Wink 123 Chapter 1

Oh shit I am late again and if I do not get a move on I cant make the deposit on time.

This has been a day from hell Will said as he was rushing through the street trying to get to the bank.

Will stopped and he was suddenly knocked to the ground

What the hell are you doing!

What do you mean what am I doing you are the one who ran into me I was standing right here minding my own business and you ran into me.

Look I do not have time for any bullshit today Will was turning to walk away and he finally made it to the bank with five minutes to spare.

He made it to the front of the line and he looked up and he saw the

The most gorgeous man that he had ever laid his eyes on.

May I help you Sir?

Yes I am here so make a deposit I hope that I am not too late.

No Sir you are OK on time

Oh great if I had missed this deposit my employees would not like me very well.

Oh really why is that? Asked the raven haired man.

Well because they would not get paid and usually people enjoy getting paid after 40 hours a week. Will said with a cheeky smile.

The cashier said well lets make sure that your employees do not get upset with you.

Will looks into his bag and says Oh my God no no no!

This can not be happening to me.

Will Closed his eyes and threw back his head and he said …

It was right here in the bag when I left and I came stra-

Well Shit!

Sir what is wrong Sonny asked

You will not believe this but I was robbed on my way over here.

You were robbed and you did not know it?

I came straight from my office and I knew that I was running late and so I took a shortcut through Aston instead of my normal route through Lakedale and I stopped because I noticed that it had been a long time since I had been in this section of the city and I was looking around trying to gain my bearings and remember exactly where I was when suddenly this guy came out of no where and he knocked me to the ground.

He must have taken it without my knowledge.

Wow I am really sorry Sir.

Will said yeah me too Oh my God I am such a dumb ass.

I knew better than to go that way or at lest I should have remembered about how bad the neighborhood I did grow up in that area of the damned town and had to fight almost everyone through school.

Damn It!

I am sorry Sir for wasting your time.

Have a great evening.

Sonny saw Will turn around and he said That Son of a bitch I can not believe he is right across the street from here.

I am going to go get my damned money back his fucking ass.

Wait Mr! Stop please dint go after him he is bigger than you.

By the time Sonny had said the words Will was out of the door running and he was yelling at the man.

Sonny calls his manager and explains the situation and tells him to call 911 and he runs after Will.

Sonny can not see where Will went and he was afraid that something bad would happen.

Suddenly Sonny hears Will yelling at the man and he turned to run in Wills direction.

You Son of a bitch give me the money back now!

Some people work hard to earn money they do not have to steal it from other people so give me back the money now!

You dumb ass do you honestly think that if I had your fucking money that I would give it to you?

Damn you know they say that blonds are air heads but you are so far from being an air head you are light years away from having the capacity to even be an air head. The man taunted Will.

Will was so angry he said look you mother fucker I do not give a rats ass what the fuck you say about me but trust me you do not want to fuck with me.

The man suddenly took out a 9mm gun and said I do not think that you and I have the same opinion on this little situation.

I think that the money is a very good down payment in exchange for your life but some how you think that this arrangement is very clear.

Now you and I are going step into my office and have a little conversation and I am going to settle this little dispute in a way in which you may understand.

Sonny was standing beside the building out of sight of both men and he was listening to the exchange of words.

Oh Dear God this guy is going to kill him.

Sonny thought to himself.

The robber yelled down on your stomach now you blonde bastard.

Oh hell no I am not going to do a fucking thing that you tell me to do if you want to kill me you are going to fucking face me.

You are a dumb ass you bastard I said Down now!

Will stands defiantly and laughs.

What the Fuck are you doing damn it I cant let this guy kill him right in front of my eyes.

Shit what am I going to do.

Sonny came into view of Will and Will winked at him Sonny nodded his head held his hand up and counted down from three.

Will suddenly rushed the robber and they fell to the ground and he dropped the gun. Sonny went in and took the gun and he started to hit the guy but before he could hit him The guy threw Will against the side of the building.

Will felt blood run into his eyes and tasted it in his mouth.

Will came up with a hard left to the mans nose but he acted like it did not phase him in the least.

Sonny wanted to help but everything was happening so fast he just froze.

Sonny was yelling for them to stop and that 911 had been called already.

Shut the fuck up you God damned fairy you know damned well that you are too much of a wuss to do anything and the cops have no idea

where the fuck we are right now so shut the fuck up!

Will stood up and the robber saw a pipe beside them and he picked it up and he hit Will as hard as he could in the leg with the pipe.

Will collapsed and he was laying in pain and the robber lifted the pipe over his head and he was about to hit Will in the hesitant Sonny rushed behind the robber and he took the pipe away in the mean rime Will caught a second wind and he stood up very shakily and he said listen close to me you do not want to fuck with me you have no idea who you are dealing with.

