I know it's a little late for Father's Day, but I just had this idea. What can I say my minds slow.

Anyways this takes place some time after book 1

Anna sat at the counter in Elsa's apartment. That is where she had been spending most of her time lately. I mean when not staying with her mother's new apartment or her cousin Kristoff's.

She had been looking at her phone (Elsa had gotten her a new one for their one week anniversary. Along with herself and Joan. Since she kind of destroyed all of their old ones when they were on the run) for the last fifteen minutes. As if she was waiting for something to happen.

Suddenly, her "cat" jumps on the counter.

"Hey Kitty." Anna says to the "cat".
"Anna, are ye okay?" Asked Kitty. "You've been lookin at yer phone for quite some time now."
"Oh I'm just hoping to get a text from my dad."

Kitty walks across the table and sits closer to Anna. Laying down by her arm.

"I thought yer pop didn't want nothin to do with ye on account of you banging the Snow Queen."

That was her nickname for Elsa. Snow Queen. And not an endearing one.

"Yeah well I was hoping since it was Father's Day it would lighten his mood."

A familiar face enters the apartment. With blonde hair, gray eyes and a black turtleneck. Oh, and also holding a box of pizza.

"I've got dinner..."

Joan notices Kitty and Anna sitting next to each other.

"...Ok what's happening?"
"Anna's waiting for her pop ta call. Nothin."
"It's been over a year for him. Can't he atleast reply "no"?" Anna asks flustered.
"Here, let me see what ya wrote." Kitty says looking at Anna's text messages. Anna leans her phone down for her to see it.

Kitty clears her throat and reads the text.

"Hi Dad! Its me Anna. I got a new phone. Let's just say I lost my old one when I was with Elsa..."

"Ok Anna if ye want your homophobic pop to respond mentioning yer girlfriend, probably not a good idea." Kitty says flatly then goes back to reading.

"...My new number is 463-1552. If you are interested in having some kind of contact please text me. If not, please reply with a no so I know. I miss you. Love Anna."

"How long ago was this?" Joan asks.

"She been sittin there for 15 minutes."

"Ok well he just hasn't looked at his phone yet." Joan reasons.

"No dad never misses a text. He always has his phone on high, and buzz and always responds. What's happened to us?" Anna asks sadly slumping in her chair. "Me and my dad we used to be so close and now he won't even talk to me."

"Dad's can be rough Anna." Joan says coming over and patting her shoulder.

"What was your dad like Joan?" Anna asks.

"Well Anna, you have to remember that I grew up in the 1900's. And my dad, well, I had five older brothers who were a lot closer to him than we were..."

Joan started scratching the counter with her nails. Her face was tense, her eyes drifting, she was really uncomfortable.

"...My dad and brothers were always camping, fishing, playing ball and tackling and I wanted to join them. But when I tried they said that it wasn't 'lady like' or 'I was just a girl'. They used to tell me to learn to cook from mom, worry about getting a boyfriend but I didn't want that. I joined the army hoping to impress him..."

"Did it?" Anna asked.

"No, he told me 'what the hell are you doing!? The army is a mans place!' Then he told me to grow up and stop embarrassing myself. So I slapped him across the face, went to London and...well died basically. Went to Valhalla, became an Einherjar."

"Did you ever get in contact with your dad again?" Anna asked.

"Oh yeah, show up at my Christian family's door step after being pronounced dead and tell them I was given a new body by Norse gods. Great idea." Joan said sarcastically. "Besides I didn't have time, they only send us back here for important tasks, or punishments. I wanted checked on them once when I was getting the plans for the Manhattan project. But Thunder-jerk stopped me."

"You know when I was a kid I joined a softball team to impress my dad. I remember this one time I won the game with a home run and Dad said he was so proud. Took me out for ice cream, said he was so proud...

Anna was smiling at a pleasant memory but it faded into a frown.

...And then there was this one time, back when I was still friends with Marcy and Kevin in middle school. See they used to get me to help them bully other kids and one time they managed to dash away leaving me to take the fall when the teacher showed up. I expected my parents to be disappointed. Especially dad because he skipped a meeting to pick me up. But Dad said that no matter what he would always love me... Well look how that turned out."

Anna said slumping in her chair. She looked at her phone, no message.

"Wow, that really sucks. Both of ya." Kitty says with an nonchalant tone. "Let me tell ye all what it's like when yer father is the god of mischief."

Kitty clears her throat.

"Ok so first of all pop was hardly ever home, he basically stopped by Jotunheim to see mum then it was back to Asgard. He hardly ever noticed me or ma brother Fenrir and when he did he was all...

"Oh hey kiddo, do you know where your mother hid the booze?"

...So he and mum would get drunk, screw around, then he'd head on out. He wasn't there for ma first day of school, Fens first collar. Then when mum dies giving birth to kid three, we want to go live with him. Loki, well he did care for mum ill give im that, but he was so upset by mums death he spent all his time drinking. Wallowing in self pity and occasionally having fiery, I mean fiery, fits of anger. Especially towards little sis. Then when we got older and dear uncle Odin decided we were too dangerous too keep around, what did pop do when I was banished here? When Fenrir was chained. When Hel was sent to Helheim? Nothing! He just watched!..."

Kitty was huffing and puffing. Her eyes were so intense, as if a wave of painful memories was crashing down on her brain. Her paws were tensing. Her claws scratching the table. Then she looked back at Anna.

"...And another thing, when your girlfriends mother's snake, which was constantly dripping venom into dear old pops eyes died. I went down to his cell, and I placed ANOTHER snake there. And another. And another. And I have no idea why the prophesy Of Ragnarok suggests aye will fight with him because the only other person aye want too see dead aside from Thor and the rest of those Aesir ass-hats is HIM!"

Anna and Joan look at Kitty with wide eyes. Staring at the terrifying and cute cat shocked and horrified. The two girls turn to face each other.

"Hers was the worst."
"Oh Definitely."

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