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~Chapter Two~

More Than Siblings

Seeing that the snowstorm also affected our tribe, we didn't have to explain much as to why Katara and I were back only the next morning.

In the following days, we desperately tried staying away from each other, but doing so was an absolute challenge. After two weeks of resisting seeing her while she was alone in her tent, I finally burst into her home one night and just got between her legs to taste her once again. I was going insane for her essence. I couldn't tell if her being my sister was what made her so much more appealing to my palate, because I couldn't comprehend how my wife's taste couldn't compare to that of my sister.

She immediately awoke as she felt my tongue on her, and she started to protest but it came out in whimpers and later turned into moans. We both knew we couldn't make much noise. Tents didn't provide much privacy when it came to sound. And the only way a person wouldn't barge in was whenever we placed a sizable rock on the two flaps of the entrance on the ground, keeping it weighted down and sure not to fly open, which was a sign to not bother the inhabitants inside.

As I took my time pleasuring my sister and rejoicing in getting to taste her again, my hands reached up to knead her breasts in my palms. The soft thin material of her night dress wasn't much of a cover, but in my need to feel the smooth skin of my sister; my eager and impatient hands tore on the fabric until it fell into scraps.

Reaching up once again, I began palming those mounds with the taut peaks aching for attention. Pinching them between my fingers made my sister emit a loud moan and I saw a glimpse of her hand as she reached up to shush herself. I couldn't help but smile at that. I just wish we didn't have to suppress our sounds of pleasure.

Her hands lowered and as soon as I felt her fingers enmesh in my hair, I felt encouraged to bring her to her ecstasy.


Her legs spread wider and she started grinding her hips, wanting more from my tongue and mouth, begging for more with the gracious access she was granting me. What a bold and lovely reaction from my sister. Sliding my hands down from the shapely mounds to the fine curve of her stomach, I felt her body slightly quiver as soon as my fingers grazed her navel. How sensitive she was to my touch…

Reluctantly moving away from her taste so I could watch the display of arousal on her face, I let my left palm rest against her inner thigh, while I let the other hand glide down past the sensitive bundle of nerves until a probing finger knocked for permission at her dripping entrance.


I wonder how long I could tease her. Keeping the finger against the little entryway, tapping against it repeatedly, I didn't give in to my sister's pleas. Her whole body now was writhing, clearly needing more friction in her very center.

"Sokka, please!"

A smirk planted itself upon my lips as I heard the sexual frustration in her voice. "Come on, sis. You want it? Get it."

Katara immediately propped herself up on her elbows and her eyes bore into mine. I knew she knew what I wanted her to do. My finger was simply waiting. And so, she pushed her body slightly down her cot, until finally she was rewarded with the sensation of penetration. Her body immediately fell back onto the bed but her hips continued its back and forth motion against my finger.

Satisfied with her compliance, I added a second. Her moan she gifted me was quite a loud one. By then, the swelling hardness contained within the confines of my pants was unbearable. While my busy fingers pleasured my sister, I started stroking myself with my left hand. She really was something else. I've never felt this degree of arousal before.

And I still couldn't wrap my head around the fact that we were in this kind of situation. It crossed my mind then that once the sexual aspect in a relationship started; it was really difficult to stop.

Latching my mouth onto the little nub of pleasure while continuously penetrating her cavern with my two fingers, I listened to my sister's voice, listened closely to all her reactions. As my tongue flicked over her taut little bud repeatedly, with the help of the steady rhythm of my fingers, she finally let herself go.

The way she trapped my fingers with the tight grip of her incoming high, the way her body tensed up as she was closing in on her climax, the way her body would breathe a sigh of relief after she came back down–those were things my mind right away stored to never be forgotten.

It was such a beautiful experience–to watch her and feel her experience sexual satisfaction through my help.

As she laid there, her breathing evening out, the heaving of her chest slowing down, I watched in complete astonishment how much of a woman my sister already was. And the sight made me both proud and didn't help the state of my arousal.

She slowly sat up, leaned forward to me, and placed her lips upon mine.

"I love you…" were the words she whispered before she deepened the kiss, slanting her mouth over mine, urging me to welcome her tongue in. And so I did. Why would I ever reject her?

