He was taller than I originally assumed. Thin as a stick as well. Dylin would have no issue with taking him down. It seemed he hadn't noticed us, for he continued on whatever path he was on. Part of me wanted to yell after him, to tell him to run. But the other part remembered we were broke and starving. This boy was our hope for survival.

Jet began to rise from his spot, placing the rope in position. He nodded at me; I hesitantly returned the gesture. My job in that operation was to 'incapacitate the youth so he could be removed from the area with ease'.

Dylin nudged my shoulder firmly. He was getting impatient. I stood up and silently stepped out of the darkness to follow the boy, the ground illuminated by the moonlight. His shirt seemed to glow subtlety, as did his pale skin. He was too young to have this to happen to him.

I glanced at Dylin. His stern black eyes were narrowed, his arms crossed. He nodded towards the boy. If I did not carry out his order, I would pay for it the following morning. A blade through the throat was not my intended way to die.

I increased my pace until I was a few steps from him. He hadn't noticed my prescence.

But he did when I ran forward and put my hand over his mouth.

He instantly cried out, but almost no sound was heard. I realised he wasn't like us; his body was significantly smaller than ours. My hand was large enough to cover his mouth and cup all the way around his jaw, enabling me to squeeze it shut. His breathing increased; he was definitely panicking.

The others went into position as I struggled with him. It seemed he was significantly stronger than we expected, for he put up an unbelievable fight. I forced all of my weight on him, the two of us falling to the ground. He tried to roll away, kicking out wildly all while still attempting to yell for help. Jet and Dylin swooped down quickly, binding the boy's hands and feet with relative ease. It was difficult to keep him silenced; had I not been so strong, he would've bitten my palm and woken the whole street with his screams.

Jet and Dylin put their weight on the boy's torso and legs, pinning him to the ground. He continued to mumble as he got a proper look at us, and us at him. His dark eyes widened as Wintrin slid the cloth over his head. I removed my hand, giving the boy no time to open his mouth before Wintrin secured the cloth around it. I'd never seen anything like it; the material shrunk and morphed to his facial features and shape, creating a tight seal over his only way of signalling for help. Even in the dim light I could make out the faint shape of his lips; he had been silenced.

Dylin stood up and crossed his arms, his trademark smile spreading across his lips. The boy stopped struggling, staring in fear at his captors. He breathed heavily through his nose; I noticed a cut on his forehead was beginning to bleed.

I had to hide my guilt as I watched Dylin give his proclamation. "Gentlemen, we now have a future."