts all around their bodies. They too were on the ground and appeared to be destroyed. With static shooting out of their bodies that caused them to twitch, but that was all they did.

Soon a large pale skin muscular man is seen appearing out of the shadows. He is seen with short grey hair, cold dead eyes, and spikes sticking out of his back. Next to him is a large monstrous monster with chains on his wrists and a collar around his neck. He is seen holding a dead body that looks like it has been bitten into.

Behind them a large waterfall is seen behind the two as two glowing red eyes are seen. Soon an armored figure wearing a large scuba helmet with two glowing red eyes. He appears from the water and stands by the two monsters. All three looking over as they see a destroyed robot being tossed near them.

Out of the shadows in front of them stood a figure appeared wearing a red and blue costume. On the chest of the hero appears to be a black spider symbol. Next to him came out a silver armor with glowing bright lights on the body, including on the chest. The eyes glowed brightly blue before the lights turned to bright red.

Before the three figures could attack the two young figures until they heard a loud growling sound. They look over to see what appeared to be a large feline creature that could be see moving around in the shadows. The creatures moves over near the two figure when it is revealed to be a black armored figure. With glowing white lights, a helmet that looked feline, the body of the figure looking female, and sharp claws extending out of the hands.

The black armored figure with the glowing red eyes motions for his monsters to attack as they charge at the heroes. The spider figure fires a web at the pale figure's legs and trips him over. He falls on the ground, but as he struggled to get up the spider figure swings over and punched him right tin the face.

Out of the shadows in front of them stood a figure appeared wearing a black costume. On the chest of the hero appears to be a white spider symbol. He goes to check on the pale monster, but is grabbed and is slammed to the ground. The monster tries to crush him, but the spider figure's body begins to change.

A black goo begins covering his suit and blocks the foot. He pushed him off with ease as the pale figure sees the costume of the spider figure is now different. His suit is now all black with the spider symbol now white as he charges at the monster.

The feline figure sees the other crocodile like monster charging at her as she leaps out of the way and slashes the monster in the face. The monster roared loudly and swings his large arms at her. She dodged his attack as she again slashed at his body. The monster swings his tail, but she laps over the tail and slashes it off causing him more pain.

He swings his arm at her and sends her through the wall. He begins charging at her, until the feline figure's body begins to glow brightly. Static began appearing on her body as she looks up at the monster. He threw his hand at her, but she caught it and sends electricity at him causing him to scream loudly.

The silver armor figured went up against the black armored figure as he fired two glowing red eye blasts at the silver figure. The silver figure blocks them with an energy shield before moving out of the way. The silver figure then fires a blue energy blast at the black armored figure sending him through the waterfall and into the wall. The black armored figure began to recover and came back out of the water.

He summoned two rocket launchers that are attached to his suit. He fires the rockets at the silver figure. The silver figure destroys one rocket launcher with one energy blast and the other knocked it away. The rocket though is caught by what appeared to be a large rock-like hand.

The one who caught it moves near his cigarette, while the rocket's fire is still going. The figure is soon revealed to be a red-skin demon like creature with two red stumps on his forehead, yellow eyes, a red tail, is seen wearing a trench coat, a grey shirt, and a belt with a strange symbol on it.

"Thanks for the light, pal," said the red skin figure as he lets the missile go before it explodes behind him as he took out his cigarette with his other hand. "This just got a lot more interesting," he said before putting it back in his mouth and smiled.

Injustice: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2.

All right that's the end of the sneak peek and yes you all wanted it. So, there it is. I am now going to bring in Hellboy into the story. I will need to work out how to bring him in and give him a little backstory here. Since, I believe he is not with the other heroes in the DC Universe.

Could be wrong, but if anyone out there knows the connection with him and DC let me know. I already got some ideas for his backstory here. Until then, please be patient. The release date for the story is now going to be November 5. Remember, remember, the Fifth of November.

Oh, I wish I could bring in V, but alas I cannot for many reasons. Anyways, if you can guess who the other characters are from this sneak peek then hope you will like them. The three young heroes those are my friend theReaper13's OCs. Their background and information will be revealed later on, but be patient.

Anyway, thanks guys for the support and if you are looking forward to the sequel please let me know. I promise to keep you guys up to date on what is going on. So, until then please leave some reviews and go check out theReaper13 and his Spider-Man story. Show a little love there and I will see you all next time.

Be safe and take care everyone.