Her hands roamed from my cheeks, my neck, my shoulders, to my chest. She successfully got me out of my thick sweater, her mouth then kissing every naked inch she managed to uncover. When her hand finally strayed to the throbbing manhood beneath my pants, she asked me to stand by the edge of her cot. And so I did.

Watching her get on her hands and knees elicited a throb, one that felt like a happy nod from my member, and I almost couldn't contain my excitement. My sister rested a single hand upon it, and from that alone, I already felt like I could burn every other clothing I still had left on from the heat that was emanating from my erection. It was eager to be free.

Both her hands grasped at it and her mouth soon followed. The outline of my member was clear, from the way it strained painfully against its confines. Watching my sister's hovering hands and mouth over my clothed shaft made me insane with impatience.


"Hmmm?" She smiled up at me so sweetly and innocently.

Taking her hand, I slid it inside and guided it to what needed direct attention.

"Impatient, are we?"

"No. Frustrated, yes. So, please, sis."

"I think I like it when you beg."

"Well, please, don't make me beg."

My sister finally slid down both my pants and underwear in one tug, revealing my naked self to her. She gently took it in both her hands, her lips lightly against it. They parted slightly and her tongue darted out for one lick to the tip. The sigh upon my lips was unmistakable. It was all about pleasure.

That lick from base to tip, she repeated until finally her mouth enclosed over the tip, her lips finally descending over the entirety of my member, and I couldn't help but groan out loud at that. Her hands were now clutching onto the edge of her cot, while her lips graciously embraced my manhood on its own, her tongue expertly flicking over the underside.


Reaching down, the fingers of my hand entangling in the long brown waves of her hair, I wanted to feel the motion of her head going back and forth.


Hearing her try to speak with her mouth full of me was really quite arousing.

I felt the grip of her hand that started stroking alongside her continuous bobbing on my member. Her other hand lightly massaged my sacs, and with it, I could feel myself edging closer to my limit.

Her mouth released my member but her hand didn't stop. Lips travelled downward, licking, tasting, until she replaced the hand massaging my sacs with her mouth. Now both hands were on top of one another, stroking, while a thumb sometimes flicked over the head of my member. With all those sensations of her mouth, her tongue, her hands, and her thumb, I really was on the verge of release.

But then, all of a sudden, nothing. I was left with the feeling of nothing. Opening my eyes, I looked down. My sister was wearing a smirk on her face.

"My turn to tease you."

Darting her tongue out, she flicked it over the tip, then swirled her tongue around the head again and again. My legs were starting to get restless. My hips simply wanted to jerk forward, to shove my entire self into my sister's mouth without warning, to finally get pleasured on a whole once more.

Her hands against my thighs prevented that from happening. And so, I took hold of the sides of her head and finally pushed her mouth onto me, urging her to take every inch of me inside. The suddenness unmistakably took Katara by surprise; I saw it as she turned her eyes up to me with her mouth still full. But I saw and felt the little smile that formed on her lips before she went back to giving me full pleasure.

The way she let me guide her speed on my member, I would never forget. She allowed me to go at my pace, and no matter the haste or the slowness, she coped right away. She was so willing and eager to please me. I couldn't deny that I was absolutely satisfied as she opened her mouth for the destination of my release.

To see my seed splash upon her face, her lips covered by the white liquid, my essence basically being swallowed by my sister–how satisfying that was, I could never explain.


As I laid beside my sister, both of us now fully clothed, I turned my body to face hers. Lifting my hand to her cheek, I felt the cold skin begin to warm under my touch. Her eyes were staring into my own. And I could see the satisfaction in her smile. I couldn't help but smile back at her. How lovely she looked.

Questions that still lingered in my mind were then finally asked. "When did you get these nightly dresses, Katara? You aren't even formally betrothed yet."

"I made them myself. I wanted to know how I'd look on my wedding night."

My thumb caressed her cheek repeatedly as I spoke, "I feel honored to be the first to see you in these."

She suddenly leaned her head down to my chest, and there, buried, she was protected in my embrace as my arm automatically wrapped around her lithe body, my hand landing protectively on top of her head.

"I wish it was you who'd see me in one on my wedding night."

Leaning down, I planted a kiss upon her forehead. "How I wish…"

As we laid there in silence, I once again felt content. This contentment with my sister was such a wondrous feeling. I never wanted it to end.



"How did you know how to pleasure me?"

