Time, it goes on forever, never stops to take a break. And nor do we, every day we fight to the death, and for what? We fight for you and your planet. So that the Decepticons would not be a threat to you when we were gone. I am an Autobot and I am proud of it. I will always be an Autobot.

I may have been the smallest to begin with but today I am strong and proud. I have completed all of my training and I am now a scout. I will train to be a warrior beside Bumblebee, my partner, for now, but one day, we'll be on a real mission.

I am the second daughter of Tiger and the first of Lion. My older sister is Tigerlily, but she acts as if she doesn't even know me. I am happy to get a partner that isn't Felica or Deceptidog this time. I have had four partners so far and all of them were slaughtered by Starscream, but if I tell you the whole story, you will never know the whole truth.