Also to be clear Charmcaster is around 12-13 ben 10-11 and Gwen 11-12

While Ben was unconscious Charmcaster was pensive thinking about the events of the past three days. Even if the eclipse allowed Gwen to use magical items it didn't explain how she was able to use the staff. After all, she wasn't able to use the staff and she had far more magic than what the staff would have been able to draw in from the surrounding area. Unless Gwen had powers of her own that were dormant the staff alongside the eclipse could have awakened them allow her to use the staff. "Hey, Gwen?"

Gwen looked up at her and away from her unconscious cousin, even though Charmcaster had told them it was fine she was still worried about him. "What is it? Something wrong?"

"I was just wondering if anyone in your family could use magic?" it might explain why she could use the staff, normally people on this planet who could use magic were descended from those of her world.

"I don't think so." she answered before turning to her grandfather. "Grampa?"

He nodded. "Your grandma Verdona was an extremely powerful mana user, very old too." she didn't know that they almost never saw grandma Verdona. He didn't tell them that she was alien of course he didn't think she was ready for that yet.

"Anyway, why did you want to know?" Gwen asked turning back to Charmcaster.

"I thought maybe you might have magic of your own to use the staff and the Stone of Bezel you would have to have some dormant magic of your own." Gwen immediately gained a look of excitement.

"You mean I could learn magic?" she asked her eyes lighting up at the thought of learning real magic.

Charmcaster smiled and it wasn't fake she couldn't blame Gwen for being so excited she remembered when she was finally old enough to begin learning magic she hadn't slept at all that night.

"Possibly even Ben might be able to. Magic tends to run in the family." Gwen frowned a bit at the thought of Ben learning magic he already had the watch he didn't magic too.

But she shook her head dismissing those thoughts. "So how do we find out?" she asked eagerly.

"Well I would need some time to make the object to allow you to use see it essentially reads the flow of your mana and if there is a certain amount it means you have the potential to learn magic." she wasn't worried about training the girl it would take years for her to get up to the level Charmcaster was at two years ago, she was a prodigy and learned fast even by her people's standards. Ben might be a bit more of a problem but from what she had seen he tended to charge in head first it wouldn't be too hard to trick him.

"What do you need?" Clearly eager to find out if she could use magic. "we might have it here." She suggested looking hopefully at her grandfather who shrugged.

"Maybe Gwen but I wouldn't get your hopes up." Her grandfather warned as they went through the various parts of the rust bucket looking for the ingredients Charmcaster couldn't help but look nauseous at some of what their grandfather considered food. "I think this is a poison." she said holding an incredibly strange looking fish away from her face.

"No you just need to know how to make it right and it tastes delicious you should try it." the old man said Charmcaster looked at Gwen who was shaking her head violently in an attempt to warn Charmcaster.

"Maybe another time." she smiled nervously.

"Okay, suit yourself." Max said shrugging and going back through the various odds and ends in the rust bucket.

"Nice dodge." Gwen complemented and Charmcaster grinned.

"Thanks for the warning." she said.

"Hey even if you were Hex I would have warned you. No one deserves that fate, even some of Ben's aliens can't handle that 'food'." Gwen said putting food in quotes, bioweapon was a more accurate term. More than once Ben had turned into Wildmutt and ate the food Grandpa Max made and it was pretty disgusting even to him and given that Wildmutt sometimes ate concrete that was saying something.

"Well, I don't know about that." Charmcaster smirked, making Gwen chuckle.

A low moan came from the back of the Rustbucket and Gwen perked up immediately, she leaped out of her seat and rushed in to see her cousin. "Ben are you alright?"

Ben groaned slowly opening his eyes. "Uhg Gwen? I thought I hit my head but it seems like I just saw your stupid face."

Gwen rolled her eyes but Charmcaster saw a small smile playing on her lips. "Oh please, that head is probably because you were stupid enough to try and destroy a magical object by punching it. Do you ever use your head?" Gwen asked placing a hand on her hip and smirking at him condescendingly.

"Hey, I got the idea from you remember how you destroyed them in the first place." Ben retorted. "So that just means I learned how to do stupid things like that from you."

"Oh, so you admit you're stupid?" Gwen responded immediately. Ben unable to think of a proper comeback just stuck out his tongue.

Charmcaster let out an involuntary chuckle. "Glad to see you are awake." She said putting on a smile. "I have to agree with Gwen though trying to destroy the stones at the height of the eclipse was foolish you are lucky to be alive." Her false smile turned into a genuine frown. Oh they were so close she could literally taste the power and now it was gone! She dismissed those thoughts It wouldn't do to dwell on the past.

"Well doing something stupid to save the day and barely surviving is kind of Ben's MO." Gwen smirked making Ben frown as he tried to figure out whether or not he was insulted.

