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Chapter 4

"I want to become your disciple." Tsunayoshi declared in front of Kenichi's masters.

"Why?" The grandmaster asked smiling as he played with his beard.

"I want to become strong enough so that my family won't worry about me anymore." Tsuna explained with his eyes full of determination. All of the masters were surprised by the determination he showed.

"Good, then we can begin the training." That was the sentence that began Tsuna first week of training at the Ryōzanpaku dojo, and of course that made his summer even more memorable.

His first day began as any normal hellish training…

The masters had agreed with Akisame as he prepared to do the first part of his training: physical training. Seeing what happened yesterday, he would guess that he is in better form than his cousin when he started but still needed to be sure of that with a few laps around the city. Tsuna could swear he was seeing Reborn in front of him. Why do all the good teachers have to be S types?

Before beginning the training, Reborn gave him an obi in a better state than the one he wore yesterday. "It is a present from Leon." Reborn simply said as he gave it to him. Tsuna always like and hate Leon's present, because it was always awesome but always meant that pain was going to happen to him, just like the gloves, or his uniform for sky match. Well at least this obi was nice and fitted him like a glove, he only sighed as he saw the big 27 on his back, on a little one just in front of his heart.

The masters as well as Kenichi smiled understanding quickly why the 27. Well, Konoka needed to explain it to Shigure and Apachai.

After ten freaking laps around the city while having a tire attached to him and an Akisame sitting on that tire with a whip in case he slowed down, the mobster fell on the floor in front of the huge gate. Tsuna was wondering if this training was going to be more horrible than Reborn. He quickly dismissed that idea as dogs were not trying to eat him, or there weren't any landmine where he had to run. This training is not going as painful as a Reborn/Lal/Colonello training, but his worst fear could happen if Reborn decided to involve himself in the training. What scared him the most about that is the certitude that it will happen once Reborn is bored of watching the training.

Reborn who was watching the fight quickly realized that the man was trying to go the limit of endurance of the boy which was why they had to do ten laps. This training was going to be interesting, maybe Reborn would learn something (*bang* I am sorry, oh great Reborn, you know all). The ex-Arcobaleno filmed with Leo-camera the training to send to Lal and Colonello for future ideas.

The training continued with Akisame all morning, they mostly did muscle development. The teacher was happy to know that the boy has already developed his share of pink muscles. It meant that they didn't need that many training phases as with Kenichi. They could easily begin with simple technics early on. He did a head sign to the other teachers to tell them to prepare their training.

All of the disciples and the masters ate together at lunch. Tsuna was told by the masters that Apachai will begin his lesson after. It seemed that Kenichi was worried about him: "Are you sure? Don't you think he should start with Ma-sensei, or even Sasaki-sensei?"

"Ho ho ho, do not worry. Apachai-san knows how to go easy now." The grand master said while starching his beard. The other teachers could be seen not looking at Kenichi but looking at their hand mumbling: "Why did I play scissors?"

"Anyways, it seemed that Shigure will like to teach you after Apachai." Akisame added while eating quickly, as well as Reborn as they were each stealing meals from their dear students. Tsuna and Kenichi, each being used to this, defended their meal as a second nature. Kenichi was surprised that his cousin was also used to such actions. Well, he was beginning to understand that Reborn was not a really fun tutor to have around. And he did not know the half of it.

The mobster went in the yard to begin his training with the Muay Thai Master as Kenichi was forced to run all-round town for his little afternoon warming-up. Tsuna knew that it was made on purpose so that he would not interfere with the training. When he looked at the tall-man, he remembered Lancia, he could not help smile, that man must be as tender as him while having quite the strength. Well, he might act a little more childish than Lancia, much like Lambo.

He was given boxing gloves as the giant man appeared with a pair of soft punch mitts. He wondered why but his intuition warned him to be acute to his surrounding, because he needed to watch out what was going to happen if he wanted to survive. He would be damned not to listen to his intuition after all the time it save him and all the tor-tutoring Reborn made him go through to remember to rely on his intuition.

As he begin the training, it was nice. He just punched, kneed when he was told by Apachai. He did not know why Kenichi feared his training. Reborn began smirking as he understood that it was finally getting interesting. Suddenly Tsuna heard some instruction that he was not used to: "Apapa! Dodge!"

