Chapter 11

Sonny and Will were all dressed to the nines and Sonny said

Babe, you did not take as long as I am taking to get ready where's the fire?

Will said Honey it is in my tummy I could eat a race horse and his jockey but would you do one thing for me?

Sure Babe what do you need help with Sonny asked with a little concern in his voice?

Honey I have a real emergency.


Babe you scared the hell out of me.

Sonny said this coming from the man who says that my hair is a rats nest and gave me a brush for Christmas and told me that he would teach me how to use it when I spent 200.00 on a crystal bowl that was so blue that you could not see it unless it was in good lighting.

Are you sure that you trust me with your hair Babe?

Will said Honey right now as long as it is not all over the place except where it belongs I don't care. Plus you have been looking better since we got together and HOL really has taken off.

Sonny said in a rather emotionally filled voice. Babe had it not came on as partner and gad it not been for you getting the France deal as well as the other holdings Do you even realize that HOL is where it is because of everything that you did? It would still be the little Cashmere and Lace with a dream to become a fashion House that could compete with the bigger houses. Have you considered coming back as partner with me? Not in A&M but as a consultant for HOL?

You would be the ear to the ground and weed out the prospects to bring to me. Babe We are in the top for of the biggest fashion houses because of the France deal and now that everything has been signed sealed and delivered from that would you reconsider coming back to Lace and taking Leather over again?

Will said… Honey I love HOL but do you honestly feel like that would be a good idea? Seriously everyone would expect the same Will to be there running A&M and I can't do it the best that I could do in that area would be to listen to their marketing pitch for the Ads and you would still have to sign off on the visual. That would not be fair to you or Janelle she has busted her ass off for her position.

The bull pin would always be coming to me and they would not respect Janelle at all in that position.

Sonny said Babe you would be right if they saw you working there near the Bull Pin in your old office but you would not be in your old office. Babe I have a huge office that is mostly full of racks of clothing taking up over half of its space and I could put the racks into Jameson old office and turn it into the rack room get you a desk and a computer in there with your own line to use for consulting and recruiting deals for HOL and still own Leather and you will not bother me at all because as you know I can work with your doing business in the office with me and you would be close enough to me where you can get my approval or disapproval on the spot and I would not have to return calls because you would be right beside me.

Will said Honey I am not just going to be a partner unless I pay you your price to buy Leather back.


Will said Honey I am as serious as my blindness.

Name your price and we have a deal.

Babe you run a hard bargain but yes we have a deal.

OK Will said what's your price honey? I will start in three weeks.

Sonny was so excited and so happy that he could barley control himself

And he tried to speak in his best business tone and said Babe I will ask you to pay exactly what you sold it to me for.

Will said damn Honey you drive a hard bargain but you get the contract over to Leo and let him look it over and as soon as he gives us the green light its a go and I will pay you for Leather.

Sonny took Wills hand and he shook it and said welcome back Mr. Horton HOL has missed you. I will call him and I will get the contract

For the sell of leather to you tomorrow.

Will said Honey we need to have things all set up and ready for me to come back and so it will take at least a month to get it all done including the bathroom. So We are both going to have to be out of the office for renovations.

Sonny said you are right Babe a month sounds reasonable.

I will leave things as they are with Musin in charge and I will work remotely and tell him that I am renovating the office and to work from his own office.

Babe I love you so much do you know how happy you make me?

Will said Honey I love you more than you could ever know and now when we go back you can show off you pretty new bobble and make them all jealous.

Sonny said Babe trust me they were already jealous of us.

Oh and would you do one other thing for me?

Will asked what is that Honey?

Sonny said Babe you know me and my Greek temper.

Since you will be in the same office with me can you help me out when we have to let someone go because you know how angry that I get.

Honey make sure that I have copies of all of the employee who get written up and the reports and yes I will take care of that because I know you all to well and I also know that I am not good with giving the pink slips but I am good at letting them go.

Send it to my computer so my screen reader can read it.

As soon as I see three strikes and I know what is coming next when they come into the office you sit and fume while I take care of the business of telling them that they are out and as you know I can have some pink slips per-signed so you will just have to sign them and I will type up the reports for their last paycheck and any severance pay and send it all into the CPA.

Sonny laughed and said Babe do you realize that basically I am going to be bring the bad kids to the principles office?.

Honey you asked me to keep you from killing them and by doing it this way you can take the pressure off of me to keep me from feeling guilty about my choice to let someone go. Will said plus Honey I will be saving their life as well as your blood pressure.

