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Le Petit Chateau

Chapter Two

The sun sets behind the buildings across the street as I turn the blinds down at the end of the day. My good friends and evening employee's Nami and Robin leave for the night, I wave good bye to them in the door way. The lock on the door turns, clicking with finality. I flip the chairs up onto the tables and give the dining area another sweep to be sure everything is clean for tomorrows service. Today got a lot busier than anticipated but I was grateful for it, it helped distract me from a certain man whose number is burning a hole in my pocket. Finally satisfied with the dining room I slip off my apron and hang it on the hook behind the counter.

Making my way into the kitchen I take out one of my favorite bottles of wine along with a single wine glass. I uncork the fresh bottle and grab a plate full of crackers and cheese for a late-night snack as well. Everything gets hauled upstairs with me, wine bottle shoved under my arm pit, plate wobbling precariously in my right hand with the glass perched in the middle. Managing to not drop anything I squeeze through the narrow stair case and into the living room. I shuffle through to my bed room and place the items on top of my long dresser.

I throw my phone onto my bed then set my glasses on my dresser. Stripping down to my boxers is a relief, I always love being able to get out of the clothes I've been in in all day and finally wear loose relaxing clothes. I pull on a loose T shirt and then gently pull the hair tie out of my hair, wincing a bit as a few hairs get snagged on it. I finger sling shot the hair tie onto my night stand, feeling a bit of childish glee as it hits the wall and bounces back landing perfectly on top.

Padding across the wooden floor on bare feet I head back to my dresser and place my wine, glass and plate of snacks onto a dark walnut serving tray. I turn around and place the tray near the end of my bed and then grab the TV remote off my night stand, tossing it next to my phone. I lay on my queen-sized bed on my stomach sighing as I squirm around trying to get comfortable for a minute. Not finding an acceptable position I finally snag one of my many bed pillows and stuff it under my chest to keep myself propped up. Turning the TV on I'm delighted to see one of my favorite cooking shows, Cut Throat Kitchen is on. Eyes glued to the intense cooking game I pour myself a glass of the sweet red wine and enjoy my snacks doing my best to ignore my phone.

After about half way through the bottle and my snacks I start to get a little bold and antsy. I reach for my phone and unlock it momentarily admiring my background image of my birthday party earlier this year. Luffy and Sabo are hanging off me on either side laughing and drunk, all three of us wearing ridiculous party hats. Navigating my apps I press on the text app and open a new conversation with Zoro.

"What the hell do I even say?" I flip over on to my back and squint at the screen. "I guess just a simple greeting is good enough for now."

I type in, 'Hey, this is Sanji. Just wanted to text you and say hi.' As soon as I hit send I immediately panic that that sounded really fucking dumb. I roll back over and quickly gulp down another glass of wine, now only having about one glass full left in the bottle.

Only a few moments pass and my phone chimes letting me know I got a text back. Quickly looking back down his response is simple and fills me with a bit of comfort, 'Hey Sanji! I'm glad you texted me.'

The little dots show up indicating that he's currently typing, 'I can't stop thinking about how amazing your food was. How was the rest of your day?'

I break into a grin at the compliment, 'Well I'm glad you liked the food so much, I can't wait to make more for you.' I send that first and then follow up with the rest of my day, 'I had a lot of customers come in after you left, the café was crowded all day, it was a good thing though, made the day go a lot faster that way. How was the rest of your day?' I send that as well and eagerly await his response.

His response comes through fairly fast, 'I'm glad you have such good business for this being such a small town! I had a good day too, I got a lot of chores done and now I'm just sitting on my couch drinking some Sake.'

"He drinks Sake huh?" I respond back, 'Sake, I haven't tried much of that before. I've just about finished a bottle of my favorite red wine, I had some cheese and crackers with it lol. Can I ask where you're from?'

I nibble on my lip nervously, hoping I'm not asking too personal of a question too fast. His response chimes in, 'I'll have to have you try some good Sake sometime, it's very nice. Sounds like we both like to spend our nights having a nice bottle of alcohol lmao! I was born and raised in Japan, but I had been living in Germany for the last six years or so. Have you always lived here?'

"Wow, Japan, never would have imagined that, but that explains the Sake," I reply, 'Japan! That's really cool and I love Germany! I'm also very curious about trying a good Sake. I have always lived in France, I moved to this particular town when I was very little, my father moved us here and it was just him and I.'
I pause, wondering how much I should tell Zoro, it's so fun talking to someone new, but I barely know him.

A few minutes pass and I don't see anything yet so I decide to head down to the kitchen and clean up my glass and plate. Once I get back I see he has finally texted back, I unlock it and read his message, 'That's nice, this is such a calm town I really love it a lot already. I do miss Japan and Germany sometimes but all my family is either dead or so distant we don't keep in contact. My father and sister both died a long time ago, I never really knew my mother.'

My eyes widen a bit in shock to see how forthcoming he is about his past but it's also really refreshing. I feel a bit bad that his family died and he's got to only be in his early twenties. But I suppose my situation isn't really all that different. I decide to tell him about Ace too, because I'd rather he find out from me then someone else anyways.