The other masters, that were watching 'discreetly', sighed as they looked back at Miu who had already prepared the first aid kit. While his mind was confused by the instruction, his intuition took control as his body, as he ducked completely a knee that was coming for his face. He heard a second after, the noise of wood being completely destroy. He looked up to his left seeing what was left of a wood pillar as he had previously saw Kenichi punch without damaging it too much.

If he ever received that kick in his face, it would even hurt worse than when Hibari or Reborn hit him. He felt his strength leave his body as he fell on the ground with his ass. He was so glad that his intuition interfered and warned him. Reborn enjoyed seeing the expression on his student and the spectators, kind of glad and disappointment that he dodge the hit:

Happy because his dame student had finally learned something, disappointed because he was not able to enjoy the face of his student hurt and able to make him do additional training. Well he would do the additional training anyway, he will just come up with a reason when his student would ask him why. He looked at the masters expressions to see if they had seen that Tsuna's eyes turned orange for a mere second before the intuition took control of his body. Only the old man must have seen it as he saw that he scratching his beard trying to figure out something, quite interested in the action of the new boy.

The teachers could not believe their eyes, they knew that the boy had potential, but to dodge on pure instinct. He must truly be gifted. Miu was thankful that the boy learned quickly, she did not want to Kenichi's face in anger at his masters for hurting her dear cousin. She did not like seeing him angry, he was more handsome when he was courageous than angry. Truth be told, she did not mind his expression he had when he was protecting her. She blushed a little bit remembering his different expression, as her special favorite was the one he showed to protect her.

Apachai was overexcited; he had gone easy enough for his new disciple to understand dodging. Kenichi had a harder time understanding it. He was going to be able to go faster and more intense with him. He was going to make sure to teach his new disciple the strength of Muay Thai. He bumped his fists together in excitement.

Seeing the time as well as the state of the boy, the teachers decided to end the training session with Apachai and to begin with Shigure. Kenichi had just return wondering about the condition of his cousin, was happy to see him without any broken bone as Miu did not know if she should tell him what happened. She decided to wait until he was a little bit calmer.

Shigure showed Tsuna her weapon selection for today training: there were katanas, knives, throwing stars, a fork, a spoon and even roll up paper. She was clearly telling to choose a weapon to train with. Once again the teachers and Miu were close by with Kenichi telling him to choose the paper roll.

"Well, frankly I am more into hand-to-hand combats, so if you don't mind, I will leave up to you to choose which weapon is better to teach me." Tsuna politely said as he had thought it was the best way to deal with her training. He was kind of used to weapons as Reborn had decided it would be fun for him to learn of to deal with the way of the sword with Yamamoto and Squalo. "But frankly, I kind of want to learn some of tradition concerning martial clan. If you don't mind." Tsuna wanted to learn at least how to behave in the martial society as he will surely enter it one way or another, thanks to Reborn. The tutor smiled knowing that his student understood the etiquette was always useful, as a Mafia Don.

"Okay." Shigure said while she retrieved her weapon quickly. Akisame smiled, at least one of his student would know how to behave properly. The student and master began their training session with half-hour learning about the proper way to behave, and then they finally sparred a little bit with the roll up piece of paper. He was fun seeing the mouse, Tochumaru replicated the same moves and do the same tradition as the woman.

That sparring part was really taking a lot of him, as he fell a lot trying to understand and comprehend the movement of the weapon master. He finally admitted that he was not going to comprehend after the hundredth time he landed butt first on the ground. Without his dying will, he was still dame.

He then went back at his aunt's place and sleep there. He had agreed to be their student but it still wanted to spend some time with his aunt. They agreed knowing that Kenichi would be doing the same so they could enjoy some family time, at least for dinner. After eating his wonderful meal, with only a quarter stolen by Reborn, he slept like a bear during hibernation, who then was awaken the next morning at 5 a.m. by thunder, well by one of Reborn tor-tutoring device.

The training continued like that for the rest of week, learning more and more things from the different teachers. The rest of the others lessons were interesting and far less dangerous than his lesson with Apachai as he learned how to throw a punch as he punched the wood in front of him during the karate session. He sweatdropped when Sasaki showed the way by punching iron. His teachers were complete monsters. Not that his previous teachers were not.

