Chapter 12

Sonny and Will pulled into the Restaurant and Will said damn it I have to go to the bathroom.

Honey can you check on the reservations and see how long the wait will be while I go to the bath room?

Sonny said Babe are you sure? I can help you and then you and I both can check on the reservations together?

Will said Honey you know that I have this cane and I can make my way if not then I will ask a waitress or waiter to help me so I am going to be OK.

The question is will you be OK with me out of your sight?

I am not saying that to sound like I am complaining at all so please don't

Take it that way. I am asking because I know how protective you are and that is OK I understand and if the shoe was on the other foot I would be worse I hope that you understand that and it did not hurt your feelings when I asked the question.

I just don't want you to worry that something will happen to me all of the time we both have to stop waiting for the other shoe to fall. I know that we have been hit with so much since we have been together and that you have been my rock and hero from day one when we became partners we have laughed and cried together but the thing is that we are still standing stronger than ever.

Sonny smiled and he said you know Babe I do realize that I hover and am way too over protective at times and I treat you sometimes as if anyone touches you in any way that I am going to kill them but I am sorry that I am so overprotective and I will try to ease up a little and relax a bit because I do not want you to feel like I do not trust you and I am treating you like a baby. I just love you so much Babe that it is hard for me to not feel like if I am not right there that you are as vulnerable as a baby bird at times when I know that you probably could kick ass even without your sight. I am not upset as a matter of fact sometimes I forget just how strong you really are because we have had to lean on each other so much these past few months. You know that I am a mother hen any way and I always have been when it came to you.

Will said yes Angel I know that and that is one reason why I love you so much because I know without a doubt in my mind that if I feel afraid or alone I can run straight into your arms and that your arms are my sanctuary and safety zone and that is where I gather my strength and know that I am going to be OK and that I am strong because of you. OK honey if I do not go now we will have to clean up a big mess. I love you and hold our place.

Will walked off and he asked where the rest room was and a really sweet young waitress asked Sir do you want me to guide you to it?

No it is OK but if you can tell me the rout to take I will navigate my way to it.

OK Sir the easiest way for you would to go all of the way to your right side and go until you feel the opening and on the left are that restrooms and the miens rest room will be on the right we have braille if you need it but if you run into trouble one of our staff will be more than happy to help you. Sir may I say something?

Yes go ahead Will said. Sir I know that you are William Horton and that Jackson Kiriakis are partners at leather and Lace as well as the house of lace and that you guys have many lines of clothing but would you allow me to get your card so that I can set up an appointment with HOL and Leather and lace to pitch an idea to you guys about something new to add under the HOL umbrella?

It is a line of all natural products and my mom and I make them we are FDA certified and follow all federal codes for our products. My name is Jenna and my mom is Lorie and our last name is Ganivea and we can add a special quality to the HOL that is an all natural and pure non chemicals dyes or artificial colorants.

Sure Jenna but it will not be for at lest a month before we will get back to you but we have all of our information on the card please have sample products and all of your A&M strategy with visuals as to why we should bring you into the HOL and L&L Name but remember we have to have all paper work from the FDA the patients as well as the ingredients used in the product line at the time of the interview also your mission statement as well as if you test on animals or not the results of a blind testing panel or people from all ages ethics backgrounds and skin conditions. I would also like for you to have your products tested by a lab and the reports from the studies and do not try to pull any kind of fast one over on us because this is not our first rodeo. Just because I am blind doesn't mean that I am easily snowed OK?

Thank you Mr. Horton and we are not going to let you down because you know exactly what you are looking for. The name of the product line is called Au natural luxuriates. And I will bring enough product that HOL & L&L can test each item out with their own panel of testers.. So you can know what the products are as well as our book on natural healing as well as our book on healthy living.

I will also have them all with braille labeling as will as audio book format.

We want to cater too all customers.

OK Jenna Will said please send us an email and in a month we will set up a time for a presentation also before hand please send Mr. Kiriakis as well as myself a copy of your books electronically please. We move fast and with the word you

Will have the products ready for distribution and they must be affordable enough that even a single mom can afford the products. We expect perfection at a reasonable price if it is to be sold under HOL or the L&L name.

Jenna said tank you MR Horton you will not regret this I promise.

Will said OK Jenna Sweetie I really have to use the rest room now so please excuse me.

Jenna said Oh I am sorry Mr Horton I forgot. Thank you again.

Will nodded his head and he was off to make sure that everything would be ready by five.

