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Severus Snape could feel his body floating through the air. The agonising pain that had filled his body as he took his final breaths vanished. The last thing he remembered was being bitten by a snake, if you would call Nagini that. To Voldemort, it was more than a snake, it was part of his soul.

The image of green eyes was burnt into his memory. The green eyes of Harry Potter were the last thing he had seen alive. They reminded him so much of the one that he had lost. Lily's eyes. Severus thought it was funny how Harry had even ended up with green eyes. The gene for green eyes was recessive, and James Potter carried the dominant allele for brown eyes, meaning that Harry might have easily ended up with James' eyes. If that had happened, Severus wouldn't have been able to tolerate Harry as much as he did.

The obsidian eyes of the man filled to the brim with tears. He couldn't see anything until he opened his eyes and noticed that everything was all white. Tears slowly overfilled his eyes and ran down his cheeks until he couldn't see anything. His life had been filled with regrets.

He regretted causing the death of Lily Evans and her family. He regretted being a death eater. He regretted forcing Lily to end the friendship between the two of them from the words that he said. Lily was the one he loved, the friend he admired most. As soon as he had graduated from Hogwarts, it had become apparent that Severus' so-called friends in Slytherin weren't truly his friends and only saw him as a piece of meat. They had indoctrinated him into believing the same things they did to the point where Severus cost himself the best friend he would ever have.Why did I have to fuck up like that? I should have known better. I should have done something differently. I regret everything I have ever done, Severus thought to himself.

He felt a mysterious force push him down. Severus looked around at his surroundings and noticed that he was sitting on a path surrounded by white pillars. There was a woman with red-hair in the distance. Scoffing, Severus couldn't believe that he was in heaven. My actions should have sent me to Hell, he thought, I'm not worthy enough to be here. Unless this is Hell, but why does it look so peaceful.

The woman with red-hair began to approach him. When she was about thirty feet away, Severus could see the familiar emerald eyes of the one he had lost. Lily, Snape thought to himself, I'm so sorry. I fucked up, don't tell me that I didn't. I joined the death eaters, spyed on the Order for Voldemort. I treated Harry terribly and made his life a living hell during potions class. I delivered the prophecy to Voldemort that caused your death. I never should have done any of this, I regret it so much. I hate myself for hurting you.

Lily walked towards the Potions Master, the tears welling up in her eyes. She knew he had been through a lot, from living with an abusive dad to having the Marauders bully him. While the man had done many honourable things, it didn't excuse the fact that he had abused her son so greatly. And all because he looked like James. He was a child. She had seen her son get extremely upset over what Snape had done to him and she had been powerless, unable to stop it.

However, Lily being the empathetic person that she was, knew that Severus felt extreme pain whenever he saw the face of Harry Potter. Lily imagined that he constantly saw the possibilities of what could have been had ne not been so cruel. He probably saw Harry Potter as a carbon copy of his father and that's what made Sev hate her son.

As soon as Severus recognized the face as Lily's, he ran towards her, tears freely flowing down his face. He was sobbing uncontrollably, something that he hadn't done since she had died. He wiped his eyes against his sleeves, trying to remove the evidence that he had been crying. The red-rimmed obsidian eyes were proof enough. "Please forgive me Lily, I know that what I did was wrong," Severus cried.

Lily looked at the man who was completely broken down in front of her. She felt bad for him, his mistakes had finally caught up to him and she couldn't help but feel awful for the man and somehow believed that what happened to him was her fault. If only she had been more understanding and had the capability to understand why Severus called her a Mudblood "I forgive you Sev," Lily said in a gentle tone, trying to not get the man riled up more than he already was.

"Really," Severus said, his mouth hanging agape. He didn't see himself worthy of Lily's forgiveness, especially when he had done so many different things wrong. Not only had he tortured muggles with the Death Eaters, but he had also mistreated her son. The Occlumency lessons were a good example of the torture Severus put Harry Potter through.

"I do forgive you Severus, however, that doesn't excuse what you did to my son-" Lily explained before she was cut off by Severus.

"-He was an arrogant brat Lily, he was probably spoiled growing up," Severus retorted.

Lily became closer to Severus and lowered her voice, "That's not the case at all." He could see the tears brewing in her emerald eyes, "Dumbledore left him with my sister and her whale of a husband. He never received any love growing up. All he knew was pain."

Severus felt his hands start to quiver. He had been dead wrong about Harry Potter. Shaking, he realized that his perception of Harry Potter had been completely wrong. Petunia had despised Lily and everything to do with magic. The black-haired man imagined that the Boy-Who-Lived had received everything growing up and had no rules or discipline whatsoever. Then he realized that Harry had spent his entire life being ruled by people who likely thought he was a freak and forced him into submission. "I was wrong," Severus muttered.

"You're normally observant. I thought you would notice for sure how much he acted like you. The boy was nearly sorted into Slytherin."