I heard her hearty chuckle before she answered, "Well, you know how our elders teach both boys and girls what happens during one's copulation? They only use drawings to show us. So… I made myself a phallic figure that I can touch."

I blinked in surprise, not really knowing what she meant. A phallic… figure?

It was apparent that I was clueless as to what she was talking about because she gave out another light chuckle.

She got up from the cot and walked a few steps away from me. When she turned back around, she was holding a rectangular wooden box. She knelt before the cot and placed the box beside me. I sat up, quite curious with what she meant.

As she opened it, out she produced the male organ made out of ice. It dawned on me that she sculpted this with her waterbending. It was crystal clear, and quite the exact image of what a male organ looked like.

Astonished, I inquired, "You've used this on yourself?"


"Doesn't it ever melt?"

"Here? In the South Pole? I don't think so," she humorously replied.

I raised my eyebrow at her wittiness and clarified myself, "When it's inside you."

My sister gave me another sweet giggle before she answered, "You forget I control water, brother."

Turning serious, I asked, "Will you show me one time?"

Mirroring me, she asked in all seriousness, "Do you want to see me use it?" I knew she was open to the suggestion. I could hear the subtle seduction in her voice.

"I want to watch you use it."

By then, the air was thick with arousal once more. The thought alone of seeing my sister be penetrated by that made me burst with eagerness to learn more about her pleasure. I knew she felt it, too. For her lips were begging to be kissed, her nipples behind the thin layer of her night dress hardened, and her very core gave off the sweet scent of her nectar.

And so, I gave in. I leaned down; she reached up, our lips finally meeting again. Tongues didn't waste time. But this time, they were more eager. They wanted more. There was greed, gluttony, and lust in our sexual desires for each other.


Immediately parting from each other at the sound of the voice, we both froze in our spots. Of course we'd recognize that voice. My wife's.

Putting a finger to my lips as my sister's horrified look stared at me; I tried calming her down as I smiled gently at her. If we didn't make a noise, Yue would leave. There was no sign that Katara was still awake, after all, since there was no candle burning inside her lantern. Only the moonlight helped us see each other.

My wife must've woken up and noticed I wasn't in our tent, and now was looking for me.

We waited in silence and watched Yue's shadow move away from the tent. I was hoping Yue would go back to our home. I'd have to give her a reason why I wasn't there when she woke up. Nature's call, perhaps?

"Sokka…" Katara was worried; it was apparent in her voice. As for myself, I let out a breath of relief when Yue's body was visibly gone from the front of the tent.

"It's fine… Come here…"

My sister put the box under her cot, and then went up on the bed to lie down next to me. With her pressed against my body, her face buried in my sweater, her hand clinging onto it as well, I noticed how afraid she must've been to be found out by my wife tonight. I could feel her heart beating erratically. Tightening my arm around her waist, I pulled her in even closer, wanting nothing but to protect this young woman in my arms.

"Go to sleep, sis…"

Sitting up a bit to pull the blanket over us, I reached over and covered both of us. At the soft sensation and the warmth the blanket gave, Katara closed her eyes, and she fell asleep almost instantly as soon as I kissed her forehead.


Though it was quite difficult, we were able to stay away from each other until the moon completed a full cycle. One whole month. We simply watched each other from afar. Glances, glimpses–we took every opportunity to catch the sight of each other.

Since we lived in the South Pole, we had resources coming from the other kingdoms four times a year. We received fruits, vegetables, and herbs from the Earth kingdom, coal, wood, and matches from the Fire Nation, and special trinkets and ornaments from the Air Nomads that could be used for mere entertainment. In return, we provided them with underwater delicatessen.

This trading system was part of the peace that the Avatar managed to use to unite the four nations after years of warring while the Avatar was still being reborn into the Air Nomads.

During delivery day, I was always part of the receivers. I was a soldier in my tribe, after all. Unfortunately, so was Hahn, my sister's soon-to-be husband.

While I was going through the basket that contained the fruits, I could see from the corner of my eye that he was flirting with the girl from the Earth kingdom who came as the representative who was in charge to ensure the goods were properly delivered and received.

Rifling through the basket, I came upon several passion fruits, and I immediately smiled. My sister loved passion fruits. It'd be a nice surprise if I visit her tonight with one.

