Forbidden Passion Fruit, an avatar: last airbender fanfic

By Mikarin Aoi

Summary: "And yet, as I stood before her, all my thoughts vanished into thin ice. Reason and rationality ran out the door, screaming, and all sense of moral and immoral, right and wrong, black and white–just flew out the window." Sometimes, the bond between siblings can be stronger than any other.

Warning: Rated M for Mature content & I for Incest Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Family Pairing: Sokka/Katara

Disclaimer: I don't own Avatar: Last Airbender or its characters. And like every honest fanfic writer out there, I don't make money out of any of my fanfics.

Author's Note: Hello, fanfic world! I know I haven't written in a while. Life happens. My readers might be surprised that this fanfic isn't part of the Twilight Universe. Well, I have other fandoms I want to write for and I gotta branch out to grow, you know? My previous Incest fanfic, Part of a Mother's Duty, will still be continued, I just do not know when. I lost all my files that were in my external HD. The start of Chapter 2 of POAMD was there, and I found it to be quite perfect. Sadly, I'll have to rewrite everything from memory, which I do not know if I can accomplish. But I will try my best.

FAIR WARNING: This fanfic contains INCEST. If you're offended by it, please turn back to the page from whence you came. Also, this fanfic doesn't follow the story of ATLA, so you won't see any other main characters like Aang. This is really just centered on Sokka and Katara.

Also, since in the Avatar universe, engagements happen at sixteen, like Princess Yue from the Northern Tribe being engaged (she was only sixteen–seemingly the marriageable age), be aware that sexual things can happen before one's engagement. If you're against or offended in any way by a fifteen-year-old knowing and acting out sexual deeds, then please do NOT continue. Though in reality, plenty of fifteen-year-olds already know about sexual deeds. You've been warned.


~Chapter One~

My Sister's Dilemma

Staring into her eyes, I could see my own reflection. The intensity in the gaze of those crystal blue orbs of hers made my chest constrict with such unbearable ache. Though she was strong-willed, I could see the glistening shine in her eyes, her tears quick to form which she so bravely fought back as her betrothed clasped the choker around her neck, the symbol that she was soon to be his.

To fulfill a pact that was made years ago, my sister Katara was now affianced to Hahn, an egotistical, conceited young man who was a high-ranking warrior in our tribe. He was someone I had to answer to, being stuck with a lower rank than him, for I had the extra duty of protecting my sister from any outsider attacks. A duty that was given to me when she was born.

As she was the last waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe, my younger sister was considered a princess, in addition to being the daughter of the chief, our father, Hakoda. Being considered a treasure to be protected, especially from other nations who kept fighting as to which element was the mightiest by killing every other nation's strongest bender, it was my responsibility to keep her away from danger at all times.

Our mother, Kya, died when Katara and I were only nine and ten, respectively. In keeping my sister safe, Kya lied to the attackers looking for the last southern waterbender that she was it. Our father was in the Northern Water Tribe then, asking for help from our sister tribe to keep the southern seas under constant watch.

It was only a year later that the Avatar, the one to bring peace and balance between the four nations, was finally revealed. His identity was heavily concealed, for he, too, was in great danger. Until he learned all the four elements, he was as vulnerable as a bender with only his natural element. After finally mastering all four elements, he was able to stop the warring nations and had found a way to make the four nations work together.

Sadly, our mother couldn't benefit from the peace that followed afterwards.

The night our mother died, our father lost all the joy in his life. Until I got married last year. And his joy will be rejuvenated once more in a few weeks once my sister marries Hahn.

Katara's gaze sharply left mine to face the young man she was to marry as he finally managed the betrothal necklace around her neck. It seemed like he was a complete amateur in handling jewelries. The thought made me chuckle in the back of my mind.

The grip of her hand tightened around mine as her fiancé leaned close to her petite face, his lips hesitatingly hovering above her own. Just as he closed the few inches that was between them, she turned her head slightly to the side, the kiss landing on the corner of her mouth.

"I'll see you tonight, at our betrothal dinner, my sweet."

