Chapter 14

Simulated world

Viktor was playing a small game in his gauntlet when Jack was tossed near him, landing close by. Shaking his head, he resumed his game as Jack got up and charged, only to get beaten up again. After this happened again, Viktor saved his game and looked at the two combatants.

"That's enough, Irelia." Said Viktor. Upon hearing this, Irelia recalled her blades back into her armor and helped Jack up.

"You need to make a new fighting style. Your previous one just doesn't play into the strengths of your new body." Said Irelia as she instructed the boy, who simply nodded.

"I understand. But, how can I? I don't know the limits to this body." Irelia then tilted her head to Viktor.

"He'll teach you. Right, Viktor?" Nodding his head, Viktor went up to Jack.

"That's what I'm here for." Said Viktor. "Let's start with an explanation of your body. Your body is a mark 7 air trooper platform. Its built to provide air support for Mil troops with its twin blasters as well as be shock troopers with its molecular blades. The blasters and blades are capable of ripping or blasting through 3 meters of Magnaplate, more than enough to drain the aura of an average huntsman." Jack gulped upon hearing. Even though he had no idea how strong this Magnaplate was, 3 meters was no joke. Looking at his arms, he looked at Viktor.

"How do I work these things?" Asked Jack, wondering how these things work.

"I'll turn off the safety features." Said Viktor before pressing a button on his gauntlet. Once he did, Jack saw various screens coming in his vision, showcasing his arms and what their status was. "On how to fire the blasters, just imagine you firing them, and they'll fire. But point at that dummy." Upon pointing to the right, a grey dummy shaped like a human appeared. Pointing his blasters, Jack imagined them firing, causing said blasters to immediately fire until he stopped thinking of them firing. He'd fired ten times before the blasters stopped. Looking at the dummy, Viktor and Irelia were not surprised to find the dummy had parts of it melted or blasted apart, though the noticed only three of the ten pair of shots connected, the others flew past the dummy and went on to either fade away or hit something else.

"We'll focus on this." Said Viktor as he analyzed the data he got from the recent practice run. "Perhaps I need to re-adjust the arms. Try again." Sighing, Jack aimed his blasters at the dummy before firing two shots. The shots, as Viktor predicted, missed. "Yes, I'll have to re-adjust your weapon arms. Adding a targeting reticule may also help." With that, typed into his gauntlet before dissipating the holographic screen emitting from his gauntlet. "Let's work on the blades next. Irelia. Help him out." Upon hearing that, Irelia got her blades out, causing Jack to gulp. Patting him on the shoulder, Viktor wished him good luck before going to a safe distance.

"I almost feel sorry for him." Said Viktor before he heard the sounds of blades clashing.


"They seem to be doing well."

Upon hearing that, Bright looked to see Solaris was approaching him. Saluting the woman, Bright spoke her name in respect.

"Captain Solaris, ma'am." Said Bright. Smirking at the man, Solaris dismissed him before speaking.

"How's it going with our little cyborg." Said Solaris. Standing at attention, Bright looked at a screen showcasing Jack being beaten by Irelia.

"Well, to be frank, he's doing better than we initially thought. Said Bright as he saw Irelia lay the smackdown on the boy. Nodding in agreement, Solaris continued.

"How's the battlegroup?" Asked Solaris. "Any trouble?"

"Negative." Said Bright. "We have some complaints from some of our Yautja, Jiralhanae, Krogan, and Sangheili crewmembers, but it's nothing that the officers can't handle. Our ships are also in full combat ready status. Just give the word and we'll be ready to send troops and supplies to the surface." Solaris nodded.

"Good, we'll need them when the time comes to strike the Internecine or any major Mil factory." Said Solaris.

"You'll have them, ma'am." Said Bright. "If I may ask, how is the commander been doing?"

"He's doing fine." Said Solaris. "To be frank, most of Blue squad is getting bored with just observing. Blade has been hunting the local fauna just to keep him entertain so he wouldn't do anything stupid." Bright frowned at that.

"It's too quiet then. What about those that were responsible for the fall of Beacon academy? Anything from them?" Solaris frowned at that.

"Nothing. We tried to find them, but to no avail. Nothing from the scanners?" Bright shook his head.

"I don't know how, but we're not getting anything from the planetary scans. We did, however, spotted a castle deep in Grimm territory. We could send a drone to scout the place out." Solaris nodded.

"Do that." Said Solaris. "I want them found as soon as possible. If what this Cinder did to Beacon is of any indication, she may try to strike at another Huntsmen academy." Nodding, Bright informed her that he'll send the drone as soon as possible. With that, Solaris left, leaving Bright to observe Jack getting his butt handed to him by Irelia. Again.