Will sent a text to Gail and she said Will everything is perfect and Jennell she is a dream to work with and I would like to pitch you guys an idea later on after you get back from your honeymoon in a month.

Will laughed and said Gail you are the second person in the last ten minuets to pitch an idea.

Honey just send in all of the information and we can review it and after a month or two we will set up a time for a presentation. You know the drill and my expectations so you know exactly what we stand for.

OK back to business at hand are the fairy lights exactly the colors I asked for?

Were you able to catch The Justice of the peace that I requested?

Will everything is down to the very last detail and Janelle has the reception made at the Italian restaurants private dinning room.

Will laughed and sent a text back perfect that is where I am at right now in the rest room and I best get back to Sonny before he sends a search team out to look for me.. You guys rock.

OK Will see you two in a short while. Gail said and I will let Janelle know that she rocks too.

Will came back to the front and a very concerned Sonny asked What on earth took you so long?

Would you believe that I was approached by two people wanting to pitch ideas to Lace and Will said on top of that umm lets just say that I am starving even more than before because I made lots of room.

Sonny said Will see I told you that you still have what it takes.

Sonny I never doubted that part it was that I have been afraid that A&M would shit on Janell and that will not happen. Will said that woman is great and she learned so fast and so much for me she has a great eye. How are the reservations coming along?

Will please don't get upset Sonny said we were 15 minuets late because of me and they said that they gave away our reservations to someone else.

Will said OK we always have a plan B Lets go to the gazebo in the park and hang out for a while and we can order some take out at home.

Sonny said William Horton you are so easy going and laid back you never get too upset and yes you always have a great plan B. By the way how did these people know that you were back as a partner?

Angel we never went public with the sale and my resignation so they naturally just came to me with their ideas. Sonny I must have done something right for a blind guy who has no education in fashion at all. Oh and Honey one of the people could possibly bring an idea to the table that will also take HOL to another level but tonight no business no more for the whole month we are going to take this time and just leave business behind us and just be us together. We are going to unwind and just relax without HOL or the bull pin.

Will and Sonny kissed and Sonny said Babe have you noticed when we are in business mode it it Will and Sonny but at home it is angel honey and Babe?

Yes Angel Will said I know why also and that is because our minds go into professional mode at work and at home we go into full on heartfelt love mode and this house is Angel Honey and Babes house not HOL or L&L but Sonny and Wills.

Sonny said hey Babe the Gazebo is decorated very beautifully and our songs are playing? Babe did you plan this?

Well Angel I might have had a little something to do with it. Because I also want to tell you two things. One I got a little of my sight back today and two I did not see why we should wait to become husbands on paper too.




Hey hold on Angel I said a little better we don't know how long but I can see a little better compared to the last two weeks I will take a little better than nothing.

Plus I can see your face and even if this is the last thing that I see Honey the rest of the things in life do not matter. We still need to go to the specialist and get to the bottom of it all you know? Now my vision is not normal by any means but it is a very distinct improvement. That was what all of the tears were going to the court house look at this paper that you signed earlier.

Sonny smiled and said you set everything up from the fake ticket to get me to the courthouse to sign the marriage license the only thing that you did not set up was your vision and the sunglasses right Babe?

That is right but this was all set into motion and planed a long time before I went blind. Angel when you were talking about being my husband without it being on paper I said now is the time William you know that he is ready because he was the one to bring it up. So I called Gail and we got the series of events all set into motion. Janell and some others from HOL helped me by taking my idea and decorating the gazebo and Peter he has taken care of the music from our playlist.

Guess what else you remember that the restaurant gave our reservations away?

Well Gail she made reservations for the private dinning room and all of our favorite Italian foods to be served as well as a tiramisu wedding cake.

Sonny said OH MY GOD! Babe you thought of everything but one thing.

The honeymoon.

Angel do you honestly think that I would forget that? Honey we are going to go to France and Dubai their fashion weeks are three days after each other and then we are going to go to visit your uncle BC and his Sonny they are in Greece right now for an extended visit. You know Sonny was adopted by BC's brother who died shortly after Sonny was 14 but he spent all of his life here he is. the one who was adopted in Greece when he was ten and he named him after you?

Babe that sounds great but I wounder why they are there for an extended stay?

Sonny has a job at the bank and Uncle BC has all of his companies here so it can't be a vacation of some kind. Isn't Sonny married to a martial arts instructor?

Yes he is Honey Will said in a bit of a soft voice.