With that, he left. And I observed my sister watching him leave, a spark of anger building up within her. I knew she was about ready to burst, and once she was sure he wouldn't be able to hear her, the beauty of her tirade began.

"How could you just stand there and do nothing?!"

As she threw her hands in the air, her cheeks flushed with blatant anger spreading across her features, I found her to be daring and bold in her little outburst, and at the same time, she was radiant, with the glow of her anger and frustration easily replacing the coziness of the inside of her tent. Her emotions were always so… demonstrative. Something that was very innate with waterbenders, seeing that emotions were like a still body of water. One slight disturbance brings about a series of ripples.

I observed with sheer amusement as she brought her hand to the corner of her mouth and desperately rubbed away on it with her palm, her fingers delicately smudging the red liquid coating her lips. It brought a smile to my face, seeing that that little peck on the corner of her lips was an absolute repulsion to her, but the harsh back and forth motion of her hand against the softness of her lips somewhat bothered me. Before I could think, I stepped closer to her, took her hand to stop her irritation and lifted my other hand to caress the smooth end of her frown that already felt bruised under my touch.

Her arm fell to her side, and as still as her other, she just stood plainly in front of me, her eyes never wavering from mine. Fine lips started to quiver as my thumb brushed across it, the light paint of red leaving a trail on my finger.

She was now finally of age. And betrothed on the very same day she turned sixteen. Even though I was only a year older than her, I felt quite overprotective of my sister. She took care of us both when our mother died seven years ago, but lately, it's become my turn to take care of her, even more so since she admitted to me that she wasn't at all prepared to be betrothed to Hahn.

As old comrades, our father made a pact with Hahn's father that their children would marry once the female was of age. Ever since Katara was still in our mother's womb, it was already foreseen by our wise elders that the child would be a waterbender and that that child would be the answer to remedy the lack of waterbenders in the Southern Water Tribe.

And so now, the responsibility all lay on my little sister, who wasn't at all ready to be married, much less to a conceited soldier who she didn't love. Though with her loyalty to our tribe, and not wanting to displease our father, she accepted her fate and suffered in silence. Only I knew how she really felt.

With her crying in front of me, her frustration finally turning into liquid form, teardrops marking my fingers, she was exquisite. Even more beautiful than my wife, Yue, who I married a year ago when she herself turned sixteen. She was welcoming our daughter into the world in one more full cycle of the moon.

And yet, as I stood before my younger sister, thoughts of my wife and my unborn child vanished into thin ice. Everything just seemed to fade away as I was engulfed in her presence. Reason and rationality ran out the door, screaming, and as my hands impatiently tugged on her thick clothing, tearing every piece of nuisance that held me back from feeling the heat of her skin, all sense of moral and immoral, right and wrong, black and white–just flew out the window.

All that mattered now was the young woman sprawled out on the blue pieces of our tribe's outfit, her hands reaching for me, my own nakedness leaning down against hers, her heat meshing with mine.

This was all that mattered right now.

"Don't give me away…"

With her plea, both her hands cupping my cheeks, her palms spreading a wonderful, sunny sensation against the usual coldness of my skin, I was pulled closer to her face, until I breached the gap and my lips met hers in a tender sweep.

The salty taste of her tears combined with the sweetness of her lips was an astounding mixture of her sadness and her innocence–that today–I had the privilege to finally take away. We both waited this long for this day. For her to be of age, for the time she can become tied to somebody, for the moment when she can be claimed as a woman, for the age when she can conceive and give birth.

It all started almost a year ago…

Several weeks after I got married, Katara came into my tent to congratulate both Yue and I on our wonderful wedding. Seemingly, my wedding reminded her that she only had one year left before she'd be donning a betrothal necklace like Yue was.

Yue wasn't at home when Katara passed by. Sensing that she needed to talk to a female about her problems, I immediately told her that Yue wasn't around. But all she did was laugh a little awkwardly and confessed that she actually was looking for me.


