30 Earth Years Later

Ligerous and her two children stand waiting near the space bridge. Ligerous had promised that she would return to Earth to meet Pepper's children.

Humm and Purr wait impatiently as Squirrel opens the ground bridge and they step through to end up in the old abandoned factory that had once been the Autobot's base. In front of them stood Pepper, who held a young child, and another two children.

"I promised you I'd come back," Ligerous said.

"I came back every day and waited for you. My husband even came with me once," Pepper said then a man stepped out and put his hand on Pepper's shoulder.

"This is Humm and this is Purr," Ligerous said introducing her children.

"These are Mark, Alexander, and Emma, my children, and this is my husband, Levi."

"Ligerous, is she really the great hero Pepper?" Humm asked Ligerous.

"Yes," Ligerous answered patiently.

"I always thought that she would be taller," Purr said.

"She is perfect just the way she is," Ligerous said to her children.

"Mom, this is Ligerous, your guardian?" Mark asked.

"Yes, Mark," Pepper answered.

"What happened to Margaret and Soup?" Ligerous asked.

"Margaret died from wound infections, and Soup got married and had children," Pepper said.

"I'm happy life has worked out well for you," Ligerous said.

"Ligerous, he came back, again," Squirrel said to her.

"Keep in touch," Ligerous said to Pepper and her family.

"We will," Pepper said then she and her family waved to Ligerous and her children, as they went through the space bridge, back to their planet, their home. When they got back Ligerous smiled to see that Bumblebee was there. She, Humm, Purr, and Bee went home. When they were back home Ligerous grabbed Bee's hand and kissed him on the cheek. She, her family, and her people lived on Cybertron peacefully, and that was all that Ligerous needed to know, for then.