THANK YOU SO SO MUCH for all the continuing enthusiasm for this story, you've all made my day :D I hope you enjoy this final chapter, which is basically just filth with a couple more dodgy golf-related references thrown in for good measure. Because I did actual research for this and I was determined to use at least some of it haha. Let me know what you think! x

Chapter Three

Thursday, 18:50

Elizabeth let Henry walk up the stairs in front of her, deliberately trailing behind him so she could watch the play of muscles in his back as she followed. She smiled at the way his hands were clenching into fists at his sides and she knew he was resisting the urge to spin around and reach for her.

Walking into their bedroom, Elizabeth shut the door behind them with a soft snick and leant back against the wood to watch as Henry turned to face her, a look on his face that was part predatory, part expectation as he waited for her to join him.

She sauntered slowly over to him and then slid her hands up his chest to rest on his shoulders as she stretched her neck up so she could kiss him, the high heeled shoes she still wore putting him only a couple of inches above her. Henry met the kiss eagerly, his hands cupping her hips as his tongue delved into her mouth.

Elizabeth shifted against him to undo the buttons of his shirt as she kissed him, pushing it back off his shoulders and then breaking the kiss so she could tug his t-shirt over his head. Then she stood for a minute with his bare chest brushing against the silk of her blouse, feeling the warmth of him and enjoying the slight thrill of power.

"You know," she said casually, as she dipped her head to nip lightly at her husband's neck to make him shiver, "I'm going to have to go into work and face my staff tomorrow, knowing that at least some of them know exactly what I was doing when I was supposed to be golfing. That's gonna be kind of embarrassing."

"I'll make it worth your while," Henry promised, bringing a hand up to cup her face in his palm to draw her face up from his neck. "I told you, I'll make sure you have a good time. And I'll make it up to you for the, uh, inconvenience."

She looked at him with a hint of a challenge in her eyes. "Go on, then."

The hand that Henry still had on her hip slid down her leg until he could bunch up the fabric of her skirt, drawing it up her thighs until he held the material just below her waist. His other hand joined the first as without warning he slid her underwear down her legs, a small smile on his face.

She had barely had time to gasp at the rush of cool air against her skin before Henry had followed the path of her satin underwear down to the floor, dropping to his knees in front of her and curving his palm around each of her ankles in turn so he could lift her enough to pull her panties away and toss them over his shoulder.

So he had meant it when he said that he had plans – plans that she would enjoy. Elizabeth thought about giving in and forgiving him entirely for his sins, but that might mean she might miss out of on some fun. Instead she bit at the inside of her lip and felt warmth surge within her as Henry's hands slid warmly up her legs, pushing her skirt back up around her hips as he went.

He pressed a kiss to the dip where her hip met her leg, and whispered hotly against her skin, "I'm sorry I went behind your back." He kissed her other hipbone, letting his tongue dart out to wet her skin and then blowing softly, making her shiver at the contrast in temperature and sensations. "And I'm sorry I didn't tell you." His thumbs stroked against the soft flesh of her inner thighs and his mouth hovered just over the centre of her, close enough she could feel him but not quite touching her.

Elizabeth moaned, tilting her hips towards Henry, needing him to touch her. She could feel herself starting to throb.

He held her still, fingers digging lightly into her thighs. "But I'm not sorry I did it." He looked up at her, a glint in his eyes. "Are you?"

"God, Henry, please." She wrapped the fingers of one hand into the short strands of her husband's hair, tugging to drag his mouth towards her.

The grin on his face told her he knew that he had her, but the intensity in his eyes told her he was serious about making her feel good. Then he slid his hands up slightly so he could touch her and she felt the jolt in her core as his fingers slid against her, and she couldn't help the shout that left her mouth as his lips sealed around her clit in a kiss, his tongue darting out to flick over her and making her gasp.

She was glad of the bulk of him in front of her to help hold her up. Her knees didn't feel as steady as they did a few moments ago.

