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Sandwiches and Growing Up

18 year old Anna was waiting outside John Gordon High School waiting for her boyfriend to pick her up. Anna could have driven herself, she had a car and a license but she had plans with her boyfriend that day and he offered to drive.

Then her boyfriend pulled up, just barely avoiding the group of kids on the sidewalk as he drove fast like a maniac. Then stopped suddenly in front of Anna. Inside was a tall, muscular man with a black suit and sunglasses.

"Hey Kevin."

Yes, Kevin Hanson is dating Anna Summers. Kevin had graduated from this same school a few years back and was now working with his dad in real estate. He turned to Anna, his face turned angry.

"Anna what the HELL!?"

Kevin shouted as soon as he noticed Anna's attire. She wore a pair of white short-shorts and a pink tank top that just covered the belly button but showed some cleavage. Which was raised a bit by a push-up bra.

"What are you doing dressing like a whore!?"

"Just the other day you said I looked like a little girl."

That was somewhat true. She wasnt short but she was still on the small side as terms of height and build. She had developed some curves to her physique. Anna had also retained her freckles and insisted on keeping her hair in braids. Despite all the teasing she got from Marcy about it.

"What I meant was wear your damn hair down so you don't look like a toddler on a growth spurt! Now get in the car!"

Anna sighed. "Yes, Kevin."

"Oh and put this on!" Kevin said passing Anna a jacket he had in the back seat when Anna stepped into the car, hitting her in the face first. It smelt funny, but Anna could tell that Kevin was angry and she didn't want to provoke him further. She put it on and held her breath.

Kevin stepped on the gas, Anna quickly grabbed the seat for stabilization as Kevin hadn't given her time to put on her seat belt. While Kevin's eyes were glued on the road, the radio bursting with some heavy metal rock song that Anna didn't even recognize, Anna quickly strapped on her seat belt. After she was secure, Anna looked over at Kevin, he wasn't even glancing at her, he didn't say a word to her, just driving on the road. Which wouldn't be so bad if he wasn't going 10 miles over the speed limit and barely avoiding other cars/people. Truth be told that being in Kevin's car when he's driving isn't exactly the most comfortable thing in the world for Anna but he had promised to take her out to lunch to celebrate her near graduation. Just one more week!

Anna noticed that Kevin wasn't really paying attention to her so she slowly leaned over and changed the channel on the radio. It went from a rock song that Anna didn't like to a country song that Anna didn't like. Then she landed on "Let It Go" by Idina Menzel. Anna really liked the song, she smiled satisfied, then her smile fell when she heard Kevin open his mouth.

"Turn that gay-ass song off." He said in a commanding voice. Still not taking his eyes off the road.

"But I really like this song."

"My car. My rules. Now turn it off or we aren't going to Olaf's Sandwiches!"

"Hmmm. ok." Anna said pouting while changing the channel back to the horrible rock song.

"So how was your day?"

"Well, Marcy played a really mean trick on me."

"What did she do this time?" Kevin asked but not really caring.

"Well she posted a picture of my head on a fat ballerina body. On facebook. And under it was a caption that said that I was too stupid to graduate and that I didn't even pass gym." Anna said pouting. "I can't believe this. She graduated like two years ago and she still feels the need to mock me."

"That's Marcy for you. Want me to talk to her?" Kevin asked trying to sound sincere.

"Yeah whatever." Anna said not actually believing he would.

"Oh look we're here."

Kevin pulled up and parked in the empty parking space in front of the Olaf's Sandwiches restaurant. It was a white painted building with a glass door with a logo of a snowman holding up a sandwich on it. Anna's favorite, not just for their wide array of sandwiches, but they had GREAT chocolates afterwards. But today was different, there was a long line. Kevin and Marcy were able to see through the glass door and see that there were at least six people waiting in line. Now normally it was fast service, you could just waltz up to the cashier, tell them what you want, then sit down and wait for your food. But this was different.

"What's going on? There is never a line." Anna asked disappointedly.

"Stay here I'll check it out." Kevin said as he got out of his car and slammed the door behind him.