"I don't want to marry Hahn…" she admitted as she poured her heart out to me, revealing to me the anger and resentment she felt for our father who had arranged the marriage before she was even conceived.

"How come? He's a good enough soldier, Katara," I argued, albeit grudgingly.

I certainly found it strange talking about her future husband, especially since he wasn't exactly on my list of 'People I like.' Nevertheless, I listened to what my sister had to say.

"I don't feel anything for him. He rarely comes to me, and only sees me when our fathers ask him if he'd visited me recently. There's nothing between us, Sokka. There's no spark there."

I knew what she was talking about. It was obvious that he gave his attention to almost every girl in our tribe except for the one he was to marry.

"How can you know that if you haven't been spending much time with him? Now, the only thing you need to solve your problem is to go out and spend time with him! And… there you go!"

My sister just gave me a look of desolation, my cheery words of suggestion not at all affecting her mood for the better.

"I want something that you found with Yue. The first time you laid eyes on her, you told me, she'd be the one you'd marry."

"Look, Katara, love doesn't always happen at first sight. With Yue, I just knew."

"But that's just it! I know, ever since and until now, that I don't want to marry Hahn!"

"Ah, why are you being so difficult, sis?" I sighed.

"Is it so hard to believe that I wish to marry for love?"

"You know you never had the choice…"

"I know…"

At that, I kept quiet. Even I found it extremely unfair that our father made such a pact with Hahn's father. Katara lost her freedom even before she was brought into the world.


I followed the voice of my sister, finding the owner of it kneeling down on the white rug of polar bear fur, the sole of her boots resting under her backside, her gloved hands neatly folded atop the other. Katara had such graceful elegance, even without a mother to teach her all that. And in perfect contrast, she had such a feisty, fiery attitude that made her such an interesting complex contradiction.

By the flicker of the candlelight inside the lantern beside her, I noticed the beginning of tears forming in her eyes, giving a light shimmer across the mesmerizing crystal blue orbs.

"I don't want to give myself to Hahn…"

A thick ball formed in my throat, and I gulped it down to get rid of it. I didn't know what to say.

My sister, by then, let her tears fall, her hands covering her petite face, her sobs tugging at my heart. Sighing, helpless, I walked over to her, knelt before her, took her hands in mine, and as I witnessed the crystal blue orbs of hers being blurred by the sea of tears on the verge of falling, I felt a slight discomfort at seeing my sister in a different light.

Her eyes–the color of crystal ice, the most mesmerizing light hue of blue–had always been the most beautiful feature of her face, the most captivating, everyone had always commented. And in the darkness of my home, with just the candlelight to light up her face, her eyes were even more enchanting, as the dimness inside my tent was a magnificent contrast to the lightness of her eyes.

I've witnessed her tears fall hundreds of times before, and yet, on that night, in the dim light of my home, they seemed so much more… valuable. So much more… honest. Her emotions were always revealed in her eyes and along with her tears; they were always so… aside from being demonstrative, powerful and evocative. I could always tell what she was feeling. Maybe because I was her brother and we had this unspoken connection between us ever since she was born. But I loved how her eyes never lied to me. She always showed this certain vulnerability to me alone. To others, her eyes remained steadfast and resolute, beautiful in defiance, and never tear-filled.

I was blessed to have her true soul shown to me through the windows of her eyes. And now, as she cried before me, like she has done so many times before, I couldn't help but be touched by the truth in her tears.

Slowly, carefully, my hand lifted to tuck a stray strand of hair behind her ear. Her hair wasn't in her usual braid. I loved it when she kept her hair loose. The long waves of her dark brown hair artistically emphasized the shape of her face. Moving my palm to rest against her cheek, I caressed and brushed away a single tear with my thumb.

Moving closer to her body, both of us now up on our knees, I took her in my embrace, my hands stroking her hair as I placed a light kiss upon her forehead.

Oh, what I would do to give her the freedom she deserves.

Pulling away from each other just a little, I cupped her face and tilted it up to once again see the beauty of her eyes. How riveting.

Leaning my face down to hers, my mouth hovering slightly above her own, I could feel her breath upon my lips. How tempting her lips were.


