Chapter 19: Chad tron ick

Adam: oh my god! It is Chad from 8th graid

Sonic: you said that Chad dies!

Adam! He was reviv bye shadow!

Shadow fused with Chad to become the ultimate beeng

Adam: they have fuse

Pit: what are they now?

Adam: he is the Troo form of deth

Mr game and wach: No way

Princes Peech: wat do he call him?

Adam: he is Chad tron ick!

Everyone: OHH NOOOO!

Adam: they call him it because he is part Chad, part robo, and he is icky

Charizard: ya he is

Chad: prare to die

Chad fired missles at everyone but they all dogede exsep for Charizard he was blow up to peses

Steve: Charizard no!

Adam: I'll kill him

Adam the hedgeg with muscler bild punces Chad to oblivin

Hatsun meki: you are so fuking hot

Sonic: you did it! Chad is dead

Princes Peech: wow we shoud hook up

Adam: sory Peech I am loial to hatsun meki

Hatsun meki noded

Princes Peech: darn next time?

Adam: mabie next time

Charizard: let's trow a partie

Finn: holly glooberi glob

Jake: that sound like a flibity flobty flantazlatic idea

They threw a partie


Foxy is in the corner criygn jake gose to him

Jake: why cry, ya silly slibitty slopersloodle?

Foxy: arrrrgh my love is ded

Jake: so is sonics, you goffy gobber

Foxy: hmm that true

Jake: you both need boifredds so why not date you slippabittatittalillapippagigg?

Foxy: thank jake, I now no what to do

Foxy dansed over to sonic who was look a little sad, he was remering the last time he dansed with walugi

Foxy: hey hotty

Sonic: I am sad

Foxy: 'dont be sad, I will date you,we both have dead boyfeds

Sonic: you are wright

They make out and sonic crys

Sonic: I am so happie

Than sonic realised that foxys boyfreind was shadow so he didn't like him

Sonic: I am so not happie

Foxy: why

Sonic: becaus your the reeson walugi die

Foxy: no

Sonic punced foxy in the nose and his nose got blody and foxy punced back but it miss

Barbian: hey brake it up

Mr game and wach: whats going on hear

Sonic ran of cryng

Foxy: he sed I killed his boyfried

Barbian: U did!?

Foxy: no it was my bofried he is dead

Mr game and wach: dang, y he acused you're

Foxy: becus he is jugementl

Adam went to sonic

Adam: hey that was prety uncall fore

Sonic: yore right, ok I'll date him

Adam: yay

Then sonic and foxy apullgise and make out an d also everyone cheers for Adam because he did this and he is the best