He ate her out slowly, unapologetically, humming in the back of his throat, the vibrations setting her nerves singing and letting her know that he was enjoying it, too. His tongue pressed inside her for a moment before he replaced it with his fingers, curling slightly at the knuckle so he could touch the spot that never failed to make her body sing.

Elizabeth's eyes slammed shut and the hand that wasn't tangled in Henry's hair flailed at her side as she sought something to grab onto to hold her up. Henry caught her fingers with the hand that wasn't buried knuckle-deep inside her, squeezing firmly before he let go and instead slid his arm around the backs of her thighs, steadying her against him.

She could feel the release building inside her, felt her body chasing after it, desperate for it. She let go of Henry's head to bring her hands up to touch her own breasts through her blouse and bra, the scratch of fabric against her nipples adding to the sensations Henry was creating in her and making her moan loudly.

Henry glanced up briefly to see her face, flushed above him. "That's it, babe," he murmured. "Come for me."

He pressed his fingers more firmly inside her and pushed his tongue hard against her clit and Elizabeth felt the pressure erupt, crying out as waves of pleasure crashed through her, hot white light flashing behind her eyes, her hips jolting involuntarily as Henry kept the pressure up for a few seconds more.

Her knees were buckling and she needed something solid, needed something to rest against.

Blindly, she reached out to push at Henry's head and shoulders as he knelt on the ground in front of her. "I – I need –"

He pulled back enough to give her some space and she stumbled out of the hold he had on her legs, his fingers sliding out of her as she blinked blearily and reached out and found the bed, resting her palms on it, grateful for the surface to rest against and hold her up.

"Damn," she said.

There was movement behind her and then Henry's hand slid over the small of her back. "Okay?" he asked, his tone low and full of lust. He sounded like he was just barely holding on to his control.

Elizabeth nodded jerkily. "Yeah." She sucked in a breath. "Okay, you were right. I enjoyed that."

Henry chuckled. "Good, I'm glad."

She let out a sigh and practically felt herself deflating face-first into the mattress, lowering her torso down onto the soft surface and letting her legs hang over the edge of the bed. After that orgasm, she just needed a minute.

A warm body covered hers as Henry lowered himself down on top of her, his arousal pressing into the small of her back as he pressed a tender kiss to her cheek, arms either side of her to surround her completely.

Elizabeth shifted beneath him. "Give me just a moment, Byron, and I'll help you out."

Her husband sounded confused as he said, "Byron? As in Lord?"

She shook her head as best she could with her face buried in the duvet. "No, Byron Nelson. Golfer. Keep with the programme, professor."

Henry chuckled as he squeezed his arms around her and let her hold a little more of his weight. "Oh, of course, sorry." He kissed the base of her throat. "It's hot that you know that." His hips pressed into her more insistently. "You, uh, almost feeling ready to get onto the back nine?"

Stilling beneath him, Elizabeth felt a momentary flash of shock sweep through her. Did he mean..? Oh God. Really? Did he know what..? Surely he didn't realise… She kept her voice light and inquiring as she queried, "Babe, I appreciate the attempt at another golfing pun, but back nine..?" She swallowed. "Isn't that a euphemism for anal?"

Henry tensed above her and she wished that she could see his face. "It's… no! No. It's… wait, you know what? Yeah." He released his breath on a rush, disturbing her hair. He continued, "I think I might have heard that. It is. Crap. That's not what I…" He paused for a beat. When he spoke again his tone was mildly curious. "I, uh… Do you..?"


"I mean, is –"

She laughed. "No, idiot." She knew he wasn't really making the suggestion but, like with the sex harness conversation, she thought it was best to cut him off at the pass. She shifted her weight to try to push up from the bed. "And I'm turning over now." She nudged him with her elbow. "Move. Turning."

When she'd extracted enough room to finish rolling over, she lay beneath Henry, looking up at his face and finding from his expression that he was finding their exchange as amusing as she thought he was.

