Author: hi readers, this is my story and I worked very hard in it so I hope that u like it also I play sonic and I am single

Chapter 1- A new beginnig

A warm darkish yellowish sunset creeped up outside as everyone at the teenage party watched. This party was full to the max and all types of character's were here, there were blue hedgeg's all the way to long lanky men who have mustaches that reach all the way to there own ear's.

Sonic: woah look at that sunset

Sonic was in love with the sunset and so he ran to it breaking into the glass on the fifth floor and falling all the way to the ground

Sonic: ouch

Most people at the party were gone but still 3 people were there one of them being walugi who made everyone think he hated sonic but actually deep inside loves sonic.

Walugi: just leave him be

Walugi: *thinking* I gotta save him

But next to walugi was Bonnie who was wearing just a bathing suit

Bonnie: I'll save you sonic!

Bonnie them jumped down to the ground and fell on sonic. When she fell she sent a spark into sonics brain that got him so excited he turned into weresonic

Weresonic: ARGHHHHHH

As sonic turned into weresonic his huge boner shot Bonnie into the air where she was scared for her life

Bonnie: Nooooo!

When Bonnie was shot into the air she was unconscious and a huge orange dragon came and picked her up and saved her but take her to a very far away place

Charizard: Hey are you ok?


Charizard: You must have got in a fight, have a friend who can help you

Charizard the takes her to the kanto region and took her into a hospital and then took her into to see nurse joy.

Nurse Joy: Hey Charizard, who's this?

Charizard: Dunno but she needs help

Nurse Joy: Oh I can give her some help

Nurse joy takes Bonnie on back and starts feeling her up and down and around. She stayed in there for a good 30 minutes and that's when Charizard remembered that nurse joy is a sexual predator to unconscious people and calls the neighborhood police