How enticing her voice was, how… inviting…

Tracing the upward curve of her lips to the corner of her mouth with my thumb, I watched her eyes react to me. Her eyes grew wide at the intimate gesture, but slowly turned so… expectant. So… willing.

Putting my thumb on the center of her lips and lightly prodding, she gave in and parted her lips, giving my thumb the warm greeting of her tongue.

Not surprisingly, I felt a slight twitch awakening my manhood, which made guilt wash over me. And yet, despite that, I could only groan at the repeated licks my sister's tongue was gifting my thumb, her teeth sometimes capturing my finger.

Finally, as frustration was building up in me, I took my thumb away and crashed my lips down onto hers, my tongue immediately seeking hers, seeking that same attention she gave my finger.

Desire. I've never felt desire more than when I was kissing my own sister, her body slowly inching backwards until her legs moved from under her knees, her back finally hitting the softness of the bear rug, her arms around my neck pulling me along atop her body.

The sensation of her fingers enmeshing into my hair felt so… demanding.

Never in my life had I felt attracted to my sister… Not until that night. Sure, I noticed her body changing as she reached puberty, but Yue was already in my life when I was fourteen, and so took my attention away from my sister. But now, all I could see was her. My lovely little sister, Katara.

Who was now begging for more as my lips parted away from hers for us both to catch our breath.

"Sokka, please…"

Please what? What were we doing? She was my sister! I was married!

As her hands reached down my chest, traveling lower, further… I could feel myself harden.


Jerking my roaming hands away from her fully clothed body, I moved away, leaving her flushed on that bear rug, her chest heaving, her eyes wide, her lips…

I turned to look away, knowing it wasn't right to watch my sister while she was visibly in a state of arousal.

"I–I'm… sorry…"

Hearing her apologize was a kick to my stomach. What was she apologizing for? I was the one who…

I heard her shuffling about, and only turned to look at her when she was at the entrance of my tent, about to leave. Her back was to me, her face only slightly turned to the side as she said, "I'm sorry, Sokka. I shouldn't have…"

And that's when she ran out of my home.

In the aftershock, I barely noticed my wife coming in.

"Sokka? Is dinner ready?"

Shaking my thoughts away, I looked up to find my wife smiling at me.


Later that night, with what happened between us still so fresh in my mind, I made my way to my sister's tent.

She was already asleep on her cot.

Making my way over to where she lay, I watched her for a while, brushing stray strands of hair away from her face. She looked so at peace as she slept. I wondered if she was dreaming of something pleasant.

She looked so innocent, I couldn't help but smile. Always my little sis.

I leaned over to lightly place a kiss upon her forehead as I usually did when we were younger, but at the last minute, my lips moved down and landed upon hers.

"Good night, sis."

With that, she shifted onto her side, her face now facing my body. Along with her that moved was the fur blanket draped across her body. But finding what was underneath that thick fur froze me to my spot.

I noticed my little sister was only wearing a very thin piece of blue see-through clothing, a dress that only had two thin straps on her shoulders and reached just below the knee. The material was so thin that I could make out the outline of her body and see it. I gulped in nervousness as my eyes fell upon her bosom. The sheerness of the cloth showed her womanly curves and the hills upon her chest with those little peaks that were taut from the cold.

Since when did my sister start wearing such revealing nightly dresses? Such things were reserved for married females of our tribe, especially since they were traditionally worn without anything else underneath for easy access. When did she get these?

I swallowed. I could feel myself harden at the delectable sight before me. I couldn't believe my eyes. My fifteen-year-old sister had such an innocent face, and yet, her body was anything but.

With shaky hands, I reached out to the blanket, wanting to put it back across her body, to cover up the body that was tempting me. And yet, I didn't know what was happening as I dragged it even lower, removing it until she was completely uncovered by it.

Her breath hitched, the cold seemingly hitting her. Both her arms were still positioned on her side, her hands tuckered comfortably underneath her chin.

