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Full Summary:

Many years before Jim Lake Jr. is chosen as the new Trollhunter, his predecessor, Kanjigar the Courageous, is presented with one of the most difficult challenges he's ever faced since the Amulet chose him. Struggling to learn where the line lies within the sand when it comes to his own duties, and the unpredictability of Life.

For sand is subject to change; the tide ebbs and flows, washing it away by simple happenstance; people uncaring of the lines significance walks all over it, smudging and marring; the wind may scatter and unravel the markings, and a new line is always, always drawn and redrawn. . .

But will it remain where it has always lain? Or will there be monumental change?


The sword gleamed bright in the moonlight, the armor glowed blue as it materialized around his large frame, and the adrenaline pumping through him did the rest. The goblins were multitudinous, drawn so very close, too close, to the entrance of Heartstone Trollmarket, and it was his duty as the Trollhunter to dispatch the goblins and discover their purpose for being there.

Climbing all over the bridge, the small horde was attempting to capture something large and winged, blood and feathers falling like rain: an outraged, animal-like scream echoing as the creature the goblins were tearing apart crashed into the ground at Kanjigar's feet with a loud THUMP and nasty-sounding pair of CRA-CRACK.

A dark-skinned woman with short brown hair, frame stocky yet thin, light; clad in only a loincloth and chest binding, the feathers growing along her back, alongside the massive brown wings, socked with black and white and quickly soaking in crimson red and slimey green.

"A Skin-Changer?. . ."

Kanjigar murmured, momentarily stunned. The cracks as delicate bones were broken still echoed in his sensitive ears; one wing hung at the wrong angle, and the arm of the same sidea was cradled close. Glowing gold eyes, much wider than a humans with large dark pupils suddenly snapped up to the Trollhunter, pleading amd urgent.

"Trollhunter! Please, I beg you,"

"I'll protect you Ma'am, I swear on my honor."

Offering her his hand, he pulled her upright.

Skin-Changers were creatures that could assume a human-esque form, a fully animal form, and anything in-between. They were well-known to bear various magics among the various species. More common ones included wolves and deer, hawks and sparrows and other avians, seals and dolphins. The most powerful Skin-Changers attained additional limbs and magic as they grew, a prime example being fox Skin-Changers, known more commonly as kitsunes.

Those of the various owl- and bat-variants had been proven valuable allies to the trolls against the Gumm-Gumms, but were hunted to nigh-extinction by Bular and what remained of his father's armies, primarily goblins and Changelings.

To see one now, injured and beset by attackers, was simply astonishing, but Kanjigar was determined to see her safely ensconced within Trollmarket, for healing and refuge.

Which made the following twenty minutes all the more heart-breaking. . .

Bleeding and broken, the Skin-Changer woman fled, goblins swarming after her. Kanjigar forced himself to turn his back, for once in his life, and return to Trollmarket, bearing two tiny, newly orphaned whelps with him. . .

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