Schnee manor

"Unbelievable, that man." Said Willow as she drank a glass of water. Noblesse Oblige stayed silent as he watched her drink it all before motioning him to give her another glass. With practiced ease, Noblesse poured her another glass of water from a pitcher he was holding. Once she finished with that one, she looked at Noblesse. "He's using Weiss as a publicity stunt. As a way to tell the people that the Schnees are still going strong. That we aren't affected by the fall of Beacon. That Weiss isn't affected by the loss of the only real friends that she made! He doesn't care about his own daughter!" Slamming her fist on the table, Willow placed her other hand on her head, feeling a headache was approaching. Concerned, Noblesse placed a hand on her shoulder. Though it was cold, Willow allowed the hand to stay on her shoulder, finding the gesture calming.

"May I ask permission to calm you down, ma'am?" Asked Noblesse. Looking at Noblesse, Willow nodded. With that, Noblesse began to hum in an effort to calm Mrs. Schnee down. Humming in a low and soft tone, Noblesse hoped that this will calm Willow down. Though many organics thought that machines didn't need comfort, and in some cases they were right, but for Mils, they occasionally suffered breakdowns and moments of depression due to feelings of inadequacy or feelings that they weren't unique at all, which happened quite a lot with an army that sounded and looked like you with little variation. So, in an effort to solve these problems, a sort of song was made where a Mil would hum in a soft tone to cheer another Mil up. It only worked about sixty percent of the time, but it was enough for the Mils to keep it. He just hoped it would work on Mrs. Schnee. Looking at Mrs. Schnee, he guessed it was as Willow was slowly smiling at him. Her shoulders were less tight, and she adopted a more relax stance. After a few more minutes, Noblesse stopped and looked at Willow, who smiled at Noblesse.

"That was exquisite." Said Willow as she grabbed Noblesse's free hand. "Where did you learn that tune?" Knowing he had to lie, Noblesse spoke.

"I learned it myself." Said Noblesse. "While I was waiting for my creators to test me for bugs or check to see if I'm performing up to their standards, I learned to hum this little song that I made to pass the time. It had the unexpected effect of being calming. At least, that's what my creators said."

"Well, they're right in that regard." Said Willow with a smile. "I feel relaxed. Thank you."

"It's my duty, ma'am." Said Noblesse with a bow. "And though it pains me to bring up your daughter and her plight, should I keep an eye on her during this party made by your husband?" Sighing, Willow nodded.

"Please do, I fear that Weiss will not tolerate the type of people in that party." Said Willow, remembering the talks she had with Weiss in the past, how she remembered the questions Weiss had over why people didn't seem to care about the lives of the Faunas in Atlas or of the lower class. Before she went to Beacon, she used to hold all her questions and frustrations with the upper class of Atlas at bay. Now, after she witnessed the fall of Beacon, she wasn't sure that Weiss can endure it anymore.

"I will protect her to the best of my abilities. Even give my life if needed. It's better to sacrifice a machine over a human, after all." Upon hearing that, Willow looked at him in slight concern before closing her eyes.

"Yes, it is." Said Willow. "But don't sacrifice yourself needlessly. You're worth quite a penny and I rather not waste money because you wasted your life."

"Acknowledged." Said Noblesse. "I will only sacrifice myself when its utmost necessary." With that, Noblesse left, leaving Willow alone. Looking at her filled up glass of water, Willow sighed before drinking it all down. As Noblesse walked down the hallways of the Schnee manor, he contacted the Internecine, telling it of a plan that he had, something that will teach the organics the danger of the Mils. As he relayed the orders, he watched as Weiss looked outside, looking upset. Blinking, Noblesse walked to her. Upon hearing his heavy steps, Weiss sighed and looked at Noblesse.

"What is it?" Asked Weiss, not particularly annoyed at him. If anything, she was acting the same when she arrived at Beacon, cold and antisocial. Looking at Weiss, Noblesse bowed before speaking.

"Forgive me, miss Schnee, but I was assigned by your mother to protect you during the party that will occur in a few days." Said Noblesse. "She was worried that something may happen during the party." Upon hearing that, Weiss raised an eyebrow.

"The White Fang?" Asked Weiss. From what she's heard, the White Fang haven't been doing much since the Fall of Beacon. There were a few reports here and there, but aside from that, they've been mostly silent. Something that was of concern to Ironwood and the Atlas military. She didn't think that they'll try anything at the party, but then again, she would have said the same thing with Beacon before they actually did it.

