Avatar the Last Airbender: Book of the Force



A young woman said as the shadow of a middle aged man pulls a sphere of water from a pond as if by magic and throws it away from him.


The young woman said as the shadowy form of a muscular man stomped on the ground raising a pillar of rock up before kicking it.


A shadowy form of a young man leaps into the air fire on his heel as he slams onto the ground the flames burst away from him.


A young boy lands onto the ground and shot a whirlwind away from him.

"Long ago the four Nations lived together in harmony."

A map of two small islands due north and south of eachother were blue, between them was a massive land of many rivers with a mighty walled city in the northeastern section was seen with a small continent filled with volcanos to the west and a scattering of smaller islands across the map was seen.

"That is until the Fire Nation attacked."

A fleet of steel ships soon land and let down their ramps revealing hundreds of armored soldiers with bone white masks who leap from the ramp and land on the ground punching their fists through the air and unleashing fireballs.

"Only the Avatar master of all four elements could stop them. But when the world needed him the most he vanished."

Atop a mountain a old man stood summoning the powers over water,earth,fire and air before vanishing into thin air.

"A hundred years later my brother and I found a new Avatar: An Airbender named Aang. Although he seems to act childish I believe Aang will save us all.