"Was that a compliment?" Ben finally asked.

Gwen shrugged. "Meh." It was a little of both. Suddenly Gwen gained an excited look. "And you won't believe it but I might be able to learn magic!" Gwen exclaimed cheerfully.

"Technically you both might be able to." Charmcaster pointed out causing Gwen to frown she really hoped he wouldn't be able to learn magic. He already had the watch what did he need magic for. "What's up with your watch?" she asked pointing at the now yellow face of the watch.

Ben looked down and saw the normally green dial was now yellow. "That's weird it's never done that before." he said fiddling with the watch but nothing happened. "Hey, nothing's happening!" Ben complained smacking the watch face.

"What did you do it to it this time doofus?" Gwen asked looking the watch over herself.

"Nothing it's just none of my heroes are showing up, it's just blank." Ben said showing her the watch face.

"That's weird thinks it's from Diamondhead destroying the stones of bezel?"

"Maybe." Ben shrugged going back to fiddling with the watch.

"Well, the next stop should have the last few things I need for the mana conductor." Charmcaster said taking note of what they said so he couldn't just choose what creature he wanted he had switch the dial to it first. That could make it easier to deal with him, just restrain his arms.

"Could I see your spellbook?' Gwen asked eagerly.

Charmcaster considered it, it wasn't like she could do anything too dangerous. "Sure." she said pulling out her spellbook. "But-" she said pulling back just before Gwen grabbed it. "Don't read in front of it aloud, it can act like a staff or wand meaning you can accidentally cast a spell without meaning to." Gwen nodded and eagerly grabbed the book. She opened it quickly and frowned almost as soon as she did. She glanced at Charmcaster who just smirked in amusement.

Gwen huffed and headed over to her computer opening it she glanced at the book before opening up a web browser and typing something in. this went on for nearly an hour as Gwen tried to figure out what was written in the book. Finally, after an hour with little success, she sighed and leaned back against her chair. "Alright you win what language is this?" she asked in exasperation. "I have been trying for…" she paused and glanced at the clock. "Nearly an hour and I haven't made any progress figuring out what language this is."

"It's Latin." Charmcaster told her chuckling at the stubborn girl finally admitting defeat.

"Not really." Gwen said shaking her head. "I tried that first and while it is similar to Latin there are some key differences."

"It's real Latin, my…" she stopped and tried to think of the proper term. "People invented Latin as our native language. Somehow some Roman citizens saw us speaking it and performing magic and assumed that must mean we were channeling the gods and that it must be the language of the gods." at least it was better than being called witch or whore.

"So wait Latin is a bastardized version of your People's language?" Gwen asked frustration with being unable to translate the book being replaced with interest at learning something new.

"Pretty much yeah, we tend to use the native language of wherever we are to talk because we risk casting spells in our own language."

Don't speak Latin in front of the books got it." Ben said nodding.

"Hey, kids we are here." Grandpa Max called from up front as he slid to a stop in front of an average sized mall.

"Come on." Gwen said grabbing Charmcaster by the hand. "We can the magic stuff after we get you some clothes." she said leading her into the mall.

Charmcaster looked down at her clothing she had a few outfits. "What's wrong with what I am wearing?" She asked.

"Nothing but some variety wouldn't be out of place." Gwen said. "I haven't seen you wear something different and it's been nearly four days."

"Your one to talk you have only two outfits in the last week too." she pointed out feeling a bit defensive.

"That may be true but I do have other outfits plus mine don't look as out of place as yours do." she said and Charmcaster looked around and saw more than a few people staring at her. "With that white hair and tendency to dress like a modern witch you look kind of strange to most people."

"But I am a modern witch." Charmcaster pointed out.

"Yeah, but most people don't know that so they think you are a goth or something like that." Charmcaster frowned at that, she knew what goth was and she wasn't one of them. She wasn't depressed or constantly sitting alone in the dark thinking about how depressing everything was. Sure she had a more morbid sense of humor than most and was more cynical than most people but that was more of a product of her upbringing, while she did believe herself to be superior to most people that didn't mean she thought her personality was somehow different. She knew when it came to that she was fairly normal.

Gwen dragged to a fairly normal store and began to help her look for more normal clothes. Though she did make sure to include purple in most of the outfits.

"Can I help you with something?" Charmcaster asked turning around and glaring at a group girls around her age who spent the last five minutes pointing at her and giggling.

"Just wondering where you got such a great costume for Halloween." one of them said giggling and Charmcaster rolled her eyes could you get anymore cliche a group of girls making fun of another girl for dressing differently the only way this could be more cliche was if Charmcaster cared about their opinion.