'Wow I'm sorry to hear about your father and sister. I do understand that though, my father died just a few years back and before him about five years ago my partner died. His name was Ace.' I find myself unable to think of what else to say, not really wanting to get into too much detail about the how's. I hit send and flip the TV off then switch on my bedside lamp and turn off the main light in the bedroom. I snuggle under my thick soft covers and get comfortable on my stomach again using my pillow to prop myself up again so I can get a better angle on my phone as I lay down.

Zoro responds after a moment, 'Sanji, I'm so sorry to hear about that. I can't imagine losing that kind of special person. Sabo has spoken a little about his deceased brother Ace but I had no idea you were lovers. I haven't found a person that special yet just a few people over the years that didn't last long, so I think it's lucky that you got to experience a love like that. I had a boyfriend who I was pretty serious about a couple years ago, but he was way too immature for me. His name was Coby, I left him back in Germany. He liked to party too much and it annoyed me lol. Uhm, I hope it's not weird to ask but, are you ok?'

My heart warms at his concern. 'Thank you for that Zoro, you're really a sweet heart. Ya, I'm ok with it now, it's never not sad but I stopped breaking down about it a couple years ago lol. Sorry to hear about Coby, I don't think a lot of the younger folks around here like yourself are much into partying hard like they do in the larger cities so I think you'll be safe, ha!'

I roll over onto my side and pull the covers up over my shoulder, Zoro's response takes a bit to come through, 'Young folks huh? You can't be that much older than me Sanji, at least you certainly don't look like it. *wink face* Well I better head off to get a little bit more sleep before work. I'll see you around lunch time tomorrow. Good night Sanji, sweet dreams.'

A chuckle rumbles deep in my chest, "You sure are cute aren't you."

I send a quick reply, 'I look forward to it, night Zoro, don't let the bed bugs bite lol.'

The next morning brings a gentle rain and grey clouds. I roll out of bed and get ready for my run slipping on my plastic poncho to keep most of the rain off and head out. By the looks of it, it hasn't been raining for too long. My run goes by a little faster than yesterday as I don't stop by to see Ace this morning. Once I get to the front doors and find them locked, I unlock them and get cleaned up and dressed once I'm back upstairs. Luffy and Nami are scheduled to work this morning and should be here shortly so I head down to the kitchen and make myself a quick sandwich accompanied by a mug of café au lait. I sit myself down in the kitchen on a stool at a small desk and eagerly eat up.

Once I'm about half way through my food I pull out my phone to find a couple of new texts. One is from Luffy and the other is from Zoro. I open Luffy's first to see if he is going to be late or something. His text reads, 'Hey Sanji! I'm going to be a little late this morning, I'm really sorry! It shouldn't be too bad though but just so you know!' I roll my eyes, nothing new there. Luffy is probably late a few times a week, but it's not that big of a deal. He was probably out late with his group of friends. If anything, Nami will give me all the details when she gets in.

I reply, 'Ok see you soon then, be safe.'

I back out of Luffy's text and click on Zoro's, He texted, 'Good morning Sanji, I hope you had a restful sleep. I had a lot of fun talking to you last night, so I hope you don't mind if I text you too.'

He sent a picture after that, I click on it to load it and find myself staring at Zoro's face, he looks like he woke up very recently in the picture, his hair is tousled and he looks a little sleepy. He has a piece of toast with some kind of yellow jam smeared on it, it's hanging out of the corner of his mouth, his head is cocked to the side a little and he's giving a strangely sexy sleepy smirk. He's also not wearing a shirt and I find it extremely hard not to gape at his muscular, bare tanned neck and shoulders.

Deciding to send a picture back too, I straighten up my hair and clothes. I hold up my white coffee mug and snap a picture of myself sipping from it, camera angled down from above so you can see inside it and I'm looking up into the camera lens.

I send the picture along with a text, 'Of course you can text me, I may not respond immediately if it's during a rush here, but I'll reply as soon as I can. I hope you had a little more than just toast this morning Sir.' Before I can stop myself, I'm staring at his picture again and decide to save it. You know, in case I need it later…. for stuff.

I make it his profile picture in my phone just in case someone steals my phone and starts asking questions about random pictures of men in my saved photos. I finish my sandwich and coffee up then move over to the sink to clean up. A few minutes later I hear the door chime go off. I open the kitchen door and greet Nami.

She's got lovely long red hair and fair complexion. Today she has her hair in a large braid traveling down her back, she smiles sweetly at me and gives me a half hug, I quickly return it and wait let her walk back into the kitchen first.

She makes her way to the fridge and starts getting out the ingredients for the days baked goods after glancing at the chalk board listing the days of the week and our specials. I help her out by getting the other items down and ready that we will need, I put together the stew for today while I'm at it and let it start simmering. Once Nami has all her ingredients out she divulges into the previous night's activities, "So Sanji, guess what happened last night!" She glances at me excitedly.

