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Chapter 2 – Mia and her Witches

Rose wasn't the only one who had her friends coming to the wedding. The following morning it was ironic enough to see Hermione pacing the lobby of her hotel much like her daughter Rose had done the day before. Unlike her daughter however she wasn't waiting long. When the familiar voices of the two witches she loved the most in the world entered the room. "Come one Cleopatra!"

"Oh, if I have to take one more step in these sodding heels!"

"What did you expect, Pans? A chauffeured limousine from the train station, through London's streets?"

"Yes! Mione knows I don't do walking!"

Hermione turned and let out a laugh as she saw Pansy Parkinson, dressed to the nines heels included, next to Luna Lovegood who was dressed more casually. "Well look what riffraff has come in from the streets!" Hermione called from across the room, causing her friends to look up at her.

"For one night!" Pansy shouted, pointing to Hermione,

"And one night only" Luna continued as she copied Pansy laughing as she did.

"Mia and her Witches!" they all called as they ran towards each other, ending in a massive group hug.

"Look at you! You look fantastic!"

"You look like an old hippy!" Pansy said, causing Hermione to laugh.

"Shut up she looks fab!"

"Those are new Pans, where did you get them" Hermione joked poking the girl's enhanced breasts.

"Husband number 3!" Luna laughed, and Hermione and Pansy joined in. it was good to have the gang back together again. "So, how's the mother of the bride?" Luna asked, looking over Hermione who was looking tired but happy.

"All the better for seeing you two," Hermione spoke honestly, giving Pansy and Luna the same once over, "Merlin Pansy, I don't think I've seen you in almost 8 years!"

"I know, darling. I've been a little busy jet-setting with the husbands."

Hermione laugh and shook her head, "well, I've been chained to this place, every gallon goes back into the business"

"Investing in something other than yourself, Pansy has never heard of such a comment" Luna mock whispered causing Pansy to shoot her a glare. "When are the love birds flying the nest then?"

"Oh who knows? I don't know what is going on in my Rose's head sometimes" Hermione replied with a shrug. "Sometimes I think she will never leave."

"Yes, but do you really want her too?" Luna asked.

"Well, I want what's best for her." Hermione responded, but she saw the knowing looks from her friends and grinned "of course not!"

"Aunty Luna!" A shout from behind them announced the arrival of Rose downstairs. Instantly Hermione's double had ran into the open arms of Luna.

"Rose Jean," Luna said as she hugged her niece, looking her over with a smile, "you get more gorgeous every time I see you. Are you excited for your wedding?" before Rose could reply Pansy butted in, smiling at the girl.

"Aha! I bet you can't remember who I am?"

"Ha! Not with all that plastic surgery!" Luna muttered

"Of course I do, Aunty Pansy!" Rose laughed as she hugged Pansy tightly too. Almost the moment that Pansy let go of Rose Hermione gathered her daughter into her arms.

"Awww look at my baby, her whole life ahead of her." Hermione muttered, smiling as Rose wriggled free.

"Mum!" Rose laughed, "I'm getting married, not joining a nunnery!" Rose waved at her aunts, "I have to dash before Haley makes something explode." With that Rose hurried away.

"Oh shes feisty I love that." Pansy commented with a laugh

"Shes a chip of the old block, eh?" Luna said nudging Hermione.

"oh, if she was anything like me, she wouldn't be getting married at 22"

"no. in our day everyone got married at 16 because of the war, well except us." Luna commented honestly, with a shrug. Hermione however wasn't paying much attention to what Luna had to say as she watched Rose walk away.

"A white wedding." Hermione muttered as she saw the white roses that where seen all over the lobby, "who gave her that idea, it certainly wasn't me!"

"Don't blame me, Hermione. It wasn't my idea." A male voice came from behind them all, causing them to turn to see the blue haired boy who was dragging a pile of suitcases.

"Teddy? What are you doing?" Hermione asked.