Carrying the basket, I brought it to the storage where all our food was kept. Once inside the largest tent in our tribe, I looked around. It was then that I noticed in the basket full of herbs that there was a stray flower with pink petals that got mixed in. I knew right then that I'd have something to give my sister that night.

Once all the delivery was carefully put away, I had to stand guard and watch the ships leave our dock, ensuring that they had a safe departure.

Leaving the dock, I heard loud laughter coming from the playground. It must be break time for the children. Since my sister was already a teacher to the little ones, I knew she would be with the children at the playground. And so I went over to where the ringing laughter originated.

I maintained a certain distance while I watched my sister play with some of the children. She looked so lovely as she carried a little girl up in her arms. The girl immediately wrapped her arms around my sister's neck, laughing aloud.

One of the boys was throwing snowballs around, and when another boy got hit, Katara immediately turned to see who was crying. She slightly scolded the boy and told him to be a little bit more careful because it could be painful to others. Then she took the crying boy up in her arms, patted his head and told him that the pain will go away soon.

I felt so proud of her. She's always been so good with children ever since she started taking care of me when our mother died. I couldn't believe how grown-up she already was. She was so much like a mother already.

Memories came flooding in of those times I caught a fever, and she tended to me day and night. Or those times I hurt myself while hunting for food. She'd heal my wounds so carefully. I really wouldn't know where I would be without her.

After our mother died, I was inconsolable, just like our father. It was Katara who took over everything our mother was in charge of. Washing our clothes, cooking, helping me with my studies, making sure our father ate. She became so mature at such a young age. I could barely remember if she even cried when our mother died. I remembered her clamming up all of a sudden at our mother's death, and she seemed stoic ever since. Whenever someone would ask her how she was doing, she'd simply smile. It was only years later when she finally broke down and only to me that she showed her tears.

Hearing the bell that marked the end of the break time of the children, I went to the bonfire in the center of our tribe, making sure the fire wasn't going out. We always kept this fire alive during the day for anyone who wanted to feel the warmth emanating from it.

The roaring laughter of the children inched closer to where I was standing, and I knew, soon, I'd see my sister from a closer distance. I watched the children going into the second largest tent, which was the school, and when my sister came into view, right before she herself entered, she looked my way and smiled at me.

Such a beautiful smile. I loved seeing that smile.


With the passion fruit in one hand, and the pink flower in the other, I made my way to my sister's tent when the moon was at its highest and everyone's tent inside was dark.

As I entered her tent, I was greeted with an empty cot. All that was there was a scroll that was rolled out, and on it, the message 'Meet me where you first saw me' was written.

Smiling to myself, I took the note and made my way to the cave where I first witnessed my sister engaging in her sexuality with absolute abandon. To keep the passion fruit and the flower from the strong chilly wind and the falling snow, I kept them safely in the pocket of my winter coat alongside the note.

The falling snow was gentle tonight. And the light of the moon guided me on my way to find the cave. Sure enough, a fire was already made by Katara. As I stood at the entrance of the cave, I silently observed the sleeping figure of my sister. She was lying on top of two thick blankets, wearing her nightly dress once again, and she had her winter coat over her upper body and another blanket to cover her more fully.

She was deep in sleep. I didn't want to wake her.

Not being able to withstand being so far away from her, I removed my winter coat, placed it down carefully so the fruit and the flower wouldn't be squashed, and slowly slipped in beneath the blanket and wrapped my arm around my sister's waist, pulling her close to me. Almost instantaneously, she snuggled up to my chest, definitely liking the warmth I was giving her. I smiled at that. And then, without really meaning to, I fell asleep after a few minutes.


The very first sight I saw when I opened my eyes was the smiling face of my sister. I couldn't help but smile back.

"You're here…" she whispered, the warmth of her palm pressed against my cheek.

"Of course I'm here," I muttered back, still waking up to reality. "How long have you been awake?"

"About half an hour. I've just been watching you sleep."

My eyes closed again, still feeling a little groggy. "Hmm. That's what I did, too, when I got here."

I felt my sister shuffle closer to me, and when she lightly kissed my lips, I couldn't control my happiness forming into a smile. "What a perfect way to be woken up."

Her sweet giggle lightened my heart. To hear her happy, see her happy, to feel that she was happy–triggered my own happiness.