I chuckle at her, "Uhm, you guys all went out together and 'you know who' showed up?" This has been a regular occurrence, apparently a new doctor has moved into town and he's a real looker. Luffy is apparently smitten with him.

Nami squeals in delight, "Yes! He showed up again! I swear to you Sanji, I will hook those two up even if it kills me!" I laugh at her and we both hear the doorbell jingle. We both try our best to wipe the smirks off our faces as Luffy bursts through the door scrambling to get his apron on.

He smiles at us both, "Hey guys! Sorry I'm late again Sanji, I'll try not to be late again the rest of the week!" He quickly gets together more ingredients for some other muffins and stands next to Nami to start preparing.

His hair is soft and clean as I pat him on the head, "It's ok Luffy. So, I heard you saw that doctor last night? What's his name again?" Hearing Luffy gush about his crush makes me feel so happy for him, so I always pretend like I've forgotten everything about it even though I haven't.

Luffy's eyes light up like its Christmas as he goes into great detail about the dark and mysterious Doctor Trafalgar Law. He apparently has tanned skin, black tousled hair and dark eyes that make him appear to be constantly tired. He also has tattoos that cover his hands and fingers. Luffy got Law to show him a bit of the tattoos on his chest last night. He sounds like a very handsome and exotic person.

Looking over to Luffy after he finishes gushing about Law I tell him, "You should see if he can make it in sometime. I'd like to meet him!"

Luffy bounces in place, "I will! I managed to get his number last night too so I'll text him later!"

Nami chimes in, "Luffy, remember what I told you about texting him ok, don't blow his phone up or he'll get pissed."

She gives him a stern look and Luffy nods confidently, "Don't worry Nami! I remember what you said, I only texted him 'Good morning' today and that was all so far!"

Smirking at the two of them I turn around and check the pot of stew I've been working on. Today it's a creamy potato soup served with a slice of crunchy bread and a side of salad. It's looking good so far so I pop the lid back on and keep it simmering. Glancing at my phone for the time I see its already almost 8:00am. I head out to the front to get the main area opened and ready, placing the chairs down, turning the blinds open and flipping the sign over. I quickly make sure the coffee is ready and wait for our first customers to arrive. Since it's a rainy day it will be a little less busy but shouldn't be too bad. The crowd today should be fairly chill and relaxed.

Today is a good day for some background music in the store so I to turn on the small radio to a classical French music channel. Normally I don't have the music on in the cafe, instead preferring to let the sounds of the kitchen trickle out and the murmurs of customers fill the air. But since today is a rainy day with a bit of thunder, a little relaxing French music won't hurt anyone and it'll go well with the weather.

The morning passes by with little incident, a fair amount of people show up, appreciating the soup choice today and taking their time reading and chatting. Before long I feel my pocket vibrate, I check to make sure no one needs anything and sneak into the kitchen to check my phone. Luffy is washing dishes and Nami is working on a cupcake order for later in the day.

I unlock my phone and am happy to see its from Zoro, 'You look considerably more attractive than most people so early in the morning Sanji, how on earth do you manage that? Do you just wake up looking that hot?' Laughter sputters out between my lips as I try to contain it, I haven't been called hot in a long time!

I notice it's also 11:00am at this point, so Zoro should be getting off soon. I text back, 'How good of you to notice, yes I delicately step out of bed looking this fabulous, it's about time someone mentioned it! Lmao! But seriously thanks for the compliment, I'll be honest, you looked very adorable in your picture from this morning, sleepy but still cute, lol.' I hit send.

The soup of today crosses my mind so I walk over to the pot and pop the lid open, I snap a picture of it and send it to Zoro as well, 'I hope you're hungry, this is the soup of the day, creamy potato stew!' I put the lid back on and wait for a response.

Zoro sends another picture of himself, this time it's a picture of just his uniform adorned stomach and his hand gripping it in mock hunger, 'I am unbelievably hungry! Your so cruel sending that to me when I still have another hour left of work. T-T but I cannot wait to eat that now because it seriously looks insanely delicious. My cooking skills are basically nonexistent. But I'll let you get back to work, I'll see you in about an hour Sanji! Keep a bowl full for me!'

Zoro sends a final picture of himself, he has his right hand in a fist, knuckles tucked under his chin in a cute pose, eyes looking up above the camera, I imagine if he wasn't taking a picture he would be fluttering his eye lashes, 'I think you're the first person to call me adorable by the way, thanks for that, lol.' The closer I look at it I can see a slight blush high on his beautiful cheek bones.

I burst out laughing at the photo so hard that my eyes star to tear up. It's so strange to see such a rugged guy striking a pose like that. After a couple moments, I gain control of myself and wipe my eyes, I glance up to find both Nami and Luffy staring openly at me. I stare wide eyed back. Almost at the same time they look at each other and then back at me and smirking evilly. They both get back to work with large grins on their faces and all I can do is clear my throat and head back out front, trying to tamper down the embarrassment flushing my cheeks.


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