One particularly bright June morning, Severus was sitting next to Juliette and Remus. The three Ravenclaws were talking about the upcoming finals. Understandably, Julliette was nervous. Snape thought, She's nervous for everything, whether it be school, finals, or even the smallest quiz. They had finished most of their finals so far and just had to write Potions and Charms. Juliette was obsessing over the finals, constantly talking about how bad she thought she did and what answers everyone else had gotten. Honestly, it annoyed Severus quite a bit.

The three were chattering away about their upcoming potions final. Severus knew from the first year around how easy the practical was (seriously, you had to be completely incompetent at potions to fail it) and even the written portion was quite easy. Quite honestly, he couldn't understand why Juliette was freaking out. He smiled to himself as he thought, Oh yeah, she's freaking out because she's Juliette.

Then a familiar red-head with the most emerald eyes passed on by, taking a seat across from Severus, right beside Juliette, "Why are you sitting at the Ravenclaw table?" Severus asked.

"I say we need to promote inter-house unity," Lily said, "Plus, we haven't been hanging out as much and I've been missing you. Are you guys ready for the finals?"

Both Severus and Remus nodded, whereas Juliette shook her head vigorously. "I'm never ready for anything," Juliette said.

Lily placed a soft hand on Juliette's back, trying to comfort the girl, "Juliette, you've studied way too much, there's no possible way that you will fail these finals. And even if you do, you won't need to repeat the first year. Worst case scenario, you'll have to take some tutoring."

This calmed Juliette down. The girl sighed in relief and slouched down in her seat, as though some tension had been released. "Thanks," Juliette whispered, tucking a strand of curly hair behind her ear and furiously cleaning her glasses. Honestly, she reminded Severus of Piggy from Lord of the Flies when she cleaned her glasses like that. Severus remembered having to read that book for Muggle Primary school. He didn't care for it, but this particular moment reminded him strongly of it.

Remus chuckled at the antics of the two girls. Juliette's extremely studious nature was no match for Lily's kind and compassionate personality that could put anybody at ease. Lily was the type of person that almost anyone could trust and feel okay about trusting.

Close to the end of breakfast, the owls swooped in, dropping letters and gifts in front of the students. Severus was beyond surprised to see a tawny owl drop two letters right by where he was eating. One was placed in a small white envelope and had a wax stamp with the St Mungo's logo sealed onto it. The other letter was slightly bigger in a yellowed envelope and had a wax stamp with the Ministry of Magic's logo.

He felt his heart race and could feel his pulse in his ears. He had no clue why he'd be receiving a letter from St. Mungos unless something had happened to his mother.

The other three sitting with him noticed his face pale. Lily took initiative and asked, "Severus are you alright?"

Severus didn't say anything as he slowly opened the letter, focusing on making sure the letter came out neatly. The letter read,

Dear Severus Tobias Snape,

A terrible accident has befallen your mother and as a result, she has been taken into St. Mungo's for treatment. She is responding to the treatment very well but has fallen into a coma. This means that she will be unable to care for you over the summer.

Future arrangements have yet to be decided on. For now, you shall expect a letter from the ministry deciding upon your living arrangments.

Thank you

Samuel Bishop

Severus bit down hard on his bottom lip. He knew that it was no accident what happened to his mother; his father was in every way, shape, and form responsible for what had happened to her. He wasn't going to cry now in front of his friends, but maybe he would later at night.

This hadn't happened the first time around. His father had beaten up his mother but not to the point where she sought treatment at St. Mungos. Severus didn't know why it was different this time around, but he suspected that it was because his mother had become employed to save up some money and Tobias had found out.

He looked straight into Lily's emerald eyes and knew that the red-haired girl could see the pain in his eyes. The three of them stared as he opened up the letter from the Ministry that read;

Severus Tobias Snape,

Your Grandparents, Leopold and Cosima Prince have agreed to take you in and take care of you for the summer. They will be meeting you at Platform 9 ¾. You will be spending the summer at Prince Manor as that's what your mother requested in case she ever became too sick to care for you.

The Ministry of Magic

Not once in his life had Severus ever met his grandparents. He hadn't even met them once in his previous life. He was taken aback by the fact that they wanted to take him in. He was a half-blood, and the Prince's supposedly fixated on blood status. This was going to be a huge problem in the summer and even with his near-forty years of wisdom, Severus feared to go to Prince Manor.

"Severus, what're the letters about?" Remus Lupin, who had been quiet all morning asked.

"My mother is in St. Mungo's and I have to spend the summer with my Grandparents whom I have never met."

All three of them expressed looks of sympathy towards him.

One week later

The four first years were sharing a compartment on the Hogwart's Express on the way home. Ravenclaw had won the house cup for the first time in forever and Severus, Juliette, and Remus all celebrated. Gryffindor had finished dead last, fifty points behind the third-place finisher, Slytherin.

"I must admit that I desire for you to keep contact with me throughout the summer," Juliette told Snape, her ocean-blue eyes twinkling. Once finals had been finished, she had proven to be more tolerable to be around and to interact with.

Severus gave her a half-smile and responded, "Of course Juliette, you have an Owl, right?"

"Yeah I do, that was extremely courteous of you to check. And if not, my family is very familiar with the Rent-An-Owl service," Juliette said, smirking. Since her parents were Squibs, they didn't own a magical owl due to not seeing the need to. However, when they learnt that Juliette was a Witch, they bought her a tawny coloured owl to allow her to contact her parents when she brought it to school with her.

"I'm pretty sure my Grandparents have an owl- most pureblooded families do, what about you Remus?"

The werewolf nodded, "My dad has one to contact the healers with since my mam is quite ill." Severus knew he was lying about his mother being ill (he knew Remus' secret but no one else did) but he kept quiet about it.

"I have one too," Lily said.

"Perfect, we can all contact one another."

When the train ride had ended and all four kids had said goodbye to one another, Severus grabbed his stuff and waited until he saw a regal looking couple. Both the woman and the man were very tall (the woman being around 5'10" and the man standing at 6'6") and had an air of elegance surrounding them.

As Severus approached them, the air of elegance became extremely overwhelming and he couldn't help but tremble a little bit. He was nervous to meet them. But as he got closer to them, he could see the warm smiles that took up their faces and the twinkles in their eyes. They wanted to see him, Severus thought to himself.

Leopold had greying hair but hadn't started to bald at all and his hair was speckled with black strands. His dark brown eyes were extremely welcoming and his face had begun to develop lines across it, ones you'd typically see in people who were reaching an older age. However, despite that, he noticed the familiar sharp cheekbones that were characteristic in his mother. Unfortunately, he had received his crooked nose from his dad's side of the family.

Cosima looked quite similar to her husband. Her eyes were a clear blue and her hair was a curly black. Her face had begun to develop some wrinkles, but the most noticeable feature on her was how different she looked from his mother. While Eileen wasn't pretty, nor ugly, Cosima was stunning.

Severus outstretched his hand in an attempt to familiarize himself with his Grandparents. His Grandmother shook his hand first and then his Grandfather.

"So Sev, are you ready to head to the manor for the summer?" Leopold asked.

Severus nodded, his nerves slightly eased. "The method of travel we are going to use is first, apparation to Diagon alley and then flooing to our manor." Cosima said, "Are you ready to go?"

Severus nodded and felt a familiar tug at his navel.

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