Chapter Thirteen - Resolution

Ruby walked toward the airbus, swishing her skirt, enjoying the feel of leather against her skin. The skirt was a deep red and came almost to her knees. Her feet were encased in red boots that did come to her knees and emphasised her well sculpted calves. Boots with heels. She'd almost said no to them. Well, actually, she had said no but Elanna had insisted that she try them anyway. She had, grumbling as she put them on, and tried a few moves. They hadn't come off and her old worn but comfortable boots had found their way to the rubbish bin. Her top was a red so deep that it was almost black and on her back was her trademark red cloak. The only difference was that her rose symbol was embossed upon it in what appeared to be silver.

Her mother's outfit was similar but made in cloth but was a long white robe with gold trim and her own symbol embossed upon the cape in gold. She glanced quickly towards her mother who was walking next to the werewolf and they were talking quietly.

Jaune now wore full plate and, surprisingly, so did Nora. They were both presently talking to Kashaahri with Jaune casting spell after spell. Jaune may have been the last of the two young teams to unlock his Semblance but he'd been the first for that Semblance to bloom into full magic. Weiss, now dressed in a long flowing robe similar to Sapphire's, had seemed to resent that change in him but it had waned quickly and she was now often found in the company of the three other mages, her interest in the power of the Arcane there for all to see.

She looked to where her uncle and Ren stood next to the airbus talking about druidism and balance. Their outfits, though still in their familiar colours, had undergone the change to leather as well. She blushed slightly, tight leather.

"What's up sis?" called Yang as she came up beside Ruby

"Not much, just…" she waved at all the teams walking towards the airbus "So many changes. New clothes, new weapons." She shook her head "Did you ever expect to see me in leather?"

"Probably a little more than seeing you voluntarily wearing heels and wearing them well." Yang grinned as she looked her sister up and down "Still, it looks good on us so, why not?"

"Ahri and Alla helped me make my new scythe." She frowned slightly "Its a little smaller than Crescent Rose but… I can feel it empowering me. Not like Dust, Dust provided boosts as needed. This… is there all the time." She shook her head "I built a gun into it as I did with Crescent Rose but it… doesn't take ammunition." She shook her head "I point and shoot and I can feel the power draw together and go down the barrel… like its a piece of me. It feels the same as using my Semblance and all that any of the Azerothians would say when I mention it is that I probably needed to speak to a Hunter of Azeroth."

"Sounds like when I was sparring with Kashaahri. I asked if she could teach me as she was Nora and she just shook her dead, said our styles were too different and that I should probably talk to the Pandaren Masters." She dipped her head in thought "Its like our combat moves are so different that they can't even think of them, can't show us how."

"Perhaps they don't use mana but a different system, a different understanding."

"You could be right but Kashaahri said that the monks also used mana. "


Yang shrugged "I asked what gods they worshipped and was told that they didn't worship any although they had 'great reverence for the Great Spirits that watch over Pandaria'."

Ruby shook her head "They come from a different world, one full of spirits, gods and demons. One where they've been fighting this… Legion… for longer than our entire known history." She glanced at Yang "One longer, perhaps, than what Jinn showed us is the history of Ozpin and Salem.

They stared into each others eyes, thoughts deep, as they stepped into the airbus. Blake noticed their thoughtful looks and soft conversation "What's up?" she asked

"Not much" said Ruby "It's just…" she waved non-committally around her

Blake nodded "So many changes in such a short time."

"But we're learning so much." Enthused Weiss

"Weiss has been showing her summoning to Allarae and has been preening about it ever since as Allarae was impressed by it." Said Blake

"Well, she was." Grumbled Weiss

Ruby slapped Blake gently on the shoulder "Be nice." Then turned to Weiss "We're all impressed by your summoning. What did she say?"

Weiss brightened again and started telling how Allarae could summon a water elemental and the differences between each of the two summonings but was interrupted by Kashaahri clapping her hands loudly "Are we all here she called?"

Everyone looked around them and then Summer stepped forward "STRQ is all here." After that the other leaders followed suit

"RWBY is here"

"JNR is here"

"I'm here" said Ozpin "And you all appear to be here as well but have you named yourselves yet?"

