The night was warm with a bright moonlight. Such a scene was a perfect setting for a night of romance, however for Hak and Yona who had travelled for many nights in exhaustion and in constant danger from pursuers- it was simply a good resting place. It was warm enough to sleep with the trees providing plenty of shelter.

Hak was laid against a tree watching Yona through one partly opened eye as she tiptoed past him- still believing that he was asleep and unaware that he was watching her as she disappeared. Counting to three in his head, he sighed in amusement then followed her stealthily.

Merging with the shadows cast in the silvery moonlight overhead, he crouched behind a tree observing silently as Yona drew her first arrow of the night. This had become routine- every night Yona would wait for Hak to fall asleep then slip away to practice her archery away from his scrutiny.

She seemingly practiced better alone and so he would watch her in secret. Starting from her feet, Hak's eyes scanned over her form- she had gotten better.

Sanding strong in the moonlit spotlight. Yona's red hair shone brightly, flowing like a sea of fire through the silvery darkness of the forest- in contrast to everything, but the strength and passion glaring from her intense gaze.

Hak swallowed hard. It was difficult to ignore how Yona had grown from being a small and delicate young princess, to this strong and fierce young huntress. A huntress who was striving harder and harder to hunt the evil that plagued her kingdom.

The thuds of the arrows that Yona shot into the tree, masked the loud thumping of Hak's heart as he watched intently. He couldn't understand why seeing Yona grow this strong stirred his passion so much!

Swallowing even harder Hak stepped forward. Why did he want to reveal himself tonight when he had simply watched in silence every other night?

"You have improved tremendously Princess" Yona's eyes widened in surprise while her hand slipped clumsily- shooting the arrow into the ground.

"Hak? I thought you were sleeping!" Yona looked at her feet shyly, noting that had Hak approached her closer than usual and with a strange look in his eyes.

What was it about this look that made her feel nervous? With each step that Hak took she backed away nervously- until she felt the roughness of a tree halting her retreat.

Feeling strangely vulnerable, Yona scrunched up her eyes. Her chest rose with an intake of breath as she became strangely aware of how hard her heart was beating.

Hak's eyes lingered on her chest rising and falling then moved on to her lowered head. Something about seeing her in this vulnerable state- when only seconds ago she had been a vision of wildfire, stirred Hak's passions further still.

Seeing her like a cornered kitten instead of a hunting Lion proved to Hak that he affected her more than she cared to admit. Feeling her flinch as his hand lifted her chin up, he watched in wonder as her eyes reluctantly met his piercing gaze.

"Why are you afraid Yona?" feeling the warmth of his breath as his head leaned in, she closed her eyes tightly in response then once again forced herself to meet his gaze defiantly "who said I am afraid?"

Delight jolted his heart upon seeing her renewed lioness like composure. Unable to make his mind up whether he preferred her like this- opposed to the vulnerable kitten she was a minute ago, he raised the intensity of his look. Yona's face lowered once again in attempt to hide her crimson cheeks.

With a triumphant grin, his lips tightened together as he lowered them onto the top of her head, before tracing them down to her ear- barely tickling the surface of her skin.

Shuddering in response, his kitten sank further against the tree with weak knees. Heart hammering in excitement, Hak's lips lowered even further- towards the corner of her small mouth.

Pausing with his lips hovering on the corner of her mouth, he considered his own glee as he listened to Yona's rapidly beating heart- showing clear signs of anticipation.

"Princess?" Yona opened her eyes slowly and blinked in confusion "y...yes?" His mouth pulled tight into a strained smile which he then masked with mischief as he stuck his tongue out.

"You should go to bed; we can't have you looking even more ugly than you are now" he teased. Fury radiated from Yona's face as she stormed away uttering insults under her breath.

Standing slightly dazed Hak raised his hand and held it against his forehead before sighing "I can't let desire get the better of me. It will only make it difficult to be her shield when the time comes"

He watched as Yona retraced her steps back to the camp. After taking a moment to nurse the pain in his chest to a dull ache, he too returned.