You do not scare me Blondie.

Will turned around quickly with a roundhouse kick he hit the robber knocking him to the ground.

Will screamed in pain but he had so much adrenaline running through his body that he was in survival mode he knew that if he did not do something that not only was he in danger but the other man was too and he was not going to allow Sonny to get hurt or more involved and he yelled to Sonny and said do not get involved you will get hurt I can take care mot myself.

The robber stood up very wobbly and he said you really should not have done that Blondie.

Another man came up and he hit Will with a baseball bat.

Will spit out blood and wiped his face and looked at the sleeve of his shirt and he really was so angry that he did not feel his own pain any more the only hing that he knew was that there were two men here and he refused to let Sonny get involved each time Sonny would swing Will blocked it if Sonny tried to rush the men Will turned around in between Sonny and the men. .Will Kept blocking blow after blow from the two men and then suddenly Will came out of nowhere

and he poked one man in the eyes with a very fast blow.

The other guy came up behind Will and he had the bat again and Will say his shadow on the wall and he held up his arms and took the man by surprise and from behind Wills head Will took the bat from the man throwing it down to the ground the man was so stunned that he had frozen for a few seconds and Will took the mans face in his hands and began to knee him in the balls and gave him the hardest headbutt he could give knocking the man out cold he turned to the first robber and gave him a series of round house kicks knocking him against the building causing him to be knocked out cold also.

Sonny could not believe that the man who walked into the bank earlier would be standing there hoping on one leg looking around accessing the situation.

Suddenly all of the feelings came rushing into Wills body with a vengeance.

Will Collapsed and Sonny ran to him and he was shaking he asked Will if he was OK but before Will could say anything he passed out.

Sonny bent down and he said I do not know who you are but please don't give up I have the police and ambulance on its way just hold on Mr.

Sonny thought to himself why could this man who apparently owns a business and is wearing a suit can fight like that and those martial art moves damn this guy was as fast as lighting and I sure as hell would love to get to know him better but I am pretty sure that he has to be straight because there is no way that I could get so lucky for him to be gay or interested in me.

Sonny was taken out of his thoughts by the sound of the police and the ambulance.

Sonny told them the whole situation and he gave a stamen t to the police. Hey Jones any ID on these guys.

Those guys yes but the blond no.

Mr. Kiriakis do you know his name?

It was at that time the paramedics yelled out his name.

Will? Will? Can you hear me?

Will still did not answer.

Wills heart rate was erratic and his blood pressure was very high.

Sonny asked if he was going to be OK and The paramedic said I hope so I do not want to tell my cousin Sami that her son is not only hurt but he is not going to be OK.

Sonny asked what Wills last name was and he said his last name is Horton and he is my cousin..

Sonny asked the paramedic if he could ride with Will to the hospital The paramedic looked around and said sure but please do not get in our way.

Sonny promised that he only wanted to be there with Will to comfort him in some way.

The paramedic said oh are you Wills boyfriend.

Sonny looked at the paramedic with his eyes opened wide and he sat there and blinked a couple of times and said uh no I am a cashier at the bank and I came to help him.

I do not know anything about him.

I get the felling that you would like to though.

Sonny blushed a little and said I am not going to lie yes I would.

The paramedic said do you know I cant tell you how many times that Will has gone to the hospital because he was in a fight.

Sonny laughed and said Oh so he is a bad ass?

No not at all.

He grew up over in south central area I am not sure if you know this city or not but that is the worst part of town.

He almost had to fight his way through school because he was small and he did not know what to do to keep from being hurt.

He knew that if he told anyone that they really would hurt him.

One day he came home and asked Sami to enroll him in a mixed martial arts class and did he has been in the martial arts since he was in the filth degree black belt and is a licensed instructor.

He has his own studio up town he is there from noon until eleven at night doing office work take care of equipment and cleaning up.

He wants to be cretin that everything is set up when they open at eight.

So Will is the owner?

Yes he is he teaches every level and age group.

Yes and he works as a police lesion from five in the morning until ten in the morning also.

He sounds like he is a very good man.

I doubt he s bullied anymore by the looks of him.

He has a no Torrance rule for bullying and he is very protective of people.

If anyone is with him and there is trouble and he cant walk away from it he will not allow anyone to get hurt no matter what happens to him.

It is not that he is to proud to accept help it is because he cares and he fights his own battles.

Sonny was thinking so that is why he was telling me to stay out of it and he did everything he could to get in my way to keep me from getting involved.

That also explains how he could knock out two big guys.

Sonny could not help but to wonder if Will cared about him and if it was OK for him to try to get to know him better.