Just a reminder to you guys. Skadi said the stone would erase the memories of those ON THE GROUND. Just keep that in mind when you read about a plane.


The second Elsa, Anna, Kitty, Joan, Kristoff and Flynn (still carrying Jormungandr/Kitty) stepped through the Bifrost portal they were in front of Kristoff's front door.

It was dark. Probably close to midnight. Kristoff turned pale looking at his house. The lights were on, which meant his parents were inside. How would he be able to explain being away from home for a whole year? Or these ridiculous clothes he was wearing.

He had begged the valkyries back in Asgard to at least let him send a note saying he was ok. But they didn't even grant him that! He told them to pick him up back in Corona but then he was just kidnapped.

"Well, I'm just going to go home now. Good luck Kris." Flynn says as he hands Kitty over to Joan. Then he walks down the driveway, then to the sidewalk presumably to another bus stop or to hitchhike. As he leaves them to deal with Kristoff's parents alone the girls glare at him.

Elsa crosses her arms.

"Some friend." She grunts.

"It's alright." Kristoff says. "Back on Asgard we kind of decided we weren't buds anymore."

"I'm sorry." Anna says. Kristoff shrugs.

"It's fine. We've grown apart. Now.. how am I gonna explain to my parents me being gone for a year?"

"Skadi said that the stone would fill in the blanks with us in it, maybe the stone made everyone think we never left?" Elsa says trying to be positive.

"Well, here it goes."

Kristoff presses the doorbell.

Footsteps are heard from behind the wood. Running sounds get closer and closer to the door.

Less than 10 seconds later Kristoff's mother, Ellie Bjoreman, swung open the door. She is wearing a bright pink night gown and with a green face mask on. She stares shocked at her son like she couldn't believe he was actually there. She reaches out and touches her face, which was frozen in similar shock.

"Kristof?" She mutters in a quiet whisper.

"Ok maybe not." Elsa says taking back her last words.

"Yeah Mom." Kristoff says back in a quiet tone.

But then her demeanour changes to joy.

"Your back! I thought you were going to call first."


"Yeah when you got back from your trip."

"Ok, so the stone did affect their memories, that's good." Elsa thinks. "But what trip?"

Elsa decided to ask.

"Oh yes our trip... what did we tell you again exactly?"

"You know how you and the girls wanted to spend some time traveling. By the way you didn't send me any photos like you promised." Ellie says a little hurt. "And why are you dressed like that?"

Ellie said gesturing to everyone except Elsa, they were all still wearing the Asgardian clothes. Well except for Anna who was covered by with a blanket.

"Oh uh..."

"Ellie? What is it?" A male voice calls from the stairway. Walking down is a man in a pair of black boxers and a wife-beater shirt. "Why are you..."

Kristoff waves at his father nervously.

"Hi Dad."

Quickly Ted he runs over, pushes his wife out of the way slightly and hugs his son.

"Son, what the hell? You were supposed to call us for us to come get you from the airport? How did you even get back here? Where are your bags? And why are you all dressed like Vikings?"

Kristoff was stampering.

"I...uh...didn't want to wake you, so I had Flynn give us a ride." Kristoff says doing his best to sound believable.

"I assure you, your aunt Christina is still awake. She's been waiting for you all to get back since you left. And Anna she's very upset you never answered her calls." Ted says.

"My moms here!?" Anna shouts surprised.

"Anna!?" A feminine voice calls.

Running to the door, presumably from the couch, is Christina, Anna's mother. Her hair is a mess and has much more gray streaks in it that she did last time Anna saw her. Bags are under her eyes like she hadn't slept for a VERY long time. And judging by the fact she was wearing a wrinkled t-shirt instead of a night gown she hadn't been asleep now.

"Baby!" Christina called out as she lunges forward and wraps her arms around her daughter. Anna feels tears going down her neck. Anna, surprised by her mother's actions pulls away, and sees a face full of tears.

"Anna I'm so sorry." Christina pleads.


Anna was truly, utterly shocked. She thought her mother hated her now, like her dad did.

"I'm sorry I didn't stand up for you to your father." Christina says in a fully regretful voice. "I'm sorry we had that fight that made you want to run away..."

"Oh is that what she thinks happened?" Anna thinks.

"Now she thinks that I ran away with Elsa because I hated her instead of wanting to help Elsa, now Anna felt really guilty."

"...But Ive been thinking about it all year, and I promise you from now on I will support whatever choices you make. Just please don't leave again!" Christina pleads.

Anna's eyes tear us as well while her face falls into a happy yet sad frown. Happy that she knows her mother still loves her, and still has her despite her issues with her father. Sad for causing her this much pain.

"Oh Mom, I'm sorry too."

Anna leans into her mother for another big hug. Christina's frown becomes a relieved, happy smile. Like a shining dawn cracking out from a long dark night.

Elsa looks on, she is happy for Elsa and smiles, but a tiny part of her can't help but be jealous. Christina looks at Elsa and awkwardly approaches her. She extends her hand out.

"And Elsa, um. Welcome to the family." Christina says in a very awkward tone.