"Well, no, we haven't but, as you say, we are all here." Kashaahri turned to the expectant faces before her "It's going to be a long trip so make yourselves comfortable and ensure you're well rested when we get there. We're not expecting any trouble from Salem but we should also be prepared for anything that comes up." She waited for any comments from the others and then turned to Qrow "Would you do us the honour of piloting us there?"

"Sure thing." He pushed himself off the wall and moved to the pilot's seat "Oz, you're going to have to show me the way." Ozpin nodded and moved into the co-pilot's seat and closed the inner doors as the airbus gained altitude.

There had been no discussion as the teams instinctively followed Qrow, Ozpin and Kashaahri out of the transport to meet Salem's waiting team of three. They continued forward until Ozpin stopped a few metres distant from Salem. The two estranged lovers looked at each other until Salem broke the silence.

"Welcome home, husband." She spat "I see you brought your lackeys with you."

"They're not my lackey's, Salem, but free people with the same goal." He shook his head "I've found, over the generations, that I don't need to force people to work with me. They do that naturally when our goals mesh."

"And was the death of our daughters 'natural'" she sneered

"Yes. That was the natural result of not seeking peace within ourselves." He said. "Look around you. Look at the people you control and then at the people in the cities and villages." Ozpin shook his head "You and I, despite our experience, are primitives compared to them as we haven't evolved past the world we were first born to. Most in this new world truly want to live in peace… as the gods demanded."

She stared at him, mouth slightly open but unable to speak.

"It's interesting isn't it." Ozpin asked "That, when it comes right down to it, most of the conflict in this world is caused by us." His visage changed to one of sadness "By you and me in our hatred of one another."

Salem stepped forward, anger contorting her face "The gods caused that when they took you from me."

"No." He said "You did when you tried to deceive them."

Salem took a step back as struck "But what gives your allies the right to say that I seek death?"

"Jinn showed us."


"Jinn, the Relic of Knowledge, showed us the truth that I had hidden… even from myself." His face took on a look of determination "She showed how we met and fell in love, how I died despite all that you tried to keep me alive. How you tried to deceive the gods to bring me back and then to fight them, to destroy them." His visage changed to one of sorrow "How you sought death in the Pools of Annihilation, hoping that their destructive power could undo the curse that had been placed upon you by the Pools of Light."

Salem gasped but Ozpin wasn't finished.

"I saw how the God of Light approached me in the Lands of the Dead telling me that humans had arisen again and offered to return me to the realm of the living, to you. Telling me that you weren't the same as you used to be." He stepped forward as she stepped back, his countenance breaking "I wanted to be with my love and accepted his terms to return to the living world and found you." His voice cracked even more "I fell in love with you again. You are my light." Tears in his eyes "We started our kingdom, pretending to be gods, but then I realised that peace cannot be brought about by commands from on high."

"Of course peace can be dictated from the top. If we had ruled everywhere then peace would have been a fait accompli."

He shook his head "No, people would have found a way around our oppression up to and including bloody revolution. It was in the wind already." He looked at her "It was that oppression of ours that caused me to try and leave and to take our daughters with me." Sadness and pain crossed his face "You, me and our daughters all died that night proving that peace was not in our hearts."

"A peace commanded by the gods themselves, if we are to believe you. What makes our command of peace any different than that of the gods?"

"Nothing." Said Kashaahri "Both are wrong."

Salem turned to the newcomer, anger showing upon her face, ready to castigate the tall woman for her presumption… and felt herself unconsciously trying to take a step back. She could feel the weight of her own millennia and that of Ozma but most others, with their short lives, didn't even register on her senses. The weight of time that radiated from the being that stood before her dwarfed her own. "Who… what are you?"

"I am Kashaahri of the Draenei but that is of no consequence." She looked across the three that stood before her "We need to confront the gods of this world and tell them to remove their threat against it."

"Confront the gods? Last time that happened they destroyed everyone except me." Salem sneered "What makes you think that you'll be any more successful?"

"Because we're not here to destroy, deceive or steal from them. Merely to have them correct a mistake that they've made."

"And what makes you think that they can be persuaded that they're that ones that have made a mistake?"