Kevin walked through the door and went next to the last person in the line, a african-american woman in a green dress.

"Hey what the hell is this?" Kevin asked the woman, rudely. She looked at him, looking offended but decided to just take a deep breath and answer calmly.

"Were waiting for our food, we all ordered several minutes ago and haven't gotten a thing. I mean the sandwiches here are always fast and hot but today..."

Kevin then abruptly left and went to the front desk. Skipping everyone else in line while making irritated gestures at his "cutting."

Kevin approached the front desk and there was a large overweight man with a thick brown mustache. Kevin noticed his pudgy belly, his shirt barely able to contain it. He had already thought of 20 fat jokes to tell this guy later.

"Hey fatty what's with all the hold-up!?"

"Um excuse me sir?"

"I'm on a date with my damn girlfriend. This is her favorite restaurant and last time I checked there has never been a FUCKING line! So what the hell you eat all your inventory!?"

"I will not tolerate being talked to that way sir." The cashier said sternly.

"Fuck-" Kevin stopped himself, he knew he was going to get banned from ANOTHER restaurant if her kept this up. So he closed his eyes, breathed in and out, then spoke again. But very tense. Like he was trying to force himself to be nice.

"I. Am. So. Sorry sir. It's just that I wanted to take my girlfriend out for a nice meal at her favorite restaurant but this line seems to be stalling that. So can I please know what is going on." Kevin asked calmly, almost sounding actually sorry.

The cashier then decided to try to be nice himself.

"We got some new employee's. A chef and a waitress. The chef is having difficulty cooking the food the waitress is having trouble balancing everything at once. I tried to tell her just take one thing at a time but she insists that she can learn to do it herself. Oh wait here she is."

The cashier said turning his head to the opening door and out came what had to be the waitress, holding two plates of food in each hand like a pro. Kevin couldn't help but gaze at this woman, she had to be she sexiest thing he had ever seen.

Not even her apron could hide her body, long thin legs, lean yet still curvaceous. She had hips to die for going up to a waist that looked almost like it was smaller than her head. And a nice pair of hills (Kevins own words) that had to be a C-cup at least. Milky pale skin, a long sexy neck attached to a defined face shape with rounded cheek bones, gorgeous poofy white hair tied up in a bun and icy blue eyes.

Wait! White skin? White hair? Icy blue eyes? NO FUCKIN WAY! This woman is too sexy to be HER!? Kevin thought to himself.

Then this mystery hottie turned to the cashier as he was taking the customer's cash look as everyone grabbed their sandwiches from her plates. Not even batting an eye at Kevin who had his mouth and eyes wide open.

"I told you I could figure it out."

"Yes and it only took you fifteen minutes miss Snow."


After Elsa was done talking to the cashier she turned around and walked back into the kitchen. Kevin was at awe with the perfect roundness of her dark-blue jeans covered butt. Now normally when he saw a woman this fine he would just go up, mention that he's rich, then bang and leave with Anna none the wiser. But this was different. 'What? NO!?' Kevin thought. 'This doesn't matter. I'll just give her the old Kevin Hanson charm and soon she'll be begging ME for forgiveness!' Kevin thought to himself, his ego and hormones clouding his judgement.

But he knew he couldn't do that now. Not while Anna was waiting for him. He decided it was better to come back tomorrow. When Elsa had probably forgotten the conversation he just had with her friend right now. It was decided. He would just tell Anna he had to work tomorrow, even though it was his day off, then swing by this dump too charm Elsa, get her number, and if things go well he might not even have to bother keeping Anna around anymore. He was certain that Elsa would love the chance to steal Anna's boyfriend after everything she did to her as kids.

Without saying another word Kevin turned his back to the cashier and made his way outside. He got in the can and buckled his seatbelt without a hint of emotion on his face. Anna looked over at her boyfriend, noticing he didn't even have sandwiches.

"Soooo what happened?"

"I'm taking you to the Olaf's downtown." Kevin said sternly. Anna didn't like the Olaf's down-town though, last week on the news there was a shooting

"But I don't like the-whaa!"

