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I decided to completely redo RWBY: Resurgence as I didn't like the direction it was going. Hopefully this one will do better. Just a heads up this chapter will be the same as RWBY: Resurgence chapter one. The chapter from now on will be different.

Location: Settlement called Fyrestone near the border of Vale

Status of settlement: Unknown

Mission: Discover settlements status and reason for dropping of contact

Stone Slate was currently inspecting his weapon as he was waiting for the bullhead that was carrying him and his team to drop them off to their destination. He had grey eyes and hair that was short and messy. He wore a full body suit of combat armor that covered his entire body except for his head and hands.

"Hey Stone! Will you quit looking at your weapon and help with something more important! Like, helping me figure out why this town was destroyed." Said Stone's teammate, Jade Arc. She was part of the Arc family, a long line of heroes and warriors that helped defend humanity from the Grimm for generations. She had long blond hair and blue eyes. She wore blue pants and a blank tank top that was covered in a chest piece. She was rather impulsive and headstrong but she got the job done. Her and his other teammate, Onyx Allen and Rouge Blitz, were his closest friends and they went through a lot together. They had each other's backs in their days as hunters and huntresses in training and they still did so in their days as full-fledged huntsmen and huntresses. Stone just scoffed at the question and went back to his weapon, annoying Jade. She was about to slap him but was stopped by Rogue. Rogue was above average in height for a woman and had red hair that covered one of her eyes. She wore a red shirt and pants that went up to her knees.

"Relax Jade. You know how Stone gets when we're about to be on a mission." Said Rogue. "To answer your question, we have no idea how the town was destroyed. Despite it being close to the kingdoms borders, it was deep enough within the kingdom to not be attacked by the more powerful Grimm. It also helps that the town has a fairly large amount of dust under it, making it valuable and worth defending. With the dust, the town had enough money to support a well-trained and equipped militia. So it was concerning when it suddenly dropped all contact." Explained Rogue. It was then that Stone joined in on the conversation.

"That's why they sent us." Said Stone as he placed his weapon on his back after he finished inspecting it. "We're here to find what happened and why the town went dark."

"Yeah, I get that Stone." Said Jade. "What I don't get is how the town suddenly went dark. Like, there was no transmission sent or anything. You think the White Fang did it?" Hearing about the White Fang, Onyx pitched in. Onyx had black hair and red eyes. He wore a sleeveless shirt and short. Like some Faunus, Onyx despised with what the White Fang had become over the years but he was also rational and knew that there was good people still in it.

"I doubt it." Said the dog Faunus. "The town was supportive of Faunus getting more equal rights and freedoms. It wouldn't make much sense and practicality for them to attack the town. Too much backlash." Said Onyx. "My guess is Grimm or some sort of bandit group."

"But those wouldn't make much sense." Said Rogue. "If it was the Grimm, we would have at least gotten a message from them. They had adequate communication systems. And it couldn't be bandits either. They wouldn't attack a town like Fyrestone. The town's militia is just too strong for bandits."

"Whatever the reason is, we're here to find it." Said Stone. The rest of the ride went silent after that. A few minutes would pass before the pilot broke the silence.

"We're approaching the town of Fyrestone." Said the pilot.

"The people haven't contacted us?" Asked Rogue, getting concerned.

"No. In fact I can't see anyone on sensors. The town is a fricking ghost town." Said the Pilot. "I'll land you close to the town. I'll come back and pick you up tomorrow." Said the pilot.

Thanks. I hope you have a safe flight back." Said Jade.

"Of course you do. Who else will fly Huntsmen for half price?" The pilot answered, causing the huntsmen within the craft to chuckle or huff in amusement. Then, the aircraft slowed to a halt and began to hover, its doors sliding open and causing wind to ruffle its occupants' clothes. They four then got off. As soon as they did, the Bullhead took off. The four looked to see Fyrestone completely intact but with no people in it.

"Something is not right." Said Stone, drawing out his weapon. An assault rifle that can transform into an axe. "Rogue, use your semblance and try and find someone." Rogue nodded and began to use her semblance. Her semblance was very similar to a radar in that it allowed her to see people through anything like buildings and rocks. She frowned when she didn't see anyone.

"Nothing in the immediate vicinity, Stone. Not even Grimm." Said Rogue. Stone frowned at this before ordering everyone to go in the town with weapons ready. They went in and were immediately creeped out with how no one was there. It was like they all just up and vanished. But what creeped them out more was that there was no sign of a fight. There was no blood and no destroyed buildings. They searched all the buildings and found nothing.

"This is creeping me out." Said Jade. "Where is everybody?"

"There's no blood or destroyed buildings anywhere." Inspected Onyx. "This can't be the work of the Grimm. No, this had to be work of something intelligent."

"Yeah. Let's check the mines. If this is the work of something intelligence then they must want the dust here." Said Stone. His teammate nodded and they all went into the mines. After inspecting the mines, which were relatively small, they were surprised to find no evidence of someone taking the dust in the mines.