"All intelligent beings can be reasoned with if they're willing to listen."

"The gods have never listened before."

"They listened but that doesn't mean that they had to do what you had demanded."

Silence descended as the two women stared at each other. One with anger and hatred in her visage and the other standing tall and unperturbed, her inner peace radiating from her.

"Take us to the Pools" Said Kashaahri "and we'll get this over with."

"This is where it all started?" asked Kashaahri as she looked at Salem

"Yes." Salem said "This is where I first attempted to deceive the gods and then to destroy them. Do you truly think that you'll do any better?"

"We'll see but we're truly here only to negotiate."

Salem looked around and the group of Hunters "Truly?"

"Negotiate from a position of strength." Kashaahri looked around again "Where are the Pools of Light?"

"Gone." Kashaahri raised her eye brow in question "They disappeared when the gods withdrew. Only the Pools of Annihilation remained."

"And they grew over time?"

"Yes. Although I couldn't say why."

"Perhaps the imbalance from the loss of the Pools of Light." Said Allarae "Still, not really an issue at this point as we would have been asking the gods to remove them any way."

"Why would you do that?" asked Salem

"We have our own history of such pools of power. None of it good with them leading to corruption and addiction of our people and the occasional high powered beings dropping in to try and take over the world itself." Allarae shrugged "Perhaps the God of Light understood this which is why he took his pools with him."

"It is true that you may survive stepping into the pool, doctor." Said Fawn as she turned to face Watts who had been quietly stepping closer "But there is no way that you would survive stepping back out of them." She smiled but the ice in her eyes kept him from taking that last step.

"It wouldn't do you any good." Said Salem "You wouldn't have any more power than what you have now even if you survived and that is unlikely."

"I…" he looked around at all the people glaring at him "I just wanted a closer look. I am a scientist, after all." He stepped away from the enticing pool of darkness with the occasional longing glance back at them.

"Well, I think it's time that we called the guests of honour and got this party started." Said Emielice as she leaned on her staff

"I agree." Rumbled Hazel

Kashaahri looked around getting nods from all those gathered "Then stand back all except the Relic carriers. Make sure that there aren't any of these pools at your backs. If it comes to a fight then we don't want anyone of us knocked into them." She waited as the others moved then she nodded to the four carriers.

First came the Relic of Knowledge. She spun up and out from her lamp, eyes closed until she came to a stop. She opened her eyes and looked first upon Ruby Rose and then out across all of the others finally gazing down upon Ruby "I hope you know what you're doing."

"So do I." mumbled Ruby

Then Jaune stepped forward and called forth the Relic of Destruction. There was no dramatic uncoiling as from the Relic of Knowledge. Just a flash of light, a roll of thunder and he stood, scowling, before Jaune "I would not expect a White Knight such as yourself to wield me. But you have called and so I must obey."

"There will be no obeying today. We have been called for our final purpose before our promised freedom."

He looked toward Jinn and then around at the others gathered before him and finally back to Jaune "Then you have my respect, young knight." With that he laughed and went to stand next to Jinn.

Ozpin raised the crown from his belt "My choices, for good or ill, have brought me… us… here to this point. And so I call the Relic of Choice forth."

The Crown then rose from his hands and took the form of an elder male. He turned and looked upon Ozpin "I did not think you had it in you to make this choice, Old Man." With that he then ignored everyone else and went to join the other two Relics.

Finally Weiss, with a single word as she held up the Sceptre, called forth the Relic of Creation. With a susuration of wind and a flicker of light the Sceptre disappeared and a young, transparent woman floated up and away then she paused, turned and looked over the group and harrumphed before joining with Jinn.

The four summoners walked back to the main group while the four Relics spoke quietly between themselves. A short time later three moved into a circle holding hands while the fourth, Jinn, strode over to the mixed group and said "We must ask, one final time, if this summoning of the gods is what you truly want?"

"It is." Said Kashaahri "It is necessary to prevent the destruction of the World Soul, the life that exists upon her and the gods themselves."

Jinn turned to her, her eyes narrowed "Do you threaten the gods?"

