Prologue: Daylight Saving

Daylight was waning, the shadows growing longer, birds chirping out goodnight to one another. The sky was slowly stained a darker blue, dotted by a few early stars, the horizon tinged purple-red from the clouds. A piercing scream broke the peace, a tall figure stumbling blindly, fleeing without knowing what they were fleeing from; the last deadly rays of sun.

Hitting a fence, they scrambled over and collapsed in a heap on the other side, uncoordinated and growing weak. A single weak ray of sun shone over the fence and between the trees branches, striking the figure in the side and one arm. Writhing but unable to stand or even move, the troll whelp moaned in pain.

And then the pain stopped. Something soft and smelling like lavender had been flung over her, blocking the deadly light.

"Hey, it's alright. You're safe now."

The young troll only whimpered, blacking out from the pain.

A/N: Work in progress, will add more as I go along. Don't like don't read. Sorry that the furst attempt read all screwy, not sure what happened.