Now I could revel in the entirety of her veiled nakedness. From where the blanket now lay useless, my eyes wandered up to the brown skin of my sister. Starting from her feet, her dainty small feet, up her legs that had grown longer as she became taller each year, to the curve of her hip, until my gaze stayed glued to the V of her legs. Not much was visible for she had her leg across the other, blocking the view of what I now itched to see.

My breath became ragged and I slowly rested my palm against my hard self. Shutting my eyes close, I inhaled and exhaled. This was impossible.

I opened my eyes and continued to stare at my lovely sister, still in deep sleep.

Calming myself, I took the blanket and fully covered her with it.

Brushing away another strand of hair from her face, I cupped her cheek in my palm and planted a kiss upon her lips one last time.

"When did you become such a temptress, sis?" I whispered into the night before I left her tent.

That night, even after I made love to my wife, I dreamt of taking my sister in every way imaginable that a man would claim his woman.


Days passed, and my little sister didn't say one word to me since that night. On an overcast wintery night, Katara wasn't seen since morning, and it was already dark and late, so I went in search for her as I was the one assigned to keep her safe. It was my duty, but it was also something I did because I loved her. She was my family.

She never wandered too far from our tribe. I searched the place where we used to catch fish, the playground the little kids used, and the dock where our canoes, boats, and ships were anchored…

Nothing. Nowhere.

Becoming really worried as the sky darkened and snow started falling, I moved a little farther than what she usually traveled.

About ten minutes of walk, I spotted a little cave by the flicker of orange light inside. Fire. Someone was there.

As I neared the cave, I heard faint noises. By the time I reached the entrance to the cave, I ascertained the noises to be moans.

And there she was. Lying naked atop our tribe's outfit, her hands busily pleasuring herself. One hand palming her breast, the other's fingers deep inside her.

Almost dropping the lantern in my hand, I staggered forward into the warmth of the cave, and watched with incredulous eyes as my sister brought herself to ecstasy.

"Sokka… More, please…"

Eyes widening, I swallowed. What in the world…

"Ah… Yes, please… Don't stop… Sokka…"

Her moans tugged me into my hardened state in less than a minute.

She looked so irresistible. The dark brown waves of her hair splayed about, her naked body writhing above her clothes, her toes curling into them, her eyes shut in pleasure, her lips parted that let out labored breaths and loud moans, her fingers so busy…

She was already using two fingers inside her…

I almost choked from the anxiousness rising in my throat. I shouldn't be watching this… And yet… I wanted nothing more than to slam myself into my own sister at that moment.

Her moans grew louder. More… desperate.

She was nearing her high.

I was so entranced and captivated by the show I shouldn't be witnessing.

With one last moan, I watched her body shudder, her thighs clench her hand between her legs, her breathing evening out. Her eyes fluttered open, and as she noticed my shadow on the ceiling of the cave, she gasped out in surprise, sat up in such quick speed; I flinched from where I stood.


She hurriedly gathered her clothes into her hands and moved against the back of the cave. It almost seemed like she wished to vanish into it.


My voice came out like croak. Like I lost the ability of speech.

"Wh-What are you doing here, Sokka…"

I moved closer to her, knelt before her, my eyes gazing down at her nakedness that she was desperately trying to cover up.

Catching her hand in mine, I brought those fingers she used to pleasure herself up to my lips. Darting out my tongue, I felt a little disappointed that most of her liquid essence were wiped by the clothes she clung on to, but still a little satisfied by the taste that lingered on them. In a sort of frenzy, I took both her fingers into my mouth, sucking on it like a ravenous man who hasn't eaten in weeks.

Driven by hunger, I tugged her clothes away from her hands, throwing them around us, my hands prying her knees apart, my body slowly lowering onto the cold snow until my face was in front of the very thing I desired.

"Sokka, please… Don't…"

Her hands were atop my head, pushing me away, yet nothing could keep my mouth away from what it was starving for.

Letting my tongue sweep across her parted nether lips, her hands loosened as her fingers ran through my hair. Lowering my tongue to her private cavern, I gave it a lick. Ah, the taste I couldn't get enough of. As my tongue continued to lap at her, I quickly disposed of my winter gloves and slipped in one finger.

