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Of Shadows and Horns

He gave her that look.

She gave him that look.

Whenever he wore that leopard print speedo, it just turned her on.

Whenever she wore that lacy lingerie, it would just make him go crazy.

"You know..." Xehanort started, strutting over to her. "This was a fucking brilliant idea."
He flashed her his stained yelow teeth.

"I agree, bitch." Maleficent replied, sipping her hard lemonade, she eyed her lover up and down savagely wanting a piece of that meat.

He followed her eyes down and smirked. He leaned in, his greasy forehead touched hers.

"You want some of dis?" He asked, his stale breathing fogging her face.
He lifted his leg and rested it on the table, flashing off his sexy cowboy boots that bought for himself used, on cregslist.

"Yes...oh yes I do.." maleficent responded, running her long fingers up his sagging thigh. "I want it Now."

Xehanort smirked and brought his hands down and ripped of his speedo relieving his erected junk.
He wagged his eyebrows at her before tearing off her skanky nightie with his bare yello teethh.

"Oh yes!" Maleficent mewled, throwing her head back.

Xehanort grabbed her and shoved her down on the table and shoved his thing inside her thing.

"XEHANY!" Maleficent moaned wrapping her bony things around his waist. She patted his beer belly and yanked on his chest hair as he rocked her world.

"Give me that this is hard work!" Xehanort rasped, snatching the hard lemonade from his fairy-girlfriend's hand and sipping from it greedily.

"How is it baby?" Maleficent cooed, running her hand up his chest.

"It sucks. I prefer bud light over this fruity shit."

"I meant me you bitch!" Maleficent snarled, pushing hm off her and started to move on him like a cowgirl.

"FUCK YEAH!" The two shouted as they finished together.

"Baby you sexy." Xehanort gasped, collapsing beside her breathing heavily.

Malefecent kissed his oily cheek and smacked his flabby ass.

"You are sexier bitch."

Then the two kissed and fell asleep, and woke up to vomit from all the hard lemonade and beer they drank. Then they had sex again and fell asleep again.

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