"No, we are but mediators come to seek a peaceful solution to their threat to destroy this world if it didn't meet their… preconceived notions." She smiled but it held an edge "We've been successful in such… discussions… before."

Jinn's forehead creased as she thought and then snorted a laugh "Algalon…" she whispered then looked back to Kashaahri "Then we will do as you ask and maybe the world will not be destroyed this day."

The powerful beings of the Relics closed their circle and began the process of calling the gods. As they did so Qrow stepped up to Kashaahri and asked "Who is Algalon?"

"Algalon the Observer." Said Allarae "A celestial being set to watch over life on Azeroth and other worlds to detect corruption and to eliminate all life on any world that had become corrupt. We don't know how many worlds he'd so judged but he did mention millions upon millions of lives destroyed by his hand."

There was a shocked silence from the Remnants before Ren asked quietly "You… killed him?"

"No." Said Kashaahri "He came to understand that life has enough tenacity to oppose corruption itself without drastic action from gods or titans. This is what we seek to do here today."

"And if the gods don't learn?" asked Qrow

"Then we kill them as we did with Yogg-Saron."

"And Yogg-Saron was…?"

"An Old God sent by the Void Lords to destroy all life." There was another shocked silence at her words but then a bright beam of light rose suddenly to the heavens drawing their attention "I believe our audience is about to begin."

The gods crashed to earth in a flash of blinding light, a roll of thunder and a shaking of the land. The God of Light quietly taking in all that was around them. The God of Darkness far from quiet as his head jerked in all directions, a quiet hiss coming from him. Finally he turned to the Relics "Why have you called us?"

"In settlement of our agreement that when the mortals brought us together we would call you. Thus we have done so." Jinn spoke quietly but determinedly trying not to provoke the unpredictable god.

"Yes, our agreement." His gaze bore down upon her, the malice heavy within it "It was for your freedom, was it not?"

Jinn, and the others behind her, were wary of the Dark God but there was only one answer she could give "Yes, it was."

"Then I shall give you your freedom" his face contorted into a sneer "the freedom of death." His arm rose and a dark beam struck where the Relics were grouped. When the dark light cleared they still stood but now behind a transparent, impenetrable barrier.

"There will be none of that." Stated Kashaahri as she strode forward. She looked towards the entities that were once the Relics "The god has agreed. You have completed your part of the agreement between you and are now free."

The Dark God spun, hissing, as he went to retaliate against the paladin but the God of Light placed a hand upon his shoulder, stopping him "Brother, perhaps we should listen to what these mortals say before we come to any hasty decisions."

"Hasty?" demanded the dark god "She attacked me."

"No, she didn't." He stood upon the air, arms apart and palms up in a gesture of conciliation "She thwarted your hasty decision in regards these beings that we had an agreement with resulting in that agreement breaking too soon." And he gestured to where the Relics were slowly transforming back to their true forms. The God of Light waved his hand and a slight nimbus appeared around each of them.

The Dark God hissed "Then we shall deal with these mortals." He spun to face Kashaahri "Why do you call us mortals? As there is no true peace do you wish the end of this world?"

"No. We're here to stop the destruction of this world, this living soul, and the people who live upon it. You may have created it but that does not give you the right to destroy it or the life upon it."

"The world does not live. We did not create it with life. Only that which walks upon it, which is an extension of us, has life." Said the God of Light

"If you look, I think you'll find that you're mistaken on both counts." Said Allarae

The Dark God glared at her "You are not of this world. What are you doing here?"

"We're here to protect the World Soul and to teach the peoples who live here how to do so. Once we got here we heard of your threat to destroy the world and so we had to talk to you to get you to rescind that threat."

"Why should we? They're at war with each other, distrust each other. Even now one group readies their war engine for attacks upon the others."

"And have you looked as to why they do that?" asked Daalorisa. The gods head's twitched ever so slightly "Yes, that conflict is a result of the two ancients you placed here. An extension of their eternal war. All of which makes the major conflicts on this world your fault."

"If you truly wanted this world to have a chance for peace." Said Kashaahri "You'd remove your ancients by simply letting them die."

The Dark God gathered his power "I shall not be lectured by mortals" he held up his hand "Now DIE!" and he released his power as he had once before.