My sister's body tensed and she tightened up around my finger. Smiling to myself, I tugged my mouth away from her and slowly let my tongue travel upward to please that little nub that was the core of pleasure for a woman.

Her voice reached a pitch unbeknownst to me, and it pleased me to be the one to make these new noises even she didn't know she could produce come out.

As my finger inched deeper inside her, her body started to relax, and those moans I became acquainted with were back. With the assault of my finger, I continued eating her out. So wet from her previous play, I slid in another finger. She easily welcomed it without any resistance.

Slowly, I ushered my body to get up. Kneeling before her while she sat with her back to the wall of the cave, my fingers still busy with their steady ministrations, I watched her face.

What beautiful reactions she was gifting me. Her half-closed eyes, eyelids fluttering, her long eyelashes batting up and down, her lips parted, making those enticing sounds of pleasure…

With a satisfied grin, I brought my lips down onto hers, her mouth immediately giving me a fine welcome as her tongue met mine. Her hands gripped onto my shoulders tightly, her fingers gripping the thick material of my coat.

Parting from her lips, I lowered my head and captured her breast into my mouth. Her hands were back atop my head, her fingers gliding smoothly through my hair until her hand arrived at the band that kept my hair in my usual warrior's wolf tail hairstyle.

Tugging on it until my hair fell loose down the sides of my face, my sister then smiled down at me, cupped my cheeks in her palms and pulled my lips to her.

"I like it more this way," she whispered before pushing her tongue back into my mouth.

Wanting to continue my journey, I left her lips and traveled back down, but I took my time. I kissed her neck, explored each side, licked and tasted the sweat of her skin despite the cold weather, until I reached the other breast I haven't gotten to.

Darting my tongue across the hardened peak, I felt my sister's body arch towards me, requesting for more. Smiling to myself, I continued to tease the little peak with licks, sometimes pulling on it with my teeth, before taking her whole mound into my mouth, my tongue swirling against that taut little nipple.


My sister's breathing changed, and so did her moans. The same way it sounded before she reached her end. She was close.

I shuffled my body downwards and moved my mouth back down to her. Helping her along, I rubbed the little nub above her parted nether lips with my thumb as my two fingers quickened and then stayed in that fast pace, going as deep as possible.

"Sokka… Sokka…"

Her pleas were filled with my name. I could sense and feel her desperate need for release.

"Come for me, sis… Come… Let go…"

And there it was. Her much-needed release. Her whole body shuddered, her hands were on my head, almost shoving me further down, her fingers clutching my hair, her thighs clenching up as she did a few minutes earlier, though now the sides of my head was the one being trapped as she coated my fingers with her release, mixed with the wetness from her arousal.

My goodness… What a delight to have my sister come all over my fingers.

Slowly withdrawing them, I took them up to my lips and tasted her essence yet again. I couldn't believe how delectable she was. She tasted so… heavenly. I was insatiable for that liquid essence of hers.

Bringing my fingers up to her lips, she took them into her mouth, sucking on it like she would if she were to…

Shaking that thought from my mind before it went any further; I plopped down before her, my legs apart, my hands behind me as I rested with my head leaned back.

I needed to calm myself down before we could walk back to the tribe.

My mind swirled in a haze. Everything seemed so surreal. Did I really just pleasure my sister into ecstasy with my fingers?

All of a sudden, my body tensed as it felt a hand against my…

My eyes opened in surprise. "Katara, don't!"


She was rubbing. Rubbing. Oh, no.

Taking a sharp inhale, I tried so desperately to calm myself down.

Clutching her hand, then pulling it away from my hardened state, I stared into piercing eyes that were pleading.

"Katara, we shouldn't…"

"You just brought me to my high, Sokka… Why can't I do the same for you…?"

There was that innocence again. I couldn't help but wonder if my sister was really innocent or if she was a temptress.