"He is helping me with my bags dear," Pansy commented like it was clearly the most obvious thing in the world, causing Hermione to shake her head and laugh.

"Girls, meet the leading man at Saturdays do. Teddy, Pansy and Luna, my schoolmates and at one point backup singers." Hermione laughed as she introduced her soon to be son-in-law to her best friends.

"Back up singers, my ass! We sang in 7th year when we needed money" Luna commented to Hermione who laughed, "hello" she told Teddy as she engulfed him in a hug. When she let go Teddy smiled, and looked from Luna to Pansy giving the other woman a hug also.

"Leading man, you mean Lucky man. Hi, I've heard so much about you guys from Rosie, Hermione and my folks."

"Your folks?" Pansy asked

"The Lupin's." He explained, causing both females to aww in realisation.

"All bad things I hope" Pansy said with a wink to the boy who's cheeks flushed a little red, the tips of his hair going red also.

Thankfully before Hermione could tease the boy, two of his friends all but fell through the front doors carrying the rest of Pansy's bags.

"Hot mama" The darker boy said as he took in Pansy from head to toe.

"Bless you." Pansy said clearly having heard him say something but having not heard what exactly he had said.

"You've got no chance, mate." Eddy spoke high fiving Teddy who rolled his eyes at the dark skinned boy's antics.

"My names Pepper" he said, kissing Pansy's hand. Pansy looking at Luna who had taken Hermione to one side to talk about something so they had both missed the exchange.

"'Cause you think you're hot?"

"Nah!" Eddy interrupted loudly, causing Hermione to look over at them finally, "Because he gets up your nose!" the comment caused Teddy and Eddy to burst out laughing, that was until Hermione came over to them. Both of them instantly shut up. They knew of the wrath of Hermione Granger.

"Pepper and Eddy are Teddy's groomsmen. They have been here since the Lupin's arrived so they could be a help around the hotel for the wedding. But generally they have been no help what so ever" Both Eddy and Pepper tried to look offended at Hermione's remark, pointing to the cases they had brought in for Pansy but Hermione ignored it with a wave of her hand. "Don't you two have something you have to be doing?"

"Sir, yes, Sir!" Both boys said with a salute of their fingers before they ran off into the hotel to do something to get out of Hermione's hair.

It was a couple of hours later after Hermione had shown her friends to their rooms to let them freshen up a bit that she found them in the courtyard at the back of the hotel, having drinks. Exhausted from generally just managing the hotel she plonked herself down next to Pansy as Luna placed an iced lemonade in front of her.

"Hermione, I must say the hotel looks wonderful!" Pansy said the moment her friend sat down.

"Oh, well I have Teddy to thank for that." Hermione said, pointing her glass to Teddy who was sitting with Rose near them, a laptop open in front of them.

"Why? What has he been up too?" Pansy asked, looking at Teddy, who looked up to see all three women looking at him.

"You've not been in London long have you?" Luna asked the boy who blinked in surprise, though Hermione, Pansy and Rose were surprised by this. Luna had always had this insight were she knew things with no real reason how she knew the information.

"No, I've only ever been in London when traveling to school other than that I stayed with mum and dad near Edinburgh."

"So why the move down?"

"The adventure? To be with Rosie?" Teddy shrugged, "one day I hope to see the world."

"Until then you should see what he has done to my little corner of the world." Hermione laughed at her little joke, which caused Rose to roll her eyes, "you know how this is a muggle and a wizarding hotel? Well he has got this place on online and on the wiz too!"

"You?!" Luna was genuinely surprised that the infamous bookworm was allowing her baby of a hotel to step into the age of technology.

"I know!" Hermione laughed, knowing exactly why Luna was acting the way she was. Hermione was sceptical when Teddy suggesting the idea, but she knew it would be good for business so she allowed him to set her up on the line. "Email, website I've got it all!"

"I told you Hermione, its best if you move with the times. No more owl mail, just email!" Teddy joked, as he shut down his computer.