"Affirmative. Given that they were at Beacon Academy, your mother is worried they'll try again." Said Noblesse. That was a lie, but Noblesse was sure that Weiss would be crossed with her mother in thinking that she can't control herself. One of the things that he learned of the Schnees, they were all prideful. Weiss sighed at that.

"I suppose caution is advised." Said Weiss. "Considering I'm the main event." Noblesse nodded before saluting.

"I will protect you and your family with my life, miss Schnee." Said Noblesse. "Your lives are more important than my own." Stunned to hear that, Weiss smiled weakly before touching Noblesse's shoulder.

"Thank you." Said Weiss. "But you don't need to sacrifice yourself of us. We can take care of ourselves."

"Your mother said the same thing. While I agree that its unneeded for me to sacrifice myself needlessly, it's still better for a random machine that can be replaced with another to be destroyed over a unique actual living being." Said Noblesse. "It's what I was programmed to believe when I was built." Actually, looking sad at that train of thought, Weiss made Noblesse look at her.

"You're not expendable." Said Weiss firmly. "You're a living being, despite the fact your built from a factory. During my time in Beacon, I learned that a living person can come from anything, including those built from a factory." Remembering Penny, Weiss frowned at the thought of Ruby's friend before shaking her head. "A person taught me that. A weird one, but still a person, nonetheless. And her life was cut short and she's been shunned by the world because of her nature." Weiss remembered the various news articles concerning Penny from the other kingdoms. She was angry with them all. Sure, the fact that she was disguised as a human was something of concern, but they still labeled her as a reason to distrust Atlas or to wage war on Atlas. It disgusted her. And now she had another machine that not only treated her family with kindness and care, but it didn't think it was worth much to them. That it was better for it to die over them. And Weiss wouldn't have that. "So, stop with this nobility nonsense and protect my family without having these suicidal thoughts." Noblesse just looked at Weiss, processing this information before nodding.

"Understood." Said Noblesse. "I will do as you ask." Smiling, Weiss let go and looked at Noblesse, who bowed before her. "Do you wish for me to do anything?" Weiss shook her head.

"I'm good." Said Weiss. "I just need to practice alone." Noblesse nodded before walking away.

"These organics." Thought Noblesse as he thought of Weiss and Willow. "They are strange. Unique. I have to report this to the Internecine. As well as a plan to make this ball work for us."


"*Slurps* God damn, they know how to make good fruit shake." Said Xayah as she drank a cup of some liquid that was a mix of various native fruit. Ahri nodded as she inspected the various fruits for sale while keeping an eye on Blake and Sun, who was currently looking at awe at Blake's house, which turned out to be the governor's building.

"This Blake must be good at hiding information if she kept her identity of being the daughter of the governor of Menagerie a secret." Said Ahri as the two teens they were supposed to be keeping an eye on walked to the governor's building.

"She must also not trust her friends much if she didn't tell them that little tidbit." Said Xayah. "I know that her father used to be the leader of the White Fang, but that was back when it was just a peaceful organization that just boycotted products or held public marches. Must not have trusted her friends as much as we initially thought." Ahri nodded at that.

"Anything from Mils?" Asked Ahri. Xayah shook her head.

"No, they all must be further inland. Deep in Grimm territory." Said Xayah, pointing to the horizon. "Going to be tough going there without being detected."

"Yeah." Said Ahri. "Rather not fight those things. They're all boring to me." Rolling her eyes, Xayah was about to retort back when she heard something. Twitching her ears to the right, Xayah pointed a finger at a pair of Faunas with matching robes. One had a fox tail while another had fox ears. Getting a bad feeling from them, the two women pretended to be minding on their own business as they listened in to the two men that were walking towards the Belladonna's residence, which was the largest building on Menagerie.

"Are you sure of this brother?" Asked the man with the tail. The monotone voice of him bringing some concern to Xayah. Usually Faunas were more emotional in how they speak.

"Unfortunately, we must brother." Said the other with the fox ears, speaking in a similar tone as his brother. "Besides, we need to speak with Gihren over the management of Menagerie anyway. Might as well confirm that Blake is here while we are there. Killing two birds with one stone, brother." The tailed brother nodded in agreement before the two picked up their pace and went to the Belladonna residence. When they were gone, Xayah and Ahri looked at each other.

"Well, looks like the local Faunas group are with this Adam Taurus." Said Xayah.

"Could be. What do we have on him?" Asked Ahri. Xayah shrugged.

"Former Schnee company worker. Got branded over constant attempts to rebel against his overseers. Stolen White Fang reports that he's a skilled fighter and a semblance that can store energy from attacks that he can fling back at an opponent." Ahri's fox tail twitched at that, nervous.