"Please, Sokka…"

Her hand was back atop it, and I couldn't help but groan, letting my head fall back once again.

This was a bad idea. A really bad idea.

Jerking away from her touch, I stood up in haste. "Katara, don't."

I swept a hand across my face, exhaling in frustration. I couldn't let her do this. I didn't want it to end up where it could end up. We couldn't cross that line.

And yet, I was still throbbing within the confines of my clothes. I was desperate for my own release.

Thinking of something to say, I choked out, "We should get back. Our tribe is worried about you. You've been gone since this morning."

"We can't go."

Turning to face my sister who I hadn't noticed was dressing up, I asked, "Why not?"

"Look outside."

The snow that fell while I was searching for my sister had turned into a full-blown snowstorm. We were stranded until it passed.

As soon as my sister was fully clothed, she huddled closer to the fire and held her palms towards it for warmth.

Looking at her, seeing that innocence once again, I smiled. I was returning back to my normal state. I was glad.

Taking my seat beside her, I, too, held my hands towards the fire. My little sister rested her head on my shoulder, and not long after, she was asleep. It was only then that I noticed she brought a bag with her. Leaning her against the wall of the cave, I rummaged around and found two thick blankets. I spread out one across the cold terrain, laid her upon it and covered her with the other. I also found a jug of water and some nuts to chew on. 'She came prepared,' I thought, smiling to myself.

Sometime later, I fell asleep right beside her. I should've known then that that wasn't a good idea.


The warm mouth capturing my hard member and releasing it repeatedly woke me up. Of course I knew right away what was happening. I looked down at the beautiful brown hair that kept the face of my sister blocked.

I immediately sat up as my eyes adjusted to my wakened state. "Katara!"

Grasping her chin to tilt up her face away from my hard self, I tried forming words but the look on her face just completely stunned me. I couldn't explain nor comprehend how the face of my innocent sister always changed to that of a confident seductress with such certain determination in her eyes that gave in to her lustful desires. When did she become this way?

Giving me a smirk that I never saw before, after figuring I couldn't find words to utter, she lowered her lips to the fingers that still captured her chin and swiftly took them into her mouth, earning her a groan from me as she transitioned so quickly from them back to my erect member.

Throwing all thoughts of arguing to make her stop, I let my sister continue her obvious want to do such a thing. I noticed she simply tugged down my pants and the thinner, shorter pants underneath used as underwear for guys, but didn't fully remove them, making me realize all she wanted was quick access. I realized as well that she was fully clothed. For that, I was a little grateful. I thought to myself that I wouldn't have been able to stop myself from breaking her barrier if she were to show me her naked self while my member was outside of its confines.

My sister's hand was gripping my base firmly, stroking me in perfect rhythm to her lips sucking me in. Her eyes darted up to meet mine and the sight of her cheeks hallowing every time she'd suck down on me hard moved me closer to the edge of my climax. I couldn't believe I was watching my sister do this to me.

Her mouth left my member as her hand did its job for a while, her tongue darting out to lick the tip. Sucking in my breath and groaning at the slow tease of her licks and craving for more, my fingers twined into her locks and with a little push downward, I guided her mouth to take my fullness in once more.

Her hands gripped my thighs for support as she took in every inch of me that she could. It felt unbearably pleasurable as my sister sucked me into her mouth while at the same time her tongue licked the underside of my erection.

I wondered for a split second where she practiced to pleasure a man orally. But the sound of her gagging gave me a startle. That sound was just… so arousing.

Cupping her cheek and lightly lifting her face upward, she looked up at me, the tip of my member enclosed by her lips, waiting for me to say something. Her mouth withdrew, and I stared for a while as her ragged breaths slowed down.

She gifted me the smile of the innocent sister I knew before she dropped her head low, taking me in once more as deep as she could.

The pace of her mouth suddenly changed to a faster speed and I knew she was urging me to come. With the steady fast pace and the constant gag I heard every time she reached down deep, it was impossible for me to keep it in.

Cursing inwardly, I lifted both my hands to rest on top of her head, my fingers slowly grasping strands of her hair to guide her back up and down, making sure she kept her pace and taking all that she could of me.