Elsa smiles. She takes her hand and shakes it.

"Thank you Mrs. Summers. Your daughter is a very special girl." Elsa says.

"Please call me Christina. And...Im not sure if im going to be Mrs. Summers for long considering that i've lived with my sister-in-law for about a year."

"Oh, im sorry."

"We wanted different things. I wanted my daughter. With all honesty I never had any REAL issues with your kind of relationship, I mean it will take some getting used too for me of course but as long as my babys happy so am I." Christina says.

"Well then you are a wonderful mother." Elsa says truthfully.

"Now big question." Ellie says. "Where is your cell phones I have been worried sick trying to get ahold of you! And where are your clothes!?"

Anna looked down. She remembered that she was in her underwear with a blanket around her. She never did get her clothes back from the hospital. She quickly recovers herself. Thankfully no one notices the chucking cat in Joans arms.


"So. How was your trip, any pictures? Where have you been?" Christina asks.

Kristoff was about to say something but his father stops him.

"Hold on I can't take any of you seriously dressed like that. Go upstairs and get dressed then we'll talk.

"Right away Mr. Bjoreman!" Joan says as she pushes everyone to Kristoff's room..

Ellie sneezes.

"Achoo! Joan you know I'm allergic to cats!"

"I'll get rid of it ."

"Oye!" Kitty calls out trying to break free of Joans elbow she the rest of her arm pushes everyone else up the stairs.

In Kristoffs room the gang was changing into regular clothes.

Kristoff was putting on some blue and white striped pajama pants and a white t-shirt.

Joan wore Kristoff's gray sweater even though was way too big for her.

Anna and Elsa both put on some extra pajamas that the Ellie said they could get from her room. Anna was in a pink nightgown, Elsa picked the blue one.

Kitty just rolled around on Kristoff's bed trying to pass the time, cover it with cat fur and wiggle out of her collar.

"So, any ideas on what your going to tell the old folks downstairs? In my experience humans now the days don't take magic well." Kitty says.

"Crap! What are we gonna tell them?" Elsa asks.

"We could just tell them the truth" Says Anna.

"Like what? I'm part giant? Joan is dead and this past year we've been on the run from pagan gods who wanna kill me because of my mom?"

"Or that your new pet cat is a monster." Agrees Joan.

"A'm not a pet! Or a monster!" Kitty retorts offended, especially by the last one.

"It would be easier to believe if they remembered what happened at the restaurant." Anna says.

"Even if they did they wouldn't let you and me be together anyways." Elsa reminds her.

"Jormungandr can you do something?" Joan asks.

"I go by Kitty now. And no...unless you want them chrisped."

"I really don't like lying to them."

"It's just one lie Anna." Elsa says "Well just tell them that we went to London and Scotand. Then spent the rest of the time up north. Not entirely a lie."

"They will want pics Frosty." Kitty teases.

Elsa glares at her.

"You are going to be an outside cat."

"I did take pictures of London but I list my camera." Anna says.

"We can tell them that. Along with that all our luggage got stolen at the airport and so we had to wear these costumes in the lost&found." Kristoff suggests.

"Good idea Kris." Joan says punching his arm playfully.

Kristoff smiles at her but rubs it and mouths 'Ow' when she's not looking.

"So what is the status with you two?" Anna asks gesturing to Joan and Kristoff.

"Well I was alittle uneasy with the idea od dating an immortal." Kristoff says rubbing his neck.

"But during our time on Asgard we've decided that though we love each other it probably wouldn't workout anyways. I get it now, a 20 year old with a old man would be super creepy." Joan says.

"I would prefer we just take a break. Spend time as friends for a while and see where it goes." Says Kristoff.

"Well tell them that we're all tired now and will be ready to explain first thing in the morning." Elsa suggests.

"So I'll sleep on the blow up mattress. I assume you two will want some personal time. Or you can go back to Elsa's."

"Well actually Joan with all this I really wanna sleep with my mom tonight." Anna says. Elsa's eyes widen in shock.

"Oh crap!"


"My apartment. I haven't paid rent there for a year it's someone else's now."

"Oh yeah mine too!" Joan yells.

"Stupid timeskip!" Elsa thinks angrily.

"Alright hold on well double check in the morning. Elsa you sleep with me. Just to warn you Elsa, Kristoff snores."

"No I don't." Kristoff defends.

"Yes you do." Everyone except Elsa and Kitty says.

A hour later Elsa was laying next to Joan on the blow up mattress sitting by the door of Kristoff's bed. Elsa was still awake by both the thought that there was a man sleeping just a few feet from her in his underwear. And the fact that he was snoring like an elephant. Of course she had gotten used to Anna's snoring but hers was softer and tolerable. Something that Elsa didn't find with Kristoff. Joan on the other hand was curled up next to Elsa sleeping like a baby. Her butt touching Elsa's hip.

What's more is that certain thoughts were still going through her head. Heimdallr said that the reason she wasn't going to tell the other gods That Jormungandr is still alive because it would ruin her plans for the future. What plans did Heimdallr have for her? Obviously it included Elsa being alive despite the threat she poses. Did this plan have anything to do with Ragnarok? Because she's already said she's not going to fight with them.