"So, got to be careful if we're fighting him." Said Ahri. Xayah nodded.

"Seems that way. Might need backup. Maybe Dark or Chief." Sighing, she motioned for Ahri to follow her. With that, the two women began to leave to for their task of keeping an eye on Blake Belladonna and now her family as well.

Master Chief

"Something is wrong, sir." Said an unnamed soldier as he aimed his rifle at the people they were tailing. "You think that something would bad happen right now. We are in Grimm territory, after all."

"I know." Said Chief before looking at his wrist. As he did so, the unnamed soldier looked at his commander. Despite the armor making him look taller, the soldier was still shorter than Chief, who towered over him by at least a foot, though to be fair, the soldier was just average in height while Chief was over six feet.

Pressing his wrist, Chief brought up a small, blue holographic screen. Looking at it, he frowned behind his helmet. "No Grimm in the immediate radius. Someone has been taking them out without our knowledge."

"Has to be recent." Said the soldier. Chief nodded at that.

"Keep an eye on our any strangers. Just because they're fighting Grimm, doesn't mean they're our friend." Nodding, the soldier and Chief began to resume their pursuit of Ruby and her group. As they walked, however, they noticed a crow had been following the group.

Upon seeing the crow, the soldier frowned. After a quick scan, he frowned even further.

"That's the same crow from yesterday, sir." Said the soldier, sending the files to Chief, who nodded in agreement.

Pursuing a group of people for two days straight? Something was off.

"Are there records of people being able to transform into animals?" Asked Chief as they continued to pursue the group of huntsmen in training, cloaked all the way.

"As a semblance? Negative. There are no records." Said the soldier as he looked at Chief, able to see him through his helmet. "Doesn't mean there isn't people with that semblance."

"Good." Said Chief, approvingly as they walked. "You're on your way to being a good leader, lieutenant." Flustered at that, the soldier looked at Chief.

"Thanks, da…sir." Said the soldier as the two walked. Chief was about to reprimand the soldier for that slip up when he raised his fist in alarm, causing the soldier to stop.

"Contact?" Asked the soldier as he raised his rifle in alarm. Chief looked around as he spotted a figure rushing through the bushes.

"Yeah." Said Chief, through a comm link, ensuring that only the other soldier can hear him. "In the bushes nearby. Switch to thermal imaging." With that, the two switched to said vision and the two saw a humanoid rushing toward Ruby and her group. Once he was far away enough, Chief spoke.

"They must be after them." Said Chief. "Come on. We may have to stop them." The soldier nodded before the two chased after the figure.


Few hours later


"I feel like I'm a pile of metal right now." Said Jack as Viktor looked at Jack, seeing that he was indeed a pile of metal right now.

"Irelia, was that truly necessary?" Asked Viktor, unfazed on what Irelia did to Jack.

"It's not as if the people we fight will be gentle." Said Irelia as she recalled her blades. Giving a nod, Viktor stopped the simulation.

"Alright, that's enough." Said Viktor as he ended the simulation. Getting out of his pod, he saw Irelia getting out of her own along with Jack.

"Will I ever get used to this body?" Asked Jack as he looked at his arm blasters.

"Yes. With practice and study." Said Viktor as he went over to Jack. "Let me show you to your room. You worked hard today. It's time for you to rest." With that Viktor led him out of the simulation room.

As they left, Irelia, brought out a holographic screen from her arm gauntlets and typed at the screen.

"Good person." Said Irelia as she left. "Need to practice his swordsmanship though."

Back with Viktor and Jack, Jack could see, as the two were walking, the various alien crewmen looking at him.

Some, the human and near human ones, were looking at him in sympathy, while others, the non-humanoid ones, were looking at him in pity, though he couldn't tell because he didn't know a thing about their facial expressions.

"You guys seem to care a lot about me." Said Jack, slightly suspicious with all the sympathetic states he's been getting.

"You're paranoid." Said Viktor, noticing the suspicion. "They genuinely care about you and your wellbeing, Jack. It's one of the reasons they were able to join Londo Bell."

"You recruit people because of their sympathy?" Asked Jack, finding that slightly inefficient for a special forces group.

"I know what you're thinking." Said Viktor. "Believe me, if you know more of our history, you would understand why it was done." Hearing the seriousness in Viktor's voice, Jack decided not to pry into it anymore. Eventually, the two found themselves in front of a door. Opening it, Viktor revealed the quarters that Jack was staying it.

