Firestar and Graystripe are riding a pony,
and then they ran into the sun.

No one could find them,
'cause they were in StarClan.

Then they came,
and saved everyone,

From the monster,
that was trying to eat them.

And poop out their bones,
bones, bones, bones.

Verse 1;

Firepaw was always
cool and awesome!

No one ever questioned
his luck.

A cat killed
his girlfriend.

And he went crazy,
thinking she was in his dreams.

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Verse 2;

Fireheart and Graystripe had
to find WindClan.

They got themselves lost
in twoleg place.

ShadowClan didn't want
them to come back.

But no one really cared
about them.

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Verse 3;

Firestar's dead girlfriend
gave him a new life.

And he started
feeling important.

Scourge killed Firestar's enemy
and made him really angry!

Firestar got revenge by killing Scourge,
and winning the battle!

Now everyone thinks that Firestar's awesome,
and they listen to him every day.

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