"I have a surprise for you."


Sitting up, I reached for my winter coat and from inside the pocket, I produced the passion fruit. I turned around to find my sister now also sitting up, and as I held out the fruit, her eyes immediately widened.

"I know how much you love passion fruits, and how disappointed you were that they weren't part of the previous delivery… So…"

"Thank you so much!" Her smile was so wide and I could tell she really was excited about the prospect of having passion fruits the next few months.

She cupped the fruit in both her hands, lifted it to her mouth and took a bite. Relishing the first bite, savoring both the sweetness and the sourness of it, she closed her eyes and took her time to taste it in her mouth, chewing slowly before swallowing it.

"I love it so much," she whispered. "Would you like a bite?" she then offered me.

"I'd love one."

But instead of offering me the fruit, she took another bite, held the piece of fruit between her teeth, and moved closer for my lips to take it. Opening my mouth, clamping my teeth down on the fruit, I sucked it in.

She watched me closely as I chewed and swallowed, and as soon as I did, she straddled my lap, wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her lips against mine. Lips parted, tongues met, and the tangy flavor of the fruit was exchanged between us. I couldn't help myself from hardening at the sensuous exchange.

The taste of her tongue and her lips mixed with the tanginess of the fruit was a new and foreign thing to me, something that gave me a different excitement with this newness. I could tell she enjoyed it as well as she fed me another piece through the same method, but this time, while she still had the piece of fruit between her teeth, I already leaned in, our lips parting open for me to receive it, and her tongue sliding into my mouth alongside it.

Having both the fruit and her tongue in my mouth as our lips meshed and parted just to meet again, it really was enough for me to get aroused, and I could tell that I wasn't the only one. The thin material of her night dress didn't cover up her nipples that were tautening as they repeatedly pressed against my chest nor did it cover up the warmth of her core as she started grinding against me.

My hands landed on her naked thighs, then upwards to her slim waist, moving their way up to her breasts. Kneading them in my palms as we still kept our tongues engaged in their sensual interplay, I knew my sister was aching for more. And so I slid the straps of her dress off her shoulders, pulling it down until her breasts were finally free. My fingers immediately sought the perky nipples to pinch them, and when they were successful, my sister moaned into my mouth.

Repeating it and lightly pulling, my sister finally disentangled herself from my lips and stared at me, her mouth parted, her heavy panting against my lips, and by then, she was already marking my pants with her arousal. Inwardly smirking, I slid one hand down between her legs and made one finger enter her without warning. The gasp that escaped her lips was a delight to see. She was now moaning so close to my face, and her breathing was ragged. I heard the soft plop of the passion fruit as it fell onto the blanket, my sister's hands now clutching onto my shoulders.

As I slid another finger, her fingers wound their way through my hair; her face was now buried on my shoulder. A pleasant surprise crossed me as I felt her teeth sink into the side of my neck, which made me inadvertently groan. Her tongue followed soon after, soothing the bite.

When she placed her lips against my ear, and I could hear her moaning right into it, I was at the peak of my frustration. I needed release. She was biting on my earlobe as she continued riding my fingers, her whimpers, pleas, and moans going directly into my ear, sending me to my edge even without having any ministrations done on my member, just merely feeling the heat of her very center dripping down my fingers and onto the tent in my pants.

Suddenly, my sister pushed her upper body away from mine, and she let her hands fall into the space between my legs, her hands falling behind her, her body now leaning back. From this view, I could see the exact shape and size of her breasts, the erect nipples pointed up, and her flat stomach that was partially covered with the thin blue material of her night dress, and see how she moved her hips back and forth to keep my fingers within her. And from here, the sight of her core, the entirety of what she was offering to me, was clear, glistening, and swollen from her arousal.

This position made it seem like I was already thrusting inside of her, as right in front of the tip of my manhood, there my fingers were. She was pulling herself away and then pushing herself back onto my fingers, almost like she was pushing herself onto me. My erection was eager to replace the fingers, and I could've easily given what it sought out, but that was a line I wasn't prepared to cross.

But oh how badly I wanted to just pull down these confinements and slam myself into that tightness that was engulfing my fingers, covering it in the liquid sweetness of my sister.