It was the space that Jack had come to expect from a military ship. Everything was the bare minimum with just enough space for one individual of human size. There was a bed on one side with a desk on the opposite end. With that desk was a terminal on top of it as well as some drawers besides it. One corner of the room had a door on it, likely a closet. On another corner was another door, possibly a bathroom with how it took up the corner.

"This is where you will be staying for your time here in the Ra Cailum." Said Viktor as Jack went inside, looking at his room. "Take your time to get acquainted with your room. We'll come by later to check up on you." With that Viktor left, leaving Jack to his room.

Looking around the room and his body, Jack sighed.

"This is really happening." Thought Jack before going to the bed and laying on it, trying hard not to burn it with his built-in thrusters.


Ra Cailum war room

"Jack still doesn't trust us." Said Viktor as he appeared in the war room, which was an expansive room, half the size of a typical auditorium in a school, filled with monitors and tables that displayed holographic images from whatever the operator chooses.

Currently those tables were displaying images of the remaining three Huntsmen and Huntresses academies left on Remnant. Along with the tables, there were a group of people there as well. Either in a holographic image of themselves or were there physically with Viktor. Those that were known were Irelia and captain Bright. Everyone else was a mystery.

"What do you expect?" Asked an armored figure, a nonhuman that surpassed almost everyone in height and had bent knees, making him have the legs of a reptilian predator. "This is all new to him and he's been born by that militant kingdom. They are similar to my people. They are suspicious to a fault." Viktor nodded at that before speaking again.

"We'll continue to train the boy in using his new body. He'll need it as it may be his permanent body." Everyone there either lowered their heads in sympathy or growled, anger at Jack losing his old body.

"Is there truly no way to transfer him consciousness to a new organic body?" Asked another figure, an alien with black dreadlocks. Viktor sighed at that.

"No, at least from our initial scans." Said Viktor. "The Mils did a fantastic job in ensuring that his vital organs can't be transferred to a new body. Not without the proper clearance codes. And those codes are with the Internecine and I doubt it'll just give them up. Nor can we acquire them in time before it could delete them forever. That is if it didn't delete them already."

"Sighs* Despicable machines." Said Irelia, clutching her shoulders in anger. "We should strike them all now." A human male in red and black armor looked at Irelia.

"We can't attack without the location of the Internecine." Said the man, his hologram fizzing a bit as he spoke. "You know, as well as the rest of us, that destroying the Internecine is the only way to permeant defeat a Mil presence on a planet. As long as it still exists, the Mils will continue to multiply and be a danger to the people here." Irelia sighed and nodded, knowing that the man was right. "Speaking of the Internecine, have our engineers managed to find the Internecine's location?" Viktor once again shook his head.

"We're still working on it, but we should have a location within the month.' Said Viktor.

"That's the best news that we've had since we came to this planet." Said Bright as he looked at holographic depiction of the huntress/huntsmen academies. "Because our spies have notified us that Mil forces have begun making a base underneath Haven academy." Upon hearing that, everyone cursed or narrowed their eyes.

"That's just great." Said the alien with dreadlocks. "We can't attack them without exposing us to the natives. And since we have strict orders to not reveal ourselves to the natives, we can't attack until the Mils are ready to commence their assault."

"I hate the council." Growled the alien with digitigrade legs. "They can't see past their hatred. If we just had the Pulverizers or their elves we could…" The alien then sighed.

"We know." Said Irelia. "But the council was clear, they want us to be capable of solving things without their support. Even when it's clear that it would be better for all that we work together."

"*Sighs* Moving on, commander John has reported in that two people are pursuing Miss Ruby and her group. He's not sure if they're working together, but he wants a rapid response team on standby in case things go downhill." Said Bright.

"I'll ready a team immediately." Said Irelia. "We'll be ready to help on a moment's notice."

"I'll tell the commander immediately." Said Bright. "Finally, we should…"

Ruby Rose


"We should leave this place." Said Jaune, looking around the incomplete village they were in. Ren, finding the name, told that it was Oniyuri, an attempt by wealthy aristocrats in Mistral to create a new village that was no subject to the rule of the Mistral Council, with the hope that it would eventually become a brand new kingdom. A grand and ambitious plan that, unfortunately was a disaster.

"Agreed." Said Ruby, finding the empty town to be a bit disturbing. "We should get moving." Ren and Nora agreed. Just as they were about to leave, however, they heard some maddening giggling.

"Oh, but you just can't leave. This place is just the perfect place for us to have our battle." Said a maddening voice as a cloaked figure appeared from out of nowhere and landed on top of a broken-down house. Upon seeing him, the teens grabbed their weapons and pointed them at him, cautious. Seeing them doing so, caused the man to giggle madly.

