Purr, Humm, and Buzz dragged Ligerous and Bee to the park. When they got to the playground Ligerous and Bee let them go play.

Ligerous looked around and saw that Squirrel was sitting on a bench.

"Hi," Ligerous said walking over to her friend. "I haven't seen you in a while. How's everything going?" she asked.

"I guess it is fine," Squirrel answered.

"It's nice to see-," Ligerous starts to say, but she is cut off by Purr pulling on her arm. "What?" she asked.

"Buzz fell!" Purr said.

"Buzz falls a lot," Ligerous answered.

"But he fell a long way, into the river!" Purr said and Ligerous ran to the edge of the cliff.

"Where?! Where is Buzz?!" she screamed. Bumblebee grabbed her arm to keep her from jumping off the edge to find the spark-ling.

"Ligerous, he's gone!" Humm yelled at her.

"No! He can't be gone!" she yelled and together Bee and Squirrel dragged her back away from the edge of the cliff. When she had calmed down Bee, Squirrel, Purr, and Humm walked down to the slowest part of the river. Little Buzz's body was laying on the bank of the river.

"Buzz?!" Ligerous asked weakly pulling her baby into her arms, wiping water off his face. His eyes that were once shining with joy and excitement were dull and colorless. He shuddered with every breath as he slowly died. He closed his eyes in pain and let out a last breath. His body went limp in Ligerous's arms.

They buried Buzz's body and many came to pay respects to the young cat. He watched over all of the cats. He was remembered and loved very much.