Why Me Why You Why Not Chapter One Will is sitting under three over looking the rocky cliff and he was thinking to himself I wounder how far it is down from there to thee Water? Well I don't know and I may never know but it certainly is pretty from up here. I just wish that the rest of my life was that pretty. I don't know I guess that I should not complain but I have no idea what is going on the only thing that I know is that I feel myself slipping away as if nothing is right in the whole world but there is nothing wrong I have a good job the money I cant complain about I just don't know William Horton is not like the rest of the world I could talk to Sonny but I don't know he would probably laugh and tell me that I am some kind if mental case for feeling this way or tell me to grow pair that I am just feeling sorry for myself. I don't know. Will just rests his head on his knees and the next thing that he realizes is that he is crying and he has no idea why he just sits there for a while crying with his head on his knees and he did not realize that it was past 8:00 and he was supposed to meet Sonny when he got off of work to go get somethings for tee new apartment. Do I even have my phone? Will searched his pockets and his phone was there he looked to see if he had any messages and the only messages were from Sonny and Sonny was very concerned. Sonny sent several texts that Will did not even realize that he had a phone at all because he was so wrapped up in his head trying to figure out what his problem was. Will just sighed and said forget it I am just going to clear my mind of everything and then try to come up with a good excuse to tell Sonny later. Hey Sonny Hey Andrea Is Will still here? I am afraid not Sonny he left around noon and asked me if I did not mind calling some of his clients and letting them know that he had to cancel his appointments for the rest of the week and to reschedule everyone for him and I have just got off of the phone with the last one. If it weren't for the fact that Will looked so upset I would have said no because we are swamped this week but Sonny when he left this afternoon man I have never saw him so upset. Did something happen that made him angry? No Sonny we actually were having a very good day until around noon Will just cut out he was not angry it was more like he was trapped in his thoughts and going through the motions. Andrea has Will been acting strange lately like something was bothering him? Sonny you are roommates with him right? Yes we have been friends almost since we came out of the oven. Sonny I am worried about Will because here lately he has not been acting like himself he has been moody and I am not a doctor but I think that he is very depressed for some reason and he acts like there is nothing wrong but I can tell and it scares me. What are you saying Andrea? Sonny today when he left there was this look in his eyes it was as if there was no life no hope they were empty of any feelings Sonny you know that is just not Will. Andrea I am going to go out and look for him was he driving or walking? He was driving but I have no idea where he would go. Sonny Called Wills phone frantically trying to get him to answer but it kept going to voice mail and none of his text were being answered and it had been raining and Sonny went to their house to grab a raincoat to go out looking for Will some more his car was home but no Will. Oh God Will where are you and why wont you call me back usually you call me or text me back immediately. What is wrong Will please font do anything to hurt yourself or worse. Will had been walking for hours along the winding road leading from the cliff it was cold and raining but Will was numb to it all. Sonny sat down a few minuets and he tried to think of anywhere that Will could be at and then suddenly it dawned on him that Will would always go to the spot under the tree over looking the cliff that was above the sea he said that the sea air seems to be the only thing some times that could just draw out anything bad that he was feeling and then he would be fine and so Sonny took his car and he went to Wills place but Will was not there but he did find Wills phone and wallet. Oh God! Sonny took out his phone with his flash light he started to look around and he saw a set of foot prints that was very close to the edge of the cliff and Sonny was in panic mode he was thinking what if Will jumped what if? Sonny was thinking every bad possibility that anyone could think. OK Kiriakis calm down you are not helping by getting hysterical. Sonny saw some more footsteps leading up higher on the long winding road and he jumped in his car and he took off slowly so that he could follow trail of the wobbly foot prints. He was driving almost 30 minuets and he saw someone sitting with their head down soaked to the bone facing away from the car and Sonny was relieved and afraid at the same time not knowing if it was Will or someone who looked like him from the back or if it was him was he hurt. Sonny stopped the car with the engine running and the headlights were on and he walked up and placed his hand on wills shoulder. Will looked up at him and garbed him and said I am sorry I am so sorry and Sonny said its OK and Will was just a mess he was crying Sonny asked Will if anyone hurt him and he could not speak he was crying so bad and he could not even hold his own weigh up because he did not have the emotional strength to stand Sonny asked Will if he could stand and Will just shook his head ever so lightly and Sonny picked Will up and took him to the car Will was holding onto Sonny for dear life not because he was afraid that Sonny was going to drop him but because he was tying to gather strength from Sonny. Sonny held Will in one arm propped against the car and the other hand he opened the passenger door and softly sat him down and buckled him in. Sonny had saw every side of Will that there was over the years but never this side of him so raw emotionally fragile and vonurable and Sonny knew a long time ago that Will was struggling for years but today it just all came to a head and Sonny had an idea of what was going on but he was not going to say anything unless Will came to him and either told him or talked to him about because Sonny knew that some people take years before the even said or asked questions about being gay. Sonny got Will home and he got him a pair of Sweats and a warm sweat shirt and made Will a hot mug of his favorite tea. Sonny sat down on the couch just rubbing Wills still wet hair and said Will I am here for you I am right here. Will cuddled up like a baby and laid his head on Sonny's lap and Sonny kept rubbing Wills head and pulling up the blanket to make sure that he stayed warm all through the night he held Will