He then did a hundred judo throw before trying to do that to a statue which was hard but not impossible. He then learned some weird moves form Ma Kensei that reminded him a little bit of some moves that Fon was trying to teach to I-Pin.

In the week, the teachers seemed quite impressed by his improvement. They said that he was improving quite well, as he almost mastered each basics of each of their training without having them confused. It seemed that they were having fun comparing his improvement to his cousin, who was depressed at that. Tsuna knew that without his intuition and Reborn's Spartan training, he would be far less advance and far worse than Kenichi would have ever been.

Tsuna was glad to have his intuition which helped him a lot and that he used in overdrive when he sparred against Apachai to make sure to dodge each hit that could easily kill him. He bet that they could be as strong as Ryohei's full strength punch if he was serious. He sweatdropped thinking of the two of them knowing that the two of them could easily be friends who would spar day and night after Apachai accepted to join his boxing club.

He was finally finished with his first week of training and the masters told him to enjoy a quite walk in the city for the rest of his Sunday afternoon. He was allowed to go out a little bit to get used to the scenery. Kenichi could not go with him as his training was longer and harder than his. He thanked god for that. Reborn had told him that he had something to do, which was never a good sign but he was not able to stop anyway. So he will worry about it, when it confronts him.

Tsuna strolled around the city, but after thirty minutes, he realized that he had wandered in front of the Shinpaku building. He hated his luck sometimes. He really did not want to involve himself into their weird action because if they continued to look around snooping, they might end up upsetting the wrong people or worst they might end up finding who he is. That would be Bad, capital on the b because they would tell his cousin, and surely, the ally of justice would hate him. And he did not want his cousin to hate him.

As he was deep in his thoughts, he did not notice the people right behind him. He suddenly felt a firm hand on his shoulder. He turned around and saw different characters quite different from one another.

"Who are you? What do you want with our building?" The one who had her hand on his shoulder had a quite fierce expression as well as a unique appearance, she had red hair and was wearing a tear-up jean that was almost missing a leg. She was the one who demanded to explain his presence here.

"H-hum-" Tsuna didn't know what to say in front of her. She was too scary!

"Let the boy some space. You can see he cannot be of any harm to any of us." A gentler, tan, boy came to his rescue making her let go. "You can speak, boy. We are not going to hurt you. I am Ikki Takeda." He introduced himself overly friendly as he extended a hand. He reminded him of Yamamoto. Much like Yamamoto now, his muscles were flexed, just in case Tsuna was just pretending, and was a danger to them.

"Heu, Tsunayoshi, Sawada Tsunayoshi, nice to meet you." Tsuna said checking his hand. A tall man with sunglasses looked at him wondering something.

"Tsunayoshi, Tsuna. Are you perhaps Kenichi's cousin?" He asked hearing his name before. Tsuna quickly nodded with his head. "Oh! Then it is nice to meet you, I am Kozo Ukita. She is Kisara Nanjo. We are all friends of Kenichi."

Their attitude seemed have change except maybe for the girl as he was declared as their friend's cousin. Tsuna really wondered how his gentle cousin got some weird and imposing friends; they seemed to be like what bullies looked like in his school.

"So what are you here for?" Takeda asked getting even more relax "I got lost and ended back here. Why are you guys on your guard? Did someone hurt Kenichi's friends?" Tsuna asked back at them wondering if Shinpaku was into any new trouble.

"Of course not!" They all laughed weirdly as they were supposed to keep the secret of their 'club' from the boy as a promise to Kenichi. "Since this is our secret hideout, we don't want anyone to find it."

"Then why is there a giant flag mentioning the name of your club?" Tsuna asked not completely understanding if they were playing dumb or were just that stupid.

"It is just because of our dumb leader, you should not mind it." Takeda and the others really hated the bluntness of their stupid leader. Plus with the mess, he just put them in, they wondered how they should make him pay them back.

"Yo, Mina!" They heard a voice coming from the behind Tsuna. He turned and saw a girl who skating towards them, and going really fast! She slowed down at the last second scaring Tsuna quite much, especially since there was just a grovel where she was slowing down making her lose balance. She fell on the mobster who did not react on time. And


'Ouch! But Soft!' were the first thought that Tsuna conceived as he recovered from the crash. He was not use at all having a female on top of him, plus for some reason it felt weird, his intuition was not saying anything.