Severus gave another look of shock. He had perceived Harry to be the epitome of Gryffindor, from his stupid courage to his inability to think before making decisions. "He was so different than I thought he would be," Severus whispered, more for himself to hear rather than Lily.

The older man was too focused on Lily's eyes to notice that James Potter had approached the two of them. The man with glasses had outstretched his hand. Severus took it and was surprised when James had pulled him into a hug. "Thank you for taking care of Harry," James whispered, tears in his brown eyes.

This astonished Severus who thought that James had hated him Severus opened his mouth to speak but no words came out. James let go of Severus gently and said, "I know I didn't treat you the best when you were in Hogwarts and I regret that deeply. I was so determined to get Lily to like me that I wanted to reduce my competition, even if it meant bullying you."

Severus felt the need to be brutally honest. This was Heaven (why would the perfect James Potter be in Hell) and he said, "I despised you at first sight. It hurt to see someone who had obviously had the perfect childhood get liked by everyone. I thought that when I went to Hogwarts, everyone would like me."

James' eyes seemed to fill with regret, "And I am so sorry about that. You weren't abused, were you?"

Severus stood there, silent, as he let James guess what had happened. "You were," James said. As soon as James had realized that, Severus had slipped off his robes and lifted up the back of his shirt to reveal thick scars that covered the surface of his back. "No, my childhood was all rainbows and unicorns," Severus laughed sarcastically, hoping he wouldn't see his father up here in Heaven.

"I knew he was mistreated, James, and that's why I hated you at first. You had the audacity to bully someone who you didn't know anything about," Lily interjected, adding in her side of the story, "He persuaded me not to tell my parents, telling me that I would never see him again. I was too selfish to tell my parents."

"Lily, you weren't selfish. You were my only friend and I wouldn't have survived if I lost you. Plus, your parents didn't know you were magical and I would have ended up in the Muggle foster care system and I could have easily ended up with someone that shared the same attitude towards magic as my father did.

"Besides Sn- I mean Severus, I made your life at Hogwarts a lot more worse than it should have been. And even now I'm finding that I'm calling you by the same name that made your life horrible," James Potter said.

Two more people joined the group of three. Sirius Black and Remus Lupin approached with Sirius saying, "Ayy Severus, how ya liking it here." The method of speaking was how Severus normally spoke.

"Fine, I guess," Severus said, feeling slightly uncomfortable in the combined presence of Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. Being around one gave him a bad headache. He didn't need to experience the presence of both of them at the same time.

"Severus, I'm so sorry for not sticking up for you back at Hogwarts. I knew that Sirius and James were doing something wrong yet I was afraid they would abandon me if stood up for you," Remus apologized.

Severus sneered, a little upset at Remus' reason. "So you would prefer to have bullied people then to have lost your friends. Even when what you were doing was against everything that you believed in."

"And I was a coward for doing so," Remus explained, guilt eating him up. "We were responsible for you becoming a Death Eater and we all regret that."

Sirius Black added on, "You did your best with what you had, in a life filled with pain." Severus looked at the man like he was crazy. "And since when did you get so wise, Sirius?" Severus sneered.

"It happened when I died. I somehow gained wisdom I had never heard of before," Sirius said, slightly apprehensive."

Severus looked at Sirius with an even bigger sneer. "Then why did you remain so immature. It's almost like you never left the age of sixteen until now."

"And I really should have grown more mature," Sirius said, gaining approval nods from everyone in their little clump.

Finally, a woman with dark hair approached the circle. She had a haunted look in her obsidian eyes and everyone took notice of how much she looked like Severus Snape. She had the same defeated look, pallid skin, and the same hooked nose as her son. When Severus saw her, his eyes lit up, "Mum," he says, running towards the woman and hugging her. The other four people stood there in shock.

"Sevvy, I'm so glad to finally see you," Eileen Prince said through tears. Severus realized that he was crying too. "I missed ye," he said.

"You've been through some really hard times, I'm glad to see that you're okay now," Eileen said, smiling at her son through her tears."

Severus smiled at her. Then she disappeared and Severus was surrounded by white all over him. He looked for Lily and she had disappeared as well. The only recognizable thing was a child angel, all dressed in white. "Why did you take them all away from me," Severus screamed.

"Hush," the brown haired angel said, "I didn't take them away from you. In fact, you have a choice to make. You can choose whether to stay here with them-"

"And what other option could be better than that," Severus remarked.

"-Or you can choose to go back to when you were eleven and have a second chance at life with all of your memories present," the angel said.

Severus made his choice in five seconds flat, "Take me back damn it!"

The angel nodded and Severus felt his body warp and contort itself into weird positions as he felt himself being flung backwards in time. His body was being stretched and then squashed and then with a thump, he felt himself land into a bed.

He placed a hand on his face, noticing the nails that were cut close to the cuticles and had soot underneath the nail beds. He got out of his bed, and noticed that he was considerably shorter. The final straw was when he looked at himself in the mirror that was dusted in a slight layer of soot.

I'm eleven again, he thought to himself.

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