Sonny said Babe is there something about Sonny husband that bothers you?

NO WAY ANGEL HE IS A GREAT MAN! Will said I admire him very much.

Why did you sound a bit upset when I said something about him Babe?

Angel I do not want to get into that here it is part of what I am going to talk to you about. Will said. OK Honey are you ready to be husbands on paper now?

Babe before we do I want you to know that I will wait as long as you need for that conversation because I know that whatever it is you need time to really get yourself ready before you talk to me about it. I love you Babe and I am here for you day or night you know that.

Angel lets rock and roll because we have to go pack we leave tomorrow and you know that I am pretty slow at packing and you will most likely have to tell me what I am going to need.

Sonny and Will walked up to the Gazebo and peter put on the song that they first heard they day they became official and were driving into work. And the justice of the peace was standing there and he said hello and welcome everyone thank you for coming out this afternoon to be witness as these two men proclaim their love and vow to each other because of that love and the bond that they share they want to make a public commitment in holy matrimony to being husbands until death.

Gentlemen please hold each others right hand and before we begin I would like to say that love is patient love is blind love can pull you through the darkest of times and also celebrate the greatest of times. Marriage is not to be entered into lightly as you journey through life there will be allot of mistakes made on each mans part. That is when the true test of the strength of your love comes in forgiveness comes through a true understand of the strong bod that you share through love patient and kindness. Never allow anger jealousy or another man to ever taint your untarnished pure raw love for each other. In a marriage sometimes we do not always see eye to eye on every subject but never forget to agree to disagree.

Jackson Steven Kiriakis do you vow to love and to hold William Robert Horton forsaking all others pledging your undying love faithfulness and loyalty to him as your husband as long as you both shall live? Sonny was crying and he said I absolutely do.

William Robert Horton do you vow to love and to hold Jackson Steven Kiriakis forsaking all others pledging your undying love faithfulness and loyalty to him as your husband as long as you both shall live? Wills eyes were over flowing with tears of joy and he said I do but with the exception that my name is from this day forward going to be William Robert Kiriakis-Horton

Do you have the rings?

Will said yes I do He handed Sonny his ring and he had Sonny's ring and the justice of the peace said it is my understanding that William would like to say a few words.

Yes I would Will sighed and Said Angel I have loved you probably from birth you and I grew up together we have grieved over the loss of loved ones who have gone on before us we have had our backs to the wall we have teased each other while the whole time we silently supported each others dreams. Angel you have given me more than love and taught me more through your tender love waking up with my head on your chest as you are knowingly aimlessly ruing your hands throw my hair as I lay there for hours each day before you and listening as if your heart played a symphony only for my ears to hear and your hand in my hair stroking it as if by doing that it was a confirmation of the bond of love that we share.

I love you so much Jackson and no matter what I have no doubts or insecurities about our love and our bond I know that most people do not get surprise weddings but I wanted to give to you my gift of love on paper as well as in our hearts.

Jackson do you have any words to say?

Yes I do. I am not as eloquent at speaking as Will is but Will I want you to know that the bond of love that we share is rare and allot of people feel they have a special bond but it is nothing compared to ours and Will if it takes me the rest of my life to show my love to you then I will die knowing that you have always felt loved and safe in my arms.

Gentlemen as I stand here and as you to seal your vows with the placing of the rings on the third finger on each others left these rings are never ending circles with no beginning and no end such as the love that you have vowed to each other today,

Jackson take Williams left hand and place the ring on his finger as a symbol of your love and repeat after me.

William I give this ring to you as a symbol fully as I give my love to you until death do us part.

Sonny said William I give this ring to you as a symbol and as fully as I give my love to you until death do us part.

Will said Jackson I give this ring to you as a symbol and as fully as I give my love to you until death do us part.

I now by the power vested in me by this state have the honor of saying

Jackson you and William may kiss your husband.

Sonny took Will in to a very loving embrace and both men with tears rolling down their face whispered I love you so much and gave each other the most tender purest love filled kiss that resonated through each person in attendance.

The Justice of the Peace said I would now like to introduce to yo Mr Jackson Kiriakis And Mr William Horton- Kiriakis.

At the restaurant everyone congratulated Will and Sonny and gave them their best wishes and as the reception was coming to an end Will sat down and he was smiling but Sonny saw that smile before it was laced with pain and was a front=t from the rest of the world to show that he was fine. Sonny knew different though because even at the gazebo he felt Will get shaky.