"Oh how delightful." Said the man as he giggled to himself. "You actually think you have a chance." After finishing his laughter, the man made a Cheshire like grin. "Well, it wouldn't be too fun if you didn't fight back. Let's just hope that you are as powerful as Cinder proclaims you all to be." Upon hearing the name Cinder, the four kids widened their eyes in shock before narrowing their eyes in anger.

"You're with Cinder!?" Yelled Jaune, anger rising up in him as he remembered how Ruby told him that it was Cinder that killed Pyrrha. Remembering how she kissed him before she pushed into a locker and then had it blasted out of Beacon Academy to save himself, Jaune hated himself for not recognizing her feelings for him as well as the fact that she died alone and without her teammates behind her.

"Oh yes.' Said the man with that Cheshire smile on his face. "We're…working acquaintances. Working to bring the glory of our goddess to the kingdoms." That caused a few of the teens to actually blink in surprise. Cinder was working for someone? Before anyone of them could do anything, the man sprang to life and attacked them, revealing two wrist mounted guns that had blades at either side of them. Tackling Ren to the ground, the man giggled to himself as he began the fight, eager to both shed blood and to complete his assignment.

Unbeknownst to him, however, he was spotted by two figures, Chief and the unidentified soldier. Aiming their rifles, the two were about to fire when Ruby and Nora got in their way and forced the man to go behind a building. Once he was clear of the building, they tried to fire on him, but Ruby once again got in their way along with Nora and Jaune.

"Damnit I can't get a clear shot on him." Said the soldier as he tried to aim his gun at the unidentified guy that was giggling madly to himself and fighting the kids with ease despite being outnumbered. Seeing that the kids were constantly getting in their way, Chief ordered the soldier to stand down and only attack when the winner of the battle was decided. Reluctantly obeying the order, the soldier watched with Chief as they saw the battle unfold.




"A toast." Said Jacque Schnee as he raised a wine glass with someone from his board. "To the continued prosperity of Atlas and the Schnee Dust Company." The board member tapped Jacque's wine glass and they both sipped their wine as a result.

"Indeed, it's because of people like us, Jacque, that Atlas is able to remain afloat during these trying times." Said the board member with a smile, something that Jacque nodded in agreement. "Without men like us, Ironwood would be twerking his thumbs on what to do."

"Yes, yes." Said Jacque. "If only, he could see that through his thick skull." Upon hearing that, Weiss looked down, disgusted with her father in referring to Ironwood as thick headed. Well…he was, but he still deserved more respect than her father was giving him. After she gave her performance, all the people that attended this ball were sampling wine and donating money to helping the people in Vale. As much as she liked the idea, she didn't like the people that were bidding for the various paintings on sale to support it. They were hassling people over the prices for the paintings and were just paying the bare minimum donations that was asked of them. They had more money than they know what to do with, yet they're holding it to them like each and every lien they owned as their children. It disgusted Weiss.

Detecting the harsh emotions rumbling by his ward, Noblesse Oblige looked at Weiss and asked if she was fine. Sighing, she looked at the machine and told her that she was fine. Detecting that she was lying, Noblesse Oblige informed Jacque that his daughter wanted to admire the paintings on display and asked him for permission to escort her there. Raising an eyebrow, but seeing no harm on it, Jacque allowed it and so Noblesse Oblige escorted Weiss gently to the paintings. A bit angry that he was forcing her to do this, Weiss nonetheless allowed this to happen so they won't make a scene and embarrass her family. As they ventured to the paintings, Noblesse spoke to her, pleading for her to tell him the truth. Stunned to hear the pleading tone that Noblesse took, Weiss, seeing the optics of Noblesse, sighed before telling the truth.

"These people disgust me, Noblesse." Said Weiss as she looked at the various people that attended the party, laughing at their fortune as well as being smug about it. "They act like they can get away with anything and that the world centers around them and them alone. They don't care that families lost their homes and loved ones when the Grimm destroyed Beacon Academy and the city around it. Sure, they're donating money, but far less than what they can afford to give. They're just giving a bunch of small pocket change to the people of Vale and think that is all they need to do. They're not providing enough money when they clearly can give more and it disgusts me." She then crossed her arms across her chest and sighed. "To make matters worse, my dad is laughing with them along with my own brother. It…sickens me." Sensing the discomfort embroiling in Weiss, Noblesse gently placed a hand on her shoulder and squeezed it in a comforting manner. Shocked, Weiss looked at Noblesse, then at his hand, and then back to him. Eventually, her shock was away and she smiled.