"Ouch, I am sorry. Are you alright?" The girl on top of him apologized as she got up from the body of the boy a little blushing. Tsuna also blushed, not used at all to her body. "Don't worry, I had worse, and I bet I need to expect even worst now that I joined the Ryōzanpaku." That information shocked the girl as well as Kenichi's friends.

"You joined and they accepted you?" Takeda asked amazed. "Are you crazy?" Ukita added.

"Well, yeah, but I am not crazy. I have lived through a lot of stuff because of my tutor, so I think I can survive their training. I already survived the first week." Tsuna added smiling. "Miu declared that she was amazed that I survived a little spar without losing consciousness against Apachai. From what I was told, Kenichi was never able to dodge Apachai's hit at first, and I did on my first try." 'Thanks to all the tor-tutoring of Reborn and my survival instinct I acquire through it.'

"You dodge one of his hits. Whoa, you truly are Kenichi's cousin. Your family must truly be amazing with Kenichi, with his martial arts, Honoka who tamed the most dangerous man, and you." Takeda declared as he put his arm around his shoulder in the manor of one of Tsuna's best friend.

"You are Kenichi's cousin and one of the disciples of the Ryōzanpaku. Whoa! It is nice to meet you, I am Li Raichi, a sparring friend of your cousin." She greeted him which her hand. Knowing their usual activities, the boy understood that the sparring thing might have meant that she was a enemy that was sent to kill his cousin. Reborn had told him that most of the members of the Shinpaku alliance were enemy of its founding members. They had succeeded in making allies of his enemies. Tsuna could not really say anything about that, he did the same thing with Mukuro, Xanxus, Byakuran, Emna.

"I am Sawada Tsunayoshi, nice to meet you." Tsuna greeted back, he blushed again as he shook her hand. Then he felt some weird as his hands touched hers. It was like his energy was leaving, but not to hurt, it left willingly to help something or someone, it was really weird but also felt good. The girl in front of him might have also felt that as he saw her face also reddened a little. Their handshake lasted longer than normal.

"Anyway, why did you come here?" Kisara asked angry for some reason, also annoyed by that weird interaction.

"What? Still mad that your breasts are smaller than mine?" The new girl taunted her as she seemed to be snapped out of her thought just like Tsuna. Thankfully the sunglasses guy stopped Kisara from behind with a arm lock on her shoulders but was quickly hit in the face by her feet when he told her: "Don't worry, I prefer small breasts." "Who asked you, you moron?"

Tsuna murmured something in Takeda's ear: "Are they in a relationship?" Takeda smiled back and said: "You catch on quickly, but no. Ukita is trying to confess while Kisara is being a Tsundere." Weirdly Tsuna saw for second suddenly Ukita holding back a cat, but it quickly disappeared as he blinked seeing once again Kisara angry.

"I am here in the city because of a client but I came here to see how the flowers were doing. They need a sunny sky to grow." Raichi said while crouching down to smell the flower. Tsuna blushed at her expression, but it quickly changed: "Unlike you breasts, which will never grow no matter the sky." She added smirking at the other girls who got even riled up to beat her female opponent.

"Oh! Friends what are you doing here?" Yesterday musician asked coming out of the building follow by the same people Tsunayoshi saw yesterday except for the Hermit. "If it isn't Kenichi's cousin." Freya said. Tsuna swore he heard one of the Valkyries had "Cute cousin."

"Hi, Mina. I have a question, why is there a suspicious fellow trying hide between you guys. Is it maybe an alien?" Tsuna asked sweatdropping at the attitude of the man/alien, thinking of how his storm guardian would act if he knew that his boss met an alien. "You got his character spot on for your first try. He is just scared because he did a stupid thing last week." Everyone remembered promising not to drag Kenichi's cousin into something weird. They knew not to say too much.

"I hope it is not too bad, I do not want one of Kenichi's friends getting hurt." The mobster said in all sincerity. Most of the people presented had the same thought: 'He is so nice and so clueless that he cared for an individual such as Nijima.' Some even thought that Nijima should be hanged for threating that boy existence. They might realize later that without knowing they had become quite protective of the cute cousin.

