"So, let's go through some stuff!" Soraya exclaimed, her tone the opposite to her dark pantsuit. She had crammed Nevaeh, Isaiah, Shai and Aria - the Selected's mentor - all into her minuscule office. "Aria, do you have the papers?"

"Err, one moment," Aria mumbled, rummaging through her bag. Her hair was brought up into a ponytail, to keep her hair out of her face, and she wore a grey blouse paired along with a simple skirt.

"Shouldn't you have this done already?" Nevaeh questioned. It was no secret that over the days Aria had been at the palace, Nevaeh had grown a strong dislike for her. She lifted her head from Shai's shoulders, her hair brought into a loose braid. She was dressed in a gold, sequinned jumper as well as some black pants. A pair of black sneakers on her feet. According to Shai, when Illéa was called the United States of America, they were called Converse.

Isaiah sat with his chair next to the door, which would come in handy if Soraya started to go crazy on him. He had a suit on, but his blazer was left abandoned back in his room. Brown eyes focusing on his twin, he sighed, "It's not her fault, Nevaeh. It's been difficult."

"I know, she's been staying here the past few days though, so-" Nevaeh started.

"Ah, yes - I was supposed to tell you guys that we'll be moving shortly!" Soraya told them, a smile spreading across her face.

"Moving?" Isaiah questioned. "But why?"

"Well, the Selected can't stay here. Half the palace is destroyed, there simply isn't enough rooms for all of them. Seventy isn't exactly a small number of guests," Soraya told us. She didn't seem to be bothered by the information and just continued, "We'll be staying nearby - in Angeles, of course - and so will the selected. However, we are a room short, unless you want the male and female selected to share rooms!"

Isaiah and Nevaeh just stared at her, while Soraya laughed a little. "I'll share with Shai then," Nevaeh interrupted Soraya's laugh.

Shooting an appreciative look at Nevaeh, Shai spoke, "It'll be like when we were younger." She knew that Isaiah and Nevaeh wouldn't have a problem - and Aria didn't have much of say in it - but Soraya was another issue.

"You can't do that, what if-" Soraya started, only to be cut off by Shai.

"Just because I'm bisexual doesn't mean I crush on every girl I see. Honestly, Soraya."

"I'm sorry, Shailene-"

"It's Shai."

Soraya sighed, "I'm sorry, Shai. You can stay with Nevaeh for the time being. It's like you're sleepovers from when you were younger." She then turned to Aria who had gotten the papers out, "Aria, make sure that the letters are finally mailed out for the selection - we don't want a reoccurrence of what happened yesterday."

Yesterday, a printing error had caused a batch of the letters and forms for the Selected to be damaged. While Nevaeh and Isaiah were secretly pleased, Soraya wasn't, and used it as an excuse to be extra annoying - or scary, in Isaiah's case - much to the twins' growing horror. With more information of the selection flowing in steadily, Nevaeh seemed more snappy while Isaiah's nerves increased rapidly.

"We can't just do that, can we?" He inquired. "Would they even be happy? 'Cause I'm pretty sure that they'll be furious."

"I don't know," she paused. The possibilities of the royals finding out what they were doing ran through her head. There was so many ways they could die, so many ways she - they all - could get away with it. "Worth a shot though, isn't it?"

The masked man shrugged, "I guess. If we die though, it's all on your hand."

"Don't worry," she muttered bitterly, "I'll take all the responsibilities. Don't worry your pretty little face."

A pretty face that she wouldn't mind smacking.

Satisfied, the man sat back with a smile, "So, it's settled then. You go in, and-"

"Woah, hold up a second. We're partners, we do this together. You can't just throw me into a death zone. Do you realise how dangerous it is?" She interrupted.

Yes, he knew the dangers, but he was hoping that she'd do it all herself. It made things so much easier for him. But, he guessed there was no easy way out. You're in it you're out; there's no in between.

"I know, I'm just teasing. We need to be cautious, extremely cautious. Wouldn't want you to end up like a flattened-"

She cut him off, "Don't finish that, I'm warning you."

"You're 'warnings' don't really have a great affect on me, you're going to have to try harder," he grinned. Teasing her never got old.

"I don't know what I ever saw in you," she mumbled, drawing her legs in. The cold biting and nipping at her skin didn't seem to go away as she pulled her blanket on top of her.

"Go to sleep, Grey," she mumbled, forcing her eyes shut. "We have a big couple of months ahead of us."


"How did I get dragged into helping Soraya again?" Isaiah asked, groaning. Soraya had used the same excuse countlessly, 'It's not like your sister's going to help', which meant Isaiah had been accompanying both Soraya and Aria with their duties. Both seemed to be stuck on the idea that Isaiah was the perfect person to get help from. Something the teen disagreed on.

"Isaiah, be a dear and pass me that file, will you?" Aria's voice rang out. She was currently rummaging through her bag, something she seemed to be doing a lot.

"Sure," he sighed. This whole selection thing was going to be a pain.

"I know you don't like this," Soraya told Isaiah. "But what are you going to do when someone asks for help? Let's say one of the Selected asks you to help her, what would you say or do?"

He stared at her deadpanned, "I'll play Disney movies on repeat in my room and cry a little."

"Stop exaggerating," Soraya waved him off, but the paused to consider her godson's words. "I could imagine you watching the Disney movies though. It just seems like something you'd do."

He shrugged, while Disney was no longer making any more movies, it certainly didn't die with the amount of fans the company still had - Isaiah included.

"Oh!" Soraya jumped up, causing Aria to drop all of her papers on the floor in shock, "I forgot to tell you before, but The Report will still be happening, however, it won't be as frequent. Just at every milestone: meeting the Selected, The Elite, things like that."

Isaiah nodded along, helping Aria pick up her papers. She really needed to organise these files, and he was pretty sure he saw a doodle on one of the papers. Aria definitely wasn't the most mature person to be the Selected's mentor, but Isaiah had to admit that it would be interesting to see how things turned. It wasn't long until the Selected were going to be announced anyway.

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