I reached my other hand across the plane of her stomach, moving it upward, cupping in my palm the mound that was so soft in comparison to the hard peak that my fingers sought out to pinch. Her lips beautifully parted and she elicited such a tantalizing mix of a whimper and a moan.

I couldn't take it. Pushing my body forward onto hers, her back being cushioned by the softness of the two blankets underneath from my action, she was now underneath me, my hand still between her thighs, my fingers still deep inside her continuing their ministrations, while my mouth latched onto her breast, my teeth nibbling on the erect and aching nipple.

I was on my knees, my manhood poking her thigh, begging me to release it from its confines. My sister's arms wound around my neck, her fingers finding their way to my hair that I now kept loose ever since she told me she preferred it this way.

Suddenly, I felt one of her hands rub my swollen member. Her hand expertly slid inside my pants and the feeling of her hand touching the naked skin of my erection made me sigh in relief against her breast.

Disappointment crossed me as her hand vanished and moved upward, pushing my sweater upwards. Getting the hint, I hurriedly threw it over my head and leaned back down to knead her breasts in my palms and repeatedly flick an erect nipple with my tongue.

Now both her hands were inside and down my pants, both her hands holding my staff, rubbing back and forth. I moved my mouth upwards, while I kept palming her breasts and playing with her nipples, until my lips latched onto the side of her neck, sucking, my tongue licking to help out, desperate to create a mark on her.

While I was busy marking my sister, her hands successfully pushed down my pants until my member was fully free and now imprisoned in her hands. It was so close to her entrance, it took all my strength not to plunge into her depths.

Finally releasing the skin I've been violating from my lips, I looked at my creation. That red spot would last a few days, and I liked the thought of it. My sister being marked by none other but me.

My lips then found hers, and with our bodies aligned, the tip of my member was now snugly fitted between her labia. Katara liked the sensation, with the way she moaned into my mouth as our tongues twined in their sensual dance, and so, I repeatedly slid myself between her parted nether lips. Just a little lower and I'd find her treasure.

Her hands were now once again around my neck, our bodies now slick with sweat, and my member slick with her wetness.

"Sokka… You're so close to me…" she got out between ragged breaths.

I really was. This was the closest I got to her sacredness. It was extremely hard for me to not just dive into her, which in one push would be so easy to do.

"Lie back down, Sokka…"

Hesitant to part my body away from hers, I slowly did her bidding, but I discarded every other clothing on me quite hurriedly. I was on my back, fully naked, not one second when she straddled me. I noticed when I looked up at her body, she was also completely naked, her nightly dress gone from her waist.

My member was right in front of her center, and when she leaned her body down, it was once again snuggly fitted in the embrace of her labia. I realized she had the control in this position, which was probably a good idea for I wasn't sure whether I had enough self-control when it came to my sister.

She started grinding back and forth on it, and I could feel her extreme wetness coating me. The warm, soppy flesh trapping my shaft between our bodies felt incredibly fascinating despite its work of imprisonment on me.

Breaking the rhythm of back and forth, my sister started humping on it. I couldn't help groaning from the gentle roughness she was adding. I was already inwardly cursing from the pleasure.


My sister and I locked eyes as she continued her delicious treatment upon my shaft. I tapped the side of her thigh, urging her to give me her sweetness. She knew what I meant. And I could tell she was embarrassed as to what I was asking of her. She was biting her lip in hesitance and the pink blush on her cheeks made me realize she was unsure of the position, for it seemed quite bold.

"I want it, sis."

With a slight nod, she lifted her body off of mine and moved back to kneeling beside me. The feeling of loss was felt by my member as it received freedom from the captive flesh of my sister, but it was soon to feel another kind of pleasure.

I knew she was still reluctant, so I sat up, caressed her cheek and kissed her lips. She met my tongue with eagerness, and I could tell all she needed was a little push and encouragement from me.

"I want you over my face, sis."

My words managed to make my sister even more flushed and watching her purse her lips in both excitement and hesitance made me throb. I laid back down, and slowly, carefully, hesitantly, my sister positioned her legs on either side of my head then lowered herself onto my face.

Her scent drove me wild. Seeing her from under here made me so hard. She was completely wet. Grabbing a hold onto the back of her thighs, I darted my tongue out to lick her. One lick caused my sister to gasp in surprise, and I felt her legs already slightly shudder. As I continued with short licks, her upper body rested down against my lower torso, and her hands finally wrapped my staff in its soft capture.