The pleasure heard in her moans while she sucked on me just added to every satisfying feeling I was receiving. As soon as I knew I'd blow, I kept her head down, her lips enclosing the base of my manhood, the inside of her mouth receiving the warm liquid that I shot out.

Keeping still, my sister stayed put until she felt the last shots spurt into her mouth before finally withdrawing. By the time she sat back up and met my eyes, she was already wiping the corners of her mouth, taking the little amount that escaped back into her mouth.

I gulped at the thought of my sister swallowing my seed. This was all so unbelievable.

Feeling weakened from my release, I laid back down, my member slowly going back to its normal state.

I knew my sister and I had to talk.

After a few minutes of staring at the ceiling of the cave, pondering how exactly I'd start a conversation that I knew would be awkward, I sat back up, tugging up on both pants. As soon as I was fully clothed, I stood up, but finding my sister sitting against the back of the cave, her arms around her knees that she pulled up to her chest, her chin resting upon her knees, her eyes downward left me stunned to my spot.

"Are you angry at me?" Her voice was a bare whisper, but I could tell she was on the verge of crying.

"Of course I'm not… But…"

My sister lifted up her hands to her face and hid behind them. "I'm so sorry…"

"Katara… Please stop apologizing…"

I stepped closer to where she was huddled, but she wouldn't look up.

"Hey… Come on…"

Reaching down, I brushed my hand against hers before slowly taking it in mine. I knew she knew I wanted her to stand up. And she did. But even when she was finally standing in front of me, she never lifted her eyes to mine.

"Katara…" Brushing her cold cheek with my thumb then letting my palm give her some warmth, I sighed. "You know I can't love you more than as a sister."

Her eyes were shut closed so tightly, her lips were trembling. The sight of it was breaking me. I did wish to love her more. But this wasn't something we should be doing.

"It's you I've always wanted…" My sister looked up at me, her cold hand touching mine that still caressed her cheek. "I hated how your attention turned to Yue when she entered your life."

Ah, yes. A neighboring southern water tribe was forced to move away from their settlement due to a huge ice glacier suddenly blocking their way to a source of food. We welcomed them in, of course. That neighboring southern water tribe was where Yue was from. I fell for her right away. What drew my eyes to her in an instant was her long black hair. It reminded me of the only thing I remembered about my mother. I barely remembered her face, but always had the memory of long black hair.

I smiled at what my sister said, but I countered in reply, "I think it was good that Yue distracted me from you, Katara. If it weren't for her, we'd be… way past… this…" I reluctantly removed my hand from her cheek, removing hers from mine. "Which we both know can't happen."

"It's not fair…"

"What's not fair?"

"That you found someone to love. While I have to marry someone I don't."

Not knowing what to say any longer, I simply cupped her cheeks and pressed my lips to hers, both of us just staying still that way.

Reaching down to her waist, I wrapped my arms about her and kept her in my embrace as I kissed her cheek and whispered into her ear all the helplessness I felt, "I am so sorry I can't do anything about it…"

Her hands lifted up to caress both my cheeks and slightly pull my face away from hers so she could look at me. With her eyebrows bent in distress, she shook her head, not wanting me to feel bad. Then my sister lovingly brushed away the wavy strands of my hair that blocked my cheeks to completely examine the desolate look on my face. The band to tie my hair was still lying somewhere in the cave. I didn't mind. She did say she preferred my hair this way.

Sighing, I closed my eyes and leaned my forehead against hers and simply reveled in her presence. To have her this close to me, wrapped up in my embrace, her hands warming my cheeks, I felt unquestionably contented, no matter how complicated the circumstances.

"I love you."

My eyes opened as my ears heard those uttered words that suddenly carried more weight than when she told it to me when we were children. So much more meaning to those words once we grow up…


With desolation in her voice, she whispered, "I know…"

And right then, my sister cried in my arms for the love she knew I could never give her.


~to be continued~

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Chapter Two: More Than Siblings