Is all Anna could muster before Kevin stepped on the gas with full force. He could NOT let Anna see Elsa again. For the first five last twelve years Anna has been all 'I really wish I could see Elsa again' 'I really wanna apologize to Elsa'. He finally caught a break a few years ago when Anna tried with no avail to find her on facebook and instagram. He knew that as soon as Anna see's her, she will want to apologize, then it might make things difficult for him. But he could still use their past for his advantage.

Three Hours Later

After having gotten Anna her sandwich Kevin drives up to his family's mansion. He enters 'South Isles', the section of the city where the more powerful and richer families reside. He stops at the tall barred gate and pulls up to the keypad on the other side of the road. He types in the special code (#98624-ENTER) and the gate opens. Kevin continues to drive past several large, white houses. Every single one 2-3 stories high with the greenest lawns you have ever seen. Some with columns, others with large hedges instead. He drives past the public pool and the tennis courts. Then he arrives at his address, 13 Weselton Street. He pulls into the driveway of the Hansen Manor. The road circles around a small patch of green that has bushes, lit up lights and a fountain in the center with the Manor on the side. After circling the middle circle a few times (he liked to do that) he pulled into the driveway of his home, three stories high with a dozen columns and 1,200 square feet in length. Kevin walked up the steps and unlocked the door, he entered his house.

Kevin walked across the white, shiny floor, passed the white furniture and across the carpet which the maid was still cleaning. With her back turned to him Kevin so an opportunity and smirked, he kicked the vacuum with full force causing it to stop sucking and cough up dust. The maid looked at all the mess and was upset. The Kevin acted angry.

"Damn it Agatha! You got dirt all over me."

"I am sorry Mr. Kevin." Agatha pleaded.

"Shut up and clean this mess up. Or do you want me to tell dad." Agatha was scared, her face showed it.

"Oh no. Right away, your sister is in the pool."

With that Kevin turned his back to her and headed outside, smirking triumphantly. He went outside and saw his sister in their private pool, swimming around. Marcy had grown up pretty well as well, she was shorter than her twin now, about the same size as Anna plus a few inches, making them both a head shorter than Kevin, though Marcy liked to wear heels. Marcy had developed a very curvaceous body and a large set of ahem assets (which may be plastic). Noticing her brother she got out of the pool, her hair sticking to her shoulders, the water dripping off her body that was covered only by a white bikini set. She stopped right in front and looked up at her brother with a mischievous look on her face. He had a stern look then he spoke.

"Marcy I was with Anna today. She told me you did a really mean joke to her involving putting her head on a fat ballerina. Is that true?"

"Ummm yeah." Marcy said with a faux innocent tone.

Kevin's serious glare then turned into a wide grin.


Kevin shouted as he high fived his sister.

"That was fucking hilarious. By the way you are right there is no way she should have passed gym. Not with that body, so tiny."

"I still don't get why you're dating her" Marcy said walking over to the table to get them both some wine. "Her lost the election FIVE years ago, she's a loser now."

Marcy walked back over to Kevin with a filled wine glass in one hand then gave Kevin the other.

"Hehe. Anna is such a naive girl Marcy, you know that. All you have to do is throw her a bone once and awhile and she follows you around like a puppy dog. And especially since you stopped being nice to her she is sooo grateful to have ME. That and her ass is pretty round. I swear it's the one womanly part of her."

"Question is for how long?" Marcy asked curiously.

"Honestly, until I manage to get the hot chick I saw at the sandwich place into bed."

"Mmm. Hot chick huh? Tell me, is she as hot as me?" Marcy said with pride, sure that Kevin will say no. But instead Kevin just smirked and said.

"She makes you look like a pig." Marcy's eyes lit up and turned to him with a look of shock. "Sure her tits may not be as big, but HERS are real. Trust me I can tell these things." Kevin said in a mocking tone. Marcy's hands went to her hips and her face turned absolutely angry with envy.

"I hate this girl already. Who is she?"

Kevin let out a chuckle.

"You're never gonna believe it..."

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