Luckily she found it funny too, a laugh bubbling from her throat at the misunderstanding.

"So that's another one for the funny haha list rather than funny intriguing list?" Henry asked, poking her in the ribs and making her giggle again.

Elizabeth tried to look serious and sober. She was aware that she didn't quite make it. "Shut up. You're on the clock here. I have a phone call at nine pm that I absolutely can't miss and the longer you spend being weird the less time you can spend practicing your golf game, so…"

Henry mimed zipping shut his lips. "Shutting up now."

"Good. Now use your time wisely."

Pushing up from the mattress, Henry stood in front of her, his calves pressing against hers as he looked at her thoughtfully, like he was genuinely considering how best to use his time. It might have been believable if not for the very obvious bulge in his trousers and the fact that he clearly already knew how he wanted to use his time.

Taking a half-step back, Henry undid his trousers and unceremoniously tugged off the rest of his clothes. Elizabeth watched with a smile on her face; the sight of her husband undressing in front of her never got old.

The smile on her face grew when a moment later, Henry climbed back over her on the bed and lowered his head to kiss her tenderly, his hand cupping her face as he poured his love for her into the embrace. "I really have missed you, you know," he mumbled against her lips.

Stroking one hand through his hair, Elizabeth nodded up at him. "I know. I've missed you, too."

He kissed her again. "I'm also wondering how you're still almost entirely clothed here."

The smile grew into a grin. "Well, you'd better do something about that, then."

An industrious look appeared on Henry's face. "Yes, I must. Hold still."

He moved to unbutton her blouse, pressing kisses down her chest and stomach as he did so, before pushing the silk garment back over her shoulders and pulling her up from the bed just long enough that he could slide it all the way off and unclasp her bra at the same time to send that the same way. Then he slid down her skirt, taking his weight off her briefly so he could drag it all the way down her legs, pulling her shoes off at the same time.

Then he was back over her, sliding his arms under her shoulders to haul her further onto the mattress and groaning with the effort.

Elizabeth laughed. "You could've just asked me to move."

"That wouldn't have been as romantic."

"Let me tell you, grunting with the strain is not that romantic, either."

"Really? You don't think it's hot that I can still lift you despite my advancing years?"

She thought about it. "Okay, I take it back. It's totally hot."

"What about this?" Henry reached down between them and stroked gently over her still-tender flesh, making her gasp as he touched her, checking she was ready for him before he lined himself up at her entrance and pushed slowly inside.

She felt him stretching her muscles and the slow slide to fullness as he eased all the way in, his chest brushing against hers and his gaze locked on her face. There was only one answer. "Damn. Yes, this is hot. So hot."

He smiled. "Good."

He paused for a minute and Elizabeth took the opportunity to stretch up to kiss him again, her hands on his shoulders as she gave him a gentle push. "Over," she said. "Roll over."

After the way he had just made her feel, she figured the least she could do was make him feel just as good – especially when he had been keen enough to book an appointment with her for the occasion. Not that she'd tell him she was coming around to finding the whole thing weirdly sweet.

Henry complied with her breathy command, wrapping his arms around her shoulders as he rolled over to take her with him, letting her land on top. The position let him slide a little deeper inside her and they both moaned at the feeling. Elizabeth lifted one of Henry's hands to her mouth and kissed the back of it. "I love you."

Before he could reply, she started to move, her eyes fixed on his face as she drew slowly up his length and then back down, gradually picking up speed. She could feel the pressure low in her abdomen and was aware of heat spreading through her body as Henry's hands roamed her breasts and torso, but she was focused on the look on his face as she moved over him, squeezing her internal muscles and making his eyes slam shut.

His hips bucked up into her as she scratched her nails lightly over his chest; the shock of it made her cry out and the feel of him hitting her so deep made her want more.

But she forced herself to keep her attention on Henry, smoothing her hands over his chest and shoulders and then down over his stomach, touching him anywhere she could reach. She was aware of him breathing more erratically beneath her and his touch was starting to become less precise, his hands grabbing at her hips as she fought to keep her rhythm.