"Yeah you make a great witch." another laughed causing the group to erupt into laughter.

"I am assuming I got it from the same place you guys got that cliche blonde high school bitch costume." Charmcaster answered making them stop laughing and start glaring at her. Then without turning around, she finished packing up the clothing she chose and walked to the front of the store to pay.

"Got everything?" Gwen asked.

"Yeah thanks for this." she said honestly, what? Just because she was planning on stealing the Omnitrix from her cousin didn't mean she couldn't like them.

Halfway to the Rustbucket to drop off their purchases, the same group of girls came by and tripped her nearly 'tripping' themselves and dropping a drink all over Charmcaster and her new clothes.

Charmcaster got up with glare and was about to show these girls why they shouldn't mess with her. It didn't matter that she could wave her hand and clean up the mess, they didn't know that and thought they could get away with messing with her no one messed with her!

"Charmcaster…" Gwen said grabbing her hand before she could do something she would really enjoy.

"Oops, I'm sorry." One of them said. "I slipped." The other girls laughed.

"Yeah really sorry Charmcaster." The girls devolved into a fit of giggles at her name.

Oh, this wasn't over, Charmcaster glanced at Gwen. "No problem." She growled, already coming up with a plan of revenge.

As soon as they were out of hearing range Charmcaster turned to Gwen. "Why didn't you let me curse them I know you wanted to."

"I would love to show those walking cliches a lesson but it isn't worth exposing your powers by having people see you use them in public."

Charmcaster frowned at Gwen's answer as the picked up their stuff she glanced back at the group of laughing girls. "Don't worry no one will see me use my powers." She muttered angrily.

"Watcha doing?" Ben asked Charmcaster as the girl angrily flipped through her spellbook. "Nothing." She responded closing the book with a frustrated sigh, hundreds of spells and none for petty revenge at least nonlethal. Sure she could cast a spell to cause their drinks to explode or something like that but she didn't want to get even she wanted to humiliate them.

"Well, Gwen wanted me to tell you the thingaMajig is ready." He said in reference to the magical conductor.

"Well let's find out if you can do magic." Charmcaster said putting her book down and getting off the bed with a sigh.

"Hey, Charmcaster…" Ben called making her pause in front of the curtain dividing the room from the rest of the Rust Bucket. "If you want to get back at those girls I know how."

Charmcaster looked at him suspiciously. "Why would you help me? You could get in trouble." She pointed out.

"The only person allowed to pick on Gwen is me." Ben answered crossing his arms.

"Okay then." She nodded with a smirk. "Now let's go find out if you guys can do magic." She said feeling more cheerful than before now that she had a means of revenge.

Gwen placed her hand on the conductor which blazed with power nearly blinding them. "Well, I can say for certain you have magic." Charmcaster said uncovering her eyes as the glow died down. She had never done this before for a girl Gwen's age so while she knew it was an impressive rate of mana flow she didn't know how impressive.

"Alright!" Gwen cheered jumping into the air.

Ben walked up to the conductor and placed his hand on it causing the mana to turn green and pulse. "Why is it green?" Gwen asked.

"Not everyone's mana is the same color, in this case, Ben's is green." Charmcaster explained.

"What's the matter Gwen made my magic is a cooler color."

Gwen rolled her eyes. "You wish dweeb I was just wondering if your stupidity had managed to infect your magic and if it was contagious."

"Well can he use mana?" Grandpa Max asked Charmcaster who peered closely at the flow of mana.

"Maybe it's hard to tell." As if on cue the Omnitrix let out a strange beep signaling it was active once more. As soon as the Omnitrix reactivated the flow of mana grew slightly brighter and faster. "Yes he can use magic but to the same extent as Gwen." Gwen smirked at that but Ben saw it and immediately reminded her of the Omnitrix.

"Big deal imagine if I use magic with my heroes." Charmcaster had the exact same train of thought though for different reasons.

Charmcaster smirked as she saw the group of girls who dropped their drinks on her cry out in horror as a deep shade of red paint covered their bodies a quick wave of her hand had the pillow display next to them fall and have several hundred feathers in the air. When the feather finally settled down the girls looked like they had been Tarred and feathered.

A flash of red light saw Ben's return. "Not bad." Charmcaster said the girls seemed to be having minor meltdowns.

"Please I have been pulling pranks since before I got this watch with my heroes I am king." Ben declared puffing up in pride. A quick transformation into XLR8 had him up on the third floor above the girls knocking a can of paint over and hitting the railing just above them causing the can to burst right above them covering them in the paint.

"Come on your majesty let's get back before your grandfather finds out what we did." Charmcaster said with an amused smile at his declaration. Ben paled and began to sprint off in the direction of the Rust Bucket.

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