Behind him, though, the God of Light had quietly waved his own hand.

Before him Qrow had stepped forward, raised his weapon above his head, and yelled "We shall not."

The dark power of the god expanded and quickly circled the world but only three people felt the effects. The Dark God looked around then at Qrow "What did you do? How did you defy me?"

Qrow was leaning heavily on his weapon but managed a cough of a laugh "Stopped you killing everyone through the power of the World Soul." He looked at the two bodies on the ground "Seems that you could only affect the… ancients."

Dr Watts stood up from inspecting Salem and shrugged "She's dead."

Beside them Jaune continued to mumble spells of healing as he helped Oscar to stand.

The Dark God spun to his brother "Why did you let them go?"

"Because we agreed that when this came to pass that we would do so and so it it done." He looked to the four demons behind them "I think we have greater issues to deal with though."

The Dark God looked at the demons and laughed "Well, as the mortals have pointed out, this world and its people are no longer ours and so its not my concern." He changed into his dragon form, sneered at everyone, and leapt for the skies.

Both groups watched him go then "So nice of you to save us, dear sister. Such a surprise after our last meeting." Jinn sneered then turned to the god "Why have you not released us as agreed? We have done your bidding."

The tense silence was broken by Allarae's laughter "So, you have evil twins in your family as well then?"

Kashaahri snorted "Aye." She said as she drew her sword "This is Jin'aahri, my twin sister. Although, I doubt if she's as much threat as Illidan." She turned to the god "let them go, all we can do now is kill them."

"They'll just regenerate and then they'll return with the full Legion behind them." He said

"We know. It's why were here." Kashaahri nodded to the Remnants "To teach them how to protect their world." She looked back to the god "And we can't do that without them knowing the full threat."

"You think you can beat me, sister?" yelled Jinn

Kashaahri looked back "I did last time. Carved your heart with a butter knife as I recall. What makes you think its going to be any different this time?"

"I've learned so much more than you can imagine, I have so much more power." She screeched her nails down the the nimbus surrounding her and turned to the god "Let. Me. Go."

The god turned to Kashaahri "I can't fight in this, not without threatening the world."

"We know." She said then she turned to the rest of the group "Healers to the back - that includes you Qrow. Yang, pull out one of the Nathrezim and concentrate on that one. I'll keep the others occupied. Leave my sister till last. Ready?"

She waited until they had all turned back to the god "Let them go."

He nodded and dropped the shields surrounding them. Jinn immediately charged Ahri only to be met by Ahri's flying shield which then deflected to two of the Nathrezim both of which turned their attention to the paladin. The third charged the still shaky Oscar only to find itself face planting as Yang's boosted leap and punch threw him to the ground.

"Uh, uh, ah" shouted Yang as she kicked the demon hard enough to throw him back "I'll be your dance partner."

"Hey, don't take all the fun" yelled Nora as her hammer slammed into the demon and with that battle was joined as the rest joined in.

Jaune was shocked at how fast Kashaahri's health was going down as the three demons beat upon her and wasn't sure if he'd be able to keep her up until a couple of heals from Qrow steadied the drain and a heal from herself put it back up. Unfortunately, the time that she took to heal herself allowed Jinn enough time to launch a spread of Shadowbolts at the ranged team injuring many of them. Jaune, Qrow and Summer started healing them up but most of their healing was on Ahri and Yang.

"See, sister, more power than you could possibly imagine." Taunted Jinn

"I can imagine a lot of power, sister." Replied Ahri as her Hammer of Justice staggered the demoness and her shield flew out again. "The Light Consecrates this ground." And the demoness screamed in pain as the Light burned her.

Ruby had stayed back, using her rifle as her primary weapon. Firing as fast as could but being hit by one of the Shadowbolts had staggered her, causing significant damage. She dropped to one knee and took aim at the Nazthrezim, letting power build up, and then she pulled the trigger. She was over joyed as the shot snapped the demon's head back but then the demon's gaze rested upon her and he raised his hand and, with lighting striking her, collapsed.

Tai, seeing his daughter collapse, punched the demon one more time and then went running to her only to be stopped by Summer "Tai… TAI!" she yelled finally getting his attention "She's alive Tai… it'll just be a short while until we get her healed up enough to rejoin the fight." Tai looked up at her, hope on his face "Now go help Yang to finish him off."

