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She had to find him before he finished Zeref.

It was the only way…

Natsu said so himself.

She had to find him.

She clutched the broken key tighter to her chest.




Lucy looked up, 'Oh look its Natsu…' An idle thought passed through her mind, or rather what was left of it. She looked back down towards the ground.

"Luce, yah got to get up." Silence. That was what greeted Natsu. He took a closer look. Lucy was on her knees, head down, hands cupped to her chest. He noticed something inside her hands, something shiny, something golden…

"Hey Luce whatcha got there?" More silence. Natsu became worried. "Luce are you okay? What's wrong?" Nothing. No response, no reaction, nothing. "Don't worry I'll get you to Wendy and then you'll be fine!" He gave her the wide smile he was so well known for. When Lucy didn't respond again Natsu decided to take matters into his own hands. He reached for one of her hands and turned to drag her to Wendy and the rest of the guild. As he turned something caught his eye. The something golden. In his haste to get Lucy help he had forgotten about it. He turned back just in time to see it hit the ground. Natsu was horrified.

"No…" "No, no, no, no, no, no, NO!" Natsu couldn't accept it, there was no way, there couldn't be. He started shaking uncontrollably. How could it have happened? He couldn't understand, there was no way Luce would have let it happen, he knew that. Yet, there it was, on the ground, the golden key of Aquarius, broken in two.

Lucy looked up at him, her eyes were dead, she looked broken. She had been crying, the tear marks stained her cheeks. Natsu recoiled.

"How?" He asked again. Lucy continued staring at him blankly. His Lucy. His partner. His Nakama. HIS. She was his everything and all she could do was stare at him with those dead eyes and expressionless face. It hurt. It hurt bad. Natsu was crying now.

"Come on Lucy, Luce, snap out of it, we won, we beat Tartaros! We..." He couldn't handle it anymore, he fell to his knees and embraced her, sobbing into her hair as he pulled her against his chest. He whispered her name over and over.

"Na-tsu?" A soft, childlike voice sounded from against his chest.

"Luce? Luce? Lucy I'm so sorry I'm so so sorry!" The apologies wouldn't stop coming, an endless flow escaped the dragon slayer's mouth, "I'm sorry Lucy, I swear I- "

"Na-tsu?" There it was again the small, fragile voice that sounded so confused. He pulled away holding her at arm's length and looked into her eyes.

"No." The denial came again, as Natsu stared into Lucy's still lifeless eyes as she repeated his name. The light of Natsu's life was broken, and with that, the light of Fairy Tail broke too.

Line Break

"- cy! Natsu! Lucy! Natsu! Where are you guys at?" Gray Fullbuster walked through the destroyed Tartaros guild hall searching for two of his teammates who had not returned to join up with the rest of the guild despite the battle having ended hours ago. He climbed a particularly tall pile of rubble hoping to get a better view of the surrounding area. He reached the top and looked around. Out of the corner of his eye he caught a glimpse of pink. Turning to face where he had seen it, he saw clearly now the familiar mop of pink hair and right next to it a familiar blonde one. After discovering them he quickly made his way over.

"Hey you guys what's the big deal we've all been worried sick abo-" The Ice make mage stopped, too shocked to continue talking. There in front of him were two of his closest friends locked in a tight embrace, crying. Natsu Dragneel was crying. Now Gray was really worried.

"Hey, you guys, what's wrong?" He started out softer this time. The ice-make mage soon found himself as his rival formally did, greeted repeatedly without response. He got closer and heard Natsu muttering something under his breath.

"What'd you say flame-brain?" Gray still couldn't quite hear the fire mage and leaned in seeing Natsu wasn't going to make it easier for him to hear. As he got closer he could tell Natsu was just repeating the same thing over and over.

"I'm sorry."