Little did they know that he was worried about them because their stupid alliance attracted the attention of a lot of people in the dark world and most of them thought of the alliance as just a bunch of kids trying to play grown up. They thought it was almost adorable as those weaklings thought they could even survive a second in the underworld, so they were leaving the group alone. However not all people are as forgiving, some in the underworld are not so nice when it comes to intrusion in their transaction.

"So what are you guys doing?" Takeda asked the group that was going out of the building. "It is weird for you guys to move all at once."

"We are going to see the masters, because we've got more information about the stupid thing the alien did." Natsu went out of the building, with Honoka on his back. He was serious which contrasted with Honoka's attitude.

"Yo, Tsu-chan. How have you been?" Honoka asked from high up with an arrogant look at Tsuna happy that finally she was standing on higher ground. His cousin could be really childish sometimes.

"Fine, still getting used to the training." Tsuna told her. They began to talk about his training while some were surprised by the fact that he was surviving their training and that they were speaking chalantly about it.

"Excuse me, youngster. Could you give the direction towards the Ryōzanpaku?" A polite but young voice asked from behind the group. The person must have been small because Tsuna did not see him, but that voice was quite familiar.

"Who are you?" Asked Freya looking at the ten years old boy who was wearing a red tunic and had the back of his black hair in a small ponytail, Chinese style. The small seemed to be hardly any danger for them, but as the strongest fighter analyzed him, they quickly understood that he had some training and Martials arts, and he was more than some weak disciple.

"I am going there because of an appointment. A client asked me to go there, do not worry as we are not here to fight, I even brought my cute little disciple." He said as he showed a smaller child, who had almost all of her hair cut except for a pony tail on the back of her head. She did a sign with her head shyly.

Tsuna was finally able to see the two young master and student, as he recognized the voice. "Fon! I-pin! What are you doing here?" Everybody turned to the cousin who knew those people while the smaller child ran up into the arms of the boy, yelling: "Tsu-nii!" "Tsunayoshi-kun, it had been too long."

"Tsuna, you know this two?" Kenichi's friends asked him as they technically did not know him so there were always all sort of possibilities. "Yeah, I-pin was kind of adopted in my family so she is like my little sister, while Fon is a friend of Reborn, my tutor."

"So, Tsunayoshi-kun, do you know where is the Ryōzanpaku? I do not want to make my client wait." Fon asked him with a smile, always happy to see the savior of the Arcobaleno.

"Sure, follow me." Tsuna as he headed towards the dojo with I-pin still in his arms. He was followed by Fon and the all Shinpaku alliance. As they walked across the city, they were catching so many eyes. Tsuna wanted to hide from all the looks they got, so to forgot those looks, he began making small talk with Fon about how he was doing, and if he knew how his 'other friends' were doing, trying to not give too much information to the people listening to their conversation.

They arrived quickly in front of the large door. Fon opened the door easily with one hand making the Shinpaku Alliance understand that this little man was not weak at all. When they opened the door they found Reborn waiting for them smiling. Tsuna knew it, he had some plan and it was already in motion.

"You took your time Fon." Reborn stated. "Your client is waiting inside." Pointing inside the dojo but nowhere in particular.

"Sorry, but this dojo is not exactly easily to find, thankfully Tsunayoshi-kun helped me find it." He said as he entered the dojo.

"Tsuna-kun, you are back. Sorry but the teacher are having a meeting." Miu said as she walked with Kenichi towards the entrance of dojo. "Oh, everyone you came as well as two new children. I am Miu Furinji, nice to meet you." She was wondering if the black hair boy was also like reborn, seeing some hidden maturity in his eyes.

"I am I-Pin, n-nice to meet you." Tsuna smiled as the girl in his hands introduced herself, in only a few years, she had learnt to speak fluently in English and had improved quite well against her shyness.

"Fon, it is also a pleasure to meet you." Fon bowed to her as immediately knew remembering who was her grandfather. "You have grown and become a beautiful woman just like your mother. You really look like her except for you hair, they are the ones of your father." He told surprising everyone about the fact that he knew both of their parents.

"Y-you knew my parents?" Miu could not help herself to ask such question, having so little information about her parents.

"Yes, I worked with them on different occasion as well as your grandfather. They were quite lovely together." Fon said with fondness and then showed sadness: "So I am sorry for your loss, your mother was quite the woman."

