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I always wanted to see more of life in the Arrow-cave right after Oliver told Thea about it—her, kind of getting adopted into their world, even before she became Speedy. Not to mention, she and Roy had far too little time together when they were both 'in' on the secret.

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Hot Wok Wednesday

Felicity Smoak loved Chinese. She could eat Chinese all day long. Had, actually, on more than one occasion—yep, that's right, breakfast lunch and dinner.

But some things—some things—were waaaaaay better than Chinese.

She and Thea stepped into the basement of Verdant, each carrying a shopping bag of takeout from their local Chinese haunt. Keeping everyone in the Arrow-cave fed and happy during long afternoons before a mission was a job for not one, but two capable food purchasers.

The moment, however, when Thea closed the door behind them, Felicity froze halfway down the stairs. "Ho-ly chow mein." Her mouth dropped open as Thea joined her, equally agape.

"Hot, sweaty men on a wrestling mat?" Thea murmured under her breath. "We should've gotten popcorn instead."

"Roy doesn't stand a chance," Felicity gulped, still frozen in one spot.

Thea held a hand to her heart and scoffed. "My brother might have trained Roy, but that doesn't mean he didn't turn thirty last month."

"And I am loving every one of those years..."

Both women wordlessly leaned in to watch more closely, mouths hanging open a little as they did so. It was a miracle neither of the objects of their attention had noticed their arrival yet…ordinarily, the smell of food was something that would stop either man in his tracks from over a mile away.

"Roy is faster," Thea insisted after a while, leaning—no, the proper word would be drooling—over the edge of the handrails.

"Uh-uh. That maturity. Mm-mm."

"As his sister, I can assure you: Oliver is not nearly as mature as you'd like to think. Roy is mature beyond his years."

Felicity didn't skip a beat. "Oliver's hotter."

Thea gave her the kind of look only eighteen-plus years as a trust fund brat could perfect. "If you're expecting me to agree with you on that, then you have a problem."

Felicity inhaled deeply, catching the rich scent of Szechuan chicken and rice as she did so. "Oh, I need some hot sauce." She shook herself afterward, immediately closing her eyes. "On my chicken! I totally meant on my chicken."

"Are you just asking for trouble? I was going to say I need some ice water." Thea shook her head, following her down the rest of the stairs as Felicity finally continued her descent.

"I don't ask for trouble. He just follows me around. Possibly because I buy him Chinese food."

"Does he even know that you like him? Roy and I are together. You ogling my half-naked brother is a whole 'nother issue."

"I completely agree!" Felicity exclaimed, a little too loudly. She winced in the direction of the men, both of them still obliviously wrapped up in their training, and continued in a quieter voice. "But at the end of the day, who plunked his wrestling mat down right in front of my desk?"

Thea offered her a coy smile. "That wasn't your idea?"

"Mmm," she shrugged, both arms still full of takeout bags. "The salmon ladder wasn't. The wrestling mat? He thought it was."

Both women exchanged a smile as they headed into the main part of Verdant's large basement.