"This is just getting stranger and stranger." Said Rogue. "First, this town goes dark. Then, we find no one here. And finally, no dust is taken. What's going on?"

"Beats me." Said Jade as she inspected cart full of dust crystals. "Maybe whoever did this, just came here to kill everyone." Rogue was about to rebuke her when they heard Onyx yell out in pain. The two girls ran over to where Onyx and Stone was and found Onyx rubbing his head and Stone looking bewildered.

"What happened?" Asked Rogue.

"Onyx bumped into something." Said Stone. "Something invisible."

"No joke." Said Onyx as he got up. "I hit something." He then proceeded to fell around the place where he bumped into something until he felt something. "Hey Jade. Hit this spot right here." Said Onyx as he held the invisible object before letting go. Jade nodded and brought out her sword and slashed it to the invisible object. The sword clanged off and Jade went on the ground on her butt. Everyone was surprised at this. Stone then proceeded to do so as well, only to get the same result. They all then proceeded to do the same thing over and over again before Jade yelled out in frustration.

"ARGH! What's going on?!" Said Jade. "Why can't this invisible thing just stop being invisible and show itself to us!"

"Whatever it is, it must be made out of very strong material to withstand our attacks." Observed Onyx. Stone, meanwhile, was thinking about a way to figure this out when he got an idea and cursed himself for not doing it sooner. He then used his semblance on the device. His semblance allowed him to see the power that runs through things, meaning he could see the heat coming off of people and the power supple of machinery. He looked at the invisible object and saw that it was powered by something that he didn't recognize. He looked for the central power source. He found it and then attempted to destroy it. It work somewhat and the object briefly appeared before them as well as several bodies. Everyone, shocked at the momentary view of the object and bodies, attacked the place over and over again until the object blew up. The blast knocked them all back but didn't hurt them due to their aura. Stone shook his head and got up. Only to be shocked at what he saw now. He saw a huge pile of people and he realized that this was the people of Fyrestone. His teammate all got up and saw the horror that was before them. People were full of bullet holes or had limps teared off. Some were even cut in half vertically. Rogue threw up at the sight.

"What the hell!?" Yelled out Jade as she pointed at the pile.

"I don't know but that object must have had the ability to mask the presence of things. Otherwise, we would have been able to find this pile of bodies." Said Onyx grimly. Stone was looking at the pile with disgust. What kind of monster would do this? His blood boiled when he laid his sights on the corpses of a dead children.

"Whoever did this will pay." Said Stone. "C'mon, we need to find whatever did this and kill it." With that, Stone was walking back to the town. His teammates looked at the pile of corpses in sadness before leaving. When they got back to the surface, they saw that the device not only hid the bodies but also the town because the town was in shambles. Buildings were crushed or destroyed. Blood stains were everywhere.

"Damn." Said Jade. "All this was hidden by that one device?"

"Looks like it." Said Onyx. "We have to report that and the town. The council has to know." Stone nodded and was about to when he suddenly heard a large wail of a machine. He and his team looked at the town to see something flying right at them. It came so fast that they didn't have enough time to react until it was right on top of them. It stopped suddenly and fired the two guns it was holding at Rogue and Jade, going right through their aura and wounding them severely. The guns then suddenly disappeared before the thing attacked Stone and Onyx with blades of light that came out of its arms by some wrist mounted device on both arms. The blades, like the guns, went through the aura like wet paper and stabbed both Onyx and Stone in the chest. The two guys grunted in pain before crumpling in a heap. Stone growled in pain and anger as he saw the thing observe him and his team. The thing was clearly machine in nature as evidenced with its metallic appearance. It had a single glowing red eye on a head that was narrow and triangle shaped. It was entirely gray. The machine then kneeled before scanning the huntsmen.

"Enemy force identified. Force is a team of huntsmen sent to confirm status of town of Fyrestone. Threat level: Low. Required amount of power necessary for defeat of huntsman: below recommended parameters." Said the machine. Stone couldn't believe what he was hearing. This thing treated him and his team like nothing and it was saying that not much power was needed to defeats them. All this was impossible to him. There was no machine that held that much power. He was about to yell at the machine when it spoke again. "Unit cannot allow huntsmen to leave and inform of what happened and what unit is. Recommended course of action: Eliminate huntsmen and send signal that will attract Grimm to city." Said the machine before speaking again in a more human-like speech. "Hear that huntsmen?" Said the machine, shocking Stone as it was speaking more human-like. "You'll die here and people will think that it was the Grimm that did it. No one will know what really happened to you or this town. Except for me of course. This is goodbye. Farewell, Stone Slate." Said the machine before getting up and slamming its foot hard on Stone's head. After doing the deed, the machine then contacted someone. It protested at first before beeping in conformation before dragging the dead bodies of the huntsmen and huntresses into the mines. It then quickly speed out of the mine and Fyrestone just when a wave of Grimm arrived to the town. Making anyone that saw the town, believe that Grimm were responsible.