Yo wassup! it's everybodys' favorite cactus back a year later (almost exactly XD) with an update for The Celestial Dragon. This chapter is just an Author's note/ poll sorta deal 'cause I think I'm gonna try writing again. Your options are 1. I try and continue the story using the same writing style I was using a year ago. Option numero dos is I rewrite the first two chapters with the new writing style, make them longer, possibly add some content, and then continue from there. No. 3 is that I finish up to the "prologue" with the old writing style and then continue from there with my new one. Note that my new writing style is a lot heavier on the narrative and 1000 words will most likely become 2000. As always favorite, follow, and leave your answer in the reviews. You all have a week before I make a decision!