Then there was her father's prophecy. He had told her that she would find Jormungandr in Whitebridge. He had told her that she was a shapeshifter. Both of which were true. But there was that other thing he said. The warning.

Beware the demon with four eyes.

What did that mean. Kit-Jormungandr didn't have four eyes. Not even in snake form. The guy that she thought was Jormungandr had an extra set of eyes tattooed on his forehead. Was that what he meant? He seemed human, of course Elsa didn't really know him that well, he could have been a demon in the metaphorical sense. The tattoos and working in a bar was probably an indication. Plus the fire breathing reptile had to have liked him for some reason. That was probably it. But she doesn't have to worry about anything like that anymore. No more monsters.

Dorian Romanov was returning to Arendelle on a plane after helping his dad spread his mother's ashes at Lake Tahoe. As his father was sleeping next to him Dorian was engrossed in his research.

Basically everything he had on Elsa Snow.

Ever since that incident at Olaf's Sandwiches a year ago he had been doing as much research as possible.

Most people had been convinced that it was a special effects move when frost was coming out of her fingers. The walls lined with ice. But Dorian had a feeling that wasn't the case. Then again a woman shooting ice from her bare hands was a stretch too. Although he did remember a particular incident where a locker room was found frozen over. It was right after he remembered seeing a white haired girl get chocolate milk poured on her by a group of bullies. He made the connection that it was Elsa.

So he did research on her life and found similar incidents. Peoples complaints about her, claims of her being "monstrous" or "cold in a different way". After her brother (who thanks to him and some needles won't be bothering anyone anymore) visited the hospital after waking up he had cornered her for information about miss Snow and told him that she had witnessed her creating ice out of nowhere. It was a good thing that Dorian had saved these sources on his computer because when he searched the internet again for these articles it's like they disappeared.

He had just called Miss Hansen a minute ago to ask her about her traumatic experience with Elsa and she had no idea what he was talking about. Even the article of her brothers injury changed from "struck by ice at a restaurant" to "bad car crash."

Elsa interested Dorian. He wanted to understand her. Which was a first for him in regards to other people. And as a doctor he wanted to understand how Elsa could do what she does. So he was going to find out what she is no matter what it takes.

He closes his laptop. Puts his glasses in their case. Puts the case and his laptop in the computer bag and rests his head.

The next morning Elsa sits on Kristoff's bed when the rest of the family is down at the breakfast table. She talks on Kristoff's cell phone, the conversation with the man on the other end goes:


**Oh my god thank you!

**So I can move back in right?

Then Anna cracks open the door and enters the room with two plates. Each one with two stacks of pancakes.

"Hey Elsa, auntie Ellie made chocolate chip pancakes. Do you want some?"

"Oh yeah, hold on a sec Anna."

**Sorry about that. As you were saying?

**Ok great I'll see you later today! Thank you so much, bye!

Elsa "hangs up" the cell phone with a giant grin on her face, whispering the word "Yes"! Anna sits next to her and hands her a plate. Elsa takes it.

"What was that about?" Anna asks.

"I just talked to my landlord. And apparently they still have my room." Elsa replies. Anna looks suprised.

"What? Seriously it's been a year!"

"Almost a year, that's the final deadline. Looks like we got back just in time."

Elsa takes a bite of her pancake and smiles.

"It's kind of a shame, I was hoping you could stay with me and mom for a bit." Anna says.

"I don't think there's enough room in this house for all of us." Elsa takes another bite.

"Yeah that's true."

"But Joan doesn't really have a place now so we're going to be roommates."

"Hey you know Joan promised she would teach me to fight. I mean actually teach me this time. So I guess we'll be seeing each other a lot then."


Elsa continues eating her pancake. Anna notices her demeanor, like she is in deep thought. And Anna has to ask.

"What is it?"

"What's what?"

"You have that look on your face. What are you thinking?"

Elsa finishes her bite and swallows. Then she clears her throat and speaks.

"Well, I was thinking since, we have confirmation that there is a place where people to when they get die...and that one of the people in charge of it is the sister of our new cat, then maybe we can negotiate...for my father." Elsa says. Anna looks like Elsa just said she wanted to go to hell. Because she kind of did.

"Elsa as much as I would love for you to have your father again I don't know if Kitty will be willing to help." Anna reminds her.

"Well she likes you, can't you sweet talk her or something?"

"You know what I have a better idea. Why don't you two try getting along?"

"Anna, we've tried to kill each other."

"Did Anna really expect me to forgive her for that?" Elsa thinks.

"Well she had wrong information. Now my family put her outside to sleep so why don't you take her some pancakes and see where it goes?

When Anna finishes talking she hears her mother having an epiphany from the upstairs bathroom by Kristoffs room.

"Hey wait a minute, how did you two go on a trip if your passports are still here?" Christina asks out loud. SHowing that the stones power was faulty.

"We should deal with that first." Elsa says changing the subject.

But she was going to get her dad back, she would find a way.

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