Tai looked down at his unconscious daughter and nodded. Looking up again his face had taken on a determined look and his eyes flared red as he turned back to the fight.

Summer watched him go and then nudged Ruby's ribs with her toes "And you can get up as well. Really, you shouldn't give your father frights like that." She paused "Or your mother for that matter."

Ruby opened her eyes and grinned "Sorry. It was instinctive after he slammed me with that lightning."

"Well, it's better than you being dead. Now…" She paused as a shout went up as the first demon fell "get back in the fight, we need your fire power."

Ruby grinned "Yes, mom."

Jinn screeched as the Nazrethim fell. Thousands of years of waiting, of planning and seduction all ruined because her damned sister had interfered with the Dark God's death that would have sent them back to the Twisting Nether instantly so that they could have returned with the Legion backing them to burn this world. She looked over the mortals, taking a sword because of her inattention, there - the one in white, the one that had just finished talking with the girl, she would be an easy kill.

She focused and leapt, covering the distance almost instantly but not fast enough as she watched the woman turn and side step her attack. She had been expecting a look of fear upon the woman's face but instead she saw determination and then a flash of Light left her screaming.

A sense of claws being ripped down her back and a Growl had her turning around to find herself not confronting a man as she expected, but a bear. The claws stretched out, raking her again and she forgot about the women in white and attacked the bear in front of her.

Kashaahri saw what had happened and yelled out "Summer, keep Qrow up. Yang, grab that one. The rest of you, help me kill this one." With that her merely defensive moves went into full attack. Her parries became stabs and slashes, her shield blocks became bashes and the demon's eyes went wide with shock as the nature of the fight changed and he began being driven back.

Then the rest of the team join in and the demon didn't last long after that.

Kashaahri spun and saw that Qrow was almost finished. She quickly put a shield on him and threw her shield at her sister "What, running away again, sister?"

The bear was almost dead, she could feel the life leaving him, she knew her next hit would finish him off but then he became shielded and her sister's taunt reached her with her shield. She spun, anger and hatred on her face. How dare her goody-two shoes sister defy her. She was the better one, the stronger one as she had proved when she killed their too soft parents and others that had refused to accept Sargeras' wisdom.

She drew her own dark blade and walked towards Kashaahri "I'll end this now, sister."

Summer threw some more heals at Qrow and then collapsed, exhausted "You're going to have to heal" she said to the bear "Jaune's too busy healing Yang and he's probably almost as exhausted as I am."

The bear nodded and then transformed back into the man "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine. Just give me a few minutes to regen some mana." She looked over to the last Nathrezim "I don't think the rest are going to be much longer. The Nathrezim seem weak compared to the Eredar."

"I suppose we should be thankful for that" he said "and that Kashaahri knew that going in."

The clash of blades as the two sisters met brought them back to the fight.

Kashaahri staggered under the blow from the dark blade and then made her own riposte, carefully staring the fight away from the fight with the Nathrezim. She deflected another blow from Jinn while stepping back.

"See, I'm the stronger" Yelled Jinn "Your weakness has always been that you were too kind, too concerned about and for others."

Kashaahri remained silent as she deflected another blow with her shield and stepped forward, striking out at the demoness which was easily avoided.

"You think that the same move that you used so many millennia ago would work now? I have become so much more."

Kashaahri remained silent as she glanced at the fight going on behind the demoness, deflecting another attack.

"Do not worry about your friends, they will die soon enough." Jinn smiled evilly "And then you will die all alone."

Kashaahri glanced up at her sister "Not as alone as you." She parried an attack "You always mistook kindness for weakness, concern for others as an anchor weighing you down." She struck out, driving the demoness back "You insisted that you were stronger and far above others and so didn't need nor want them."

"And here I stand to prove it. Strengthened by Sargeras' gift." She struck out with her dark blade but, again, it was deflected and she had to take another step back as Kashaahri pressed her attack.

"Such overweening pride." She struck again with this attack biting deep "No wonder you fell so easily to Sargeras' lies." She parried another strike "But I suppose I shouldn't be surprised. Most of our race fell because of such pride."