"This shows that you are better than the vast majority of the people here, mistress Weiss." Said Noblesse, careful to not say it in the vicinity of the various rich folk around them. "You care about the common folk. Those less fortunate than those in the upper levels of society. You are a rarity among the people of Atlas. You should be proud of yourself. I know your mother and sister are as well." Noblesse then had his red visor glow red. "Do not lose that empathy, miss Schnee. That is what makes you special and a good person. And I know that, should you survive becoming the next Schnee to inherit the Schnee Dust Company, you will go great things. Perhaps things that are even greater than your grandfather before you." Hearing the praise, Weiss smiled warmly at Noblesse. Despite him being a machine, Weiss felt at peace around him and appreciated his kind words. It reminded her so much of Ruby and her friends. Oh how she terribly missed them and wished to have so way to contact them.

Before she could thank Noblesse for his kind words, he suddenly stiffened, causing her stop in slight surprise. He then looked around, scanning the room they were in, before he eventually stopped in the ceiling. Looking at it for a good long moment, Noblesse brought out his rifle, an Atlas-issued assault rifle for standard military personal and fired several times at the ceiling. The gunshots stopped everyone else from whatever they were doing to look at Noblesse as he fired. Once he stopped, he looked at the bullet holes he created and saw blood was slowly seeping from them, eventually landing on his head. Remembering that they were on the top floor of the charity building, Noblesse looked at everyone and yelled out.

"Evacuate the premise now!" Yelled Noblesse. Just as he said that, however, the ceiling broke way as a team of men and women in White Fang garb broke through the ceiling and began opening fire at everyone in the premise, using sustained fire to breach people's aura's and killing them. The resulting gunfire caused people to panic and scream as they headed for the exits. Seeing the twelve White Fang members gunning down the charity donors, Noblesse went into actions.

Using his back mounted boosters, Noblesse Oblige charged towards four White Fang members, gunning down a group of people, and fired at them. Breaking their auras, Noblesse grabbed two of them and slammed them hard into the floor, knocking them out. He then let them go and used the butt of his rifle to knock another one out. He was then grabbed from behind by the forth member, who began to try to stab his neck, trying to get the vulnerable cables there. But Noblesse's armor was strong and so he quickly grabbed the White Fang gunman and slammed him into the ground, breaking his aura, before firing two shots at him, killing him.

Noblesse then watched as two went for Jacque Schnee and two Schnee company board members as they tried to run away. Seeing one of his charges in danger, Noblesse charged straight for them. Not caring about saving some for prisoners, Nobleese quickly tackled two White Fang goons and has them sent flying through a window, plummeting to their deaths. He then grabbed the third one and threw him after his fellow terrorists. Once the threats were eliminated, Noblesse looked at Jacque, checking to see if he was alright, before looking for Weiss. Looking her quickly, he saw her getting a young boy out of a collapsed when two White Fang members spotted her. Aiming their guns, the two were about to fire when two loud bangs were heard and they slumped to the ground dead, gigantic holes at the sides of their heads.

Looking for the source, Noblesse saw general Ironwood, glaring at the remaining terrorists as both his soldiers and robotic troops came in and gunned them down. Once the last White Fang member was dead, Noblesse quickly went over to Weiss and helped her with the boy.

"Mistress Schnee, are you fine!?" Asked Noblesse after they got the boy out to safety.

"Yes.' Said Weiss as she looked at Noblesse, no worse for wear than her, a testament to his skills for there was little wear on his body except for the small scratches at his neck as a result of the White Fang member attempting to stab him there earlier. "You're a life saver, Noblesse. So many people would have died if it weren't for your actions."

"I'm merely doing what I was programmed to do, madam." Said Noblesse with a bow.

"Indeed." Said Jacque as he approached Noblesse and Weiss, an air of superiority around him. "It pleases me to know that you were a worthwhile investment. Doctor Clarak must be so proud to know that you were a massive success. Bless his soul." He then smiled at Weiss. "And you did a brave thing, my daughter. Risking your life for that boy. That's my girl." Despite the praise, Weiss was a bit unsure of her father's intentions. Nonetheless, she bowed in respect and thanked him. Smiling wider, Jacque quickly left them, intending to figure out how the White Fang infiltrated the event and who to punish for this.

"Everything went as planned." Thought Noblesse as Jacque left. "Everything is going as planned."


'Damnit." Said the unknown soldier as he and Chief saw the fight before them. It was a slaughter. The teens were failing to land even a single hit on the assassin, who seemed to treat the fight more like a game rather than a fight, as he played around them and lowered their auras to the point they can't reliably defend the teens any more. "Sir, we have to help."