Her mouth followed soon thereafter, and the sensation edged me closer to my limit. The slow dart of her tongue from the base of my shaft to its tip was excruciatingly pleasurable. And when her lips enclosed the tip and her mouth moved down, taking much of me inside, all I could do was groan and hitch a breath. I never cussed aloud, but I almost did so as my sister sucked me into her mouth.

I tried keeping her pleasured in return, which my sister was making difficult for her every ministration upon my member caused me to part my mouth away from her precious flower as my head would fall back down from the pleasure.

Lifting my head back up, I took in the heady scent of her essence and drowned in it. I listened and felt her mild reactions before driving my tongue inside her, at which she moaned, the vibration in her mouth adding a tingling sensation on my shaft that inched me closer to climax.

All of a sudden it became a battle, trying to see who would reach their peak first. I sensed her wild eagerness with the way she barely took a pause, took a breath, as she repeatedly bobbed her head upon my member. The feel of her mouth tightened around me and it was insanely irresistible. It took way more self-control than I ever needed my entire life for me not to come.

Returning the same fervor my sister released upon my shaft, I continued tasting my sister with the same zeal as my tongue flicked over her, catching the dripping wetness she couldn't control. Switching sometimes to dipping my tongue in and out of her core, to which she did her best not to release my member from the embrace of her lips as her moans echoed in her full mouth, I was quite certain of her impending high.

As my tongue frantically darted in and out of her, my mouth already drastic with its sucking, trying to get a taste of everything, it almost seemed like it feared not being able to taste every inch of her, my sister's mouth left my member and just as she moaned out into the night, her thighs clenched around my head and her legs started shaking uncontrollably.

It took several seconds before the tightness around my head loosened and I was able to place my head back down onto the softness of the blankets. My sister's legs had weakened, and I was holding onto the side of her thighs as her upper body was completed slumped against my lower torso, her breath right beside my shaft, her hand gently clasping it.

Though her body must've felt like lead and I could sense it from her slow movements, my sister managed to kneel between my legs and without a word, continued with the furious sucking from minutes before.

It didn't take me long to spill myself into her mouth as her hands massaged my sacs while her mouth didn't cease with the tight sensation around me, her speed an indication to how much she wanted me to come. I watched her, her eyes shut, so focused on the pleasure she was gifting me, her lips so tightly enclosed around me… My hand reached up and my fingers combed through my sister's soft hair and with a slight downward push, I made her stay down with her mouth full.

With a groan, I let myself go, sending every drop of my release into the inside of my sister's mouth. My sister straightened her body and I looked up at her to find her with her mouth still full, her fingers delicately tracing her lips before she took a swallow.


After a while, I sat up. I looked over my shoulder and watched my sister's steady breathing match the steady rise and fall of her chest. Her naked body was a splendid sight. The bronze skin beautifully shone with a slight sheen of sweat, and the scent that her pleasured and satisfied body gave off added to my high as I still basked in the aftermath of sexual satisfaction.

Even though her eyes were closed, I knew she was merely resting, not asleep. Her fine lips were slightly apart, taking in breath and releasing it. Watching her glow in the aftermath of her sexual satisfaction was mesmerizing. I felt so grateful seeing her reveling in her high. She looked so content. And I always wanted her this way.

Leaning over, I planted a kiss upon her forehead before I stood up and dressed myself. When I finished and turned back to see whether she was still resting, I found her already sitting, eyes watching me, a smile upon her lips.

Kneeling before her, I took out the flower from my pocket and handed it to her. She took the flower in both hands, looked up at me, and whispered so lovingly her thankfulness. My heart was overjoyed.

Taking the flower, I then tucked her hair behind her ear before placing the flower behind it as well.

"My beautiful sister."

She gave me that shy smile that came with the hint of a blush on her cheeks and right then, I was certain of what I felt for her.

I stood up, held my hand out to her and helped her to her feet. In my embrace, I held the nakedness of my sister. I never wanted to let go of her. This was the young woman who showed every part of herself to me. It was a gift she so selflessly gave to me. I could never be any more thankful than I was at that very moment when I realized how much she really meant to me. How so much more of a sister she was to me.


~to be continued~

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Chapter Three: My Sister, My Family