"Thank you." Miu responded silently as she absorbed the information.

"Kenichi-kun, can you take me to the meeting your masters are?" Fon asked quite politely.

"How do you know my name?" Kenichi asked surprised by the information. "Well, your name had made quite an impact in the Martial Arts world, so I was interested enough to remember it." "Oh, o-okay. F-follow me." Kenichi continued unsure about how to act in front of that man. "Thank you." Tsuna and the others waited for Miu to react before doing anything else.

Miu recovered some minutes later guiding all of them to another room as they should not disturb the masters in their meeting. As she knew that the Shinpaku alliance needed to talk about Vongola and they did not want the cute cousin to know about it, she sent Tsuna on a shopping spree with a list and the weight Akisame instructed her to give to him just in case. The mobster smiled and accepted happy to help. I-pin declared that she was going to help him.

The Shinpaku alliance was finally at liberty to say what they had found about some transmission between Vongola and Japan. Weirdly that transmission was so much easier to catch from the others, it was a message from a mobile phone to another, easily hackable. They had heard that a group known as Varia was coming to Japan for some reason and that it was not a good sign at all!

"H-here we are. Excuse us." Kenichi said as he opened the door finding all of the masters on one side of a table, while on the opposite side of the table were the congress woman, the inspector and some other people he did not know the identity, but had met before. "A guest said that he was invited to this meeting." He said kind of scared of what was happening.

"Thank you, young man. I can take it from here." Fon said as he came in the room. He looked at the congress woman: "You requested my presence at this meeting."

"O-oh, yes. You must be Master Fon. It is a pleasure to finally meet you. I did not know if you would come." The congress woman was impressed by his presence.

"Well, it seem kind of fun and it give me the possibility to see Tsunayoshi-kun and Reborn. Plus my disciple was missing her big brother." Fon said as bowed and began to seat at the left of the table where nobody was.

"Tsunayoshi-kun is?" The inspector asked not familiar with that name.

"He is our new disciple, but I am surprised that he knows you Master Fon, was it?" Akisame explained while looking at the young boy, about 10 years old. There was not a doubt in his mind that he was a master level, but who was he? If someone his age had this much talent, then he would be known. The other masters seemed to think of the same thing except for two, who looked at the boy trying to remember where he had seen such a face.

"Yes, it is. But when I was in my pride, people use to call me Fēng, the Heavenly Storm Dragon." Fon explained shocking a lot of people except the congress woman, who seemed to have already known the information, and the disciple who did not know what it meant.

"Masters, you know him?" Kenichi asked wondering what was happening. Akisame looked back at the boy and said: "That name was a title that only the strongest man in China had. He created his own techniques, his own style mastering 108 different martial art styles. He was even fear in the triads."

"He was a legend that made even my old teammates feared. It was said he used styles that were so precise and fast that he need to work in microns." Sasaki added currently sweating a little, and trembling a little in excitement.

"And he was also my brother's teacher as well as mine." Ma Kensei added surprising the most Kenichi. 'One of my master's master? That boy must truly be a monster.'

"I am glad you remember me, Ken-kun." The boy smiled fondly at the old man, "I hope you have taken care of your perverseness." He wondered making the old man sweat bullets.

"Ho ho ho, that is why I thought you looked like someone I know. Were you ill just like Reborn?" The giant beard man asked getting in a nod in response and a "You haven't change, Hayato-kun." "You neither, old buddy. The last time I saw, you headed towards a weird mission and that was more than 30 years ago, and then nothing."

"Well, you know things happened. I was busy after working as Fon for the Triads and the Mafia in the underworld." He explained chalantly with the Legendary Master.

"Like Vongola." The congress woman shocked a lot of people present while Fon merely smiled at her remark. "So you figure out my connection with the Vongola Decimo." That shocked even more people including the masters.