Gray's eyes widened he turned his head slowly to look directly at Natsu. "What did you just sa-" He fell backwards in horror. Natsu Dragneel, possessor of the unbreakable will and untamable spirit. Natsu Dragneel son of the Igneel the fire dragon king. Natsu Dragneel of Fairy Tail, he was broken. Gray could tell. He looked again hoping beyond all hope that he saw wrong, that the battle had fatigued him to the point of hallucination, anything at all, just so he wouldn't see those eyes when he looked again. No such luck befell him.

He turned his head, Lucy was in the same state. Gray grit his teeth, there was nothing he could do right now, like this, in his condition. So he did the only thing he could think of;


'Please… Natsu, Lucy, please snap out of it. Please…' He looked down at the fallen mages, tears threatened to come, he held them back. 'I have to be strong, for them.'

Soon a hand found it's way to Gray's shoulder, he turned. "Erza…"

"I know" The knight's face also a hardened frown. She pulled Gray into a hug, her voice softened. "I know"


It had been a day. A day since the defeat of Tartaros, a day since the breaking of Aquarius's key, a day since the breaking of two of Fairy Tail's best mages.

Gray stood outside the makeshift infirmary waiting for Wendy and the Master to come out so he could get an update on Natsu and Lucy's condition. The sound of clanking armor came up next to him. Gray turned to see who it was.

"Hey Erza." He greeted the red-head with a nod.

"How are they doing?" Erza's voice was all business but her eyes were filled with concern.

"I don't know yet, I'm waiting to find out." Erza merely nodded her head in response. Inside she was screaming at Gray, screaming for him to tell her what was wrong with them, screaming at him to fix them or at least tell her how she could. She didn't though. She knew he didn't know, she just wanted to take her anger out on something.

Finally the curtain opened and out stepped Makarov Dreyar, the master of Fairy Tail.

"How are they Master?" Instantly Gray and Erza were upon him. Makarov sighed.

"Physically? They are mostly fine, only a few small scratches and bruises, nothing to serious. However, the state they are in mentally is another matter altogether. They are broken and in pain, but… Wendy believes they will recover." As soon he was done answering the first question, another was put before him.

"Master what happened to cause them to get like this?" A now semi-relieved Erza asked.

"Well from what I can tell Lucy broke after Aquarius's key broke."

"How did it-" Gray interrupted him with the start of another question.

"I do not know my child." Makarov said with a sad look on his face. They sat in silence for several seconds until Erza decided to break it with another question, this one pertaining to the pink haired dragon slayer.

"What about Natsu?" Her face held a large amount of curiosity, wondering what could have happened to him to get him in such a state in the time from when she saw him after the battle and the time when she arrived at the place where Gray sent up a flare. Gray too became quite interested in what the master had to say. Makarov sighed again.

"It would seem as though Lucy is one of Natsu's mates and seeing her in the state that she was in caused him to break down too." The Master was staring up at the sky, he had noticed recently that he had begun to feel his age and realized he was slowing down. He sighed again before turning back to Erza and Gray, answers at the ready.

"Mate?" A curious titania questioned. Makarov chuckled.

"Dragon slayers much like dragons have one mate in existence that they are bound to meet and fall in love with" Keeping it short and simple Makarov readied himself for the next one.

"One of?" The master of Fairy Tail nodded.

"According to Wendy, since Natsu is Dragon Royalty he has more than one mate. The lucky bastard." Makarov informed the two before muttering his opinion in the matter. Gray heard and absent mindedly nodded in agreement. Lucky enough for the two of them Erza had not heard the guild master's mutterings.

"I see." Erza nodded, promptly deep in thought. She looked up. "Thank you Master it is good to know that they will recover." Erza still deep in thought, acknowledged the master before walking towards the temporary living quarters the guild had set up. Master Makarov watched in sympathy as the young mage walked away.

"Master." A voice from behind him snapped him out of his reverie. He turned to see Gray looking at him. "Do you know when they are going to get better?"

"I'm sorry my boy I do not." Makarov said sullenly. "However, we can get stronger and keep going for them, because we are Fairy Tail!" He ended his exclamation with an extended arm tipped with an index finger and thumb as if signifying a victory. Gray smirked and raised his own arm.

"Yes we are!"

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