Jinn grabbed her sword in both hands and swung "I. Will. Defeat. You." Each word punctuated by a strike. Each driving the Draenei back a step, each causing damage that wasn't, quite, healed. She grinned "Even now you falter."

Kashaahri watched as the last Nathrezim fell "You can barely overpower me. What are you going to do when all of us take you on?" Jinn glanced behind her but had to quickly side step an attack "Don't take your mind off of the person in front of you."

But it was too late for the demoness as shots rang out with ranged magic and, finally, melee attacks struck her unprotected back. She fell quickly to the onslaught.

Kashaahri stood over the corpse "Where's you vaunted strength now?"

The God of Light dropped from the sky to stand in front of Kashaahri, looking down at the disintegrating corpse of the demoness "When they first arrived my brother and I barely managed to defeat them." He turned his gaze across the gathered Hunters and then back to Kashaahri "I'm glad that we did not come to blows."

"When did they come?"

"Just after man arose again. We thought we could contain them, control them."

"For a time, maybe." Kashaahri said "But the Eredar were always a powerful race even before they supped upon the blood of demons. It's why Sargeras chose them as his tools for his Burning Crusade."

"And you never thought that they'd ever come together?" demanded Fawn "Is that why you reincarnated Ozma? The eternal conflict between estranged lovers preventing the peace that you demanded."

"It… wasn't the plan. We truly did want peace and thought that Ozma could bring it about but we didn't realise just how… twisted… Salem had become."

"A mortal cursed with eternal life, without even the possibility of death to escape that life, is going to become twisted." Said Allarae "Many may say that they want to live forever but very few can even imagine what that means. Even us long lived races can't, truly, handle it."

The god nodded "Yes, it may be that our punishment of Salem was too much."

"There's no 'may' about it." Stated Fawn angrily "Eternal punishment for a minor misdemeanour brought about through grief? Would have been better off killing her and letting them both move on in death."

"As much as I agree that the gods were wrong in their punishment of Salem and their handling of the demon presence we need to discuss what happens next." Said Kashaahri "The demons will be coming now that they know about Remnant."

"We've informed many about demons." Said Emielice "Now we're going to have to inform them of the Burning Legion and their crusade." She turned to the gods "Can you remove the Pools of Annihilation?"

The god, lost in his own thoughts, looked up at her "What…? No. They belong to my brother and only he can remove them."

"We're going to have to keep the academies going and introduce the training of magic to them." Said Qrow

"Magic?" asked the god "The people of this world don't have magic and haven't had since my brother removed it from them."

"You really haven't been paying attention, have you?" said Oscar "Many people here have magic and used it in the fight just now."

"I thought that was just Dust."

Oscar shook his head "I suppose that Dust was your answer to your brother's Grimm, a way for humans to survive."

"Well, yes, but that's not truly magic."

"The power of the world soul." Said Qrow as the god looked to him "Sure, some of us have become magic users from the use of Dust but others are Awakening without that intermediate step as well."

The god looked shaken "This… is truly not my world any more."

"You're a god - make another." Said Allarae "And even then there's no reason for you to ignore this one either. Elune doesn't dwell upon the world but we know that she's there offering guidance and wisdom to her priests occasionally. Some will hear you, many won't. How you react is up to you."

The god nodded "I have much to think upon." And then he rose in a beam of light and was gone.

Qrow turned to Ahri "What about you guys? Will you be returning to Azeroth?"

"We'll be staying here as we don't have a way back." Said Ahri

"Well, we don't have a way back until we can figure how to make a gate to Azeroth." Said Allarae "That will give us time to get you started on magic and demons at the academies."

Author Note:

A thank you to those who have read my story. This is the final chapter and I won't be coming back to it but I have thoroughly enjoyed writing it.

This story was actually supposed to finish with the destruction of the Branwen clan but by then I watched chapter 5 and it… extended. I haven't watched chapter 6 yet simply to prevent any further extensions :P

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I do have the Relics in this chapter but, apart from Jinn, the names and their characters won't resemble those from Rooster Teeth - in fact I've avoided using their names at all.

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