That is something that I can do without being able to see.

Babe I love you and you definitely are the greatest we make a hell of a team. Sonny said I am sure that later on we can talk about other things that you can do also because you have one of the greatest minds of anyone that I have ever known. Now I do believe that I tamed that beast on top of your head so I think that we are ready to go.

Will felt his hair and it was allot better than before and Sonny had not pulled a fast one on him and Will was all smiles and he had to turn away from Sonny and he cleared his throat and he said Thank you Honey.

Sonny said Horton turn around here.

Will said Honey we have to go so lets just get a move on I am hungry.

Sonny said Babe please turn around I think that we need to talk.

Will said Honey everything is fine so lets go OK?

Sonny said Babe I know that you are crying so please talk to me.

Don't shut me out Baby.

Honey I love you so much and I am just getting a little emotional because for the first time in almost five months I am beginning to feel

Some what normal and not just a helpless nobody and it is all because you have been right by my side the whole time each time I felt like giving up you knew it and you reassured me that you love me and I am not alone and Honey I love you so much and God knows that I would not have ever been able to go through all of this alone.

Will said you have pulled me back from the edge more times than I can count through your love and now also through your love I am going back to my second love which is Leather and HOL.

Honey you have my heart and soul. You have always treated me with such love respect and tenderness and sometimes I just feel like I have not been able to show you the love as you have always shown me. Honey you make me feel like I am your most treasured thing in the world and that I fail you so many times.

Sonny took Will into his arms and he tenderly gave him such a love filled kiss that was from the soul and he said Babe your are so treasured by me and so loved you have my heart my soul my whole being and

I know that sometimes you can't help but to feel like giving up and as your husband it is my job to love you through everyone of those moments no matter if they are the greatest highs or the lowest of lows and Babe if you never beehive anything else trust me when I tell you that you have been doing the very same as I have.

Babe you may not realize that I feel your love with each touch every time I wake up and my hands are in your silky hair and even though I have to help you with somethings it is no bother or obligation but an honor to be there and to have your complete trust in me its unlike I have ever known. Sonny said Babe you have allowed me to have the honor of the trust that you do not allow anyone else to have. Babe you have always tried to hide that very sensitive side from the whole world through your humor those infamous one liners that you come up with but you allow me the honor of seeing beyond the mask and to show who William Horton really is.

Well Honey I feel like we are just about thinking the same way.

Will said I knew when we were younger that you were always there for me even when at one time there was a rather large distance that I was keeping you at which had nothing to do with anything that you had said or done but at the time it was me feeling like I was protecting you from me but I knew that I could not keep my distance from you because I love you so much that I could not stay away and then people began to give you pure hell and sometimes I would let you take care of the situation as long as it was a fair fight but when

I knew that it was not because you were not as big as I was I would step in then. I was taught by a very wise person once to protect your head and torso because they are the most vulnerable places and they were the best place for some one to hit you and kill you.

Broken arms and legs heal broken knuckles heal but you are not likely to die from that. When you did fight you never started it but you finished it and Will said Honey I think that I did a pretty good job at teaching you to never write a check with your mouth that your ass can't cash and I learned that from them same wise person.

Sonny said Babe did something happen to you that you never told me about and that is why you kept me at a distance? When you stopped keeping your distance from me something changed in you and to this day I can't put my finger on exactly what changed but something had because you really started to keep me in your sight as much as possible.

Will said Honey we do not have time for me to get into all of that right now because it is a very long story and I will have to take some time with the explanation because its is painful for me to go back there but I promise you that I will explain every detail to you.

Babe. I am here for you and you can talk to me or tell me anything and together

we will tackle those demons that have held you captive and suffering in silence for so many years. Sonny said as he had tears in his eyes knowing that Will had been in so much pain for so many years in silence. Babe had I known that something whatever it was that happened to cause you such pain even to this day I would have been there for you.

Will said OK Honey enough of the poor Will we have somewhere to be.

Sonny said Babe you are so good at deflecting and putting that mask on.

Sonny just sighed and said Babe you really promise that you will talk about it latter?

You never break a promise so I am begging you for one now.

Honey I promise you that we are going to talk about it just not right now we have reservations.

Sonny hugged Will and he said Babe never forget there is nothing that will cause me to stop loving you and always being here for you.

Will said come on or I will leave without you/.

Sonny said Oh hell no you will not go anywhere without me. Babe you know that you are stuck with me.