"Yes, we were aware of the Arcobaleno battle that happened a few months ago. It took quite some time to understand what happened there, we only discovered in last week. We found out that in that battle the Gesso famiglia, the Simon famiglia, the Vongola Assassination squad, Varia, the CEDEF: also known as the monsters of the underworld were involve in the fight that was ended by the hands of the Vongola Decimo winning and making all mentioned his underlings. We do not have all the information around the mysterious Decimo, we all know that he is part Japanese and that Renato Sinclair had become his tutor under the Vongola Nono orders. However we do not know his connection with Yami. If they became ally, we would need help and this is why we call you here. If we ever need to take down the Vongola Decimo, we will need your help. Will you help us protect the peace of this world?" The congress woman quickly explained her intention of bringing him her.

There was a moment of silence as people waited for the response. It was stopped as they heard a small giggle escape the boy's mouth. "Are you making fun of us?" One the man next to the congress woman asked angry for the disrespect.

"No, of course not. But it is funny to see how much you were manipulated and how wrong you got things." Fon tried to hide his smile. "What do you mean?" "The reason that you got such information is because Renato himself let you have this information. There is no other way. He manipulated the information for his fun, maybe to torment his student. He is always like this."

"Then what do you think will happen?" Asked the woman calmly trying not get mad at the fact that he was clearly saying that they were manipulated by someone.

"First, if I ever have to choose a fight between you and the Decimo, I will choose the Decimo without any hesitation. He has won my loyalty as I owned him a debt bigger that I can ever give back." Fon declared making everyone including the masters anxious knowing that the boy would become their opponent. Well, Hayato did not seem that troubled, he was even more interested in the man that one of his old friends respected him so much.

"Secondly, if you had received the correct information, you would know that the Decimo hates fight and blood that are made during wars. As many of organizations respects his choice before anything, the underworld has gone under a period of peace. So there is no way that that man would agree to side with those who willingly fight to hurt." Fon explained quite calm about what he was talking.

"Well, you say that, but after looking into the blood history of Vongola, I hope you excuse me for not believing you." The woman countered as she used the information she knew about Vongola.

"I understand that you doubt. I would have hard time understanding then why Yami wants you dead. If you doubt me, I could always ask him to meet you to talk about it Miss." Fon simply stated.

The congress woman was taken back by such proposition. Meeting such an underworld king, it could be a good and bad thing for her career and her life. It would be great to have the Vongola Decimo backing them up. It would mean that most assassination hits would stop at the fear of hurting the Vongola. But to meet the most powerful man of the underworld would be very intimating, plus he would still be a criminal. However the possibility to know his identity would be a chance in a lifetime. If she ever ticked him off, he may not also join Yami but also decided her unfortunate fate. She knew that being in his hit list would shorten her life span close to zero.

"You can always tell me later your response, Miss. However you should know one thing. Do you really think that if he was helping the Yami, you would be sitting there today? Do you really think that your prison, Big Lock, would still exist? You should know that you should not fear the Decimo but his entourage and his allies, a lot of them are extremely loyal to him and would do anything to make sure he is safe, without him giving the order." The tone of which he said that and the seriousness of the conversation did not suit each other, as he was revealing secrets and truth like it was mundane news. All of the people in the room fell silent.

Fon wondered if Reborn was enjoying the situation he put his student in, because he sure knew that Tsunayoshi won't. It was fun seeing their reaction especially of his disciple, who seemed to have been going to back to his old ways, the ero way. He should stay here some time to make sure that he is still at an adequate level.

"Ho ho ho, the Decimo must really be a force to be reckoned with. Vongola are always amazing, aren't they." Hayato declared smiling, "I kind of want to meet that man especially since Vongola might come to this town one way or another."

Fon as well as the other people in front of him were surprised by that statement: "What do you mean?"

"Well…" Ma Kensei talked this time: "One of Ken-chan's weird friends thought it was good idea to try to hack their system, but thankfully he failed to."

"Well, I do not think Nono will take it as offense if he understands that it was just a teenager who tried to do something stupid. He is really kind to kids." Fon said, 'What I am more worried about, is if Reborn find out about that, and decide to blow it way out of proportions.' Reborn smirked from his hiding place as Fon's doubts were right.

Varia might have received a job concerning the possibility (certitude) of spies trying to infiltrate Vongola's network. Xanxus might have accepted the job at this very second, which he might have leaked to the Shinpaku alliance. This summer might become one of the best Reborn have ever lived.

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I am thinking of doing an Omake or another story about KenichixReborn, about how the Vongola Decimo conquered Koryou High School and took down Ragnarok in seven days.