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I am planning to do a series consisting multiple movie universes. This is a start and this chapter is not going to include Star Wars by any stretch. Still, this chapter is required to understand further chapters.

"What in the world?" Ava sat on the ground in confusion. One second ago she was in her high school, blowing her mind while studying for the upcoming final exam, and now she is standing in a large, white room with hundreds of other students beside her. She soon recognized them to be students from the same school she was from.

The crowd started to discuss in confusion and panic, and the chaos they created didn't help them understand what happened. Ava signed in frustration and started to observe the surrounding.

The students were standing in a large, white room. The hundreds of students didn't even make the room seem small. Ava kneeled down and found the ground made of something shiny that looks like diamond. The reason she said like is because it is highly unlikely for someone to use diamond as paving stones. She looked up and found the ceiling to be of a similar design to that of a palace. The room is filled with entertainments like computers and music players, which confused Ava even more.

Suddenly something happened to the front of the crowd, and the students started to discuss even louder. Some of them even tried to back off in panic, which created a fuss as people struggled to avoid falling. Before Ava could ask someone in front of her what happened, she saw the cause.

It was a hologram. A hologram of a huge, silver Infinity sign is projected into the air by some hidden projectile. Ava narrowed her eyes. Either she fell asleep while reviewing and is having a very realistic dream, or they are abducted by some sort of high technology alien or people from the future. She hoped it was the first option. But what do aliens want with random high schools students like them? And if they want to dissect human being it is way more discreet to take random people off the streets than to abduct an entire school.

"Hear me." A voice was spoken by something. Somehow, over all the noise and chaos, Ava could clearly hear the voice. The crowd gradually quieted down as they finally realized talking isn't helping, and the voice continued.

"First, let me introduce myself." The voice said, "You can call me 'the Host', and I am at your service."

"What do you want with us? Where are we?" A male student was brave enough to question the unknown device. Fortunately for him, the device seemed friendly enough.

"You have been chosen by the one and only god." The Host continued, "In a generous heart, the god of dimensions has sent down mandates. You have been lucky enough to receive these mandates. " Ava sneered. If there's something she knows for sure, it is that everything comes with a price. No one just helps you without gain. This gain can be physically or mentally, but the helper always have a reason. She silently made a note not to trust this AI.

"What kind of mandate are you talking about?" The same male student asked again. If the first time didn't hurt, the second time won't hurt, right?

"You can't go back to where you came from." The Host said, and voices of anger and fear exploded from the crowd. But the Host silenced them with what he said next. "But here, you can all live like a god. There is an infinite amount of food and entertainment here. I can create whatever object you desire, whether it's gold, diamond, or jewel. You can all live the most luxurious life possible for the rest of your life!"

The crowd was silenced for a while. Most of the students looked as if they've been dreaming. Some students were about to question the Host when stacks of beverage and snacks came out of a hidden pathway. After a few seconds, after realizing the Host was right and they are free, the crowd cheered so loud Ava was worried if the ceiling would be blown off. Almost immediately, the students started to feast.

After a few hours of eating and drinking, most of the students were on the ground, full and tired. Food was constantly brought up by robots and emptied traits were brought down, and eventually everyone was full. That was when the Host appeared again.

"I have prepared a room for every one of you." The Host said, and hundreds of robots appeared from the door. Ava saw that they looked like robots from a movie she watched before, "I, Robot". So the Host based their technology on movies, or...

The robots started to carry the people to their rooms. Ava's robot carried Ava to a door before stopping and leaving. Confused, Ava put her hand on the door, and somehow suddenly thought of the room of a five star hotel she went to before. Shaking the thought out of her head, she opened the door and walked in, wondering what the room might look like.

Surprisingly, the room looked exactly like the five star hotel room she thought of before. Having a vague idea, Ava backed out of the door and thought of her room in her parent's house. Just like she thought, when she opened the door this time, she saw her own room. So the room automatically adjusts by your thoughts? So the Host can sense our thoughts...Then there's no point in trying to hide anything from him.

Tired of thinking, Ava climbed up her bed and fell asleep.

Two days later...

Ava looked disappointingly at her fellow students. They were playing and eating and drinking without any thoughts or plans of the future. Most of them had red eyes from staying up all night playing video games, and others have grown fat and weak from eating too much. With neither parents or teachers, nor homework or projects, the students started to corrupt in the luxury.

Ava was one of the extreme few who could keep their eyes open. At the first day here, she might have gotten out of control, but now she's back to the logic side again, and she's starting to worry. If this goes on, the students would be enslaved by the Host as they would be addicted to the luxurious life, and would do anything the Host wants. And she can't allow that to happen.

Looking at the men and women drowned by fun, Ava silently made up her mind. She would go to the Host and find out what he's up to. It's not like this computer just assembled them without a purpose, right?

"What are you planning to do?" Ava asked as she found the Host in a small room they came in. "What's the point in drowning us in the luxury? What do you want from us?"

"Nothing." The computer voice of the Host responded as the silver Infinity sign rotated. "Like I said, you have received a blessing from God."

"A blessing that is slowly killing us?" Ava asked coldly, taking a step towards the AI to show her determination, though she doubted this type of mind game works on something that can sense her thought. "Tell me what you really want."

"No." The Host replied coldly as well. Ava was taken back a while, not really having any follow up to threaten the AI.

She was about to turn around and give up when she thought of something. Something important. "In the name of the god of dimensions." She said slowly but surely, "I order you to tell me what our true blessing is."

The silver sign was silent for a while. Ava took a deep sign and was about to leave when the computer generated voice returned.

"Your true blessing is the ability to travel through dimensions." Somehow Ava heard a sense of struggle in the AI's voice, as if it's being forced to say these words. "You can go into universes and gain power and weapons from those universes. Every time you join a universe you will have a chance of receiving a gift. For example, if you go to Star Wars, you might become a Force user. And your potential will be limitless."

"What's the point?" Ava questioned, using the chance of receiving answers. "We can generate everything here, right?"

"True, but the things generated here can only be basic entertainments like food or drink. I can generate tons of metal, but I can't generate robots. Not directly, anyways." The Host answered, "Any more questions?"

"No." Ava said quickly before turning around and heading towards where the students were. She needs to tell her people this piece of crucial information, and hopefully free them from this sweet prison. She just hopes they weren't in too deep.

The Host looked silently as the girl walked away. After the girl was far enough, it spoke to itself quietly.

"You are not the only group. And this is not a bless."


The Host is obviously up to something when he brought the students in. Either that or he's forced to do so.

Corrupting the students is pointless to the Host because they are useless, and it will make them lose their spirits and potential, so the Host is not planning something, therefore he's forced to bring the students in.

But the Host is being vague about what the students are here to do, and is trying to sabotage this plan by breaking the student's spirit of advancement by luxury, so it can be reasoned that he's not exactly willingly to participate in whatever plan there is. So maybe the Host is not the same side with the plan-maker, and is telling majorly lies.

The Host talked about the god of dimensions multiple times. Either that is a decoy or a key. A decoy seemed extra if the students are not trying to proceed in the first place, so it's most likely a key/clue.

Since the AI is literally forced to tell a clue against its own will, it is highly likely there is something else as well. Maybe the AI is allowed to indirectly deceive the students, but it obviously can't directly disobey an order from the god, which is to tell the students about the dimensional travelling ability. The Host can 'accidently' not mention it, so it is trying to prevent the students from asking by drowning them in luxury, but it can't refuse to answer if the students ask directly, which is why it told Ava about the secret.