"when you invent me a machine that makes the bed, then I'll be more than happy to move with the times" Hermione muttered, causing Rose to scoff as she got to her feet taking the laptop from Teddy and giving him a quick kiss before turning to her mother.

"Mum, you'd still run behind the machine and re-do the beds as they wouldn't be up to your standards. I know you, and love you for it." With that Rose kissed her mother's temple before leaving the courtyard.

"Are you joking? Id more than happily put my feet up with a drink when that time happens." Hermione joked.

"Now talking about drinks," Luna started, "what is with that shack that is near the pool?" Luna asked as she took a drink from the cocktail Pansy had got her.

"Shack!" Teddy sounded offended at the word and looked at Hermione who shook her head at him as if to say 'she didn't mean it'

"Sorry Teddy dear, but it is a bit of an eyesore when one wants to swim laps" Luna said as she took a sip from her drink.

"Well that eyesore is going to be my poolside bar." Hermione said, trying not to laugh as both Pansy and Luna spat out their drinks.

"What?" Pansy shrieked.

"Sky, Eddy and Pepper have so many ideas for this place. They are going to transform it to a millionaire's paradise, excuse the muggle phrase" Hermione explained.

"Add a bar, a spa, now Hermione's online people will be queuing to get in here!" Teddy explained enthusiastically.

"Aye, Millionaire eh? You may meet a few of Pansy's ex-husbands" Luna teased good naturedly.

"I don't think so, Luna. That suggests I left them their millions" Pansy said with an almost sinister smirk. Hermione sighed and looked at her friends, the two girls who stuck with her since her little disappearing act at the end of 7th year.

"Well, this place is going to be my jack pot, girls. I need the break. I need a holiday. I have been running this place for over 20 years and I have never had a day off." Hermione sighed, "I work all night, I work all day, to pay the bills I have to play."

"Aint it sad." Hermione swore she heard the staff say to her complains, though she continued on explaining to her friends.

"And still there never seems to be, a single penny left for me"

"That's too bad" this time instead of Hermione looking around it was Luna and Pansy, as they heard the staff comment. Though it seemed that their priority was their friend, who needed them to be supportive.

"In my dreams, I have a plan" Hermione told them in an almost dreamy voice,
"If I got me a wealthy man, I wouldn't have to work at all,
I'd fool around and have a ball."
Hermione let out a sigh and got to her feet,

"Money, Money, Money,
Must be funny,
In a rich man's world.

Money, Money, Money,
Must be funny.
In a rich man's world.

All the things I could do.
If I had a little money.
it's a rich man's world."
With that Hermione left the courtyard and wandered back into the hotel. Pansy and Luna on her heels, Pansy still holding her drink. Both of them a little more concerned about Hermione.

"A man like that is hard to find" Pansy informed Hermione, she would know that the kind of man that Hermione wanted was almost impossible to find.

"But I can't get him off my mind" Hermione told her friend with a dejected sigh.

"Ain't it sad!" the staff said, causing Luna to look around at them in surprise.

"Mione…." She whispered, though Hermione was a bit busy.

"And if he happens to be free,
I bet he wouldn't fancy me"
Hermione looked at her reflection, in jeans and t-shirt with her hair as wild as ever due to stress. What kind of a man would want someone like her.

"That's too bad!" the staff said once again before going back to their work.

"Please tell me someone else noticed that!" Luna asked, but she got no response from her friends.

"So I must leave, I have to go
to Las Vegas or Monaco
And win a fortune in a game
My life will never be the same.

Money, Money, Money
Must be funny
In a rich man's world.

Money, Money, Money.
Always sunny
In a rich mans world.

All the things I could do
If I had a little money,
It's a rich man's world."

With that Hermione concluded and sighed, however just as she did there was some sort of movement in the ground and a large crack was heard. Causing a lot of squealing.

Hermione raced back to the courtyard to see that the centre of it, where a nice circular design was to indicate it was the middle had a nice crack running down the middle. "Brilliant" she sighed, "add that to the list of things I need to get sorted."