Elizabeth leaned forward slightly to brush her lips over Henry's face, smearing kisses over his forehead and cheeks before finding his lips. "Henry," she said.

"Mm," was all he replied, but he did open his eyes to look at her.

His pupils were blown dark and wide and Elizabeth felt the familiar heady thrill at seeing her husband so far gone.

She repeated his earlier words back to him. "Come for me," she told him.

Several thrusts later he did, and she slid her hand down her body to rub against her clit, finishing herself off as Henry exploded inside her. Her muscles clamped tight around him when she came, making Henry shout out as his fingers dug hard into her hips and his face was blank with pleasure. Elizabeth collapsed over him, her body and Henry's slick and hot with sweat. They were both breathing heavily.

Elizabeth made to move off Henry to let him breathe, but he tightened his arms around her to keep her with him. She could feel him softening inside her and could feel the slow drip of fluid against her leg, but she felt spent and boneless and reluctant to move so she stayed where she was, resting her head against Henry's chest to feel the heavy thud of his heart beneath her ear.

"That was so good," he said drowsily, as he pressed a kiss to the top of her head.

She hummed in agreement. "Yeah."

"You know, I still have some time left on my appointment."

She nodded. "Yeah. So what d'you want to do with it?"

The only response was the sound of Henry's breathing evening out as he drifted into sleep.

Elizabeth shifted slightly to settle herself more comfortably against him, reaching out to drag a blanket from the foot of the bed. She thought Henry had the right idea; she was feeling pretty sleepy herself. "Remind me to tell you off later," she mumbled.

"For?" The word was barely intelligible.

"Not using your whole appointment and wasting the Secretary of State's time."

Henry might have given her reply, but if he did she missed it as her eyes slid shut and she fell into a sated sleep.

Thursday, 20:45

A vibrating noise stirred her briefly but, still enjoying her human pillow too much to worry about external distractions, Elizabeth ignored it and let herself go back to sleep, Henry's chest her exceptionally comfortable pillow.

Thursday, 20:55

A shrill ring woke her.

She startled awake, gasping in a breath and making Henry jump beneath her. "Crap!"

The shrill ring sounded again.

The phone by the bed.

Elizabeth glanced over at the clock on the nightstand. Shit. Blake. The US ambassador to Russia. The phone call.

She crawled over her still-sleepy husband to pick up the phone. "I'm just putting my golf stuff away and then I promise I'll be at the clubhouse in five minutes for my engagement."

There was a long pause on the other end of the line before Blake answered acerbically, "Thank you, Madam Secretary." He paused. "I trust you had a good game."

"I won the Ryder Cup," she grinned.

Blake hung up without a reply.

Fair enough.

Elizabeth dragged herself out of bed and hoped that the ambassador wouldn't be able to tell that she was wearing nothing but a bathrobe during their conversation.

Friday, 07:10

"Good morning, Madam Secretary."

"Good morning, Nadine." Elizabeth stepped into the elevator beside her Chief of Staff and watched as the doors slid closed.

There was silence for a moment.

"Did you have a good evening, Ma'am?" asked Nadine.

"I did, thank you."

"You had a personal appointment, is that right?"

Elizabeth felt her lip twitch as she considered how to reply. She decided to go for the simple approach. "I did."

"Golfing, wasn't it?" It could have been an innocent question. Could have.

Shit. How much did Nadine know? "Yes."

"With your husband, if I remember rightly."

Elizabeth swallowed. "That's right."

"Did you win?"

She glanced down at her Chief of Staff to find her smiling knowingly and, damn, Nadine totally knew what had gone down last night when according to her schedule she should have been golfing. She thought she could probably blame Blake for that one. But still. She figured the best defence was the truth. She quirked her eyebrow and smirked.

"Damn straight I did," Elizabeth said. "Both rounds."