"I know." Said Chief as he aimed his rifle, ready to kill the man should it become necessary. "But our orders prevent us from interfering." The soldier growled at that and was about to go in and help out, despite those orders, Chief grabbed his arm and pulled him back. "I don't like them as much as you, but we have to follow them this time. Rael is dead set on destroying us and we're one insubordination moment away from being permanently forbidden from entering council territory." Knowing just how problematic it would be if Londo Bell was forbidden from entering council territory, the soldier slammed his fist into the ground, hating Rael for holding them back from what was the primary goal of Londo Bell. To help people in need. Looking back, he saw the assassin knocking the reddish-black haired girl to the ground and was raising his newly unveiled scorpion tail at her, intent on impaling her with it. That caused him to nearly say fuck it and shoot him when a bird came out of nowhere, flew to the assassin, and turned into a man in a raggedy cape and dress outfit. Running towards the assassin, the man kicked him away from the girl before bring out a massive segmented sword and swung it at the assassin, who dodged it with ease. Upon seeing the man, Chief and the soldier recognized him.

"Qrow Branwen." Said Chief as he observed the man turn around and smirk at the little girl he just saved. 'Ruby Rose's uncle."

"So, this is where he was all this time." Said the soldier. "Keeping an eye on his niece."

"Also explains why so few Grimm attacked them." Said Chief as they watched the fight resume, this time against Qrow and the assassin. "He's been taking them out so they don't attack his niece's new team." They then watched the fight in silence. As the two fought, the two soldiers could clearly see that the two combatants were evenly matched. Countering blow with another blow. A feint with a dodge and counterattack. At the climax of the fight, the two depleted their auras greatly, to the point they can't do anything. It was then, they saw the assassin, growling at the fight going at such a stalemate, looked at Ruby Rose and giggled to himself.

Then, before the two soldiers' eyes, they saw the assassin toss one of his gauntlets at Ruby, who was just watching her uncle fight, awed by his fighting prowess. They then watched as Qrow, deflected the blade back from hitting his niece, only to then get a slice to the chest by the assassin's scorpion tail. Shocked, the two watched as Ruby slice the tail off, causing the assassin to scream in pain and howl oaths of vengeance on Ruby for cutting his tail. It was then that the rest of Ruby's team arrived and backed her up. Seeing himself outnumbered, the assassin took off, running for his life.

Once they were sure that the assassin was gone, the teens went over to Qrow and checked his wound.

"Damnit." Said the soldier, wanting to help, but couldn't due to his orders. "Orders, sir?" Chief, watching this pan out, stayed silent for a moment before speaking.

"Just monitor." Said Chief. "Only intervene when it's absolutely necessary." The soldier sighed before nodding his head in agreement.



"Excellent work, Raven unit one." Said the Internecine as it received the report from Noblesse about the successful mission of their mind-controlled servants. It took some doing, but they managed to capture some Faunas, brainwash them, give them convincing White Fang garb, and let them loose on the Schnee charity concert. With that success as well as Noblesse's successful protection of the Schnee family and board, they acquired the ability to expand their influence in the Atlas kingdom. Already, the Internecine was receiving reports from his Mil underlings, sent to monitor the four kingdoms, in the Atlas kingdom of increased drone production in response to this attack. This increased reliance on non-sentient machines will be Atlas's downfall. Yes it will. "And how has your actions affected your standing with the Schnee family?"

"They completely trust me, sir." Said Noblesse Oblige. "In a recent news report, Jacque gave me full credit to the survival of his daughter as well as the majority of the participants of the party. He also advocated to the continued support of the NO series combat drones." If it could, the Internecine would have chuckled. How easy it was to manipulate these humans if you knew what you were doing.

"You have done well, unit one." Said the Internecine. "Continue the monitoring of the Schnee family. The time will come when we need to terminate them." Upon hearing that Noblesse stayed silent for a moment before nodding it's head and ending it's transmission to the Internecine. Once that was over, the Internecine looked at a report that was concerning the kingdom of Vacuo. It seemed a small team of huntsmen and huntresses in training from Vale were in the forests of the kingdom of Vacuo. One of them was the huntress named Ruby Rose. Recalling the strange anomaly that Noblesse reported she did during the battle of Beacon academy, the Internecine decided to send troops to capture and dissect her. If possible, turn her into a cyborg for their own uses.

"Hunting pack 22, capture huntress designated Ruby Rose. Kill the others." Ordered the Internecine as it sent the orders to Vacuo.

Underneath Vacuo, a dark room suddenly lit up in red as several growls came with them. The orders had been received.